fireflies on water


last page i had crappy backgrounds and good character art. this time i have crappy character art and good backgrounds…! ah well. better luck next time, haha :’) thanks for being so patient with me while i got this page together, guys. (if you like these backgrounds, they were posted on their own last week; check it out!)

that core stuff sounds kinda scary, huh? /i/ sure wouldn’t wanna be down there if it went off…

(where’s [̢͘R͢͞E҉̵̶̸͝D̨̡̀͢Á͠͏C͏̨T̴̡̀E͢͞͏D͜͜]̷̢?)

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Facts No One Asked For: Iolaus

I’ve had him for a while now, but this guy’s actually been an integral part of Firefly lore since I created Shesha (as he’s actually part of Shesha’s backstory!). Since I posted it a long while ago, I’ll just go into it while integrating bits and pieces I’ve mentioned from Shesha’s post. This one’s gonna’ be a bit longer, so it’s going under a cut!

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