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Since I’m feeling proud of myself for not just pirating the manga

This is my Mashima shelf. Fairy Tail was the manga that finally drove me to start reading online, since I couldn’t take it when I found out how much of the story was out that wouldn’t release in the US for years. Kodansha really sped up the English releases eventually, but back when Del Rey handed the localization they released the manga at a slower rate than Mashima drew it at.

I already had the first couple volumes, and supporting the series means there’s more incentive to keep it going, so I kept buying them. Every now and then I fall behind, but I’m usually no more than four behind whatever the most recent to release it. I was better about it before Boarders closed, because Boarders was close by.

(Somewhat obnoxiously, even after we moved, we picked a house where there used to be a Boarders nearby, and the nearest Barnes & Noble is over a half and hour away and not near anything else.)

And this is my other Mashima shelf. Notice that it contains the final three volume omnibus. This is rare. That book is usually sitting on my desk so I can pick it up and flip through all the parts with Lucia while I’m on my computer.

The first 14 or so volumes of Rave Master were purchased used? I started that collection after they went out of print, but before new copies of most of the volumes became rare. My brother actually has up to volume 27 or so, but he stopped collecting the manga at the same time he went to college, and I wanted the last 8 under our roof, and I wanted them to all be in the same collection, but if I bought them for him as birthday presents or whatever when everyone knew he wouldn’t take them with him to his dorm, it would have been obvious I was really buying them for my satisfaction and that’s bad gift giving form. So I started saving my allowance to buying entire collection again, even though most of it was just down the hall from me.  ^_^;  Now that I love it even more than before and he’s about to move to another state, I feel a lot less silly for doing that.

He never reads his anymore, that I know of. I wonder if he’d be interested in putting it up online, since I see people looking for copies that are in at least okay quality, and he has most of the series…

We’re not so close anymore. I don’t know how I would go about asking that.

And this is my overflow shelf with more Mashima stuff on it, because I can’t fit it on two shelves. Some of the random-numbered Japanese volumes I have are probably going to be moved down here soon. (I also have only volume nine of Vampire Game, because… Because, I guess. Someone got me that one random volume and I never tried to track down the rest of the series.)

I really wanna get the other Mashima-en book, but I already have the one with Baum and I have to order them in French and they cost a lot more to ship so… I’m not sure that’s going to happen any time soon.

I have a fair amount of Dragon Ball and the entire original Yu-Gi-Oh manga too, which I’m not ashamed to admit because it’s way better than the 4kids dub and Yugi literally detonates explosives on a classmate over a spat about who gets to set up a booth near the school’s front gate during a fair. None of the GX/R stuff, though. Just up until Atem passes on and the original story ends.