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Fandom: Being Human (UK) 
Pairing: John Mitchell x (witch!)reader
Genres: mild angst, some bickering, fluff 
Words: 1.821
Request: fireelemental159:  Hey, so I absolutely LOVE the way you write Mitchell, you really capture the character, so I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a fic where the reader is a witch that lives next door to Mitchell, George, and Annie and basically can’t stand Mitchell until she is forced to be with him (like they’re locked in a room or something) and they find they actually get along really well? Fluff would be greatly appreciated and I hope it’s not too specific. :)
Notes: Gosh, I really love writing Mitchell and I hope you’re gonna like that fic, too :)

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fireelemental159 asked:

10, 20, 37, 47! Go go go!

oh gosh dizzity darn

10: How tall am I

I am 5′6″, maybe 5′7″!!!

20: First thing I notice in a person

Probably the eyes, followed by hair, voice, and posture. I can’t remember eye color for the life of me, but I do notice the way the eyes appear - are they tired or lively, monotonous or active???

37: Tattoos and piercings I want

I’ve always been nervous about tattoos, and anything that may result in pain, but if there were a way to get around that, I’d really like some sort of quote, or maybe my favorite flower (corn speedwell). As for piercings, maybe a few more on my ear, but that’d be it!

47: Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level?

It depends on my mood! I like it very quiet when I’m trying to focus, but very loud most other times!

Thanks for the asks!!!

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fireelemental159 asked:

oh my god, oh my god, that Witch x Mitchell fic was amazing, it just brightened my day. I was wondering if you would be able to do a sequel where, now that they are friendly towards one another, a few months have gone by and now the witch thinks that Mitchell likes her and she's unsure until he accidentally drinks a truth potion that she leaves in a cup and feelings are told. One the effects wear off, fluff would be appreciated, or whatever works with the story. Thanks!

Oh, I’m happy you liked it, dear, and I will gladly write another part! :)