Drabble: Zuko and Azula - Useful

Azula threw down the biwa in disgust.  It clattered against the floor of the music room and jolted Zuko out of his own playing.  The strings popped and burst free from their tethers as Azula shot to her feet, pelted the pick across the room.  It stuck in the wall and vibrated like a knife blade.  Zuko stared at it until it stopped moving.

“Please, Princess Azula,” the music master smiled, tight lipped, voice too calm.  "Come sit down.“

"No!” She spun around in the doorway, the tendons in her arms popping like she as going to pull the walls down.  "I don’t have to!  It’s not going to make me a better firebender, or help me conquer the Earth Kingdom, or rule the Fire Nation, or… anything!“

The pounding of her feet grew quieter and quieter, and Zuko just eyed the music master and waited to be noticed again.

Azula didn’t give up.  She never gave up.  And she was always good at everything.  All the sour notes- She just didn’t care.

"Prince Zuko.”

Zuko picked up his tsungi horn, then put it down.

Of course it was useless.  He was good at it.



Now i’m gonna work on the scenes for Bending Arts’s animation/ video/ manip/ trailer thingy finished :D

(Lance, Keith, Shiro, Hunk, Pidge, Coran, Allura)

Lance = Water bender
Keith = Fire bender
Shiro = Air bender
(The last living from a small family that survived the genocide 100 years ago)
Pidge and Hunk = Earth benders (Pidge will become a metal bender)
Coran = Non-bender
Allura = Avatar, Air bender

Fire Nation = Galra

Voltron Avatar AU

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yesss I can already see the parallels…. These are NOT mine The artists are @zhe-lazy-fox @greeendude

Ok so like in the avatar world you would think that waterbenders would be the fire fighters right? Like a bunch a of waterbenders just getting water from a lake or a river and dousing the fire. But you know what’s better? Firebender fire fighters. Just like someone’s house catches on fire and firebenders just… turn it off,,.. Just like no, the fire is done for today


“What’s on your mind?”
“We’ll find her Zuko. I promise.”
“…I hope so.”


Because I really wanted season four and more development for those two. And search for his mother plotline would be amazing to see on tv.