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Chip Daniel ♥ #FireDances

laoshan-firedance asked:

which five to ten story arcs, comic series, or single issues are your favorites when it comes to how they write/portray babs?

1. Chuck Dixon. He is the authority on Barbara’s voice. In Batgirl Year One he writes her with agency, determination, and honesty. 

2. Kim Yale and John Ostrander’s run of Birds of Prey. They took Barbara Gordon from her fridged story line in the Killing Joke and turned her into an incredibly capable and important handicapped character. While some people consider Dick Grayson the lynch pin to all of DC’s younger superheroes, but Barbara Gordon literally linked them all together with her servers. Just awesome.

3. I know this sounds silly but Adam West’s Batman TV series was actually the first appearance of Barbara Gordon. With the rise of the 60s feminist movement, the show brought in Barbara Gordon to both represent part of the movement and attract more female viewers. While the show is ridiculously campy, Batgirl is fantastic in it. She’s an out and out feminist and saves Robin’s cute, scaly butt more than once. Also, Yvonne Craig is beautiful.

4. Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s writing of Barbara. Looking more at Batman the Animated series rather than the New Adventures. Not only do they handle her relationship with Batfam maturely, but the dynamic between her and the Commissioner is spot on. 

5. Brian Q. Miller’s run on Batgirl. He writes her as Oracle, watching the passing her mantle and that of Batman and Robin. It’s bittersweet, frustrating, and very believable.

6. Gail Simone’s take on the new52 is actually excellent for people looking to get a beginning understanding of Barbara Gordon. It addresses The Killing Joke and how she stands up from the chair, and the feelings she has about drastic changes in her life. 

7. Gail Simon again and her run of Birds of Prey. She just has such a strong understanding of Barbara’s sense of humor and gravitas, Her relationships with all the Birds develops naturally and is so lovely to read. 

Bella Fuego & Emily Embers from Flamewater Circus in Sydney, Australia, performing a stunning fire show for the Flamewater Summer series.

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The fabulous fiery female at the front (try saying that five times fast…) is rocking a FairyFloss Galactic Corset 🔥🔥🔥#ffgalacticcorset #firedance #circusarts #firetwirling #love #inspiration #steampunk #tribe #hippie #boho #goth #goddess #inspiration #style #fashion #festival #psytrance #instagood #love #hothothot

laoshan-firedance asked:

what artist do you think does the best job with barbara gordon?

ONE?! Sorry–here’s a list:

  1. Marcos Martin. 
  • What? You’re not sick my love for Year One yet? Well that’s good because let me rave about it more! Martin draws Barbara as Batgirl the Ballerina: Incredibly thin, lithe, and flexible. And while she is beautiful, sometimes even sexy, the art is never fan service. It’s the way I always, and will always, imagine a young Barbara Gordon.

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Gorgeous Scarla Fae from Flamewater Circus in Sydney, Australia, performing a stunning fire belly dance show from the new Flamewater Summer series. See more of Scarla here:


Here’s James spinning poi. @antispinz #penguinswander #Victoria #VancouverIsland #BC #firedance #firespinning

A beautiful photo of Izzy Ivy from Flamewater Circus, performing a sexy bikini fire show for the Flamewater Summer. See more of Izzy here:


I’ve never been a big fan the staff but this thing is so wicked. #wanderlust #firedance #thailand #getlost #playingwithfire #travel

And they lighten up the night 🔥🔥🔥
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