firefly festival 2013


Firefly Festival 2013

Firefly Festival (Night)-- Jack/Witch Princess

Jack laid in the tall grass as the sun set overhead. The orange turned to purple and then finally to black. The fireflies were beginning to rise up from the ground.  For those standing up, they would be surrounded by their gentle glow, but Jack preferred to look up at them. The golden lights were gently flashing brighter than the stars of the night. Jack folded his hands across his chest and just watched, thinking to himself about things. Fall was coming up and he had a lot of plans for the farm—renovations mostly. He was growing tired of the constant walking, because Arcadia refused to allow him to ride.  Over the years, he had gotten better with animals; nowhere near the level of Jill, but much better. He just needed a plan…

Firefly Festival ♪ [Closing]

  Wow – Certainly has been a long day huh? I see some people wandering off to home, so I might as well say a goodnight to everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the festival, and celebrated those of our loved ones.

  The little buggers still will be out for the good rest of the night, so anyone willing to stay up that late, go right on ahead! All I know is I need a good night sleep right about now, and I hope everyone else will too!

  Have a goodnight all, and we at the masterlist hope you had a good day today.

On the Road

Jack had finished his work for the day and had just finished taking a quick nap so that he would have enough energy for the road. Tonight was the Firefly Festival, which he only was going to out of having nothing better to do with his time. He did not really plan on hanging out or taking a date to the festival, instead hoping he could just lay in the tall grass and just look up at the sky. It was just a thing he enjoyed doing in his own fields, from time to time, but having the addition of fireflies made it much more interesting.

The road was a long one though–he could meet anyone.