Getting real tired of ur shit Sans.
  • Getting real tired of ur shit Sans.
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I’ve searched high and low for this comic, because I wanted to voice it so badly.
This is probably one of my favorite Undertale posts.
I think you all can confirm that I have a very obnoxious, loud, squeaky screaming voice when it comes to voice acting.

Undertale, Papyrus, and Sans belong to Toby Fox. - (@)
Comic drawn by @fireandshellamari (Sorry for the name not being tagged.)

I own nothing except the use of my voice!

A little fanimation I did for a distraction~<3 It’s been a long while since I did any fun stuff like this, I missed it! And goodness flash animation is still my favorite to do. So I thought why not have some fun with this little cutie pie~!!!

Ironically, Nine Lives to Live is going to be re-done mainly in AfterEffects. It’s easier and the output is quicker without sacrificing too much quality.

Shark puppy belongs to Stacey!

Because wolf and cat and laughter.

Simon is a royal brat no matter who it is he’s dealing with and poor Ferdinand reminds him of a certain annoyance (my wolf) and so he has taken it upon himself to steal a dance and boss the werewolf into being a proper dancer.

Also I can not wait until I’m home and can install photoshop because sai ain’t cutting it.

I got inspired by fireandshellamari’s super cute shark puppy, and both wanted to make some fan art and make my own hybrid, owlcat! I’m not completely happy with the design, I think there’s too much owl and too little cat, but the beak looked better than a cat’s snout.

I guess I’ll just have to keep developing it.

Looks like shark puppy isn’t too happy about the intruder in the yard!


I had to do it.