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missmudpie asked:

Best and Worst episode of as many shows as you want to include. Stay warm!

Oh, I have watched so many shows.  This could be a long list, but let’s see what I can come up with!  In chronological order of when I watched them.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Best: Deja Q, Cause and Effect, A Fistful of Datas
Worst: Sub Rosa, Genesis

The X-Files
Best: One Breath, Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose, Postmodern Prometheus
Worst: The Field Where I Died.  BLURGH BLURGH BLURGH.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Best: Halloween, Restless, Fool for Love
Worst: Where the Wild Things Are.

Best: Shinding, Out of Gas, Objects in Space
Worst: None.  One half season means no worst eps!

Best: Truth Be Told, Rendezvous, The Passage
Worst: Ugh, season 3.  Sorry.

Doctor Who
Best: Father’s Day, The Idiot’s Lantern, Doomsday
Worst: Anything after RTD and David Tennant left.  ;-)

Best: Vs. the Alma Mater, Vs. the Seduction, Vs. the Honeymooners
Worst: I really can’t pick one!  Even lackluster eps like Vs. the Tooth has something to redeem it.

Best: Crackers Don’t Matter, Out of Their Minds, The Choice
Worst: I will admit, most of season 1 was a bit of a slog 

Best: Dodger, Keep Your Enemies Closer, The Calm, Lost Souls (there are so many more I could have picked!)
Worst: Any and all of the Huntress eps.  


I found an OTP prompt about one person introducing another to the show Firefly (which is an emotional roller coaster that you will have you sobbing on the floor for more but there isn’t anymore thanks Fox. Also has a very strong and dedicated fanbase, even 14 years later).

ANYWAY. I wanted to write it with Levihan, but are enough Firefly fans to get it? Or should I write it anyway and just pretend you know what Firefly is. I don’t want to give the big spoilers away though in case it convinces someone to watch it. (oh that’d be awesome!). Thoughts?


Nathan Fillion talks Firefly at the ‘Femme Fatale’ Premiere on November 4, 2002. 


Firefly Appreciation Post!

As a browncoat of over a decade I wanted to just put together a few gifs that remind me of the beauty that is the Firefly world.

Browncoat for life.

Re-blog and add some of your favorites, keep Serenity flyin…

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