Anonymous prompt: high school teacher!dean and firefighter!cas. cas does a fire safety talk for deans class. fluffy stuff (✿◠‿◠)
Dean leaned back in the auditorium seat and kicked his feet up.

The conversations of the kids at the front of the room were echoing off of the walls and he spotted the glowing screens of several not so discreetly hidden cell phones. He really didn’t mind as long they settled down when the presentation started.

“Why is fire department coming to talk to high schoolers again?” Benny asked. Dean shrugged.

“Do you not remember how many times we almost burned shit down when we were kids?” Benny chuckled and nodded. They had been wild when they were younger. It was a wonder they made it to graduation alive.

The auditorium door opened and three firefighters came in, each one carrying something. Dean sat up when Cas, who had been holding the door, followed them in. Benny laughed at him and Dean hit him. Cas smiled at him before he joined the others at the front.

“You’ve got it so bad,” Benny murmured as Dean leaned forward to listen.

“Fuck you.”

“Good morning, everyone,” Cas said, his deep voice holding sway over the room. “I know that wondering why a bunch of 16 year olds need a refresher in fire safety, but it’s actually very important…”

Dean listened, as enraptured by Cas as he always was. The presentation was actually pretty interesting and he had a slide show of pictures to scare the kids.

“Would anyone like to try on our gear?” He asked at one point, a couple o people raised their hands and he chose a boy and girl. While they were putting the suit and gear on, Cas took questions.

“What’s the worst thing you’ve seen as fireman?” A boy asked.

“I’ve seen a lot of loss. I don’t care to talk about it.”

“Have you ever seen a miracle?”

“Yes. Every time we save some one.”

There were a few more questions thrown in about what Cas did exactly, how demanding the job was, and why he wanted to be a fireman.

“Someone I love very much lost someone to a fire. I don’t want anyone else to feel the way he did.” Dean’s eyes stung at the words. Cas met his eyes and Dean nodded minutely.

The bell rang and the kids got up, gathering their bags and trying to hide their phones as they put them away. The other two firemen stood at the doors, handing out keychains with the fire department’s information and Cas stayed at the front by the stage.

A few kids went up to him and Cas handed them papers. They were forms about a summer volunteer program with the department. Dean watched as they nodded at Castiel’s instructions and explanation. They tucked the papers away and called a goodbye to Dean and Benny.

When the room was clear, Dean walked up to Cas and wrapped his arms around him.

“You did awesome, babe,” He said. Cas hugged him back.

“Thank you. I was worried I was going to be boring.” He stepped back and looked up into Dean’s eyes.

“Was it too much to mention…I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything.”

“My mom loved you, Cas. And you loved her. It’s fine.”

Cas kissed him, a small peck since anyone could just walk in. Dean squeezed him one more time before he stepped back.

“Three more classes and we’re home free.” Cas smiled.

“Sounds good to me.” He kissed Dean again, then turned away to get prepared for the next class.

When the rang and everyone was seated, Castiel turned on the screen and smiled at the kids.

“Good morning. I’m Sergeant Winchester and we’re here today to talk to you about fire safety…”

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Hey. I am obsessed with your blog! I was wondering if you guys could give me an Update on the Firefighter!Derek tag? I love those stories and I've read every single one in your list now! Thank you so much!

I found these for you…

Through Fire by hazelNuts (1/1 | 1,482 | G)

xtremefangirling asked,“‘you’ve just been saved from a burning building and you’re begging to go back in to save your pet cat’ au - sterek - that cat has been by stiles’ side since forever and his mom give it to him and even tho he’s old and almost blind please save him”

Derek watches as Boyd tries to stop a man from running back into the burning apartment building. Boyd towers over him, but the guy is a fighter and his colleague is having some real trouble holding him back. The guy is aiming for the places he knows he will hurt the firefighter the most, his crotch, his solar plexus. He even tries to kick him in the knees.
This isn’t going to end well for either man if someone doesn’t stop that guy soon.

Four Times Derek Saved Stiles From A Spider by ShadowPatronus (1/1 | 4,110 | NC17)

Stiles has arachnophobia and Derek is always there to rescue him.

Obsessed Scent by Fearless_Wolf14 (1/1 | 1,513 | PG13)

This is the tenth time the fire alarm went off this month… This time it’s Stiles fault.

Or the one where Stiles kitchen goes up in smoke, and it not all that bad when he meets the firefigher.

(I found this AU on Tumblr.)

Not So Much Coffee and Books as it is Hot Chocolate and Erotica by knaval (7/? | 11,248 | G)

Alternative title: The Pen Is

AU in which Stiles is an erotica novelist, and Derek is the sexy fireman he daydreams about. He sees Derek daily at the coffee shop, writing out his fantasies about Derek, basically Derek is his muse. All goes well until Derek starts talking to him and trying to read his books. Little does Stiles know, Derek is already a fan of his books.

stop, drop, and roll by thepsychicclam (1/1 | 12,237 | R)

Stiles knows he’s in trouble when he invites the Beacon Hills Fire Department into his third grade classroom and he can’t stop staring at a certain scruffy fireman. But after the third graders take a field trip to the fire station and participate in the fire department’s holiday canned food drive, Stiles can’t ignore his crush any longer.

Day IV

Of  The Christmas OTP Challenge [day I. II. III.]
My apartment burned down and you’re a firefighter inviting me to spend Christmas with you and your family

That was it. Officially. The worst Christmas ever. He had been okay with not being able to go home for the holidays. He had been okay with being alone at Christmas, in a city he didn’t know anybody in. He had been okay with not having a fancy dinner, no people he loved, and no presents.

Castiel had been okay with it until now. Now he just wanted to get drunk and cry.

It was the 24th of December, 6pm. He had forgotten to buy food for the holidays, so he had gone through the city looking for a store that still was open. It had been two hours before his neighbour suddenly had called him.

Now he was standing in the ruins of what had used to be the apartment he had lived in for the past two weeks.

Moving to Boston clearly had been a mistake. Everything he did own was gone. His furniture, his books, his pictures, his clothes all burned. He was in shock not able to believe what had happened, refusing to believe it was real. It simply couldn’t be.

“Excuse me, but are you Mr. Novak?” a deep voice suddenly pulled him back in reality, and Cas looked up and holy shit.

If he hadn’t been in shock already, he would be now, staring at an extremely hot fire fighter. Under normal circumstances Cas would have chuckled about that thought, and started flirting, but not today.

He nodded tiredly, and tried not to stare too much at the other man. He had light brown hair, was wearing his uniform, and some grime was on his cheeks. Cas would have loved to wipe it off his face. But of course Cas didn’t. He felt horrible and just because a really attractive man was standing opposites him, didn’t really brighten his mood, it only made him nervous. Eye candy wouldn’t fix his apartment, or make him enjoy Christmas.

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Six people killed in Glasgow bin lorry crash

Six people have been killed and a number of others injured after an out-of-control bin lorry crashed into pedestrians in central Glasgow.

The council vehicle then crashed into the Millennium Hotel, near Queen Street station in George Square, at 14:30.

Eyewitnesses described emergency services battling to save the lives of injured people on the street.

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Orangey Orange, got any more firefigher!santana up your sleeve?????

It’s been a long shift on.

You pull into the station in the rig and sigh, you still have a couple of hours left and you don’t really know how you’re going to last. You’re exhausted.

The house has had more calls than usual this month, and it’s starting to get to you guys.

Plus one of the new guys moved to DC to be with his girlfriend so you’re short staffed.

Needless to say you can’t wait to go home and sleep for a couple of days.

You’ll be able to just shut off and sleep because Britt’s out of town with the company. So, you’ve been kind of lucky you’ve been working so much so you haven’t missed time with her over the past ten days.


You still miss her.

You always miss her.

You hop out of the truck as soon as it’s parked and pull your coat off.

Evans mutters something under his breath that you barely hear.

You’re all zombies.

Chief has been boosting morale every chance he can get but sometimes, sometimes it’s just not enough.

And you know you’re not the only house dealing with things.

And when you see Holly, and notice the bags under her eyes, you feel less alone.


It’s starting to wear you thin.

You hang up your helmet and step out of your boots and into your shoes quickly, grabbing your phone out of your cubby.


The screen is your usual screensaver of a professional picture of Britt dancing, and the sight always warms your heart but…

But you’d rather see her name flashing with a message across your screen.

Damn, you really miss her.

“Alright, Lopez, enough pouting over the phone. Let’s go. Chief is going to order pizza and I need to make sure we get some sausage and hot peppers on one.”

You roll your eyes at Puckerman, too tired to even think of a snappy retort.

He notices.

“No comeback? You must really be tired, Lopez.”

“Fuck off.”

“Lame, but… that’s the spirit.” He punches your arm and you swat him back. He dodges it with a sly smile and trots away.

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