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She is...

I long to return to you
Not as the creature that swims through your currents
But as the foam that caresses your waves
Broken by reality
But kind all the same
Guiding future sailors to their loved ones, so that they do not lose
What I have lost
In dreaming of a hand to hold, and of a cheek to kiss
My body grew tired of existence
And I was called to where I once came


Foam on the waves

I am foam on the waves
So that when they seek a beacon
I will be there
To guide your ships home
To steer your wooden vessels toward the warm breast of your lands
No hinderance to impede upon your quest for the ones you left behind

And when father remembers what has happened to me
I will protect your ships from harm, and float you to shore


Foam on the waves

For the love who crashed upon my purity
And for the way I wept as I cast away the blade that would undo this sacrifice
For the voice I lost
For the misanthropic existence I came to beg for 
Through tears that shattered upon leaflets of promising futures
Scattered upon the trailing veil of his new wife
As they began a new life, uttering vows of devotion
For these grievances

am foam on the waves
The very foam, that wraps around your booming boarded prisons
And welcomes them home

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Moana and Ariel having a water tickle-fight? :3

You got it! :D

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They met because the ocean bade it be so. She, a daughter of the sea, and she, the chosen advocate, christened with all the power the water had to offer…it was a companionship the world was destined to nurture.

Ariel was the first to discover Moana’s ticklishness. One day, when Moana had her legs dangling off the side of her canoe, Ariel’s fins just so happened to brush up against the soles of her feet, and the rest was history. Moana quickly devolved into a giggling mess, gripping the wood of her canoe and trying desperately to clamber to safety while Ariel’s nails danced uninhibited along her sensitive soles.

However, Ariel is decidedly more ‘lee than ‘ler, so it wouldn’t be long before Moana got her chance to exact a bit of revenge. A few days later, they were spending time together in a cove and Ariel stretched herself out along the seafloor, practically inviting the tickles she knew were on their way. Moana was one step ahead, though - she pounced, pinned Ariel’s hands high above her head, and refused to so much as touch a tickle spot before Ariel admitted exactly what she wanted.

As time went on, though, they were both able to combat each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and soon, an all-out tickle war was waged. They tumbled together, pitching themselves below the water’s surface and scribbling frantically at one another’s sides before Moana had to surface for air and inevitably got her feet tickled. Their tickle fights were fairly even, both of them getting a fair share of giggles in, but the ocean was known for taking sides. On more than one occasion, Ariel had found herself incapacitated, suddenly completely at the mercy of a very evil-looking Moana…


Hoje, a Cube revelou as duas primeiras integrantes do Phantasia, Ariel e Sarah, juntamente com os dados básicos de cada garota.

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Nietzens Reaction

[+64, -11] As duas são jovens e bonitas, principalmente a Sarah, tenho a breve sensação de que ela é uma das visuais do grupo
[+924, -754] Duvido que elas tenham talento o suficiente como as integrantes do 4Minute tinham TT
[+13, -55] Se as outras cinco garotas estiverem no mesmo nível de visual dessas duas, beleza é o que não faltará no grupo
[+43, -134] Soube que a Ariel é irmã do Hoshi. Que Sortuda…