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The Difference Between the 5, 7, and 10 of Swords

5 of Swords:
Keywords: Betrayal, Conflict, Treachery, Letting Go, Detachment, Defeat, Think before you act, Isolation due to unnecessary conflict, Arrogance, Pride Costing Your Relationships, Discord.

7 of Swords:
Keywords: Betrayal, Deception, Cheating, Stealth, Thievery, Sneaking Away, Don’t become a victim, Dishonor

10 of Swords:
Keywords: Betrayal, Be careful who you trust, backstabbing, Loss, Feeling like a Victim, Martyr, New Horizons, An ending that is sudden and difficult to accept.

The Five of Swords is a card about arrogance. In the card, you see the winner of a fight with a slew of swords about him. The losers are walking away dejectedly and the winner has a smug look on his face. In this card, winning come with the cost of losing your valuable friendships and alliances. It shows disagreements that cause hostility and tension in your relationship. Ths 5S also warns you that if you must always win you’ll end up isolated and alone. Alternatively, this card can indicate a ‘hollow victory’ in which the other men simply laid down their swords and left without finishing the fight. Either because it wasn’t worth it or because they knew they couldn’t win. In this case, those that chose not to fight are the real winners. Think of the quintessential arrogant, self-absorbed character from just about any movie. Like… Jack Nicolson in As Good As It Gets he’s so focused on being right all the time that he’s become and OCD isolated nightmare.

The Seven of Swords is about theft and deception. His expression is overly confident, especially since you can see the other men in the background recognizing they are being ransacked. There is a real sense of selfishness and dishonor in this card as the man is leaving the other almost defenseless (he leaves two swords in the ground). There is also the idea of moving fast, like someone who is underhanded in their dealings (ie a fast talker, or “pulling one over” one someone) especially since the thievery is done in plain daylight. When you get this card you need to look to see who (yourself included) is sabotaging the group, whether that be work, family, friends, etc. When I think of this card I think of the movie Wall Street. The character Michael Douglas played where he talks about Greed is good. That is the 7 of Swords for me.

Remember in Firefly when Wash says “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal”? I hear that in my head every time I see the 10 of Swords. The guy has literally been stabbed in the back. Talk about a bad day. Usually, this card indicates a sudden and unexpected utter disaster that is totally out of your control but you’re going to have to deal with anyways. It, of course, could also mean being betrayed (ie stabbed in the back) by someone you thought you could trust. “Et Tu, Brute?” This is very much the card you will get when you feel like you are the victim in a situation. The silver lining of this card is the break of dawn far off in the distance behind the mountains. It symbolizes that this point is the darkest hour of your suffering but dawn is about to break all around you. The man is placed at the bottom of the card and I always see this as him hitting bottom as they say. It can’t get any worse than this. Death is just a door to another plane of existence and this card (like the Death card) is a symbol that a great change is going to take place. I like to see this card when people are struggling with addiction because it is usually the best starting place for recovery. Nothing left to lose.

You are a twisted whole full of voids and broken bits with teeth that you don’t want to see.

You are a tree splitting backwards in a flood-

An oak bridge burnt on bending itself into something else.

You are a star in sky full of snow-

A candle in a room full of fireflies and whispers-

A curse for the dark and the empty and their secrets.

You are and in this weary moment gone-

You gave a little of your whole-

A little of your burning teeth soul-

To dark ink and lines that mean nothing but that you are searching still for a sill to lay your wings on-

For a chill that will give you goosebumps-

Give you a kind of waking you only remember once-

And once-

Is never enough.