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I have a bit of a problem falling asleep. Strangely enough it is when I can’t sleep that I tend to find most inspiration. I was up late and in the basement one night when I wrote ‘Fireflies’. I was sitting at the keyboard just fooling around, not really trying to write anything. Over the next couple of hours that song came together in the most natural way. I can’t explain it but it almost wrote itself. I didn’t have any idea that moment that I had written a hit. — Adam Young

Fireflies || Owl City

i don’t understand star wars or star trek fans who only love one of them and are super against the other?? like…give me all the lovable space dorks possible.

star wars? hell yes! star trek? woohoo! firefly? shiny! battlestar galactica? frakkin awesome!

Johnny Hollow

I could start a fire
Inside this belly, burning bright
All my veins light up like wires
Lambent skin cuts through the night
While the stars dim behind me

A luminescent choir
Holds court inside my lungs
Your love - my burning pyre
Your lust - my mother tongue

Now I’m burning brighter
And something in the darkness starts to shine…


Me and EGo FILM , we are looking for QUALITY hand drawn animators for my upcoming animation “The Firefly Grove”, so if you consider yourself as such and you have demoreel to back it up, please send it to:

We are animating in Photoshop so basic knowledge of the software is required.

Please note that if you already sended your demoreel to us, don’t do it again, and if you just “like hand drawn animation, or Disney, or Studio Ghibli” and don’t have anything solid to show us then this job is not for you, we need animators to help me, not to train them.

If you can help us by sharing this, it would be great.

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Who're your top 10 fandom friends?

Just 10?! I adore too many people in this fandom. 😫 Fine, fine, just 10 people who I find especially awesome and am very grateful that they exist!

(I might be namedropping some people I haven’t talked to too much and admire from afar 😥, but I wish we did! 💘)

1. @peepeetah we’re having the BEST conversation about BTS and Kpop ☺️
2. @jakerogers128 Seb and Chris. Need I say more? 💕
3. @punexpectedly AESTHETIC queen 😂 and such a sweetheart!
4. @kittenmusicals Krysy is an amazing writer and I could go on and on for days about how much I love her work
5. @hollyashton our fandom queen! we share a love for Drake (as does @punexpectedly !)
6. @zigbadboy Zig. Zig. Zig. Love the edits.
7. @firefly-hwufanficwriter gives me awesome HWU advice and writes a Drake fanfic that I’m obsessed with. Always enjoy our discussions.😁
8. @zaddysloan her #yeet posts always make me laugh 😂 I love her she’s so much fun
9. @krystas always so sweet. I really like her insightful Choices commentary, esp for the recent TRR chapters 💕
10. @lanapowellblog LANA! Her gifs give me life 😂especially her reactions to Zig 🔥(also she is nailing the art game! inspires me to put out more stuff)

And 11. Everyone else I haven’t mentioned. I love all of you ☺️