i was tagged by lordleaf AND firebends (i think??? lmao) in the 6 albums thingy so here they are!!!

(in no particular order)

1) blurryface - twenty one pilots
2) hozier - hozier
3) a fever you cant sweat out
4) handen i fickan fast jag bryr mig - veronica maggio
5) night vision - imagine dragons
6) infinity on high - fall out boy

i tag juuzoucore iseku heilanthus peachygf and judxl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love 2 sin theme by hailey firebends

download here (base code)

features include:

  • 400px or 250px posts
  • lots of font options
  • also lots of color options but not so much you’d be overwhelmed
  • custom sidebar, favicon, + next/last page link images (or default images)
  • 2 different sidebar types
  • cute little updates tab
  • hidden ip visitor tracker (see under the cut for a ‘how to install’ tutorial)
  • and lots more!! this is a p customizable theme

follow the rules:

  • do not [re]move credit
  • do not redistribute
  • do not claim as your own
  • do not use as a base code
  • like/reblog if using this theme
  • do not remove this caption

preview one and preview two

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