You ever think about how during the showcase fire, there were probably people video taping the fire on their phones? 

Someone could have a filmed file of Tadashi running into the building and the building exploding. There are probably clips of it on youtube (or whatever youtube is called in this universe). 

And don’t even get me started on the local news who probably got these phone clips sent to them for the reports. The newspaper articles are bad enough, but imagine Cass turning on the TV in the cafe that next day and seeing the reports of the fire and how Tadashi ran inside right before it exploded. She must have had the TV off all day. 

And then there’s Hiro. If he felt up to use his computer that next day, I imagine the first thing he’d see upon opening his internet browser would be the reports of the previous nights’ events. ‘Institute Fire Leaves Two Dead’ or ‘Local Fire at SFIT.’ Seeing those headlines would just put Hiro right back into bed. 

Could you just imagine Hiro seeing one of the phone clips (obviously not finishing it) and thinking, “Why were they filming this? Why didn’t they try to help? Why were they just standing there watching all of this happen?” 

His brother’s name makes breaking news, but not the way it should have. 

BTS's "Fire" Becomes Their 2nd MV To Reach 100 Million Views

BTS’s “Fire” Becomes Their 2nd MV To Reach 100 Million Views

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BTS’s “Fire” MV is now the group’s second music video to be viewed over 100 million times on YouTube!

“Fire” was released on May 2 of 2016 as the title track to BTS’s special album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever,” and the guys won three music show trophies for the song. The high-powered yet quirky music video for “Fire” showcases the track’s impressive choreography as well as…

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It’s Time for the Third Annual “Draw a Fire Emblem Character in a Sexy Christmas Outfit” Showcase!

The title explains it all and as usual this is not a contest its just to have some fun drawing Fire Emblem characters in sexy outfits haha!

Here are some rules:
1.Submissions must be sent into this blog by December 23, 2015 by 11:59PM EST.
2.Please no Fire Emblem Fates Characters (still trying to avoid them as much as possible.)
3. No re-entering the same drawing for past Showcases.
4. When Submitting your drawing have the title be the character’s name.
5. No nudity please. You can make their outfit as skimpy as you want but don’t show anything.
6. Outfit must be festive.

That’s really it for the rules since this is suppose to be about having fun =D
There are no limits to how many drawings you can send in.
If you want yourself to remain anonymous please tell me so.
EDIT: You can have multiple characters in your drawing.

Depending on the amount of submissions, I will be posting them on Christmas Eve and Christmas. 

If you have any questions feel free to message me about it!
Have Fun!! =D

[FANACC] 130402 SHINee 'Fire Showcase' Evening session

-Key: ‘It’s sad that Jonghyun is unable to make it today. Especially me, because we are JK, we’re partners. Without him, who can I speak Japanese with?!!! TT

- If given a chance to reborn…

Onew: Cockroach!!
Members: Cockroach!?!?
Taemin: Won’t it be diguesting~
Onew: Cockroach… because they have strong determination in life.
Fan: Ahh~

- Onew excitedly announced their arena tour and the crowd applauded loudly but Taemin just calmly replied, “Yes, that’s right.”

- Taemin said that he took home the left over candles that they used in the MV but when he got home it turned to dust(?). 
Minho: Huh, this kid is bluffing!! 
Taemin: Shut up. (laugh) 
Minho: Indeed, we played around with the candles but nobody brought them home. 
Taemin: My story is boring so I have to add flavor to it. 
Minho became understanding and they hi-fived. 

- Fav line in Fire 
Key: In the ocean of various individualities 

Taemin: More don’t look back 
Key: It’s “mou don’t look back" 
Taemin: The reason - it’s good to not look back in the past 
Minho: So you won’t look at people whom you’ve met in the past? 

- Q. What do you want to be reborn as? 
Key: I want to be an animal (doubutsu) 
Taemin: Tonkatsu? (Pork cutlets) 
Onew: Doonatsu? (Donuts) 
Key: Nooooooo.. That’d be nonsense then? (laugh) 

- As Key said, "Today, it’s a bit lonely since one of us is not here, isn’t it? Especially me. As Jongkey pair, who should I speak Japanese with?” The other three then went on “What are you talking about?” and gathered at left side, leaving Key alone at the right side. 

- Onew mentioned about Fire has high key, Key replied, “It’s really hard. You’re here today, right? People from SMJ. Are you listening? It’s especially hard today, since Jonghyun is not around”

- During the final greeting, they kept reminding to look forward their tour etc. Key didn’t forget to add, “Please give your support to Jonghyun”.

- Asked for his favorite Japanese food, Taemin answered Kobe-gyu (Kobe beef) 
Taemin: It’s Kobe gyuuuuu! I love meat so I always look for gyu(cow). 

- Q. Fav part in Fire? 

Taemin: “Mou don’t look back”. “Mou” is not an English word. 
Someone: So which part is English. 
Taemin: From “don’t” to “back”.

- Q. Fav part in Fire? 
Minho: “The missing angle of the heart can’t be hidden”. 
Others: So where is the angle of the heart? 
Minho: Let see… (lifted his jacket and touched his rib) 
Taemin came and poked Minho’s rib. 
Minho: Stop it!! 

- Minho then put his index finger on his lips asking Taemin to “shh"then Taem grab his finger and pretend to eat it! Taem say Minho is annoying

- Key: I always Light up candles when i go to sleep 

Taemin : 9nodding countlessly)

 - Taemin sang Jonghyun’s part while Onew watched over him gently.

- Q. What do you want to be reborn as? 

Onew: Cockroach. 
Taemin: That’s disgusting. 
Onew: Because it has great survival ability. 

During Minho’s turn, he answered that he wanted to be a star. 
Onew: Star will die. (Emphasizing cockroach won’t die) 

- Q. What do you want to be reborn as? 

Taemin: Dolphin!!!!!! 
MC: Why? 
Taemin: I want freedom and… urm.. peace. (He said 'peace’ in English) 
Key: It’s jiyuu to heiwa (freedom and peace in Japanese) 

- Minho being nice to the fans. He pointed the mic towards the fans, inviting them to sing together and help led the fans so that they waved the lightsticks in the same direction.

- MC asked audience to take a step backward. 

MC: One, two! 
Audience took a step. 
MC: Two steps more, one, two! 
Audience made their move. 
One of the members was laughing at how cute the fans were.

- Key: Eh.. fan’s? Fan-san? (laugh) 

MC: Fan no minasan? (literally means everyone of the fans, used to address fans in general) 
Key: Aa.. so it’s fan no minasan~ 

- MC: There’s potato chips with tonkotsu ramen flavor. 

SHINee: EEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH??!!? (exaggerated reaction)

-  Minho: In Fire MV there were two girls from the extras, they spoke better Japanese than me. 

Key: Of course they did!!!

- After Onew gave the reason why he wanted to be a cockroach. 

Key: It suits you though.  Onew: EHH!!?

- Minho: I want to be a star because it’s always shining. 

Onew: But that’s because it exploded. 

- As Minho said that he made teruteru bozu (charm to prevent rain) candle as in the MV making, MC said, "I heard that it usually rained during SHINee’s events. So is there any of the members here who brought the rain with his presence?” Minho proudly claimed, “Yes!”. Seemed like it’s his presence that cause the rain today.

Continuing with the rain talk, Onew said, “There’s a bigger chance that it will rain when SHINee is around, so when you feel dried, just call for us.” Let’s call them during fall and winter this year.

- When Taemin said he woke up 3 hours before recording to warm up his throat 

Onew: Huh? When did you do that? 
Taemin: Sometimes! Sometimes! 

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