Hey folks!

This was a commission for Henrik (aka, FireCub on tumblr - NentirelySFW).  I don’t think I could ever do his cuteness justice, but here you go anyway.  ;D

If you’re interested in a bust commission like this one from me, it’s only $25 (Paypal only)!  Just send me an email at and we can work out the details.



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Exactly&! I hate eating scrambled eggs anywhere but home because they never know how to cook them. My neighbors on the…

Unfortunately, at least here, serving proper scrambled eggs will get you a horde of nasty on-line reviews and maybe even a call to the health department.

Most folk think properly done scrambled eggs are undercooked/raw and will either send them back or ask for their bill to be comped. .

I truly pity classically trained cooks who find themselves working a breakfast restaurant as the guests idea of what constitutes a proper (insert egg preparation here) are almost always not what the trained professional knows.