My Endless List of Faves 6/∞ - Zoe Washburne from Firefly/Serenity

What does it say under bloodbath? We’re not in there– the book, I mean. We’re not generals or diplomats, we didn’t turn the tide of glory’s history or whatever that thing is supposed to spew. [Well you know what they say, history is programmed by the winners.] Nearly half a million people lay dead on that field at day’s end, about a third of them “winners”. Can you imagine that smell? Can you imagine piling up the bodies of soldiers – friends –  to build a wall cuz you got no cover?

You Have (Not) Failed This 'Verse - Chapter 1 - So_Caffeinated (so_caffeinated) - Arrow (TV 2012), Firefly [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: warning: Jayne is sort of a prick, because he’s Jayne, Humor, Fandom Fusion, unbetaed, AU in so many ways, Arrow/Firefly crossover, because why not, there’s a strong possibility I might play more in this ‘verse, because there are so many possible fantastic character interactions I couldn’t get to

Sometimes a payday ain’t exactly what it seems.

How fictional characters handle break-ups

However a relationship ends, it’s almost always painful. Methods for processing that pain vary. I encourage anyone going through a tough time to consult this list of strategies so they can learn from the best and brightest that fiction has to offer (massive spoilers follow):

  • Angel: Move to LA, frown for five years
  • Solid Snake: Ride a snowbike into the sunset with Otacon (yes, untimely death counts as “ending a relationship”)
  • Dexter Morgan: Drive a speedboat into a hurricane, become a lumberjack
  • Steve Taylor: Get drunk, pretend a vase is a trumpet
  • Jane Christie: Refuse to accept it, bring up “Crippin”
  • Nathan Drake: Shoot people, steal stuff, make wisecracks
  • Agent Six of Hearts: Pretend to be fine, rip the head off a zombie, use it to bludgeon another zombie
  • Shane Schofield: Pretend to be a submarine
  • Walter White: Throw pizza onto roof
  • Kratos: Go on rampage, murder half a dozen gods
  • Jack Bauer: Get addicted to heroin, decapitate FBI witness
  • Bill Compton: Bury your ex’s new lover in wet cement
  • Booker Dewitt: Get drunk, sell daughter to parallel universe-version of self
  • Rose Tyler: Leave boyfriend in parallel universe to battle cyborgs
  • Malcolm Reynolds: Try to steal historic laser gun with ex
  • Martin Hart: Have a fistfight in a parking lot, go bald
  • Sarah Connor: Jump eight years into the future with son and his robot girlfriend
  • Khaleesi: Walk into fire with eggs, walk out with dragons
  • Lawrence Gordon: Cut off all ties with mistress (and own foot)

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Firefly takes place in an incredibly complicated star system. But it probably couldn’t exist, because physics.


Reasons I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about Firefly Online:

  • Player Characters will be available in all ages, races, body shapes, and genders.
  • Courtenay Taylor (from Mass Effect, KOTOR, Fallout 4, and more) will be voicing the female PC
  • Wil Wheaton will be doing the male PC voice
  • Clothing will NOT be gender locked, nor will you only be stuck with a single outfit set– you can mix and match however you want
  • The entire original crew will be lending their voices to the game(!!!)
  • High-res models of the original crew (!!!!!)
  • You hire your own crew (from randomly generated PCs, as far as I understand) but if you mess up with them too much they will leave you and then someone can rehire them and then get a mission to get “revenge” on their last captain I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS MUWAHAHA
  • Tooling around the ‘verse in my own beautiful junkbaby ship YES GOOD FINALLY

And that’s just the shit we know so far. Plus there’s a companion app out right now where you can earn some loot that will get transferred over to your ship once the game launches, WITH AN EXPLOREABLE MAP OF THE VERSE, that is FREE on steam so you should all definitely go download that :D

I’m so excited eeee :D

Summer is in full swing, which means firefly season is officially upon us. While these brilliant bugs are lighting up the night all around New York, we wanted to share a few fast facts about the insects that are such an indelible sign of the season:

  • Despite their name, fireflies aren’t flies at all, but a type of beetle.
  • There are more than 2,000 known species of fireflies worldwide, but those you’ll see in Theodore Roosevelt Park and around New York are likely Photinus pyralis, one of eastern North America’s most common firefly species.
  • Fireflies are bioluminescent, producing light by blending a cocktail of two chemicals—luceferin and luciferase—in a specialized organ known as their lantern.
  • For reasons that aren’t yet clear, fireflies that flash are extremely rare west of the Rocky Mountains in North America. Fireflies that do live in this region communicate using pheromones rather than flashes of light.
  • Fireflies flash to signal that they are ready and willing to mate. But in some species of fireflies, the females are known to take advantage of this display of eagerness, using their flashes to lure males and then attacking and eating them, a practice known to researchers as “hawking.”

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Image: © Terry Priest