Zuko X Reader - Hopeless

Request:  Could I have an imagine for A:TLA? Zuko is hopelessly in love with you but while you do return his feelings, you refuse to make any ‘big’ decisions before the war is over, so could the imagine include his many attempts of sealing your hand for him? -Anon

Well, here ya go! It’s really long, like over 2000 words oops.

Yesterday you had kissed Zuko. Today you were avoiding him.

While you and Zuko were close, and you both had strong feelings for each other, you wanted to wait until the war was over and done with to make any rash decisions regarding your relationship with him. It would hurt you too much if something happened to him and you were together. At least this way, if one of you was seriously injured, or even killed, you wouldn’t be losing a partner. You’d only be losing your friend.


“Zuko, I told you. I can’t, okay? I can’t make any huge decisions right now.”

“Can I remind you that you kissed me yesterday? That seemed like a pretty huge decision.”

“I was tired and overcome with emotions then. I just think it’s best we not get involved romantically until after… all this.”


“I have to go, Zuko. Toph wanted to spar.” You began to walk away, but paused a moment to look back at the teen. “I just don’t want to risk losing my boyfriend as well as my best friend.” Zuko nodded, which you took as a cue to leave. Zuko understood the reasoning behind not wanting to make the decision before the war, but he thought that was all the more reason to make the decision. If you were about to go to war, it would be good to let go of your feelings, right?

Zuko was determined to at least get you to admit you loved him before the war was over.

Attempt #1: Flowers

“Katara?” Zuko held a bouquet of flowers in his hand. It was small, and the flowers were mostly wilted as they had been growing in a shady, sad spot in a forest, but it was a bouquet nonetheless. He was bringing them to the waterbender to see if she could maybe perk them up, or at least to see if the flowers had the stamp of approval before being given to you.


“I have a question. If someone gave you these flowers, would you accept them?” He held the small bouquet out to the girl, and she looked at them before reaching out a hand to hold them closer and take a better look.

“Well, they’re kind of sad, Zuko. Are these for (Y/N)?”

“Yeah.” He pulled his hand away as Katara grabbed the entire bouquet.

“Oh, nice flowers. I didn’t know you and Katara were a thing, Zuko.” You seemed to come out of nowhere, just in time to see Katara taking the flowers from Zuko’s outstretched hands.

“Oh no, I’m not- we’re not… I was just-”

“Relax, I was joking. Katara, Sokka wants us to go get some supplies.”

“Alright, I’m coming.” She handed the bouquet back to Zuko, giving him a quick look of pity before walking off with you. As you walked away from Zuko, Katara leaned closer to your ear. “They were for you, you know.” You sighed, nodding your head.

“I know.”

Zuko simply frowned at your receding figures. He was going to have to try harder to get you.

Attempt #2: Fire

It was a rare night, everyone huddled around a fire, laughing and acting like the world was alright. Katara and Aang sat next to each other, talking in hushed tones to themselves. Sokka was poking at the fire, making sure he kept it aflame despite the fact there were two individuals who could firebend sitting across from him. Toph was doing her best to make Sokka’s attempts fail, sticking rocks up into the fire and kicking pebbles in Sokka’s general direction. You and Zuko just sat next to each other, watching the others and occasionally saying a few words.

You were tired. It was rare you had a night that you weren’t stressing or working, and you wanted to take this opportunity to sleep early, but spending time with the rest of the Gaang was so rare that you were sticking it out. After your fifth yawn in twenty minutes, though, Zuko nudged your shoulder.

“Hey, go to bed if you’re so tired.”

“I’d much rather stay out here with everyone. Besides, it’s more comfortable out here, right?” You and Toph had bent some makeshift couch-like seats for everyone to sit on, and sitting with Zuko on one of the rock couches by a fire was much more comfortable than laying on the ground with only a blanket and a small, worn pillow.

“Go get some rest, (Y/N).”

“I’m not-” you yawned “-that tired.” Zuko simply rolled his eyes, as if to say, “Whatever you say,” and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

Only thirty minutes later, however, you had fallen asleep. You were pressed against Zuko, arms wrapped around his waist and head resting on his shoulder. Your hair tickled his neck, and your breathing was loud, but he made no effort to move you. Instead, he asked Sokka to grab his blanket and pillow and got comfortable.

The next morning you woke up to the sound of Aang’s laughter and Appa’s noises. You opened your eyes to see Aang playing with his beloved animal, which as strange because you didn’t remember falling asleep outside. It wasn’t until you sat up that you realized you and Zuko had fallen asleep around the fire. You quickly got up, leaving Zuko with the blanket, and went to change. You ran into Katara moments later, and she looked at you with knowing eyes.

“Friends fall asleep with friends, Katara,” you insisted, but she knew what was really going on. Zuko might just succeed in his quest after all.

Attempt #3: Sparring

It was good to practice, especially with the war coming up. You and Zuko were doing just that, sparring in an attempt to brush up on your skills.

“I’m probably not the best person to be practicing with,” you had said over and over, knowing that Zuko planned on going after his sister and that he should be practicing with Aang, a firebender. But Zuko had other plans. He didn’t really need to practice, he just wanted to spend some alone time with you, and work on getting you to admit your feelings out loud.

“It’s fine. It’s always nice to spar with an earthbender.”

“I can go get Toph, she’s a better opponent.”

“No, no, you’re fine.” With that, you two began to train. Toph had taught you some moves, and you were now able to sense where people were with your earthbending. You were practicing that by trying to spar Zuko with your eyes clamped shut.

“You sure you can do that?” he kept asking you, but you nodded every time.

“I’m good. I’m pro.” You would laugh and send a rock his way. Now, you were far from pro. You could kind of sense where he was going, but when it came to his bending, you had no clue when it was coming or where it was going. You were on your butt more than you were on your feet.

“Yeah, you’re a real pro,” Zuko said, holding his hand out to help you get up. You sensed this and reached out to grab it. He pulled you to your feet quickly, and you were launched up. You opened your eyes to see Zuko’s face mere inches away from yours, and you felt his arms hovering around your waist. “Sorry. You’re light,” he said, not making an effort to move away from you. He was staring into your eyes, and you were staring into his enchanting gold ones. You two stayed like this for what seemed like ages. You wanted to pull away, but you simply couldn’t bring yourself to it.

“Hey, (Y/N), using those techniques I’ve been teaching you?” You were broken from your trance and quickly pulled away from Zuko, knowing that Toph would be able to sense how close you two were.

“Yeah. I’m not too good, though.” You laughed, glancing over at Zuko as you did so. “I kept getting knocked off my feet. Think we could practice some more?”

“Sure, I’m not doing anything.” Toph waved, motioning for you to follow her, and you shot Zuko a quick apologetic look.

“I’ll ask Aang if he wants to spar you. Seriously, it’d be better to train with someone who would actually be a challenge.” Zuko shook his head.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll go to town for some food or something.” You shrugged and walked off with Toph, who was shooting you a grin.

“So, you and Zuko were pretty close together back there.”

“Oh, shut up.”

Attempt #4: Clothes

“Zuko! Hey, I need your help with something.” You had your head stuck out of your tent, and you were motioning for Zuko to come in. He slipped in and you immediately began to talk. “Okay, so I thought that since we’re hiding out in the Fire Nation for a bit I should wear some Fire Nation clothing, right? But I think I look ridiculous in it.”

“Ridiculous how?”

“Ridiculously out of place.”

“Let me see.” You dropped the blanket you were using to cover yourself to reveal your outfit. A red, midriff-baring top and a pair of simple red pants. Zuko began to laugh, and you quickly went to cover yourself again. “No, no. You only ridiculous because you tied the top wrong.”

“I did?”

“Yeah. Here, turn around, I’ll fix it.” You spun, and Zuko began to fix the top.

“Thanks. I’m glad I didn’t go outside looking like a complete idiot.” You could feel Zuko’s breath against your neck as he chuckled softly.

“Only I would’ve noticed.”

“Still.” You felt his hands brush against your back as he finished tying your top.

“There. I fixed you.” You turned around and gave him a smile.

“Thanks, Zuko.”

“No problem, (Y/N).” Once again you were in a situation where neither of you could look away. You were frozen.

“Well, I better leave. Now that I can go into town, I want to look at some stuff in this shop Katara told me about.” You broke the trance, moving around Zuko to leave your tent. “Thank you again.” Zuko simply smiled in response, and you left him alone in your tent.

Attempt #5: Before the Battle

“(Y/N).” You stopped to turn to Zuko, who had just called your name.

“Yeah?” You were getting ready to go with Katara and Zuko to find Azula, and you still had to grab one more thing when Zuko called you.

“Look, we’re about to go fight my sister. She’s really dangerous.” You nodded your head.

“I know, Zuko. Can I go? I have to grab something…”

“(Y/N), just wait.” He put his arm on your arm to keep you from leaving, and you looked up at him. Once again, you were trapped in his golden eyes. Slowly, he leaned down and connected his lips to yours. You found yourself almost kissing back, but you pulled away.

“Zuko, I-” Words escaped you. You couldn’t think of what to say. “I can’t kiss you.”

“But you have.” Zuko had tried to understand, but at this point, he couldn’t. You were kissing him back, dammit! But you still wouldn’t admit anything. “(Y/N), I love you. I’m in love with you, you know that. How could you not? But you still refuse to admit your feelings for me. I just want to hear it once, ‘I love you, Zuko.’ Just once, (Y/N).” You bit your lip.

“Zuko, I’m sorry. I’ve made my decision. Not until after this.” You shook your head, a sad look on your face. “Look, I have to grab something, then we can leave. Go get Katara.”

Zuko had messed up. He realized that as you walked away.

What Got You:

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Zuko was taunting Azula, something about not using lightning. Azula then shot some lightning at Katara, who Zuko quickly jumped in front of. He was struck, fell to the ground, and you heard yourself and Katara scream as Azula laughed. You began to sprint towards Zuko, but Azula shot at you with some fire, so you stayed back. Katara tried to approach him to heal him, but Azula then began to fire at her.

There were tears streaming down your eyes. You watched in fear as Azula went after Katara, but you knew the waterbender could handle herself, so you ran to Zuko. You collapsed beside him, held his hand, begged him to be alright. It felt like ages before Katara chained Azula down and ran over to heal the fallen prince.

“Thank you, Katara,” he mumbled after she had worked her magic. He sat up slowly and looked from Katara to you. You were both crying.

“Zuko,” you whispered through your tears. “Zuko, I thought you were going to…” You broke into tears again, wrapping your arms tightly around his torso, momentarily forgetting his was injured. “I thought I was going to lose you.” Zuko loosened your grip around his body and looked you in the eyes. He reached a hand up to wipe a tear from your cheek.

“You tied your top incorrectly,” he said after a moment, causing you to giggle slightly through your tears. “It’s actually better that way, I think.” You couldn’t stand it anymore. You leaned in and captured his lips with yours. It was a gentle, sweet kiss, and you never wanted it to end.

“I love you,” you whispered against Zuko’s lips. “I’m in love with you.”

“I know,” Zuko mumbled back, a small smile playing on his lips. “Now kiss me again.”

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I know Katara is always pretty but she looked rhe most beautiful when she's in her fire nation clothes, no wonder zuko was all over her lol



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Hidden Flames - Part One

Summary: Eventually, Arin stood as the three others ran off into the forest, kneeling beside the river. He stared at his reflection, grimacing slightly at the shimmering pool. Finally, he lowered his hand to touch the surface, drawing up a spiral of water as he lifted his hand. Danny gasped. The boy dressed as a Fire Nation member was a waterbender.

Genre: Avatar AU, Humor, Adventure, Egobang, Mystery, Fluff

Warnings: none

A/N: This won’t be very many parts, maybe 3-5. But I couldn’t resist putting my own spin on the Gru//mps as Avatar: TLA characters. I hope you’ll forgive what kind of bender I made everyone, as this is just my personal preference. I’m unsure if people will like this, so please, please, please let me know what you think!

The first time Danny saw the waterbender, he was alone for once, enjoying the pleasant spring morning.

Airbenders didn’t mix with others very often. They led a somewhat isolated lifestyle. It wasn’t necessarily because they disliked the other tribes, it was just because they valued their lifestyle and stuck to their heritage. Especially Danny’s family.

Danny had grown up learning about the free-spirited, funny, stubborn waterbenders, the reckless, fun-loving firebenders, and the hard-working, stoic earthbenders. He’d always wondered what they’d be like. Airbenders were disciplined and calm, but could be as carefree and risk-taking as anyone else.

His closest friend, Brian, was a somewhat strict airbender that had grown up in the temples, practicing and working every day to the point where Danny teased him about being akin to a ninja with how serious he could be. But even Brian had his moments of fun and being a reckless boy.

Danny had been around ten, and it was rare that he was alone. He’d glided down to the bottom of the air temple, gazing out into the forest and wondering what was beyond.

Then he’d heard laughter.

Curious, he scooted down until he found a river with four kids running around it, all about his age. Three boys and a girl. They were dressed like firebenders.

“No fair! Bending is cheating!” One boy yelled at a blonde skinny boy, who smirked.

“Just because you can’t bend, Barry, doesn’t mean I can’t use my fire!”

“That’s exactly what makes it unfair, Ross!” The first boy huffed, chasing him.

The third boy plopped down next to the girl, watching Barry and Ross chase each other. “What d’you think, Suzy?”

The girl, her dark eyes bright, brushed her hair back. “I didn’t use my fire, so I didn’t cheat, Arin!”

Arin laughed, and Danny felt something in his chest spark at the sound. There was something magical about that boy’s–Arin’s–laugh.

He wanted to hear more.

“Hey, Arin! Why don’t you come practice your firebending with me since Barry can’t?” Ross called, and Barry retorted by scooping up mud to throw at Ross.

“Ah…maybe later!” Arin called back, and his shoulders drooped as Suzy glanced at him.

“You haven’t told Ross yet?”

“I mean…” Arin scratched his head. “It’s not that simple, Suzy. You’re like family to me. Everyone thinks we’re siblings…”

Danny inched closer as their voices dropped.

“Ross and Barry are our best friends. They’ll understand,” Suzy was saying.

“I know, and Barry isn’t even a bender, but still…”

“Still what?”

Arin stared at his palm, curling his hand into a fist. “I’d like to know where I came from and who I am before telling them.”

Suzy just nodded, eventually standing to pat Arin’s back comfortingly before dashing off in pursuit of the two boys in the middle of a mud war.

Arin watched her go, and Danny felt his heart ache at the look of unhappiness on Arin’s face. He wanted to comfort him, but he stayed put.

Eventually, Arin stood as the three others ran off into the forest, kneeling beside the river. He stared at his reflection, grimacing slightly at the shimmering pool. Finally, he lowered his hand to touch the surface, drawing up a spiral of water as he lifted his hand.

Danny gasped. The boy dressed as a fire nation member was a waterbender.

There wasn’t anything wrong with that, but it was very unusual. Why wasn’t he at the North or South Pole along with the other waterbenders?

Danny watched, mesmerized, as Arin formed the water into little animals–an armadillo-lion, a catagator, a dragonmoose, even a lemur!

Then Ross ran out from the trees, his face splattered with mud, and the water-lemur suddenly dropped back into the river, lost with the rest of the flowing stream.

“Tag!” Ross yelled as he passed Arin, leaving a muddy handprint on his back. Arin leapt up, a bright smile on his face.

“No you don’t!” he said gleefully, chasing Ross into the trees and out of sight. Danny distantly heard Suzy shriek and then laugh, presumably getting tagged.

Danny wanted to join the game, but he couldn’t get the image of the boy gently caressing the water, winding it in and out of his fingers with ease.

He’d looked so peaceful for those few moments.

Then he glanced up, realizing the sun was very low in the sky and that he’d better get back before he was missed.

With a last long look at the river, he summoned a gust of wind and flew back up to the temple.


Danny had never forgotten that day, as it had been his first encounter with members from another nation.

He could also never forget the face of that waterbender boy.


He told Brian about what he’d seen, too excited to keep it to himself. Brian had listened interestedly.

“I wonder why he won’t tell the others?” Brian had wondered after Danny had finished. “It’s very unusual for a waterbender to be living in the Fire Nation and pretending to be a firebender. Why doesn’t he just go to one of the Poles?”

“Maybe he can’t?” Danny suggested, and Brian had shrugged. They’d dropped the topic, since neither had any more information.

A few years later, things had changed. Danny had changed. He was twenty, and he wanted to see the world. He wanted to learn about other cultures. He wanted to meet new people. He wanted to see more than this small air temple.

His parents had wanted him to keep learning in the temple, but they understood. They couldn’t keep Danny here, and they recognized that. So with their blessing, Danny contacted several areas offering places to study before settling on a small farm in the Fire Nation where he’d study local horticulture for six months.

As he was packing, he heard footsteps and turned to grin at Brian. “You here to see me off?”

Brian rolled his eyes. “I just wanted to confirm that you’re serious about this.”

Danny looked at him. “Of course I am, Bri. You know me. I never liked being stuck here for so long. I need to see the world, and this is as good a place to start as any.”

Brian nodded. “I know.”

Danny held his friend in a brief hug before letting go, smiling. “Come visit, won’t you? It’ll do you good to get out of that stuffy temple every now and then.”

Brian shoved him playfully, and Danny set off for the Fire Nation with hope and excitement burning in his chest.


When he arrived, the door was thrown open to reveal a young man his age with shaggy brown hair and a five o’clock shadow.

They looked at each other for a solid minute, both seemingly nonplussed, but then the guy grinned. “I take it you’re the airbender who’s living here now?”

Danny smiled and bowed slightly. “Name’s Dan Avidan.”

“I’m Barry Kramer.” Barry opened the door wider. “C’mon in.”

Danny walked in to see another girl and two other guys also in the house, all chatting animatedly as he entered. Barry gestured to each of them.

“Dan, these are Holly, Matt, and Ryan. They’ll also be studying with you. Holly’s from another air temple and Matt and Ryan are earthbenders from Ba Sing Se.”

The three other greeted him politely, and Danny was thrilled to see that Holly was a fellow airbender. He talked to her, as she was from the Eastern Temple, and Matt and Ryan seemed like nice guys.

“I hope to study the Fire Nation’s unique aerial animals. I love birds and the like,” Holly explained, her eyes bright. “You’re studying the flowers?”

“Yeah, the local horticulture. Though I hope to also study the actual culture itself, too,” Danny laughed as Barry offered them cups of herbal tea. “I haven’t seen much besides the Western Air Temple.”

Holly nodded as Barry chimed in. “I think you’ll like it here. We’re not far from the capital, actually. But it’s a pretty quiet farm town. I’ll have to introduce you to some of the people I know. I have a friend that’s pretty much a whiz at all the types of bending.” Barry smiled. “I’m not a bender myself, so that’s why I needed help on the farm. In exchange for lodging, y’know?”

Danny nodded excitedly. “When can I meet you friend?”

“His name’s Ross, and I don’t know. I was planning on going into town tomorrow to do some shopping. Would you like to–”

“Yes!” Danny replied eagerly, bouncing up and down. “I want to see everything!”

Barry laughed. “Okay. Around ten, then.”


Danny was up and ready to go as Barry came in from farmwork.

Barry laughed at Danny’s eager expression. “Alright, alright. Let me change and we’ll go. Are you sure you want to wear that? You’ll blend in easier if you wear Fire Nation clothing.”

Danny shook his head. “I like my air nomad clothing.”

Barry shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

So they marched off a little after ten, Danny absorbing everything he could. He marvelled at the street vendor stalls and all the different people. The people here had lighter skin tones than he was used to seeing, and lighter eyes. Everyone smiled as he passed. They all seemed so friendly.

“Hey, look who’s here!” Barry laughed, waving. “Guys!”

Three other people hurried over, two men and a woman.

Danny’s eyes skimmed over them and came to rest on the second man.

His breath caught. Beautiful.

Before he could think more, Barry clapped his shoulder. “Guys, this is Dan Avidan from the Western Air Temple. He’s here to study the culture and staying with me for awhile.”

The first man stuck his hand out, grinning. “Hey, Dan. Welcome to the Fire Nation. I’m Ross, your local firebender.”

Barry rolled his eyes as Danny shook Ross’s hand. Something was stirring in Danny’s memory at the names Ross and Barry. What was it?

The woman also shook his hand. “I’m Suzy. My family runs a little restaurant here in town. You’ll have to stop by!”

He smiled at her, nodding. “I’ll do that. Thank you.”

Then he cast his gaze on the final man, feeling his heart thump. He was drawn to this man for some reason he couldn’t quite explain.

The man smiled at him, extending his arm. “Hey, man. My name’s Arin.”

Danny’s blood froze as he robotically shook Arin’s hand, hearing himself say: “Nice to meet you, Arin.”


The same name as that waterbender from ten years ago.

Could it be a coincidence?

He couldn’t recall the memory completely, but he did remember the children’s names. So that’s why the names of these people sounded so familiar. These were the same people he’d spotted back then.

And Arin…Arin was the boy with the wistful look as he stared into the river. He could never forget the image of the water snaking in and out of Arin’s hands as he gently skimmed the surface.

He felt dizzy.

Arin’s eyebrows knit together. “You okay, man? You look a little pale.”

Danny cleared his throat. “Sorry, just tired from travelling yesterday. So all of you grew up here in the Fire Nation?”

“Yeah, we’ve lived here our whole life,” Ross replied brightly. “Suze and I are firebenders.”

Danny licked his lips. “And you, Arin?”

Ross looked panicked for a split second, glancing at Arin, but Arin replied smoothly. “I’m not a bender. I can’t bend.”

“When we were kids, we used to think Arin was just a late bloomer,” Suzy laughed, placing a hand on Arin’s shoulder. “But he and Barry can’t bend. It’s no big deal.”

Danny nodded. “I see.”

A shutter had closed over Arin’s eyes. To anyone else, it wouldn’t be noticeable, but Danny was sensitive to others’ emotions and could see the painted expression Arin wore.

Hearing Arin’s name and actually meeting him now, as a young adult, stirred old memories and emotions Danny hadn’t dwelled on in years. He now could recall that afternoon; the way Arin had laughed, the private conversation he’d eavesdropped on, and even Ross’s taunts beside the mud bank.

It ignited the old flame of curiosity within him.

He wanted to know more.

But this time, he thought as he glanced at Arin, feeling that spark of something in his chest, I won’t let him slip away.

The Painted Spirit

Katara follows the blue spirit all the way back to the palace walls.
When the Blue spirit jumps over the wall Katara has to pause for a moment, she fears getting caught and punished for trespassing.
But a part of her is also worrying; what if it is Zuko that is sick?
Katara jumps over the wall and lands in the palace gardens.
The Blue Spirit is nowhere to be seen, Katara walks around the garden, she spies statues and candles in a window, she heads towards it and peers inside.
Inside is not Zuko, but instead his uncle lay, pale and wheezing.
Katara extinguishes the flames on the candles before climbing through the windows.
She lands and creeps across the wooden floors without making a sound.
Katara looks around and listens, making sure no one will disrupt her during the healing process.
Katara bends water from her water skin and it spins lazily around her hand, going faster and faster until it begins to glow. Katara pleases her hand to Iroh’s forehead and the water soaks into his skin.
Katara trails her hand down his face to his chest, leaving a line of glowing water to soak into his skin.
Katara bends the water expertly, watching it slowly seep into Iroh’s pale skin.
When all of the water is gone, Katara stands over Iroh and continues to bend the water, making it travel though his blood stream, attracting all of the virus. She pushes the water all the way to his toes and then pulls it out through the bottom of his feet.
When Katara is finished she puts the virus water into a second skin and then places medicine on Iroh’s night stand.
She bows to her old friend and then disappears through the window.
That night she checks on all of the sleeping men and women in the palace, making sure that they are not infected with the virus.
There is only one person left to check on, the fire lord.
Katara creeps through the palace grounds, she finds Zuko’s room and there is light coming from inside.
Katara peeks in through the window and finds Zuko awake, he sits at a desk hunched over and writing letters, Katara smiles and checks him from afar. He does not seem to be infected.
But she leaves medicine and a statue of the painted lady on his window sill, just in case.
Katara leaves the palace and checks on the other citizens that live closer to the palace. None are infected with the virus, but some do need medicine or healing water. When Katara is finished she goes back to the hotel she is staying at and climbs up through the window, she scrubs the paint from her skin before settling into bed.

The next morning, Katara is awoken by a fierce knock at the door, she grumbles out of bed and makes sure that her costume is hidden before answering the demanding knock.

“Is the rent due?” She yawns, opening the door, only to find two palace guards standing over her with tight, uniformed faces, “Is something wrong?” Katara asks, smoothing down her bed hair.

“Are you Katara, water bender of the Southern Water Tribe?” The smaller guard asks.

“Yes, is something wrong?”

“We need you to come with us,” the taller guard says, “the Fire Lord requests your presence.”

“Oh,” Katara stammers, “do I grab my things?”

“Just get dressed,” the guard replies, “we will send someone to fetch your things.”

“Ok, wait here.” Katara closes the door and contemplates running, but she changes into her fire nation clothes and then returns to the door, before she opens the door she races back to where she keeps her Painted Lady costume and paint, she locks the trunk and then returns to the door.

Katara is escorted back to the palace and then left in the throne room alone.
Has Zuko figured out that she’s the Painted Lady? Is he mad at her? Is Aang here?
A door opens and Zuko enters the room.

“Your Highness,” Katara bows low to Zuko, showing him the respect a Fire Lord deserves.

“Katara,” Zuko says, “after all we’ve been through, you don’t need to bow to me; I’m your friend, Kat, not your lord.”

“Of course,” Katara smiles as a blush warms her face, she stands back up straight, “it’s good to see you again.”

“It’s good to see you too,” Zuko smiles, he steps closer and Katara embraces him.

“It’s been too long,” she breathes, ending the hug quickly when she feels him tense under her touch.

“Agreed,” Zuko gestures for Katara to follow him and she does.

“Why did you summon me?” Katara asks, “How did you know I was here?”

“Aang sent me a message saying that you were missing,” Zuko says, “I sent men out to look for you.”

“Why would you do that?” Katara gapes, “Why send men to look for me?”

“Because you’re my friend Katara,” Zuko laughs, “I was worried. Why did you run off?”

Katara sighs and looks away from Zuko.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she sighs.

“Should I let Aang know that you are here?”

“No!” Katara answers a little too fast, “Please no.”

“Has something happened between you?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Zuko and Katara walk around the gardens until lunch, discussing what they’ve both been up to over the past four years.
The pair lunch together, they laugh together and reminisce about the time when they were a team.
After lunch Zuko shoes Katara to her rooms where all her things have been placed.

“You can stay here as long as you need,” Zuko says with a lop sided smile that makes Katara’s heart race, “rent free.”

“Zuko,” Katara gapes, “I couldn’t possibly accept. I’m honestly fine in the hotel. I don’t want to bother you.”

“Hey,” Zuko puts his hands on Katara’s shoulders to calm her babbling, “it’s alright. It’d be good to have you here, someone who’s a friend, and not an advisor or politician trying to grab my crown.”

“Where’s Mai?” Katara asks, almost getting Lindt in the Fire Lords golden eyes.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”
Zuko steps away and removes his hands. “My home is yours and you are free to go anywhere you’d like. I have to go back to work, but I’ll see you at dinner.”

“Zuko,” Katara says before the fire lord can walk away, when he turns back to her she wraps her arms around his waist and whispers, “Thank you.”

Between Friends

Traveling together on a diplomatic mission, Zuko watches the awkward dance between Katara and Aang and urges his friend to take the next step to deepen his relationship with Katara.

Rating: T; 1K+ words

“Are you going to sit there all night?”

 Aang smoothed a few strands of hair away from Katara’s face, securing them from the breeze behind her ear. “If it means I can hold her while she sleeps, yes.”

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Hi there! I'd like your opinion on the issue with Katara and Fire Nation clothing/being referred to as the Fire Lady. Some see it as Katara abandoning or being stripped of her nationality. I personally don't see it but maybe I'm missing something...

Hello, Iroh. You look very happy wearing green today. Although you grew up in the Fire Nation, you found peace and a home in the Earth Kingdom, which helped heal some of the old wounds left by the death of your son. You made a deliberate choice to live in another nation for the rest of your life and dress in the colors of a former enemy, yet no one says you are stripped of your heritage or abandoning who you are.

Still, there are those who would say Katara would be abandoning her culture by moving to the Fire Nation because it would be due to Zuko, rather than being something she wanted for herself.

But are you sure?

What is the first major fight that Katara has–one that defines her as a person? It is against Pakku at the North Pole, when she is fighting Water Tribe sexism. And lest you think that this is only a northern problem, notice that Sokka is also quite sexist at the beginning of the show–because it is part of his culture. By contrast, the Fire Nation has no problem with women in the military or seeing Azula as the heir to the throne over Zuko. Katara would undoubtedly face discrimination as a Water Tribe member in the Fire Nation–but she would have faced discrimination in her homeland anyway.

What about Katara’s people, though–won’t she miss them? Yes, but let us not forget that Katara doesn’t let cultural boundaries define who she thinks of as her people or her family. She called Aang her family, even though he was an airbender, in the third episode of the series. She mothered Toph even though the latter expressed frustrations about it. And then there’s this:

Katara has already defended people in the Fire Nation as if they were her own. Fans who think that she couldn’t get over her hatred of firebenders to see them as part of her community are vastly mistaken. Not to mention, Water Tribe and Fire Nation cultures have a lot in common. They value loyalty, they prize their navy, they have a warrior culture …  they even have a meat-heavy diet. And oh yes: they are both surrounded by water. 

Water is the element of change. The people of the Water Tribe are capable of adapting to many things. Katara’s grandmother left her own tribe when she was around Katara’s age, and trekked to the other side of the world to build a life for herself where she would be more independent. Was Kanna “erasing” her heritage as a Northern Water Tribe member, even though she kept the necklace with her? On the contrary: being willing to change her circumstances in order to find where she truly belongs makes Kanna, and Katara if she chooses, the most Water Tribe of all.

Seventeen Reacting to You Being the Avatar

make a request or check out the master list! [ gifs do NOT belong to me ]

NOTE I set this in the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe, and if that is not what you wanted I am so sorry! Also, I put my headcanons for what their element would be in parentheses. SO sorry for not being active! Sister’s weddings are hard to plan for and take up a lot of your time, don’t ya know!

- Admin AR

S.Coups/Seungcheol (Fire) Well you see, he would just see you as a regular Water Tribe girl, and of course since you’re beautiful he would start talking to you, flirting as well After you got kinda annoyed with him, you firebended at him, sending him falling back in shock. see how I tied that into the gif? //so proud “Woah, what you’re the Avatar? That’s cool.” However, being the Avatar wouldn’t stop from him from asking you out, and you would eventually say yes.

Originally posted by swaghao

Jeonghan (Air) He would be really surprised at first, but he would then kinda brush it off like so what? He’s an airbender, so he’s really aloof. But on the inside, he would secretly be in awe and want to follow you on your adventures and see you avatar-ness, not to mention you were really pretty, so he would try to impress you. “Oh, that’s cool, Y/N, but can you do this?” //does the spinning marble trick

Originally posted by gyuwoo

Joshua/Jisoo (Air) He would be really in awe of you, like he had read up on the Avatar and he had hoped to meet them, so when you showed up at his temple, he was really surprised. He hadn’t expected his life dream to come true or that you were so pretty. He immediately walk up to you and introduce himself, hoping he could be a part of your training. “U-Uh, hello, I am Monk Jisoo, and I pretty you- I mean WELCOME you to our air temple, hope you have a pretty- I mean good stay.” Yes, he thought you were that pretty.

Originally posted by rep-lay-ed

Jun/Junhui (Earth) Like Jeonghan, he would put on a slick bravado, pretending like he wasn’t that surprised. But his eyes would widen, giving away his true wonder. But he would brush it away quickly, and just shake his head. “So what if you’re the Avatar? I’m still Jun, and that;s pretty great too.” He would try to prove he was just as awesome as you, even if he won or lost. At the end, he would have gained respect for you, and would show you around his town, giving you earthbending tips along the way. If you didn’t mind it, he would adamantly insist following you on your journey, saying that the great Junhui could be of some assistance.

Originally posted by gyuwoo

Hoshi/Soonyoung (Air) You two would be best air-bending buddies, gliding around and just having a ball. But as you two grew up, he would notice that the monks would pull you away for more and more ‘private training’, which he thought was ridiculous, since you were one of the best airbenders at the temple. So one day he followed you, and he saw the elders telling you that you were going to be leaving the air temple soon to complete you Avatar training elsewhere. He would be so shocked, he would just back out and wait for the meeting to be over. Then he would confront you, saying “Why didn’t you tell me you were the Avatar? Did you not trust me?” After you explained that the monks wouldn’t let you tell anyone, he would cross his arms and firmly insist that he goes with you on your journey. “Who better to protect you on your adventures than your best friend?”

Originally posted by seventins

Wonwoo (Earth) His family would have gotten wind that you were coming to their town for some time, so he was sent by them to invite you to stay at their inn. He was really excited to meet you, so when he finally saw you arrive, he was rendered speechless. He certainly didn’t expect that the Avatar would be so beautiful, so all he could say was “You! Avatar! Stay! Our inn! Please!” And you got the gist so said why not, and you were very pleased by their amazing noodle soup, so you made it your custom to stop by Wonwoo’s inn regularly, and you try to make conversation with the handsome son of the innkeepers, even if he was speechless every time.

Originally posted by taesual

Woozi/Jihoon (Fire) He would first meet you when you arrived in the Fire Nation, because he was sent to welcome you. He would have been lying to say that he wasn’t surprised to meet you, but he had to do his best to hide it since he was a Fire Nation soldier. That wouldn’t stop him from making sure he was ‘guarding you personally’ whule trying to make conversation. “So… Avatar Y/N, right? That’s cool…”

Originally posted by wonyeols

DK/Seokmin (Water) He would be sooooo excited! When he heard that the Avatar was coming, he would not be able to contain himself. He would rush to meet you, and immediately introduce himself. “Hey, I’m Seokmin, and you’re really cool, Miss Avatar!” He would want to spar with you, and after you give him a sound beating, he would beg you to train him and give you tips. During the time you spent together, you would become friends, and after you left, you kept in touch with letters and the occasional visit.

Originally posted by seventeenpls

Mingyu (Water) Being the chief’s son, he would be sent to meet you and welcome you to the Water Nation, but he wouldn’t be that surprised. He would be surprised about how the Avatar was a beautiful young woman. On the way back to his home, he would try to find out more about you, and see if he could help you with your waterbending training. “Hey, you know I’m the best waterbender in the tribe, right? So, if you let me help you, you can become the best waterbender in the world, cool?”

Originally posted by 7teans

The8/Minghao (Fire) As the prince of the Fire Nation, he would be there to greet you, and he would also be surprised to meet a young and beautiful Avatar. He would immediately make plans to introduce you to the Fire Lord, afterwards saying how much he would be willing to train you. When his father coyly asked why, he would be met with Minghao’s blush. But you wouldn’t forget the prince’s open-mouth surprise. “You… you’re the avatar? You’re so… amazing, of course.”

Originally posted by csoups

Seungkwan (Water) He would be so surprised when he found out! He would just be shopping in the bazaar for food for him and his family, and he would see you, totally out of your element (haha pun not intended), so he would pay for your food, introducing himself. He would ask where you came from, how long would you be staying, and the like. Once you revealed that you were the Avatar, he would become very flustered and apologize for talking so casually to you, and offer a free dinner as consolation. While talking casually didn’t really bother you, you wanted the free dinner, so you accepted. You were happily accepted into the Boo family, and you visited them often, teasing their son about his original awkwardness. “Oh! You’re the Avatar! Please forgive me I didn’t know I was talking to you! You’re too pretty to be the Avatar! I mean…”

Originally posted by ultimatehoshitrash

Vernon/Hansol (Fire) Kinda like Seungkwan, he would be there to help you. But instead of shopping, he would be walking around when he saw you practicing firebending. he would walk up to you and start helping you, and only after a few minutes would he notice that you weren’t wearing Fire Nation clothes. “uh… how can you firebend if you aren’t from the Fire Nation?” Then you would tell him that you were the Avatar, and then he would get very awkward. “Ah, sorry, I didn’t realize.”

Originally posted by americanhyung

Dino/Chan (Earth) He would be so surprised when he heard the Avatar was coming to his family’s restaurant, he would try to make the entire thing look spotless, making sure he could surely impress you. But when you walked through, revealing yourself to be his best friend from childhood, he would be even more surprised. You would spend the night catching up with him, and the next day he would ask if he could go with you on your adventures. “Hey, Avatar-friend! You should have told me you were the Avatar! Now you have to pay me back by taking me with you!”

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listen to Leia (piano ver.), it made me feel the feels on this one ; u; 

Azula’s 18th birthday, Azula and Sokka’s first interaction months after she is put into a mental facility, Azula and Sokka’s trip to Ember Island, Azula and Sokka wearing fire nation wedding clothes, and their first kiss OMG sleazebag feels

and both them reminiscing about things >u<

happy halloween and happy sokkla weekend, everyone~

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u know whats really shitty? everyone refering to katara as "fire lady" its like stripping her of her heritage and nobody wants to admit it. having her dress in red and have a flame crown is basically like saying she isnt water tribe nymore?

So what I’m gathering from your statement is that Katara’s nationality is determined from what she is wearing?

Is referring to Katara as Fire Lady demeaning in any way? No. In fact, it just ensures that she is in a position of power — possibly an equal to the Fire Lord.

That’s what I don’t understand about people like you. You can love a ship (without naming names) that belittles Katara, has her in no position of authority or political power (when we all know she would have made a very strong political advocate in many ways after the war if she hadn’t ended up being stuck as the Avatar’s wife).

Let me paint you a picture.

On one hand, we have Katara, completely dressed in her Water Tribe attire but being stuck as the Avatar’s wife, having his children all the while her husband travels all over the world probably leaving her alone while she raises them. NO position of political power (and we KNOW she should have been on the Council, it just makes sense.) (Sokka, Toph and Aang, but… no Katara? I’m not buying it.) You know why? Because she was stuck at home trying to repopulate the Air Nomads…

Katara was a strong willed, very opinionated and smart girl in A:TLA and after the war, you would think her character would remain the same, right? Well, I hope you like disappointment because that’s not at all what she ended up being… sorry.

If Katara had ended up with Zuko, we all know that she would have still ended up wearing her Water Tribe clothing because, well, to put it simply — that’s just the way Zuko is. For those of you claiming that (in some fanart instances) that he’s making her wear Fire Nation clothing, well that’s simply preposterous. Zuko would never do that. Do you know what Zuko also wouldn’t do?

He wouldn’t keep her from perusing her talent in shutting people down. Katara’s smart, witty and we all know that she would make a great addition to the Council post war. She would have made a wonderful Ambassador to the Fire Nation in correlation with the Southern and possibly Northern Water Tribe. She would have been treated like an equal. Zuko would have gone to her for advice, among other things regarding the Fire Nation (and Republic City) because he respected her, and viewed her as more than a pretty possession.

In the end, it isn’t what Katara wears that makes her Water Tribe. It’s her beliefs, her standards and her heart. It’s what she believes in and fights for throughout the entire show. It’s her customs, how she holds family the closest. It’s how she cares.

It’s her freedom.

Katara can be Fire Lady and still be 100% Water Tribe. Strip her of all of the above and she ceases to be Katara.

So don’t come to me and try and feed me that kind of bullshit because I am not messing around when it comes to Katara.

Lastly, I apologize for how jumbled this may seem, I’ve been feeling rather under the weather lately.

anonymous asked:

What would you say to the people who claim that Kataras heritage and culture was stripped from her when she was with Aang

That they’re CLEARLY not paying attention. 

Whenever we see Katara anytime after the finale, she is wearing her WATER TRIBE TRADITIONAL CLOTHING, and that INCLUDES after she married Aang. 

She never gave that up to be an acolyte. She never officially joined the “Air Nation”

And that seems perfectly fine with Aang. 

We Know she fought to outlaw bloodbending in the entire world, which would mean she must have campaned and made her claims and statements and reasoning in ALL the Nations, representing WATER BENDERS AS A WHOLE

We KNOW her children seemed well connected to the Water Tribe and their traditions, especially her daughter whom chose that nation to represent herself in. 

-We know Tenzin, who identified with the Air Nomad half of his heritage, even goes back to celebrate an important holiday for the Water Tribe. 

-We know her children commented on her being a bit over-bearing and always giving lectures, indicated a  not so-passive or washed away mother. 

-We know we heard Tenzin say “i love you, Mom”

we know her brother represented the Water Tribe in Republic City and later as chief of the tribe, and we already know Sokka doesn’t do anything without Katara’s support. 

We know when Aang died, she went to the Water Tribe, rather than stay with the Air Acolytes or the city she founded, indicating a strong pull to culture. 

We know she is universally recognized as a head Master Water Bender and the greatest healer of all time. You don’t get that title without making a name for yourself and you don’t make a name for yourself without proving it–

and we know she proved it, at least, in being a war medic WHILE IN HER 80s. 

We know she is still acting as the voice of reason in the comics, though also the ever hot-headed, head-strong person she always was. The only difference is she’s also lovey-dovey with Aang, which, 

in the show, we have SEEN she was this way, a hopeless, sort of disgusting romantic with the way she acted towards Jet and Aunt Wu’s predictions. 

Sounds to me like her Water Tribe Cultured stayed very well in tact. We have never seen Aang suggest she ever change her religious views, or eating habits, or ask her to join in meditation or prayer or anything like that. 

Aang has always been supportive of the Water Tribe and seems to very much enjoy that part of Katara’s life. It’s what makes her different, what makes her special. I don’t think he would ever ask her to change her culture for him, nor would CANON Katara ever change that for any man. 

Stripping of her culture, my butt. Not like she married Zuko and was then forced to wear fire nation clothing, abandon her ties to her culture so she could be freakin fire Lady or something. now THAT would be stripping. 

I’m laughing so much at emo Zuko. In the best way.

Plus, Zuko and Mai being bored at the party together are perfect. I love them.

Not to mention Ty Lee teaching Azula how to pick up guys. Look at that cute screenshot. And then Azula failing spectacularly at it. My affection for the Fire Nation went up dramatically in this episode.

Also, off topic from the Fire Nation gang but can I just add how good Sokka looks?

Just waking up + fire nation clothes is a good combo for him.