In the Batcave Taken by Tony Kevin

When you go underground into the darkness, you must light your own way. That’s what I did here by climbing down into an old rock blasted tunnel before lighting her up for the light to radiate onto the rock walls surrounding me and reflect my circular spin in the flowing water beneath me.

Been added to a fresh fyre family.

Just recently been added to a fire flow team of various styles. This social butterfly performs fire staff and dragon staff(we have two others that know fire staff, and two that dragon as well), there is poi, fans, half staves,nun-chucks,hoopers, and fire spitters.
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and that song ♥

Hey guys, look! I spin fire! Well, sort of. Fire poi. Point is, I can do a cool thing!

So obviously that’s me in the foreground, the guy in the background is named Josh and he was safetying for someone else. I had a safety in front of me (next to the person taking the photo) and we were only burning white fuel to prevent serious injury in the event of an accident.

I’m just super-excited that we’re using fire again.