There are two other points to note about that Maya the Bee Episode. One is that Jimmy can conveniently focus his light like a goddamn magic crotch beam:

And two is this adorable mole cricket with a face like a half melted doozer that digs by using his second set of arms to manipulate his first.

Glorious. Anyway, I caught the episode here. It’s the British version (the show was re-dubbed for North America), so deal.

My contribution to Lisanna Day! I had many ideas but since things are really busy to me lately the only thing I managed to finish in time was this drawing, that has been in my mind for a while: Firefly Takeover!

It was mostly inspired by this song, so it was meant to have a Touhou vibe, but it somehow ended up completely different from what I expected and much more superhero-like, but I loved it! Fireflies are great and Lisanna is the best, that’s all there’s to say on the matter. ^^

Night Vale receives TV signals from every conceivable and inconceivable universe in existence, meaning that they effectively have an infinite number of seasons of an infinite number of shows. Carlos is particularly found of watching the unending seasons of Firefly due to having lived through its cancellation in the normal world before coming to Night Vale.