When Sabo first started living with the revolutionaries, he had these odd little tics.

He would always sleep in the very corner of his bed, as if leaving room for someone else.

He would turn to his left, expecting someone, but would be momentarily disoriented when he saw Hack or Koala or sometimes no one at all.

He would ask a question, then leave it hanging, the beginning of a name on the tip of his tongue. A name he could never, for the life of him, remember.

He grows out of it mostly, eventually, but sometimes, in the height of extreme emotion, he’ll turn to share his joy with someone, or he’ll reach out, looking for comfort, but he never sees the right faces, and it frustrates him to no end.

And then he gets his memories back, and he looks back on his life, and realizes he’s been carrying his brothers with him all these years, even if he couldn’t remember them.

One day, he’s having a party with the Straw Hat pirates, and he’s so happy, and he turns to his right to say something, and Luffy’s right there, where he’s supposed to be, and Sabo hasn’t been so happy in a long, long time.

(Later that night, Sabo turns to his left, the beginning of a name on the tip of his tongue.

There’s no one there.

And he should be used to it now.

But this time he can remember the name and he knows why its owner isn’t there.

And it hurts about a million times more than it ever has before.)

One Piece 30 day challenge

Day seven: Favorite male character? Portgas D. ACE! Loved him the moment he appeared!

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One Piece 30 day challenge

Day 13: Favorite devil’s fruit ability? Tough one. When I first started watching I thought Don Flamingos ability was very cool and creepy, but I also like Nico Robins ability and the fire ability.

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