Froogal MacDoogal

This place is like a drinkers Disneyland. Whenever I am in south Charlotte I jump across the border to South Carolina and stock up. Huge warehouse that is split, one side beer / wine and the other side liquor, lots of liquor and great prices.

I have been trying to up my drinking game by trying some single malt scotch but to keep some redneck balance I also bought a bottle of Fireball and a jar of Moonshine and of course some Tito’s Vodka for MrsMick.

Welp!! Hatreda decided to let her Fell Sans’s dress her up for the day. .___.
Interesting. *hugs all her Fell Babs* >X3 And Cherry’s sniffling is annoying my Wildraspberry. But no worries. Fireball knows better than to hurt the little crybaby.
And I tried so hard to color the metal and leather correctly but screw it. I lost patience with it. XD No shiny leather for me.

Ticci by @blackblizzardofsabbath5799
Edgy’s and Cherry by @bittybones-au
Beastfell:Cherryboy by @get-rammed
Cinnamon by @redassin
Sharpberry by @sinfullsanses
Blue Edgy is just an Edgy that’s blue. So I guess by Bittybones-au as well?
Fellwolf Sans (Paw) by @taraneedragon based on @sanspar‘s Fellwolves >:3
Wildraspberry by @metalphoenixxwolf

Today I was teaching my campers how to start a fire with flint and steel. As they grew increasingly frustrated, I mentioned that in a real survival scenario, they might use other tools and flammable materials at their dispense, like a camera lens or isopropyl alcohol.

I turned around to help two kids arrange their tinder. “Hey Ship, watch this!” called a voice. I looked over my shoulder to witness my favorite student create a fucking flamethrower by igniting aerosol sunscreen. 

When the screams of surprise stopped, I said, “Good job. Very resourceful. Now please don’t do that again.” 


Massive, bright green meteor fireball lights up Midwestern sky

  • A bright green fireball was spotted in the sky early Monday morning at approximately 1:30 a.m. Central time.
  • The American Meteor Society received over 200 reports of the meteor from viewers, primarily concentrated in the Midwestern states of Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan.
  • The sightings, as reported on AMS’s website, spanned as far east as upstate New York and as far south as Kentucky. Read more

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Made this for a friend who needed some help with fire animation, figured it might be useful to someone else

this is how I approach any fire animation I do timing-wise and design wise. if I am doing something more cartoony I will use shapes that are suited to more flowing smooth transitions and a nice graphic look, if I am animating more realistically I will use more chaotic timing and a design that works better with the slight motion blur I always apply to realistic fire. real fire doent flow nice and smooth like water or smoke when viewed at real-time

I almost always animate fire on 1′s, though the cartoony fire can work on 2′s, you just have to be more careful of pops.

you can also animate more realistic fire with a slower timing, you wouldn’t want the above fire in the background of a calm scene. this is just an example using an extreme case.

Hope this helps someone who is struggling to rough animate fire that fits their specific style and scene timing.


This is like a hypnotic dance…

Cirrate octopuses have a small, internal shell and two fins on their head. “Cirrata” named for the presence of hair-like structures called ‘cirri’ which may aid these animals in the capture of food. Cirrate octopuses are also noteworthy for lacking ink sacs - swim on little 🔥 ball! 😍