The real reason, for those who don’t know, is because Firebase White vs Geth was the only way to consistently grind the highest difficulty level for credits/xp.

Geth were the only enemy that lacked any highly mobile units - their only MO was to drop a bunch of robots on one side of the map and march toward you in a straight line. Firebase White was also the only map with a single corner where enemies would not appear the could only be accessed by two relatively narrow chokepoints. So four people posted up here could realistically defend against Geth indefinitely. It still required high level characters and a decent amount of skill, but it wasn’t the meat grinder other maps/enemies were at that difficulty.

So the devs patched in A Hallway. And it rendered the strategy all but useless, because it was exponentially more difficult to defend Three chokepoints, spread out much further apart now. The enemy could just walk up behind you and there was next to nothing you could do about it.

I understand why they did it. Having one stage that was so much easier than all the others discouraged players from playing on other maps and turned an epic firefight into a tower defense game. It was either patch the map or patch the geth (and later I do think the Geth got some minor buffs.) From a design standpoint, A Hallway was the easiest solution.

But still. Fuck that guy. I want my credits damn it.