Fire Nation Clothes: The Thai Influence

Fire Nation fashion/clothes are hugely influenced by traditional Thai clothing. The closer you look the more obvious it becomes. From Thai fisherman’s pants, to Thai wedding dresses, temple dancers etc.

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Honest and straight to the point, “An Important Message” by Andrew Gimetzco illustrates just how essential it is to protect our National Parks.

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A few hours passed after Rose’s conversation with the Phoenix King and, in that time, Vlad had arranged for traditional Fire Nation clothes to be delivered to his room. As luck would have it, he had found Jace in enough time to fetch the new pair of clothes and to stand guard outside his room.

Vlad paid no mind to the added heartbeats that suddenly entered the hall outside and only turned in mild amusement when a knock came from the door. It must have been important if Jace had allowed the person to ask for permission to enter. 

“Come in,” Vlad said while in the middle of undressing and caught Rose’s gaze when she entered, “Do you require something from me?”

listen to Leia (piano ver.), it made me feel the feels on this one ; u; 

Azula’s 18th birthday, Azula and Sokka’s first interaction months after she is put into a mental facility, Azula and Sokka’s trip to Ember Island, Azula and Sokka wearing fire nation wedding clothes, and their first kiss OMG sleazebag feels

and both them reminiscing about things >u<

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