firefly says

i just don’t get how robstar are considered ‘forced’?

they were established.

why is that such a bad thing?

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A Bagginshield Thought on Fireflies

So, from what we know the ominous firefly scene would’ve been Thorin talking about growing up in Erebor, and the responsibilities (and burdens) of growing up as the prince, with fireflies on the roof being one of his memories.

But … I recently noticed that Bilbo is also connected to fireflies: Gandalf says he remembers a young hobbit coming home after dark, “trailing mud and twigs and fireflies”.

Fireflies. Just as Thorin’s youth is (or: would have been, if we would have the scene in the movies) connected to fireflies, so is Bilbo’s …

Acorns and fireflies. That’s all I’m saying …

So, about that Haikyuu!!/Into the forest of fireflies’ light AU that I’m doing. Obviously I have decided that Daichi is going to take Hotaru’s place and Suga takes Gin’s. I really wanna draw little Daichi x3

The comic is progressing slowly but surely. According to my plan, first I’m going to draw the comic with pencil, after that I do the line art and last I will paint it with watercolors. There is going to be a little more then hundred pages at the finished comic and I’m going to post all of them here.

Right now I have like two followers, but it doesn’t slow me down! Originally I planned that I would draw this Haikyuu au comic just for myself, for practice. However, I decided to work with a big subject like this, so I thought it would be fun to post it somewhere. That’s why, when I finally get to work with those final pages, I’m going to post them here. Doesn’t matter does the comic have readers or not! HO HO HOO! 

Here is some of my doodles for the comic

Yeah, this is going to be fun to make <3

  • what she says: I´m fine
  • what she means: I am deeply worried that season 3 of miss fisher´s mysteries is gonna be the last and if that happens my heart will be consumed by grief. life a dusty meadow. I´ll take refuge in the darkness, staring at the vast emptiness of my surroundings. my earthly flesh cage and burning brain will ache to know if/how jack came after phryne; if the rusty plane made it. and what about jane and dottie and hugh and mr. b and cec and burt and...?!?!!??

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Rick and Morty - The Last of Us Reality 

Lol, Imma label this a reality cause in RnM they mention unlimited REALITIES. But feel free to still call it an AU. Recreation of a small dialogue exchange between Joel and Ellie during Ellie’s first trip through the forest. Morty’s just trying to enjoy his first fireflies, let him be!

Small note for those who don’t know The Last of Us well; There’s an organization fighting against the government called “The Fireflies” and that’s why Morty says “real” Fireflies.

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Max; "You're making friends with the fireflies/ I can't say that that comes as a surprise/ But the things they say are not what they seem/ so you've been called to tell us what they mean" (thank you if you do this :D)

((This has a lot of Alex in it too SORRY))

“You’re making friends with the fireflies. I can’t say that comes as a surprise,” Alex had told Max as he left.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” he had asked.
“Well, fireflies are like stars!” she had said. “They only glow at night.”
“…and that means?”
“You’re making friends with people who only show their true selves to certain people, in the right circumstances. And I was hoping I could be one of those people,” she had said, sighing. “I know you guys have some sort of hidden secret, and I think that makes you all special. And I think that special something reveals who you really are. I was so sure it was aliens, but… I guess you guys are even more mysterious than I thought.”
“Well, the things they say are NOT what they seem,” Max had responded. He didn’t think ghosts showed who he really was. Adrenaline and self-acceptance were NOT the same thing.
“So you’ve been called to tell us what they mean!” Alex had said seriously.
Max had hesitated then.
“I don’t think you’d want to know what they say in the first pace…”
“Ok…” Alex had finished her drink and given him a watery smile. “It’s just… I want to be like you guys, you know? I want to know who I am and have cool friends who know who they are too.”
“Believe me,” Max had said, hurrying out of the school store. “We’re still a long way from knowing ourselves. See you later, um…”
“Yeah. See you, Alex.”