The signs as fall aesthetics
  • Aries: bonfires, cinnamon, golden autumn sunlight, stepping on leaves and feeling them crunch under your feet, halloween
  • Taurus: tea lights, oversized sweaters, hot spiced apple cider, autumn wreaths, brown sugar
  • Gemini: forests filled with changing leaves, fall fairy lights, jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, crisp apples
  • Cancer: cozy blankets, red noses and cheeks from the cold, the first sip of a pumpkin spice latte, baggy clothes and messy hair, rainy days cozying up with blankets and warm drinks
  • Leo: boots and socks, caramel apples and candies, thanksgiving festivities and food, the feeling of drinking something warm on a cool day
  • Virgo: crisp air, pumpkin patches, rainy days, farmer's markets, the smell of cinnamon in houses and stores
  • Libra: the feeling of being bundled up, hayrides, Halloween candy, driving with the windows down on a cool sunny day
  • Scorpio: hardwood floors, hot chocolate, seeing your breath in the cold, Halloween decorations, roasting marshmallows on an open fire
  • Sagittarius: apple picking, fuzzy socks that keep your feet warm, walks in the woods bundled up in cozy clothes, the smell of fire in the cold, trick or treating at dusk
  • Capricorn: black coffee, overcast days, chilly mornings and nights, flannel shirts, pumpkin pie
  • Aquarius: jumping into piles of leaves, reading outside in the cool air, scarecrows, feeling the warmth of sunlight on a cold day
  • Pisces: haunted houses, drinking hot drinks outside on chilly days, apple pie, foggy days, frost on the leaves and grass in the mornings

The camera obscura was an important scientific discovery back in ancient times. It helped us understand that light travels in straight lines, as eloquently demonstrated by 11th-century Arab scientist Alhazen. He discovered that a single ray of light beaming through a tent produced an inverted image of the scene outside.

You can recreate the revolutionary experiment yourself with a window, some cardboard, and a hole-poking device of your choice. We recommend a trident, as we always do.

Slap some cardboard slabs over the window and cover all other light sources, then jab a hole in the cardboard (you can make it smoother or rougher to adjust resolution):

Wait for your eyes to adjust and enjoy the free acid trip. Your room is now a rudimentary camera, generating an inverted image of the scary world outside. It’s reversed because the light beams reflecting from higher objects like trees or buildings travel down diagonally through the makeshift lens, and vice versa for objects down below.

Do You Want To Set Your Hand On Fire? 6 Fun Science Tricks


Wait can someone explain the significance of the Acorn Dress? I think I’m missing something

There’s a scene in the books where Gendry and Arya stay in a castle (Acorn hall) and Arya is forced to wear a dress that’s patterned with an acorn print. The chapter is very suggestive to Gendry and Arya’s relationship, they also play fight and Gendry comments on Arya appearance. The fact Arya is wearing a dress with acorns is almost a nod to this scene in the books.

A storm of swords - Chapter 22

Supper was being served in the hall by the time Arya was all washed and combed and dressed. Gendry took one look and laughed so hard that wine came out his nose, until Harwin gave him a thwack alongside his ear. 

“Arya?” Gendry had followed her out. “Lady Smallwood said there’s a smithy. Want to have a look?”
“If you want.” She had nothing else to do.
“This Thoros,” Gendry said as they walked past the kennels, “is he the same Thoros who lived in the castle at King’s Landing? A red priest, fat, with a shaved head?”
“I think so.” Arya had never spoken to Thoros at King’s Landing that she could recall, but she knew who he was. He and Jalabhar Xho had been the most colorful figures at Robert’s court, and Thoros was a great friend of the king as well.
“He won’t remember me, but he used to come to our forge.” The Smallwood forge had not been used in some time, though the smith had hung his tools neatly on the wall. Gendry lit a candle and set it on the anvil while he took down a pair of tongs. “My master always scolded him about his flaming swords. It was no way to treat good steel, he’d say, but this Thoros never used good steel. He’d just dip some cheap sword in wildfire and set it alight. It was only an alchemist’s trick, my master said, but it scared the horses and some of the greener knights.”
She screwed up her face, trying to remember if her father had ever talked about Thoros. “He isn’t very priestly, is he?”
“No,” Gendry admitted. “Master Mott said Thoros could outdrink even King Robert. They were pease in a pod, he told me, both gluttons and sots.”
“You shouldn’t call the king a sot.” Maybe King Robert had drunk a lot, but he’d been her father’s friend.
“I was talking about Thoros.” Gendry reached out with the tongs as if to pinch her face, but Arya swatted them away. “He liked feasts and tourneys, that was why King Robert was so fond of him. And this Thoros was brave. When the walls of Pyke crashed down, he was the first through the breach. He fought with one of his flaming swords, setting ironmen afire with every slash.”
“I wish I had a flaming sword.” Arya could think of lots of people she’d like to set on fire.
“It’s only a trick, I told you. The wildfire ruins the steel. My master sold Thoros a new sword after every tourney. Every time they would have a fight about the price.” Gendry hung the tongs back up and took down the heavy hammer. “Master Mott said it was time I made my first longsword. He gave me a sweet piece of steel, and I knew just how I wanted to shape the blade. Only Yoren came, and took me away for the Night’s Watch.”
“You can still make swords if you want,” said Arya. “You can make them for my brother Robb when we get to Riverrun.”
“Riverrun.” Gendry put the hammer down and looked at her. “You look different now. Like a proper little girl.”
“I look like an oak tree, with all these stupid acorns.”
“Nice, though. A nice oak tree.” He stepped closer, and sniffed at her. “You even smell nice for a change.”
“You don’t. You stink.” Arya shoved him back against the anvil and made to run, but Gendry caught her arm. She stuck a foot between his legs and tripped him, but he yanked her down with him, and they rolled across the floor of the smithy. He was very strong, but she was quicker. Every time he tried to hold her still she wriggled free and punched him. Gendry only laughed at the blows, which made her mad. He finally caught both her wrists in one hand and started to tickle her with the other, so Arya slammed her knee between his legs, and wrenched free. Both of them were covered in dirt, and one sleeve was torn on her stupid acorn dress. “I bet I don’t look so nice now,” she shouted.
Tom was singing when they returned to the hall.

My featherbed is deep and soft,
and there I’ll lay you down,
I’ll dress you all in yellow silk,
and on your head a crown.
For you shall be my lady love,
and I shall be your lord.
I’ll always keep you warm and safe,
and guard you with my sword.

Harwin took one look at them and burst out laughing, and Anguy smiled one of his stupid freckly smiles and said, “Are we certain this one is a highborn lady?” But Lem Lemoncloak gave Gendry a clout alongside the head. “You want to fight, fight with me! She’s a girl, and half your age! You keep your hands off o’ her, you hear me?”
“I started it ” said Arya. “Gendry was just talking.”
“Leave the boy, Lem,” said Harwin. “Arya did start it, I have no doubt. She was much the same at Winterfell.”
Tom winked at her as he sang:

And how she smiled and how she laughed,
the maiden of the tree.
She spun away and said to him, no featherbed for me.
I’ll wear a gown of golden leaves,
and bind my hair with grass,
But you can be my forest love,
and me your forest lass.

“I have no gowns of leaves,” said Lady Smallwood with a small fond smile, “but Carellen left some other dresses that might serve. Come, child, let us go upstairs and see what we can find.”


The Confederate Double Barrel Cannon,

The double barrel cannon is not a new idea, going back at least to the mid 17th century. The idea behind a double barrel cannon was not a weapon to fire solid shot, but to fire chain shot, a pair of cannon balls connected together by a chain. Each cannon ball was loaded into a separate barrel, and when fired in theory the two balls should rotate around a central axis, mowing down anything in it’s path like a weedwacker mowing down grass.  The trick was firing both barrels simultaneously.  Any flaw in timing, uneven combustion of gunpowder, or flaws in the barrel could cause the chain shot to careen out of control. It was nigh impossible to fire a chain shot cannon with any semblance of accuracy, hence why chain shot cannon were relatively rare.

In 1862 during the American Civil War, a Georgia dentist named John Gilleland attempted to design and build his own double barrel chain shot cannon for used by the Confederate Army. Gilleland’s cannon was caste in one piece at a cost of $350, and featured two 6 inch caliber barrels. The barrels diverge three degrees so that when fired the cannonballs would diverge and the chain would be drawn taught.

On April 22nd, 1862 Gilleland’s cannon went through official ordnance testing. Testing consisted of firing at two poles in a field. On the first shot the cannonballs wildly struck the ground, tearing up over an acre of the field but nowhere near the intended target. On the second shot the chain shot flew over the poles, taking out a grove of trees far behind the target. On the third shot the chain broke, with one cannonball veering to the right and taking out a chimney on a nearby cabin, while the other flew to the left and killed a cow.

Despite the failure Gilleland continued to advertise his cannon for military use. The Confederate Army said “thanks but no thanks” and refused to adopt the cannon. Today the cannon is on display on the front lawn of the City Hall of Athens, Georgia.

Miss you (lin x reader) lin sin

{A/N: i am a sinner a dirty..dirty sinner, i love lin, i respect him…i also respect the fact he makes a rain shower in my lady garden with those selfies, the ignition video, his work shop version of say no to this….his fucking face…..any who enjoy ya filthy sinners}

Lin sighed as he walked down the hotel hallway, the prep for hamilton chicago was incredible but exhausted him to no end, he missed his home, his bed….his dog…most of all he missed you, his girlfriend, he missed falling asleep with her on his chest, her crazy morning hair, her listening to him ramble. He missed her lips on his, the feel of her skin…

Lin sighed as he opened his door kicking it shut with his foot, tossing his hoodie to the chair, kicking his shoes of he undid his belt stripping down to his well worn in the heights shirt and black boxer briefs. He stretched as he set his laptop up, he had face timed you on his way home, you were in bed with tobi, he stayed on call with you until you had passed out listening to him sing in spanish, the sure fire trick to get you to sleep while he was away. You had told him of the email you sent him, a gift to show him you missed him, he laughed promising to look at it when he got in his room.

Now settled he scrolled through emails finally finding your address
‘Watch alone! I miss you daddy….’
Lin looked at the video, just a still image of you smiling, the bed behind you. Lin inhaled as he pressed pay seeing you fiddle for a second before noticing you were recording
“Hey linnie…i miss you…like so fucking much, but i tell you that, every call we have…but…daddy….you haven’t been here to take care of me…so let me show you how badly i miss you being here’ lin swallowed hard pausing to plug in his headphones, before hitting play again.

Lin watched you back up revealing you in his shirt, no pants, he bit his lip. Your hands moved to run down your body stopping at the hem of the shirt, slowly moving your hips as you slid the shirt up tossing it out of frame, revealing his favorite bra and pantie set you owned, he groaned feeling himself harden at the sight of you.

Slowly you sat back on the bed legs open as you slid your hand down lip in between your teeth
'Fuck, daddy just thinking of how hard you are right now….god i wish you could feel how wet i am thinking about it…’ Lin inhaled palming himself watching you, groaning as you ran your finger over your clothed slit moaning as you did, mouth open, breathing labored. He watched as you slipped your hand into your panties teasing yourself
'Fuck…daddy…its not the same…not like your fingers…rubbing me…hitting just the right spot…god…you…fuck’ he moaned freeing himself, stroking himself slowly watching you moan and pant as you touched your, what he knew was dripping, pussy.

He bit his lip as you laid back pulling your panties down, opening your legs for him, he moaned seeing you, open and visibly soaked. His hand going faster. he watched as you rubbed your clit moaning loudly as you rocked your hips against your hand, breaking his rules to tease him.

'Daddy….fuck…please…’ You gasped and moaned, imagining him there, his fingers instead of yours, he pumped his shaft quick as you inserted two fingers your moan causing him to buck his hips, the sounds you made for him made him crazy
'Fuck…daddy…please faster….please make me cum….i wanna cum so hard for you’ lin watched your fingers speed up, hips thrusting to match, your legs were shaking, moans filing his ears as his eyes shut imagining himself inside you, fucking you into the bed, nails scrapping down his back as you whimpered for him to fuck you faster. Lin was close, he could tell you were to by your moans and whimpers

'Fuck…daddy…i’m gonna cum…please….cum with me….fuck…i need your cum…’ Lin felt himself gasp as he listened to you scream his name your body spasming as you climaxed, fingers not stopping, fucking yourself through your orgasm like he would if he were there. Lin moaned out as he stroked himself feeling the warm liquid coat his hand as he came, stroking himself through his orgasm.

He gasped trying to catch his breath as he listened to you do the same. The video ended with you again

'Come home soon…i need my real daddy…not my fake one, i love you…so much….’ Once over lin cleaned his hand off, closing his laptop he flopped on the bed sending you a text before passing out

'When i get home, you are in trouble, baby girl knows she isn’t allowed to move when daddy fucks her….love you…’

Dating Killer Croc and meeting the Squad would include:

Originally posted by vikaq

Requested by Anon. 

Request: Could you by chance do a Dating Croc Would Include + Meeting the Squad, like you did your Harley one? (which was absolutely lovely btw)

Warning: Smut?

A/N: Seriously, I needed a lot of time to write this, but here it is! TAA DAA!


  • People looking at you, trying to figure out why you would date him. 
    • You giving zero fucks because your boyfriend is awesome. 
  • You both going swimming. 
  • Him showing you the sewer system. 
    • You being impressed (and disgusted). 
  • Killer Croc threatening people when they are being unpolite to you.
    • Or flirting with you. 
  • Him accepting every part of you.
    • Every single part. 
  • Him never trying to eat you. 
  • Holding hands.
  • Waylon smacking your ass. 
  • Talking. Lots of talking about stupid, banal things until you both fall asleep. 
  • Cuddling. 
    • Cuddling with Waylon is strange but not unpleasant. 
  • You being the one who says I love you first.
    • Him telling you how much he loves you too. 
  • Him carrying you around.
  • You stealing his hoodies and burrying yourself in them.
  • Going for a walk during rainy, foggy or stormy days. 
  • Being naughty with him. 
      • Whirlpool, pool, everything where water is.
    • His teeth are super dangerous but that makes everything even more exciting. 
    • He can be both, rough and gentle.
    • He can also be dominating and submissive. 

Meeting the Squad: 

Harley Quinn: 

  • Her being overly nice to you. 
  • Her questioning you about how you met Waylon and all the fluff.
  • You choking on your drink when she asks you how you have sex and how it works.

El Diablo:

  • Him being lovely company and nice to chat with. 
  • Chato immediately accepting you into the group because he trusts his family.
  • Him showing you cool fire tricks because you didn’t believe him when he said he can do things with fire.

Captain Boomerang: 

  • Him being confused why you would date Waylon. 
  • Digger being a dick and asking you to ditch Waylon for a little more fun. 
    • Waylon almost eating Digger for that comment. 
  • Him asking how you have sex with Waylon. 

Rick Flag: 

  • Rick being polite and him shaking your hand, telling you you’re welcomed in the squad.
  • Him being the strict dad of the squad. 
  • Rick introducing you to June.


  • Her being suspicious, and watching you like a hawk. 
  • You being very nice too her. 
  • Small talk. 
  • You admiring her fighting skills and telling her this. 
    • Katana being happy to tell you about her skills.
    • You bonding with here. 


  • Him raising an eyebrow when you tell them Waylon is your boyfriend.
  • Him shrugging it off, murmuring how everyone should do whatever they want to do. 
    • Him totally wanting to know how ‘it’ works between you two, but he keeps silent.
  • You recognize him as the other dad or the funnier uncle of the squad. 
Christmas With The Septiceyes: Chapter 1

@marielgum @catsandr0ckmusic @chase-brody-protection-squad

Chase was leaning against the kitchen wall, smiling to himself. The smell of baking cookies filled the air and the laughter of his kids could be heard from outside. Chase adored Christmas, everything about made him happy. The food, the family, Christmas simply had a way of bringing everyone together.
Chase had volunteered to host a Christmas Eve party for his family and the other egos, and so far, it was going quite well. Jackaboy man was “expertly” dodging his kids snowballs outside while Marvin sat by the fire, practicing card tricks for later that night. The doctor hadn’t shown up yet. Chase chuckled. The doctor always had a knack for being fashionably late.
He was startled out of his daydream by a knock on the door.
‘Probably doc,’ Chase thought to himself.
He strolled over to open the door, and opened it. His smile dropped quickly when he saw that it wasn’t the doctor.
Chase saw a little bit of color come into the demons face, probably from embarrassment.
“I, uh,” Chase muttered, “I didn’t think you would actually…”
“Show up?”
Chase nodded. Anti sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.
“Well, figured there’s no point stayin’ home by myself and…”
Chase smiled sympathetically.
“It’s alright dude,” he replied, “Come inside though, you’re still wearing a tee shirt while it’s snowing.”
Anti gave a small, forced smile and stepped inside.
A woman’s voice called from the opposite room. Chase jumped slightly and whipped around.
“Yeah, Stace?”
“Cookies are done, goofball,” Stacy replied, “They’re gonna burn.”
Chase apologized and rushed to the kitchen. Anti followed slowly. He had never been to Chase’s house before, so he had to follow him.
Anti arrived in the kitchen a few moments after Chase to see him and Stacy talking. When Stacy noticed him, she looked questioningly at Chase. Before he could say anything, she pulled him into the hallway.

“What are you, nuts?!” Stacy whisper yelled at Chase, “You let him come?!”

“What was I supposed to do, turn him down?” Chase answered, “He was by himself in the goddamn void, Stace.”

Stacy huffed.
“Fine. Fine. But if he lays a hand on the kids, he’s out!”
Chase nodded in agreement as they walked quickly back to the kitchen. Stacy walked out of the kitchen into the living room, hugging the side of the doorway opposite of Anti. Anti turned around to look at her walking away as Chase strolled next to him.

“I’m gonna be a problem, ain’t I?”

Bowers Gang As Aesthetic Posts

Henry Bowers: Bloody cigarettes/knuckles, knives, shattered glass, white text on pastel backgrounds proclaiming hope but ultimately showing a lack of it, leather jackets, sticks of gum, dark photos of forests with intense fog, lots of recipes

Victor Criss: Camo, dogs smiling, blue hued everything, monochromatic sunsets, Whisper confessions about being in love with your best friend, Let Boys Wear Makeup/Dresses, Thick wool sweaters, glittery bloody cigarettes, bruises, vague kink posting

Patrick Hockstetter: DEAD DEAD DEAD, blood, black leather, bugs/mounting bugs, lighters, fire tricks, disjointed manic ramblings, foggy mornings with brightly lit cottages on lakes, Silent Hill 2 memes, road kill, not-vague kink posting

Belch Huggins: Body positivity, professionally prepared meals, cats, lakes and ocean shots, Friends Are Family You Choose, Car stuff, movie gifs he relates to, procrastinators unite tomorrow

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Okay but what if Kara hadn't been kept by the Danvers and had to fend for herself for some reason and ends up at the alien fight club and meets Lena there (like one of her date would have brought her there for a "surprise") who is horrified to see this !! Imagine the angst and the fluff and everything

she comes round to the back at the end of the match with her horror tucked neatly away behind shrewd, cold eyes and a look that was not quite so common as a sneer.

“it was your first time at the fights tonight.” kara enjoys the way the woman jumps, and enjoys even more that she pretends she didn’t. the woman - there is a book, a movie maybe, that talks about The Woman and she is capitalised, the epitome of her gender, and kara hasn’t met as many women as she has met men, but she thinks she will keep the nickname for this lady, even when she introduces herself as lena.

“why do you say that?”

kara tucks the wad of money into the pocket of her hoodie, nods toward the yawning hangar door. ordinarily, this is when she would fly away. tonight, she’ll walk.

“why did you come back here?”

the woman regards her. there is no other word for it; she has hidden herself away very well this time and kara can’t get a read.

she shrugs. “suit yourself.” when she heads for the door, the sharp click of heels follows her. “what does your lovely date think about this?”

“business is business, she understands that.”

“mhm.” kara steps to the left side of the walkway. the woman takes the right. they walk for a time and kara stops when they get to the first bodega, buys herself four sandwiches and a bottle of bright blue energy drink. she starts eating the first sandwich before she’s even paid, but the attendant just nods a familiar hello and packs her things in a cloth bag. kara peels off the cash from the wad, not bothering to hide the amount. she peels off a second note and passes them both over, picks up one of the newspapers from the stack, and steps outside again. she starts off back to the hangar.

“that was too much money,” the woman tells her when they’ve walked for a time.

“was it?”

“when did you get here?”

“national city? about two years ago.”

“no. earth.”

kara cracks open the packaging for her first sandwich, offers half to the woman who shakes her head no. “it’s been a while. you’re not a foreigner, i’m guessing.”

“is that what you call yourselves?” the woman snorts, and kara’s eyes slide toward her. she starts to look uncomfortable after kara has stared for about a whole minute, and kara guesses she remembers how quickly kara had laid out her opponent in the box. “i meant no offence,”

“i don’t take offence,” kara shrugs. “i can’t afford it. you pay my bills.”

“right. that you get for beating up your own kind.”

“are you here to talk me out of my wicked ways or something? tell me i can be a real person if i try hard enough?”

“no.” kara stares for a while and the woman continues. “i suppose i just wanted to understand.”

kara snorts, covers her mouth when food unattractively spits out. “sorry,” she mutters, wipes her mouth on her sleeve. “didn’t mean to do that.”

“why did you laugh?” the woman draws herself up, offended maybe, but the shoulders are too high and tense for that, which is as familiar outside a fight as it is during. she is nervous.

“because you can’t understand.” kara shrugs, twists her wrist to look at the cheap plastic watch. she sighs. “did you get what you were searching for? answers, at least? because any kind of redemption or understanding, that all costs more than just time.”

“i think i understand perfectly now,” the woman says, all stiff lips and clipped words, and kara rolls her eyes. she turns away, but doesn’t bother to jump into the air because in three, two, one, “wait!” she calls after kara. “do you want the fights to end?”

“no. i win,” kara tells her. “besides, you really think you could make that happen?”


her certainty rocks kara for half a second. but kara’s certainty is more solid than that, based on evidence and history. she shakes her head. “you couldn’t. you would just get it closed for a bit and then it moves.”

“isn’t trying worth it?”

there is something in her voice that makes kara nervous. she steps closer, weighs her words and their translation carefully. “i do not want the fights to stop. i do not need your help.”

she flies away before the woman can respond, and hopes that will be enough.


“your half.” kara counts out half the bills, what’s left after she pouts and wheedles and forks out their very low rent to their landlord for less than normal. her bright blue eyes let them keep twenty dollars this time, and that’s something. “how’s the scales?”

“bruised,” veldrix mutters. he takes the sandwich she offers too. “i know we practiced but damn, you punch hard op.”

“have to make it look real.” she flops down next to him, lays down so she can look up to the stars. “benefit of having half a roof, right?”

“you’re crazy.” veldrix pulls his green hands into his hoodie, curls up on his mattress. “nothing good about the cold. do that fire trick again op.”

kara chews at her lip. she’s been living with him for a few weeks now but it doesn’t mean she trusts him. and he doesn’t know that the “fire trick” is actually heat vision, since she always hides that, but she can’t afford a slip up. she also can’t afford for him to cark it.

“alright. but I’ll have to find some trash to burn. you alright for a bit?”

“i survived a fight in the box with the beast, i can survive a few more minutes in the cold op.“she nods. before she leaves, he coughs.

"yeah?” she says, since he can’t speak again until she does.

“i guess i could use your blanket op.”

“sure.” she watches him for a moment, the way he shakes and clutches at the blanket, and she thinks about the woman and her horror and wonders if there’s something there she can use.

I Need Friends (Barry Allen x Reader)

This is my first Barry Allen imagine so please don’t judge :) Also since this is Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, although since both Grant Gustin and him play the same character, there are lots of differences too. I tried to analyze everything about Ezra’s Barry from the trailer, this is the best I could do, enjoy.

Request: #3: “I could die!”

                      “Please go tell someone who cares.”

                #8: “I was hired to kill you, but you are really cute.”

Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) x female reader

Word Count: 627

Warnings: One swear, death threats

A/N: The reader is a villain, but I tried to make up a new villain because if she was someone we already knew about then this would be a villain x Barry Allen imagine. The reader has the power of controlling elements (water, earth, fire, air) Also this is a small imagine because of the prompts that were chosen.

Originally posted by ageofsuperheroes

Barry Allen was heading back to his apartment. It was getting dark outside and he was exhausted after working whole day. When he got to his front door, he tried to find his keys. Being the clumsy person he is, he dropped his keys on the ground and tried to pick them up while still trying to hold his bags. After the third try he got his keys and found the front door’s. He left the bags on the ground and entered to his small apartment. His apartment was more like a lab, he had lots of technological devices. His research papers from work, his files and everything he used in his daily life was all over the place. He turned the lights on then he had a mini heart attack. There was a woman, who he hasn’t seen before, sitting on one of his chairs.

“Hello Barry, it’s a pleasure to meet you” The stranger grinned. Barry awkwardly kept staring at her. He had lots of things going on his mind but he couldn’t pick which one to say. He opened his mouth and all he could do was making a strange noise. A few moments later he managed to say something: “I-I don’t know who you are but whoever you are looking for, is not here.” He stuttered, avoiding eye contact with the stranger. “I’m Y/N.” said the woman. “Well, It-It doesn’t explain why there is a total stranger sitting in the dark on my second favorite chair.” He said quickly.

Before Barry could even understand what was going on Y/N was already attacking Barry with water. Barry couldn’t move because he was shocked, he was drowning in the water and he couldn’t breathe. When he finally acknowledged what was happening, he ran to the other side of the room, nearly running out of breath. Now he was in his suit, because he realized that the woman was obviously trying to kill him. Y/N slowly walked towards Barry and grinned: “Are you sure, the person I’m looking for is not here, Flash?”  Barry was barely breathing, he was on the ground trying to get up:” I could have died!” he shouted between his coughs.

“Please, go tell someone who cares.” Y/N whined. Barry quickly got up and ran, trying to make a plan on how to get away from the villain. He decided to distract the woman by talking and running across the room continuously, this would also make her tired. He stopped in one of the corners. This time, without even thinking, Y/N attacked him with fire. He wasn’t tricked like the last time he quickly got away. “Hey, maybe we should stop trying to kill each other and focus on getting to know each other, what do you think?” He yelled across the room. “You talk too much.” Y/N mumbled angrily and created a small thunder inside the room, making its way to Barry. “Oh, shit.” Barry whispered.  He quickly ran behind the TV and hid there. “I-I need friends though! Would you still want to consider my offer?” He yelled again.

Y/N didn’t make any sound. Barry was confused where she was, although it was a small apartment, behind all those stuff Barry owned, she could be anywhere and Barry started to get worried. After a few seconds later a warm hand grabbed Barry from his neck and held him up. Y/N was choking him: “I was hired to kill you, but you are really cute.” She smiled but was still not letting Barry go. “W-well thanks-I was actually-“ He said barely breathing. Without letting Barry finish his sentence, Y/N had already started burning his throat with her hands that were getting warmer and warmer each second.

“Oh my god.” Barry whispered.

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Solangelo goodnight kisses on the porch of the hades cabin 💕💕💕💕

When Nico had asked Jason, “how do you know if you’re dating someone?” the look he’d received had been one of incredulity.

“I mean,” he’d said, very slowly, adjusting his glasses. “It should be pretty obvious.”

“It’s me, though,” Nico had protested weakly. “I’m not exactly up to speed on the whole… dating thing these days.”

Jason had stopped then, and considered.

“You’re talking about Will, right?”

Pink flushed cheeks weren’t a common sight on the son of Hades, the ghost king. At least, they hadn’t been. Until Will Solace had come around.

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i have a fire inside me
a desire inside me
no idea sometimes,
i feel myself burning with want

unsure sometimes
i find myself looking a lot
so beautiful sometimes
i dance with the fire
and i trick you into love
i wrap you up in my spell of uncertainty
i take you away
and then i leave you astray,
as confused as me
i have a desire of a million burning fires