Please be safe
  • Stay out of flood waters as much as you can, there are creatures lurking. Alligators, snakes, and fire-ant balls are everywhere.

  • If you are stranded or need rescue call the National Guard number at (225) 664-2397. They can get to you in a boat or helicopter.

  • Boil your water before you drink it from the tap. We are under a Boil Water Advisory.

  • Click here for a list of shelters and supply distributors. You can go to these places as a “safe-haven”. 

  • To contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) use this website or call 1 (800) 621-3362. 

  • If you need 911, keep calling until you get through to a person. They are overflowed with calls and it may take a few times for them to get to you.

Remember that your belongings can be replaced, but your life cannot be.

The real Ellaria Sand:

“‘A start?’ said Ellaria Sand, incredulous. 'Gods forbid. I would it were a finish. Tywin Lannister is dead. So are Robert Baratheon, Amory Lorch, and now Gregor Clegane, all those who had a hand in murdering Elia and her children. Even Joffrey, who was not yet born when Elia died…Who else is there to kill? Do Myrcella and Tommen need to die so the shades of Rhaenys and Aegon can be at rest? Where does it end?”

-A Dance with Dragons (pgs. 558-559)

The real Sand Snakes (after learning about Cersei’s plan to have Trystane killed):

“'Seven save us,’ whispered Tyene. 'Trystane? Why?’

'The woman must be mad,’ Obara said. 'He’s just a boy.’

'This is monstrous,’ said Lady Nym.”

-A Dance with Dragons (pg. 562)

The Dorne storyline is still the biggest eff up in the show. Like how on earth could anyone get it so wrong?

Preference: Things They collect

Things They Collect (Modern!Female Edition) –

Male Edition:

Cersei Lannister – Jewelry. From vintage to new designs, as long as a lot of money was spent on the necklaces, rings, ear rings, and bracelets Cersei will wear them. She loves to show off her money and the fashion sense that money is able to afford.

Catelyn Stark – Anything her kids make at school/give her. Family means everything to her, her kids especially, and Catelyn, shamelessly, has tubs for each kid that holds art work, grade cards, awards, baby books/photo albums.

Margaery Tyrell – Men and Popularity. True to her got!verse personality, Margaery has a lot of friends with benefits and lives every day for the reputation, the popularity that she has amongst her peers.

Gilly – Books. Growing up in a poverish home, she never learned to read until she met and got with Sam. Sam taught her and from that moment on she and her friend SHIREEN started buying every book they came upon, reading endlessly.

Sand Snakes – Weapons and Poems from their Father. Weapons because they’re violent and are all about women protecting themselves. And the poems…they know their father isn’t very good at writing poetry, but the poems are pieces of love he writes and sends to them on a daily basis so they love them, no matter how poorly written or how cheesy they are.

Sansa Stark – Photos. From the time she was a young girl and her Uncle Benjen bought her her first ever disposable camera, Sansa has loved photography. There is no limit to what she will and won’t capture on film. Memories fade, but photos are forever.

Myrcella Baratheon – Plants. While her parents and family try to destroy things, using evil cruel methods to get their way, Myrcella has a garden that she tends to every day in order to bring life to the world that her family tries every day to take away.

Ashara Dayne – Love letters. With a lot of admirers, Ashara has collected love letters (when she was younger they were valentine’s day cards) for as long as she can remember.

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The third set of short stories in Dark Fates Collections

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Dark Fates Collections Coming out Sept. 30, 2016

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News Worthy

Surrounded by the news lately? Have you seen many strange news clips on the same day? I couldn’t help but put those daily clips together into five short stories. Enjoy!


The Snake in the Cereal

The Fire in the Mountains

The Man with the Bugs

Cannabis Cannibalism -vs- The West Nile Virus

Bats, Cats, and Wildlife

The Snake in the Cereal

Lindsey just wanted a divorce from her abusive ex, but Jason wasn’t about to give her what she wanted. Pushed over the edge she decides to take matters into her own hands. How far will Lindsey go before she gets what she wants?

The Fire in the Mountains

Martha and Carl don’t have the best relationship, but Carl does love his wife. It’s too bad Martha loves her food more than anything else in life. She loves to cook and eat so much that she ignores all of the warning signs telling her she is in danger, including Carl.

The Man with the Bugs

Jerry’s been waiting for his trail for what seems like forever now. He knows he shouldn’t be incarcerated, but the damn phone company handed his records over to the police leaving him sitting in his 6 by 8-foot cell….

Cannabis Cannibalism -vs- The West Nile Virus

It’s crunch time. The Democrats versus the Republicans. Both parties are almost ready to give their speeches to the American voters and both parties want to make it into the White House, but Mother Nature has another plan in store for them…

Bats, Cats, and Wildlife

All Zetha has is her cats, at least that’s what she would like to believe. When her kittens disappear, the events that follow turn her whole existence upside down forcing her to realize what is most important in her life.

News Worthy is .99 on Amazon

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