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It was just an evening exactly like any other. The sky was darkening, street lights were starting to get lit up and cars passed in front of him eager to get home, with each driver probably getting back to their family after a long day of work. Or maybe they would go back to a lonely flat to microwave something that would taste like plastic and something melted. Nagisa liked to play that game where he imagined what other people’s lives might look like. Mostly because of the boredom, mainly because he kept wondering what had changed in his life and at what point, what thoughts had crossed his mind when he thought about doing a life like this and went, ‘I want this’. 

Honestly, he had just followed a whim. He thought it would be fun, rebellious, that he would meet new people and feel edgy. In reality, being a hooker was mostly about waiting. And waiting. And enduring endless blabber about shit he couldn’t care less for, when someone ugly wasn’t fucking his face or holding him down on a mattress. The good side of the coin was, he got used to it pretty soon and he made a lot of money that way. The bad side was… well, everything else. His face had gotten known in the area. People who didn’t openly denigrate him just switched sidewalks, and mothers shielded their kids from him. Which was a shame, because prostitution aside he was pretty good with kids. Off the clock, he constantly took care of his sister Nanako’s little kid, and life was pretty normal. Putting aside all of her friends’ and all of their family’s acid remarks. Christmas dinners with the family were hilarious to him, so fun that he stopped attending after the first year since word got out that he was a whore, a hooker, a prostitute. But no, that aside it wasn’t as fun as he had envisioned it in the beginning. It was, again, just pretty boring and mildly unpleasant when he’d have to look at his clients in the face, because only rarely he would get cute ones touching him. If only he got to get fucked by someone cute every now and then…

And he thought that on the regular. Which was why his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open when he walked past a guy who seemed to be dressed in orange, while walking back to his apartment. He honestly paid no mind to his clothes, only to his face. Green eyes, sweet looks, and wide shoulders, generally wide torso… okay, he hadn’t just looked at his face. But when he walked past him, he almost went against the current to go ask whether he’d be interested in getting paid by a hooker to have sex. 

But he didn’t need to, the next day he found the same guy walking right past him. And then the next day too. Must have been someone who moved recently in the area. After a few more days, he finally engaged.
“Hey, aren’t you cute?” He said loudly with a smirk and then a giggle, and everyone around him just grimaced at him, knowing who he was, and then stared at the other guy. They seemed to notice he must be new as well. And a couple of girls stared at him as well, more interested in scanning him than paying any attention to Nagisa or anything else.


Happy Birthday, Killua!

… all of you.




Haz`le had never done anything like this before, and was rightly worried about it too. In such cases like this Jason was the expert, in this he would take the lead. She was so nervous she almost doubted she could perform properly. What if they didn’t get off properly? Did they need a safe word? What about protection?

“Jason?” She said, her voice a little above a whisper. “I’ve never stolen anything before. Are you sure this is a good idea?”

Anger was thrumming through his veins and Hunter longed for a place to pour out his frustrations. It had been a rough day at the station and his brigade leader had dismissed him early. Hunter lifted up the rod that was weighted down, his muscles straining. He heard someone come into the room and he didn’t even turn his head to address them, his mouth curling unpleasantly at being disturbed. “I’m really not in the mood to talk.”