Bearded fireworm (Hermodice carunculata)

The bearded fireworm is a type of marine bristleworm belonging to the Amphinomidae family, native to the tropical Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Bearded fireworms are usually 15 cm in average length, but can reach up to 30 cm. At first glance, this fire worm looks like a centipede with its elongated and flattened appearance, multiple segments, white silks, and parapodia and gills located on the side of its body. Its colors are varied and range from greenish, to yellowish, to reddish, grayish through white with a pearly glow. The body consists of 60 to 150 identical segments separated from each other by a thin white line and protected by cuticles. Each segment has a pair of parapodia, a structure for locomotion, clusters of stinging white bristles, and red or orange gills all in bilateral position. The bearded fireworm is a voracious predator and feeds on dead or decaying organisms and coral polyps.

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Silver soared across the Aquatic Base’s fatal drop on currents of neon-green telekinesis, but never once did he look down; his bulbous eyes instead stayed immovably fixed on the figure before him.

Twisting sinuously, Fire Worm’s body betrayed his true nature: layers of rock-hard armor on the outside encasing an inner form glowing with red-hot passion.

Not anymore, thought Silver as his body slammed into Fire Worm’s face and sent them tumbling together on the ground in a warm, sticky tangle of lava, flesh, stone, and fur.

“I’ve got a worm of my own to give you,” Silver cooed, gingerly stroking his lover’s tri-mandibled face.

Fire Worm’s glow intensified in what Silver recognized as a blush. “I want to resist you, baby… but no matter how hard I try, I never can.”

Silver smirked as he moved to Fire Worm’s backside, lining up his hips to the proper spot. Beneath him, he felt Fire Worm shudder in desire.

“It’s no use,” Silver winked, then thrust his hips forward mightily. “Take this!”

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The Disney Villain Correspondence Masterpost

Let’s face it, it’s good to be bad sometimes.  We all have our favorite Disney Villain we love to hate, or love to love.

This post is purely based on their depictions in the animated films.  How did I come up with these correspondences?  I thought of each villain as a deity.

Feel like something is inaccurate?  Let me know.  Otherwise, enjoy :)

  • Evil Queen
    • Power, Royalty, Cursing, Vanity
    • Colors: Black, Purple, Red.
    • Symbols: Apple, Dagger, Crown, Mirror
  • Maleficent
    • Power, Independence, Vengeance, Cursing, Shape-Shifting
    • Colors: Black, Purple, Red, Green
    • Symbols: Raven, Dragon, Thorns, Fire, Spinning Wheel
  • Ursula
    • Witchcraft, Power, Bargaining, Cursing, Contracts, Divination, Storms
    • Colors: Black, Purple, Blue
    • Symbols: Eel, Sea Shells, Octopus, Ocean Wave, Seaweed
  • Captain Hook
    • Power, Time, Anger, Manipulation
    • Colors: Red, Black, Purple
    • Symbols: Feather, Ship, Clock, Ocean Wave, Crocodile, Sword, Skull
  • Cruella De Vil
    • Greed, Vanity, Independence, Theft
    • Colors: Yellow, Black, White
    • Symbols: Car, Dog, Cigarette, Mink
  • Gaston
    • Masculinity, Vanity, Arrogance, Manipulation, Anger, Hunting, Physical Strength
    • Colors: Red, Brown
    • Symbols: Weaponry, Hops, Mirror, Currency, Arrow
  • Scar
    • Vengeance, Power, Control, Royalty, Pride, Paranoia
    • Colors: Red, Brown, Green, Black
    • Symbols: Hyena, Lion, Skull
  • Governor Ratcliffe
    • Power, Greed, Corruption, Anger
    • Colors: Gold, Purple, Black 
    • Symbols: Ship, Shovel, Weaponry, Currency
  •  Jafar
    • Power, Manipulation, Lust, Wealth, Sorcery
    • Colors: Black, Red
    • Symbols: Snake, Clock, Parrot, Feather, Scarab Beetle, Hour Glass
  • Judge Claude Frollo
    • Power, Manipulation, Lust, Anger, Corruption, Destruction, Dogma
    • Colors: Black, Purple
    • Symbols: Bell, Well, Horse, Fire
  • Hades
    • Underworld/Spirits, Anger, Vengeance
    • Colors: Black, Blue, Purple
    • Symbols: Skull, Worm, Fire, Cloud, Skull
  •  Yzma
    • Corruption, Royalty, Vanity
    • Colors: Black, Purple
    • Symbols: Feather, Llama, Crown, Skull
  • Lady Tremaine
    • Vanity, Jealousy, Wealth
    • Colors: Red
    • Symbols: Broom, Cat
  •  Dr. Facilier
    • Divination, Spirit Communication, Contracts, Wealth, Shadows
    • Colors: Black, Purple
    • Symbols: Skulls, Top Hat, Tarot Card, Frog
  • Shan Yu
    • Power, Destruction, Anger, Leadership, Military
    • Colors: Black, Grey, Brown, White
    • Symbols: Falcon, Sword, Dragon, Fire, Arrow
  • Queen of Hearts
    • Royalty, Anger
    • Colors: Red, White, Black, Purple
    • Symbols: Playing Card, Crown, Heart, Axe
  • Shere Khan
    • Vengeance, Power, Destruction, Protection of Nature
    • Colors: Black
    • Symbols: Tiger, Fire
  • Mother Gothel
    • Control, Manipulation, Intelligence, Selfishness, Cooking, Vanity
    • Color: Black, Red
    • Symbols: Tree, Flower
  • Madame Medusa
    • Greed, Vanity, Manipulation, Obsession
    • Colors: Red, Purple
    • Symbols: Crocodile, Diamond, Skull, Mouse
  • Stromboli
    • Showmanship, Greed, Anger
    • Colors: Black, Green
    • Symbols: Axe, Cage, Puppet, Currency, Key
  • Madam Mim
    • Witchcraft, Trickery, Anger, Shape Shifting, Shadows
    • Colors: Red, Purple, Pink
    • Symbols: Hawk, Tree, Dragon,
  • The Horned King
    • Death, Magick/Sorcery, Military, Power, Necromancy
    • Colors: Purple, Black, Red
    • Symbols: Cauldron, Skull, Sword
  • Percival McLeach
    • Destruction, Greed, Power, Anger, Hunting, Tracking
    • Colors: Brown, Black
    • Symbols: Weaponry, Hat, Lizard, Eagle, Feather, Egg, Crocodile
  • Clayton
    • Power, Masculinity, Destruction, Hunting, Arrogance
    • Colors: Yellow, Black, Silver
    • Symbols: Weaponry, Gorilla, Ship, Jaguar
  • Si and Am
    • Mischief, Trickery, Greed
    • Colors: Black, White, Yellow
    • Symbols: Cat, Milk
  • Professor Ratigan
    • Rage, Charisma, Arrogance, Rats
    • Colors: Grey, Black, Purple, Red
    • Symbol: Rat, Mouse, Top Hat, Cat, Clock
  • Prince John
    • Royalty, Cowardice, Immaturity, Power, Wealth, Theft
    • Colors: Purple, Red, Gold
    • Symbol: Crown, Tear, Sword

  • Ring Master
    • Showmanship, Power, Organization, Control, Circus
    • Colors: Red, Black
    • Symbol: Elephant, Top Hat, Whip
  • Prince Hans
    • Charm, Deception, Manipulation, Vanity
    • Colors: Blue, Grey
    • Symbol: Crown, Sword
  • Scroop
    • Mutiny, Exploration, Outer Space, Manipulation, Power
    • Colors: Red, Black,
    • Symbols: Star, Ship, Crab, Spider
  • Bill Sykes
    • Charm, Opportunity, Greed, Power, Dogs, Shadows
    • Colors: Black, Brown
    • Symbols: Dog, Currency, Shadows, Cigar
  • Gantu
    • Order, Rules, Military, Arrogance, Grudges, Outer Space
    • Colors: Grey, Blue
    • Symbol: Fish, Whale, Star
  • Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke
    • Masculinity, Order, Military, Strength, Greed, Schemes
    • Colors: Grey, Yellow
    • Symbol: Dagger, Axe, Volcano

“Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory….

…If a soldier is imprisioned by the enemy, don’t we consider it his duty to escape?….

If we value the freedom of mind and soul, if we’re partisans of liberty, then…’s our plain duty to escape…

And to take as many people with us as we can!”  

―    J.R.R. Tolkien

The LORD Jesus said:

42 “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe to stumble, it would be better for him if, with a heavy millstone hung around his neck, he had been cast into the sea. 43 If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off; it is better for you to enter life crippled, than, having your two hands, to go into hell, into the unquenchable fire, 44 where their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched. 45 If your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off; it is better for you to enter life lame, than, having your two feet, to be cast into hell, 46 where their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched. 47 If your eye causes you to stumble, throw it out; it is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye, than, having two eyes, to be cast into hell, 48 where their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched.

49 “For everyone will be salted with fire. 50 Salt is good; but if the salt becomes unsalty, with what will you make it salty again? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another.”

From the Book of Mark 9 (NASB)


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lolirock-stars  asked:

Hello TeamLoliRock. I have 2 question 1)Will Isira's medallion appear in season 2? 2) At the end of episode 6 Mephisto said strange name: Mezorian Flameworm. Who is he?

Hi ! :)

1) No spoiler. But yes. But not spoiler.

2) The exact line is “Burned up like a Metzorian fire worm ! WHOOSH !“. So not a person, rather another of the wild creatures from Ephedia, next to the beezdingles, triple-headed lagwamps, flying gabablasters, hurleybeast and such… 

Founder Headcanons

1. Godric Gryffindor

Godric Gryffindor is the second son of an old Pureblood family. He’s raised a warrior, trained with both sword and wand. He grows up in a hidden magical village as safe as is possible for his time period.

He knows little of the outside world, and thinks that Muggles are, well… interesting. He thinks they’re simple, and slow, and so yes there’s the Witch Burning’s, but the poor things are frightened and don’t know any better. If they could stop being afraid, he thinks they’d get along swimmingly.

In all honesty, Godric is rather much like Arthur Weasley, which makes sense, if one was aware that Godric’s third daughter married well and has a son. That son marries and has a son of his own before dying, and when his widow remarries, both she and the boy take the surname of her new husband, which just so happens to be Weasley.

But that is not the point. The point is that for all his bravery and chivalry, Godric is a little too trusting. A little too friendly and kind…

2. Rowena Ravenclaw

Rowena Ravenclaw is also a Pureblood.

She’s the firstborn daughter of a magical house that has a peerage in the Muggle world.

She’s a noble. She’s also very, very clever. A little too clever. For what comes with Pride and Intelligence is Hubris, and in her case it is dangerous. Rowena Ravenclaw is curious. She wants to know everything.

She knows her potions, and she’s gifted with what will later be called transfiguration and charms, only known as ‘casting’ in this time period. She loves numbers and runes the best though, finds them fascinating.

She’s not the best with magical creatures, but that’s more to do with the practical aspect. She doesn’t like to get her skirts muddy, or dirt under her nails.

But that’s okay. That’s normal for a noble.

Until one day she forgets to make sure nobody is following her, her thoughts caught up in a new rune array she’s been wanting to try out.

She doesn’t hear the footsteps behind her, doesn’t know she’s in danger until blinding pain explodes through her head as a heavy tree branch collides with her skull.

She wakes up, half-dazed and nauseous, tied to a stake, her wand in pieces…

And her heart sinks. She’s in no state to do magic right now.

And that’s where Salazar comes in…

3. Salazar Slytherin

Salazar Slytherin is, ironically considering what his house becomes, a Muggleborn. The only one of the lot.

He lives a rather normal life in a rather normal village, and if he can speak to the grass snakes out in the field, well, he keeps that his own little secret. And for good reason.

But one day, he’s caught off guard, his father finds him holding a conversation with an adder. The adder is dispatched ruthlessly with a swing of the farmer’s scythe, and poor Salazar is dragged kicking and screaming by his father to the river.

His father apologizes, crosses himself, and prays to God for his son’s soul, before trying to drown him in the river. Salazar’s magic kicks in, saving his life by spiriting him away to a random space in the woods.

But he’s a child, and he’s frightened, and he doesn’t understand. So he goes home to his mother.

Or rather, he tries to.

When he reaches the outskirts of the village, the air is heavy with smoke and the dying screams of a woman. His mother burns at the stake for consorting with the devil and birthing what can only be called devilspawn.

He turns his back on the village, and closes his heart to Muggles.

He will never trust blindly again.

So years later, when Salazar later finds Rowena tied to the stake, her wand broken into pieces and flames licking up her skirts, he snaps.

Not a single Muggle from the village survives, he spirits her away from there and spends three days nursing her back to health.

It’s not long after, when they run headfirst (no, literally) into Godric.

4. Helga Hufflepuff

So that’s Godric and Rowena, and that’s Salazar. But what about Helga?

Helga Hufflepuff is the most normal of the lot. If one can call her normal.

She’s a Half-blood, born to a Pureblood wizard and a rather pretty young Muggle woman. Her father’s name is George and her mother is Mary, and their story is a little outlandish.

Once upon a time, Mary had almost been eaten by a dragon. And then George had come along, wand in his left hand, and sword in his right. The legend says that George slew the dragon, but what they forget is that yes, he killed the dragon, but in the process he dropped his wand twice, was thrown into a tree once and almost fell on his sword three times.

In the end, Mary had been so amused and charmed by his demeanor that she married him. Nobody so clumsy could possibly be sent by the devil, of course, nobody who would slay a fire worm could have been a servant of the devil either.

So Helga grew up with a foot firmly in both worlds, and a loving family who impressed upon her the importance of familial loyalty and determination, a family who insisted there was more to a person than meets the eye.

And that suited her just fine. She’s the last to join the gang, but she’s the first to suggest what will later become the foundation for Hogwarts.

She didn’t choose the name though. That’s Rowena, drunk on mead for you.

5. Hogwarts is…

Hogwarts is meant to be home. Hogwarts is meant to be a safe haven.

And it is, for a while.

But Salazar is wary of the Muggleborn like himself, more afraid of their families than the children themselves. And Godric wants everybody to love magic like he does.

The two friends can never see eye-to-eye on this subject.

They argue for years, while Rowena watches stonily, her own experience with fire and death still haunting her dreams on stormy nights. Helga, who has never known that fear, smiles and tries to keep the peace.

But fear is powerful, is dangerous, is a magic all on its own.

And it tears them apart.

Finally, Salazar cannot take it anymore, so he leaves. But he does not leave his own students without a final defense. He leaves the hatchling basilisk in his chamber: little Belinda, who so bravely promises to guard the children from the muggles, and even from Godric himself if it comes down to it.

He parts with Godric on bad terms, and the centuries twist their words, twist their stories as people remember Godric’s cheer and humor and blinding grins… Well, it makes sense, does it not, for a man who speaks serpent tongue and opposes such a kindly wizard to be evil.

So history paints Salazar as a villain, and puts Godric on a pedestal. It ignores the love Helga has for all children, even those who are not hers; and it forgets the haunted look in Rowena’s eyes and her ever-so-slightly broken soul, forgets that she’d loose herself for days locked up in a tower trying to discover the secrets of the universe.

The little every day things (or not so little) are ignored, and set aside.

History forgets that the Hufflepuff line descends from Helga’s brother, the woman herself unable to have children, which is why she loves them all. It forgets that Rowena’s disassociation with people leaves her daughter with an absent mother. It forgets that Godric had blood on his hands, his smile a little bit more forced after Salazar leaves… History forgets that Salazar was kind, that his strongest spell was the flame-freezer, a spell that he himself created…

History becomes legend and legend becomes myth.

A madman rises from that myth, and that is where a new legend begins…

Seven ways to piss off Shu Sakamaki

1) Destroy his earbuds, obviously.
2) Download your mixtape on his ipod and delete all other music.
3) Talk. Just talk and don’t stop.
4) If he’s sleeping in a room with a fireplace, light a fire there.
5) Put worms on him when hes asleep (if you can).
6) Insist he call you by your nickname, “Edgar”.
7) Rip out all the music pages in his books and make oragami with the sheets.

Dragons are not born - they are made.

There is no egg, but a seed - a spark of fire that worms its way into your heart. Let your eyes wander, caress the majesty with your line of sight. All that’s gold does not glitter, but all that glitters is yours for the taking. Listen to its music, the whispering notes as you let coin upon coin slip through your fingers. It is singing to you.

They call it dragon sickness, and curse and fear it with all their might.

You cannot bear to let it part from your sight, not even for an instant. Jealousy and envy are your greatest allies, your trusted friends - your hated enemies. They sit upon your shoulder and influence your every thought, caress your every whim, stoke your every desire. Believe no one. Their smiles are false and their promises even more so. Dragons do not keep company, they have no need of it. Only the hoard, the innumerable wealth. It is your pillow and your blanket.

It is the bed you have made, and that you must now lie in.

With every grimace, your teeth become fangs. With every tilt and oscillation of the head, your neck will elongate. With every dark mutter, your voice will deepen and blossom into growls and snarls. As a caterpillar becomes a pupae becomes a butterfly… so do the “afflicted” wrap themselves in their treasures, their stolen currency, their priceless artefacts, their ancient relics. 

Incubating within your golden cocoon, you will transform.

As greed fuels greed, so do dragons beget dragons. With every newborn wyrm, the hoard becomes ever-wealthier,the myth ever-darker, the sickness all the more difficult to throw off.

Unfurl your wings and taste your fire.

You’re one of us, now.