• Licent:Why does all the fun shit happens after I log off XD
  • Aston:Flirting happened after 2am xD
  • Licent:I probably would have been there giving Chari tips
  • Licent:"psssssssst he likes paddles."
  • Aston:I am going to kill you.
  • Licent:"You can thank me later, bro!" *rides choxobo off into the distance wgile laughing*
  • Aston:*shoots him with a fireball*

firstdegreefraud  asked:

โ why are you so angry? โž

( old af meme   —   closed )

                           It’s a   FAIR QUESTION   —   for all    intents   &&   purposes   she had   no right   to be angry  …   AUGUST   had never been hers  ,    not really  …   Their whole   relationship   had been nothing but a complicated  ,  tangled   WEB OF LIES   &&  she’s not   blind   or   stupid  ;;      she’d broken his heart  ,  earned his trust then    stabbed him in the back  …   There’s no reason she should be   upset   that   THIS   is how he’s trying to    MOVE FORWARD  …    But  ,  the thing about   ANGER   was that it wasn’t   RATIONAL  ,  as much as she tries to reason with herself  ,  the   FIREBALL  of  RAGE   only seems to   burn hotter    

                           She’s unsure of exactly   how long   this has been going on   —   maybe they were more   SUBTLE   when it started  ,  but now it’s so   p a i n f u l l y   obvious that she wonders how she’d missed it     (    making   goo-goo eyes   at Rhys was likely part of the problem    ).     Intuitive green hues watch the way August   stares  ,  they note how the pair get    downright friendly   once some   alcohol   was introduced into the equation  …   But it’s the familiar marks that surround her sister’s throat that really   cements it  ,   THAT   is practically   trademark August   &&   she can’t help feeling almost  …   Betrayed  … 

                           ‘    You didn’t   tell me  ,  I had to figure it out on my own  …   ’          Yeah  ,  let’s pretend that’s the   ONLY   thing she’s   pissed   about  …


Hard labor, specifically lifting, can really hurt his back. It doesn’t stop him from doing his chores, but it slows him down quite a bit. He’s developing arthritis in his fingers as well, but none of this really bothers him as much as his knees. He can’t dance very well anymore because of the pain in his knees, and it kills him to admit it.

When he was young, and his body cooperated with him, he was very energetic, fluid, and had an innate sense of rhythm. He was a fireball that blew off steam with as much high-flying, whirling legwork as he could get. If there was a partner tossed into all this, all the better! He picked up new footwork and beats very quickly, improvised on the fly, and would have loved latin dances like the Flamenco had he lived long enough to learn them. He loved to dance, and having lost most of his speed and energy to his joint pain, the old man can’t put on the kind of displays he used to.

He can still dance, and the technique and rhythm is still there, but only in short spurts, and when the weather cooperates.

Mario: Never Give Up.

Hoo boy, this one took a lot of effort to finish. But I suppose that’s fitting given the subject matter.

I have never finished the original Super Mario Bros. It is an insanely difficult game and truth be told, I’m just not a good enough gamer to beat it.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying. And I guess that’s a lesson worth taking to heart.


Fireball meteor lit up the night sky over Scotland

A bright fireball blazed over Scotland on Monday, according to witnesses who reported the sighting to the American Meteor Society. Fireballs are stray meteors that barrel into Earth’s atmosphere at speeds that range from 25,000 mph to 160,000 mph. They slow down considerably after hitting the atmosphere. Why we may be seeing more of these soon.

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