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do me the honour (of this favour) by Peasantaries

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 31295

Based on the 2009 movie, “The Proposal.”

Derek is a hotshot businessman, Stiles is his cranky assistant, complications arise, and they fall in love. Mostly all in that order.

“We are, getting married.”
All three men at the desk blink.
Stiles frowns, “Who’s getting - ”
“Me and Stiles are getting married.” Derek says forcefully.


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Clay Travis of Fox Sports and Outkick the Coverage left CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin stunned on Friday by making an off-color remark during a segment about ESPN’s political controversy.

While discussing the network’s decision not to fire or suspend “SC6” anchor Jemele Hill forcalling President Donald Trump a “white supremacist,” Travis, a vocal conservative and critic of ESPN, said the only things he believed in “completely” were “the First Amendment and boobs.”

Baldwin looked stunned and eventually cut Travis off.

“I just want to make sure I heard you correctly as a woman anchoring this show,” she said. “What did you just say? You believe in the First Amendment and B-double-O-B-S?” she said.

Travis responded: “Boobs. Two things that have only never let me down in this entire country’s history: the First Amendment and boobs.”

As Travis tried to continue his point, Baldwin kept returning to the comment, trying to clarify whether Travis had said “booze” or “boobs.”

“I said boobs,” he said in response. “I believe completely in the First Amendment and in boobs. Those are the only two things I believe 100% in this country.”

Baldwin then criticized Travis for the remark, saying: “Why would you even say that live on national television and with a female host? Why would you even go there?”

Afterward, Travis seemed proud of the incident:

Clay Travis @ClayTravis

Just went on @cnn and said I only believe in two things completely, the first amendment and boobs and the host lost it. Need video now.

Brooke Baldwin @BrookeBCNN

Baldwin, however, still seemed baffled:

That was… I just… it was one of those thought bubbles “did he actually say that on MY SHOW?!” Note to men – that is never okay. #smh

Many people are calling FOX Sports to fired Clay from his job at Outkick the Coverage after his boobs comment.

Stay tuned.

City of Shadows - Erick & Open

A light breeze blew through the ocean-side city of Pansaw, carrying with it the scents of the city mingling with the salty ocean spray.  It had been eight months since Erick had laid eyes on Pansaw, and being back here tugged on his heart more than he thought it would.  More than he wanted it to really.  He needed to be harder if he was going to be able to pick up the pieces of his shattered life.  Taking a picture out of the inside pocket of his jacket, Erick ran his thumb down the side of Hope’s face.  He hadn’t seen or talked to her since he left, and that wasn’t a reunion he looked forward to, if he even told her he was back.  Heaving a deep sigh, Erick tucked the photo away and looked out over the city from his perch atop a building.  Soonest started, soonest ended.  Erick thought as he stood up, his biometal welling up to cover his arm.  He fired an anchor into the roof and dropped off the side, trailing a stream of metal like a rappel.  Landing on his feet, the biometal retracting back inside his body, Erick pulled up his hood and stepped out of the alley to join the foot traffic.  It was just then that he ran into someone and turned to make sure they were ok.  “I’m so sorry, I should really pay better attention to where I’m going.”



Donald Trump’s mouthpiece is calling for ESPN to fire anchor Jemele Hill – claiming her tweets calling the President a “white supremacist” are outrageous and unacceptable.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders – the White House press secretary – was holding a news conference on Wednesday when a reporter asked if Trump was aware of Hill’s comments.

Sanders replied, “I’m not sure he’s aware but I think that’s one of the more outrageous comments that anyone could make and certainly something that I think is a fireable offense by ESPN.”

Hill has never hidden her disdain for Trump – and went off about him on Sept. 11 saying, “Trump is the most ignorant, offensive president of my lifetime. His rise is a direct result of white supremacy.”

“Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.”

ESPN had issued a statement about the situation on Tuesday saying Hill’s comments “do not represent the position of ESPN.”

“We have addressed this with Jemele and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate.”

10 songs about girls loving girls, soft and sapphic 💞 listen here

I’m on fire (cover) - the staves | anchor - mindy gledhill | america (cover) - first aid kit | lovelier girl - beach house | mona louise - the wailin’ jennys | how do you feel today - gabrielle aplin | chicago - lily & madeleine | stay awhile - she & him | eagle song - the staves | lift me up - mree 


lwd and skop challenge day 1 | a parallel: ryke then vs. ryke now

He shrouds these parts of himself, as if they’re reminders of how he was raised. As the “yes kid” who did what his mother asked him. The yes kid has no opinions of his own. The yes kid has no voice.

-Connor Cobalt, Fuel the Fire

So I’m the anchor and the phoenix, and it was around this time that I learned to run for me. I stopped winning for my fucking mom, for my dad. Every achievement, every good grade- that was mine. I started living my dreams and I stopped living theirs.

-Ryke Meadows, Hothouse Flower

Monster Analysis: Thordak

Thanks to @jackwarg for this art piece!

  • First Appearance: 22 AraMente to Pyrah
  • Encounter Appearance: 79 Thordak
  • Armor Class 23 (22 without crystal)
  • Speed 40 ft, 80 ft flying
  • Blindsight 60 ft, Darkvision 120 ft, Passive 26 (+16)
  • Immune to fire damage
  • Lair and Legendary Actions
  • Legendary Resistance (3/day)
  • Suggested Average, Max Damage: 546, 812
  • Total Damage Taken: ~1452 (1404 confirmed, 48 estimated)
    • ~1099 taken with crystal, 16 finishing blow by Vex’ahlia
    • 353 taken without crystal, 31 HDYWTDT by Vax'ildan

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Not gonna link to it, because I’ve given the guy enough grief, but…

…someone wanted an ESPN anchor fired for calling out Trump for being a white supremacist, and didn’t seem to understand that ESPN has the right to CHOOSE whether or not to fire her (they would have been within their rights if they had, but are also within their rights to NOT fire her, as they have chosen as a course of action).

And then they literally posted:

hey wont do u how many mostly black people play footbal

So…you’re against immigrants, against black people, against freedom of speech, against people talking bad about the President after EVERY SINGLE OTHER PRESIDENT IN U.S. HISTORY HAS DEALT WITH IT WITHOUT WHINING AS MUCH AS TRUMP DOES, and you pretend to be a patriot…

I mean, I’m pretty sure that if I asked this guy if the United States should have a national official language of English, he would say yes.

But he would have to actually learn how to put sentences together then.

Because “hey wont do u how many mostly black people play footbal” [sic] doesn’t qualify as English at all.

BOLD what your muse can do.
REPOST, don’t reblog.

bake a cake from scratch | ride a horse | drive a submarine | speak a second language | dance | catch a fish | play an instrument | throw a punch | build a deck | ice skate | unclog a drain | program a computer | change a flat tire | fire a gun | sew | juggle | play poker | paint | fly a kite | sculpt | write poetry | change a diaper | sing | shoot a bow and arrow | ride a bike | swim | sail a boat | do a backflip | play chess | give cpr | pitch a tent | flirt | stitch a wound | read palms | use chopsticks | write in cursive/calligraphy | use an electric drill | braid hair | make a campfire | make a mixed drink | do sudoku puzzles | wrap a gift | give a good massage | jump-start a car | roll their tongue | magic tricks | yoga | tie a tie | skip a rock | shuffle a deck of cards | read morse code | pick a lock

Eruri Fic: Lead

This is for @momtaku and @hedera-helixwriteseruri who all but demanded that I re write Follow from Erwin’s PoV.  And also for @siriusc who made the mistake of showing an interest :}

I found this really hard to write because initially I couldn’t figure out where Erwin was coming from, turns out he is coming from deep, deep denial…

Levi is invariably in a foul mood following enforced attendance at funding events in the capitol, but tonight, even by his usual standards, he appears uncommonly tense and wired. Erwin knows how much he dislikes these events but he tells himself that Humanity’s Strongest is a valuable asset to the Survey Corps, all be it an ill tempered one, and gods know, they need to exploit every asset at their disposal. And if that means dragging the Captain to galas and balls so he can stand with his back to the wall glowering at the nobles and dignitaries, then so be it.  It’s all just part of the charade to drum up desperately needed funding and support for the Corps.

That’s what Erwin tells himself.  Although if Erwin was being honest with himself, which he is not, he would have to admit that he enjoys dragging Levi out to these events.  He enjoys his surly presence, enjoys the defiant tilt of his chin as he glares at the nobles, enjoys his caustic comments, the way be bristles at any perceived slight to the Survey Corps or its Commander. But Erwin Smith is not an honest man and he will not admit these things.  And most particularly, he will not admit, not even to himself, especially not to himself, that he enjoys the way the Captain’s dress uniform fits over his small lithe form.  

Erwin stretches his long legs out across the carriage and crosses them at the ankle, noticing how Levi’s whole body seems to stiffen as he moves, lips pressing into a thin line, brows drawing down into that familiar furious scowl.  And Erwin wants so badly to reach out and touch him, to defuse that tension in any way he can.  Hanji once demonstrated, after several failed attempts and not inconsiderable risk to their person, how a slender metal rod could be used to direct lightning to the ground and Erwin wonders if he were to touch Levi could he discharge the tension in a similar way.  But Levi, like lightning, is dangerous and unpredictable and Erwin does not want to risk causing irreparable damage.

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