The President made one of his very best speeches tonight. Dad and I were both very impressed especially after watching the Republican debate last night.
Go Barack!!
Love, Mom
—  The email equivalent of getting a note in my lunchbox. All members of the Langsen family have been in touch and all, it seems, were on their feet, clapping. 

Making calls for Mayor Pedro Segarra’s re-election campaign. The election isn’t over yet and together we can all make a difference, help the mayor sign his petitions and ensure that this seat remains in Hartford hands. I think I also learned a thing or two from the Municipal campaign training earlier in the day as well. Together we can all make a difference and I encourage you all to #GetInvovledToday
#firedupandreadytogo #AllPoliticsisLocal #Democrats2015 #PedroSegarraforMayor2015 (at Pedro Segarra for Mayor Campaign Headquarters)


Senator Bob Duff, the majority leader of the State Senate is speaking right now at the Municipal election campaign training. #firedupandreadytogo (at Connecticut Democratic Party)