firefly: heart of gold

i think it’s important to note that harry feels in every sense, somber. Down to the way he dressed, really simply in all black, just a shirt and jeans, it shows through that he is still hurting but he is up there to still appreciate and show love to those who took the time amd effort to see him. Harry is one of the strongest people out there to still perform after such a tragedy, but his love for other will always win over how much he cares about himself. He puts others first, always.

Harry not only sold tonight’s tickets super cheap and gave all the profit away to charity, but he also bought tons of pizza for his fans. I know he has the purest heart but yet here I am still surprised and overwhelmed by him.

to break things down, this is why harry did this concert tonight:
- for the fans who made the effort to show up for him, to show how much he loves and appreciates them
- for the charity he so graciously is donating all the proceeds to
- for those affected by the tragedy in manchester, to pay them a tribute in his own special way

note that none of these reasons are for himself. if he chose himself, he would have cancelled the show. but he didn’t, because he would always think of the love he can give to others than what he can give to himself.


I once stole his treasure.  When I got to his safe, somebody else was already there, stealing.  She was one of my chief competitors.  We slipped up and both of us got caught by Mad Treasure.  Then..she just used me as a decoy and never came back.  Because of her, I was almost killed.

Nami and Carina in Heart of Gold


“At the end of the day, I’m doing something that I love. I’m in a band, I sing and the thing that comes with that… I can help charities, I can help people. That is, by far, one of the best things of the job because you can really make a difference on other people’s lives for really not much effort of your own” - Louis Tomlinson.