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What are your headcanons for Izumi and her kids?

You know what happened, Anon? I had a pretty decent response typed up last night and I decided to leave it there to finish up the next day. But when I woke up, I found out some family member ended up turning the computer off because there were some problems (turned out to be adware) and I lost all my progress! =_= From now on, I’m writing my responses on word and then copying and pasting them here.

Like her parents before her, Izumi is a caring and devoted mother who deeply loves her children. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I believe she’s INFJ—a personality type that is known for being wonderful parents.

At times, it seems as if she has a sixth sense when it comes to her children. It’s damn near impossible for them to hide anything negative from her because she’s always been able to find out. Growing up, she was the type of mother who let her children voice their thoughts and opinions. Whenever any of them were visibly upset as children, Izumi would sit them down, listen to what they were saying, and give them little nuggets of wisdom she inherited from her father and “grandpa” Iroh.  In turn, she developed a deep understanding of their characteristics and mannerisms and thus, can read them like a book.

However, this doesn’t mean she’s overbearing by any means. There are obvious boundaries she will not cross and if the problem is something they can figure out of their own, she’ll give them the room to do so.

One of her biggest goals as a mother was to pass down a solid value system onto her children and raise them to be hardworking and respectful individuals with a sense of right and wrong. If either of them misbehaved she had no qualms punishing them. Trust me, Prince Wu wasn’t the only to experience that glare; the moment her children saw it they stopped whatever they were doing, sat down, and shut their mouths.

Iroh II

Even though Izumi got married in her early or mid-20s, she wanted to wait a few years before starting a family. But fast forward a few months later and she’s looking at baby catalogs and crouching over a toilet with morning sickness.

As a kid, Iroh II was one of the biggest Mama’s boys on the planet. The palace was probably covered with drawings Iroh made of him and his mother. Whenever he learned a new fire bending move or got a good grade in class, his first reaction was to run to his mother and tell her the news. Because of her caring and loving nature toward him, they had a strong bond that was difficult to break.

From the beginning, she recognized his love for adventure (which I went into more detail on my other account) and planned field trips and bought books filled with action and adventure in order to quench his thirst. His favorite series was probably the Avatar world’s version of Hamtaro, except with hamster kittens.

He always dreamed of joining the United Forces one day, but Izumi always thought it was something he would grow out of. When he’d talk about it as a kid, she always responded with, “That’s nice, honey. But what about becoming a lawyer or a businessman? That’s full of adventure!”

However, when it became obvious that her son was actually going to go through with it, she forbade him from joining. So they argued and argued and argued and argued to the point where it was impossible for them to be in a room together without wanting to rip each other’s heads off. Junior claimed it was his dream to travel the world and help people while Mom argued that his life would constantly be put in danger, he’d be away from his family for long periods of time, and there was a huge possibility that he’d be left with emotional and physical scars. Eventually, Izumi said, “enough’s enough” and decided to look into it with an open mind. Obviously, she preferred if he went into a non-combat field in the military but he still had his heart on being a warrior

Iroh enrolled in a military academy in Republic City, where he excelled in his studies and ended up graduating as valedictorian of his class. She realized there was no stopping him from fulfilling his dream so she decided to unconditionally support him from then on out.

Even as an adult, Iroh would proudly call himself a Mama’s boy. When his mother first let him join the United Forces, he originally saw it as a victory against her but as he matured, he began to realize just how much of a sacrifice she made. She didn’t give in to him because she was weak, but because she trusted in his abilities and was willing to put his happiness about her own. No matter how hard things became in his line of duty, she was always there for him and for that, he will forever be a Mama’s boy.

Izumi’s Daughter

I actually have a name picked out for her, but since it’s probably wrong I’ll just call her “the Fire Princess” or just “Izumi’s daughter” for the sake of this post.

I’m probably the only one on Tumblr who believes this but:

1) I think Iroh II and the Fire Princess have the same father

2) They didn’t have another because they needed another heir in case Iroh II is KIA  or something of that sort, but because they either wanted another child or it just happened

Personally, I don’t think it’s weird to have a large age gap between siblings. My parents had me and my brother 11 years apart for good reason and I know siblings who have even bigger gaps! Since Izumi was busy being the Fire Princess and Mr. Square Jaw probably had his own things, it makes sense for them to focus on one child at a time. Once their son was older and more independent, they’d have more time to focus on another member of the family and Viola– Izumi’s daughter was born!

I have many more headcanons about the Fire Princess, but since the fandom knows absolutely nothing about her, I think it’s better suited for its own post.

Thank you for the ask! It was an honor to have people interested in my opinion on the beautiful and flawless Fire Lord Izumi and I hope I still remain a source of entertainment for you guys. Feel free to ask me more question! :)

Fire Nation Royal Family Week Day 4: Resembalence

(why yes I did give that name to Zuko’s granddaughter)

Zuko watched Ta Min smirk and shake her head before taking a sip of tea.  He knew that smirk.  He’d seen it on Azula a few times and nothing good had come of it.  So he decided he needed to know what caused that look on his granddaughter’s face.

“What has you in such a good mood?”  He asked as he walked up to her.

She raised an eyebrow.  “Just people watching, Grandfather.”

“Anything interesting?”

Ta Min took another sip of tea before beginning: “the delegates from the Southern Water Tribe are not so subtly glaring ice daggers at their Northern counterparts.  Which is to be expected since their civil war ended recently.  The Earth Queen’s representatives are trying their hardest to look bored while trying to suck up to Mom to see if she’d let them move here because they don’t like the Earth Queen.  Iroh is trying to act as both Crown Prince and for the United Republic and, as far as I can tell, just telling stories about the United Forces while the other representative from there looks to be in awe of everything.”

Zuko stared at her.  “That’s-”

She waved her hand.  “I’m not finished.  You and Mom organized this whole ‘peaceful gathering after Harmonic Convergence’ to see what type of people Raiko, Eska and Desna, and Tonraq would send.  So far it looks like Tonraq should be fine because his representative, while glaring, are also trying to talk to everyone in the room.  Eska and Desna, well, theirs look bored.  Raiko choose well sending Iroh though I think he just said he was going home and Raiko couldn’t do anything while his other appears to not know anything about politics.”

“How astute of you.”  She looked at her grandfather and finished her tea.

“Well you always did say I’m a people person.”

“You also remind me of my sister.”

Ta Min pursed her lips.  “Should that be a compliment?”

Zuko chuckled.  “As long as you promise not to take over Ba Sing Se or challenge Iroh to an Agni Kai or forget about your friends I don’t see a problem with it.  You look like her too.”

Ta Min waved her hand.  “Mom says I look like Grandmother more.”

Fire Nation Royal Family Ascension.

The Fire Nation has been ruled by the Liè (烈) dynasty since the middle of the Shining Virtue (焜徳, Kun De) era, nearly one thousand years ago; after the Pho Zel dynasty ended with their last Fire Lord’s failure to produce an heir, he appointed the head of the Zhu (朱) family to succeed him, as they were descendants of one of the pre-dynastic Fire Lords*.  With his ascension to the throne under the great comet** and the Avatar’s blessing, Lie Gaozu (High Forefather of the Lie) declared a new dynasty, and the country, originally called 火國, or Fire Nation, became 烈火國, the Raging Fire Nation.

* The Fire Nation was originally led by a council of Fire Sages; the most powerful among them was the ‘Fire Lord’, because of his deep spiritual connection with the element.  Since then, the position has become hereditary and separate from the Fire Sages.  x

**   According to an ancient prophecy, when a comet appears from the North Star, the sovereign is replaced; it is believed that the return of the comet influenced the Pho Zel Fire Lord’s decision to abdicate, instead of attempt to sire an heir in his advanced age.  x

- Taken from “Fire Nation Dynasties: The Complete History” 

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mini azula meta: she never displayed much indication that her motivation was fire nation supremacy or ~being evil~. SHE had the divine right to rule, not necessarily the fire nation. she called katara “filthy peasant” not “water tribe peasant.” for her the pursuit of power was a personal exploit, she was cultivated by ozai and the capital court to be super classist but also to feel inadequate and worthless unless she was constantly excelling (see: firebending prodigy at age ~8, military conqueror by 14, fire lord a couple months later but notice how quickly ozai snapped at her at the first slight loss of composure) and all this pressure made her trapped in a place where she could only be ruthless, empathy long ago wrung from her and so quite naturally her only motivation in life could be to reaffirm her “divine right to rule” because everything less wasn’t enough. anyway.

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do you ever feel sorry for iroh ii for all the times he must've been told by girls to move cause he was blocking the view of his grandpa?

“Grandpa, why do you have a better game with the ladies than me like wtf????”
“It’s the honor, my dear grandson. Get on my level.”
*Zuko whips out shades and the Foxy Grandpa hat with swag as Izumi groans in the background*


An entry for Royal Family Week, Day 1

The scent of coiled incense hung thickly in the air as whisps of smoke rose to the ceiling, keeping the air of the temple hall pure in the presence of the new Fire Lord.  Seated atop his ornate, ceremonial throne, Iroh took a moment to rest his eyes; after days of fasting and ritual, the time had come to receive the crown his mother left him, and he needed a moment to collect his strength.
The rolling crash of the Fire Sage’s gong dismissed the spirit who had come, like so many ministers and nobles and sages and dignitaries to pay homage to the new sovereign; a new addition this time, after Korra opened the way between the human and spiritual realms.

Never an idle man, Iroh rose from his throne once the spirit dissipated into the flood of sunlight pouring in between the temple’s pillars, to find another guest had slipped in while he rested his eyelids.

“My good Hotman.  Oh, Fire Lord Hotman,” Korra teased, smirking at the outdated slang leftover from her last incarnation as she leaned back against the entrance to the Hall of Sacred Fire like it was the door to her favorite noodle place back in Republic City.  “How’s the big enthronement thing going?” she asked, the curious tilt of her head exaggerating her crooked grin.

“Well, it took twice as long as my mother’s, thanks to you,” he ribbed back, glad to be able to speak casually with someone on such an important day, otherwise crammed full of speeches and prayers and chants and memorials and edicts and homages and so on.  “And spirits without arms and legs have a hard time kowtowing,” he added.  Tense shoulders eased at the playful ribbing between the two most powerful figures on earth.  

“Oh no!” she gasped in mock horror, the crowd waiting outside for the Avatar and the Fire Lord the furthest thing from her mind.  “I’m starting to think I shouldn’t have saved the world from ten thousand years of darkness.”

“Maybe not.  I already owed you my life once from almost drowning, and then twice when you defeated Vaatu,” he jested, though his voice glowed with admiration for the young, but matchlessly powerful Avatar.  “The Red Lotus would have come for me too if you didn’t put them down, and I wasn’t looking forward to sitting in one of Kuvira’s prisoner of war camps…” he mused, trailing off at the thought of how much he owed Korra.

Smiling sweet and reassuringly, the waterbender rested a hand on the taller man’s shoulder.  “Don’t sweat it, Iroh; we’re in this together.  The Avatar and the Fire Lord, back at it again,” she boasted, her grin returning before nearly crushing the new sovereign in her bared arms.  “So, you ready to get this over with?” she asked, turning towards the gate out to the plaza.

“It’s just beginning.”

A deep breath.

“I’m ready.”