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A big Happy Birthday and a couple of doodles directed at the lovely @kellyfhaycock who is one of the nicest, kindest people I have ever had the fortune to know. I think Firefighter Phoe (Kelly’s RP OC) and Scout Scotty (from her fic Merit) speak for themselves, but I hope you have a super great day with lots of cake and nice birthday things <33 xx


Happy Birthday, Killua!

… all of you.


(Closed starter) Christmas with Jason


With the snow falling and it getting closer and closer to winter in Metro City, Haz`le was feeling much better. The fall magic was disappearing and the containing magic of winter was settling in. This was good news for the fairy, but not so good for her beau Jason. As a robot he didn’t do well in the cold. Yet there were still times that she got him to bundle up and go on walks with her. It was on one of these times that she saw something odd. The people were putting lights on the trees. As she got closer she realized they were connected by cords, but she was still curious. What was this?

“Jason?” She asked. “What are they doing? Why are they putting those lights on the trees? And how? Is something going on?”

Anger was thrumming through his veins and Hunter longed for a place to pour out his frustrations. It had been a rough day at the station and his brigade leader had dismissed him early. Hunter lifted up the rod that was weighted down, his muscles straining. He heard someone come into the room and he didn’t even turn his head to address them, his mouth curling unpleasantly at being disturbed. “I’m really not in the mood to talk.”

Pirate AU (Closed starter for Heister-and-firefighter)


Haz`le felt heavy. It was the kind of heaviness that settles into one’s bones after accepting that something she didn’t want to happen was going to happen. After days of sadness and dread the terrible occasion was tomorrow and there was nothing she could do to stop it. What was this horrible thing?

She was about to marry.

Marry to her old crush Lord Tifos. The two had been good friends in the past and the arrangement benefited many people. But Tifos had changed in the past few years and his change scared her.

Three years ago the Kingdom of Springtim had split into two. Queen Cessa ruled one and King Dar-Drake ruled the other. Tifos was now ruled over by the king and that time over there had changed him. The king was greedy and wanted more than what he had. When the Queen fell sick he saw his chance. He promised that if they gave him the Queen’s bracelet, one of the most powerful items in the land he would cure the queen. The people were so desperate that they agreed. But someone had to wear the bracelet, someone from the kingdom otherwise it wouldn’t work. No one important wanted to wear it. So when it was suggested that one of the lower of the Springtim court be married to one of the higher of King Dar-Drake’s court it seemed sensible that the marriage should be between the once friends Haz`le and Tifos.

Haz`le protested as much as she could. She didn’t like King Dar-Drake’s policies and was certain it was a bad idea. But time and time again she was told it was her duty and it was the right thing to do to help the kingdom. Eventually she accepted it.

The carriage continued to rumble forward and Lady Haz`le stared numbly out the window. They were near the sea now, about a mile or so off, she could smell it from here. If she looked out the opposite window she could see it on the horizon. But she wasn’t interested in that. They had been traveling in a heavily guarded caravan for days and tomorrow they would reach the border. Tomorrow she would see Tifos again. The bracelet seemed so heavy on her wrist. She let out a sigh and closed her eyes. There was nothing she could do.

Modern AU; Closed RP @sanfransokyo-firefighter

As much as she hated to admit it, she was feeling envious of ordinary, normal people who didn’t have to spend their whole lives in hospitals, sometimes hopping from place to place, looking for a better one. Even now, so many years later, she still found it very hard to get used to this lifestyle, which was surprisingly exhausting for some reason.

Tired of being treated as a fragile being, as if she were made of porcelain, she started to think of herself as a burden, even though she never told anybody about it - after all, she knew what they were going to to say. And deep inside, a part of her knew that, in fact, it wasn’t true. Still, she couldn’t help but think about it. Today was her first day at the new hospital, and everything felt so familiar and yet so new at the same time. New place. New people. Intriguing, but also kind of terrifying to a certain extent.

Closed starter for Jason and John.


“Hey Jason!” Haz`le said walking up to him. “I want to show you something.”

The fairy started to dig around in her belt, looking for the sphere. “Before the whole… lab incident a friend of mine stopped by for a visit while you made that short stop into town. He showed me something and I’ve been meaning to show you. But with everything going on, I haven’t had the chance to yet.”

She took out the sphere from her belt and handed it to Jason. “See my friend John has a lot of different powers. He can even travel dimensions, like you can though he does it differently. We talked a bit, then afterwards he showed me the beginning of a universe being born! It was amazing Jason! I wish you had been there! But John saved the memory in the sphere so you can see it too! Go on look!” She was almost bouncing with excitement. 



Haz`le had never done anything like this before, and was rightly worried about it too. In such cases like this Jason was the expert, in this he would take the lead. She was so nervous she almost doubted she could perform properly. What if they didn’t get off properly? Did they need a safe word? What about protection?

“Jason?” She said, her voice a little above a whisper. “I’ve never stolen anything before. Are you sure this is a good idea?”