firefly: heart of gold


Top 8 Mal/Inara scenes - #6 1.13 Heart of Gold

“I learned something from Nandi. Not just from what happened, but from her. The family she made, the strength of her love for them. That’s what kept them together. When you live with that kind of strength, you get tied to it, you can’t break away. And you never want”

im gonna shut up in a minute but ok im romancing isabela w/ a warrior femhawke rn and i love the getting rid of knives bit when they do it but i want it to be like. Comically drawn out. i want isabela and hawke to spend like ten minutes removing every weapon from their person before they can have sex and theyre both getting impatient and rolling their eyes at each other but they both keep coming up with mORE FUCKING KNIVES


I wanna live, I wanna give.

I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold.