Destiny Exotic Lore: Invective

The personal shotgun of Warlock Vanguard Ikora Rey during her days on the frontier and in the Crucible, this weapon was custom made for her by a relative who worked at the Cassoid Weapons Foundry. It was designed to handle tough situations with supreme ease, most useful in the tight corridors of partially collapsed Golden Age ruins, the winding caves and tunnels of the Hive, or for infiltration into Cabal firebases. The weapon carries four solar energy rounds in the chamber, but possesses a unique, replicating ammunition supply, rendering extra ammo useless as it resupplies itself given enough time. It is also able to fire fully automatically at a decent range, allowing great numbers of enemies to be dispatched with little more than the squeeze of a finger. Since Ikora’s days of exploration and frontier fighting are over, she has since entrusted the weapon (and the copies made from the reverse engineered original) to Guardians that have shown themselves to be extremely skilled and dedicated to the Vanguard. After a long and arduous proving process, she entrusts them with both the weapon and a story from her time out in the wilds. One such story captures the spirit of Invective more than any other.

“It was my first time out on patrol. My mentor and I were riding our sparrows through Old Russia, trying to map a possible land route to the Cosmodrome. There were Fallen, Hive, wildlife, a million dangers that awaited us out there. In the end, we realized that such a route would be too much trouble to hold when we could just fly into and out of the Cosmodrome. So we headed back. It was then when we met our worst danger yet: other humans. I never thought that, out of all the other things that could’ve found us and caught us, it would be a band of smugglers that captured and disabled my mentor. They sniped our sparrows, breaking the engines. I managed to jump off mine into a snowbank, my inner fire keeping me warm. My mentor was not so lucky. He got pretty banged up when his sparrow exploded from under him. They came and looted him, I could only watch. That’s when one of them whistled to his friends and pointed right at me. I burst from the snow, drawing [Invective] and facing down their drawn weapons. I tried to talk them down. They made a grab for my Ghost. After that, it was a short conversation.”

From an operating standpoint, the weapon is optimal for guardians who are not as confident in their abilities to skillfully utilize one of the powerful, ranged shotguns like Felwinter’s Lie, Universal Remote, or Matador 64. However, the added advantage of replicating ammunition is a great thing to have during strikes or raids. Even the Crucible can play to this weapon’s advantage, rendering unnecessary the special ammo crates scattered around each site. However, many find it to be a matter of pride to not have to rely on this weapon. Its ease of use and convenience grates especially hard against the borderline arrogant personalities of Stormcaller Warlocks, Bladedancers, Gunslingers, and Striker Titans a lot. But there are times when convenience can outweigh pride. That’s when this weapon really shines.


  • The Cassoid weapon foundry reused this weapon’s frame for their own versions of the Vanguard issue shotgun, “The Comedian” (CS-177)
  • The Vanguard designation for this weapon is (SX-070 Invective-model Full-auto Self-replicating magazine equipped Shotgun.) Submitted by Carlos

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@loren_notaseal This a great story. My Team Leader and Team Sgt had to go up to Bagram for a meeting. This was right at the start of the high lume cycle and we were heading out for 10 days to run ops out of our Border Check Point.

When the helicopter arrived to take them up to Bagram, out jumps two gentleman. A LTC & a COL.

They look at my Tm SGT and say “we’re here.” (Apparently he invited them out you the Firebase, every time he saw them. They took him up, but didn’t tell any of us they were coming.) My Tm SGT points at me and the Warrant as he’s getting on the chopper and says, “They’re in charge.”
Both gentleman had retired, and came back in to help out, working with coalition SOF. (The LTC had been a Mike Force Commander in Vietnam.) Me and the Warrant looked at each other, shrugged, added them to the manifest and rolled out the gate a few hours later.

These guys were cool as fuck. They told us “this is your patrol, just consider us extra guns.” And they stood by that.

Even in SF it’s uncommon to see an E7 telling an O6 and O5 what to do. After this pic we folded the flag and presented it to the LTC (Vietnam vet), as a sign of respect. It was an amazing experience.

#notaseal #GlobalRecon #SpecialForces #GreenBerets #SF #Awesome #FreedomFuckingFriday #VietnamVeterans #Afghanistan ™@loren_notaseal

Made with Instagram - The one about Husk of the Pit and Nepal rewards.


  • Fixed an issue where “Packing Heat” achievement/trophy could not be unlocked by newly acquired Exotic weapons
  • Fixed an issue where Husk of the Pit drops were disabled
  • Drop rates for the Husk of the Pit from Blades of Crota have been increased by 150%


  • Rusted Lands
  • Shores of Time
  • Pantheon
  • Exodus Blue (Sony)
  • Firebase Delphi
  • Twilight Gap
  • Blind Watch
  • Exodus Blue (Sony)
  • Special Ammo initial spawn time and respawn intervals have been changed to 180 seconds
  • Max of three Special Ammo crates will now be placed at one time
  • Heavy Ammo crates now spawn only once per match at 300 seconds


  • A Kiosk terminal can be found near Eva Levante in North Tower that contains Tess’ old inventory of special order items
  • Redemption codes will soon be sent to the email used to place orders in the Bungie Store
  • These items will be found at the kiosk mentioned above


  • Fixed a potential crash when closing the vendor screen
  • Fixed a very rare case where an account could blocked by a WEASEL error on sign on
  • Fixed issues with suspend/resume handling on Xbox One
In the end, the war in Vietnam was much like any other

Valley Forge, are you receiving, over?

I say again, do you read, over?

Valley Forge, we lost you, how do you read, over?

This is America

Can you hear us now?

Our lost one hundred ninety-two

Our cold, dead sixty thousand

On your firebases, your hills, in paddy fields and rainforests, sprinting through the streets of ruined Hue

Dozing on the decks of Hueys, tapping magazines to settle bullets, lighting Marlboros off precious Zippos, smiling, scared

Captured in the whirr of Nikons, Leicas, in muddy footage where the colors seem to swell and run

By our words, could we conjure you?

Could we conjure you up, and raise you from the rich red earth and bring you back?

To lovers. Sons and daughters. Kin.

To friends grown old without you, puzzled by the youth beside them in the old pictures

To the porches and stoops where you belong

Or will you always be that endless line of figures clad in green: receding single file between the sun-drenched trees, swallowed by gloom and glare in equal measure

The steady lope of men weighed down by packs. Ammunition for the sixties X-ed across the gunners’ backs. Canteens clumsy at your hips

Humping the boonies forever.

Valley Forge, Valley Forge

Standing by to receive you


(from “Punisher MAX: Valley Forge, Valley Forge”, Garth Ennis/Carlos Ezquerra)


Yeah I shouldn’t have, but I ordered more things
First up is the Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Firebase, I snagged it for super cheap and thought it would look great on my display table. Next is the conversion kit for 1/100 EW Altron Gundam. I’m either going to use the wings on Grim, or if the wings get in the way of the scythe, I’ll use it for my next Berserk Fury project: Berserk Fury Altron, or maybe call it Berserk Fury Nataku. Not sure yet, but that will be a zoid for 2017