I’ve just realised why I love the Final Agni Kai so much (and why it’s the best fight in Avatar). They are both fighting like each other.

Zuko is confident and at peace with himself. His firebending is the best it has ever been and Azula is unhinged. So he stays on the defensive, exploits her weaknesses and exploits her unhinged mentality by antagonising her into fighting on his terms (e.g. “No lighting today?”) and making her do what he wants.

But Azula is fighting like Zuko. She is constantly on the offensive and driven by rage and a desperate need to prove herself. She’s caving under her family issues, feelings of abandonment and the slights that have been made on her honour. Because of this, she is blind to Zuko’s actions and can only focus on giving the battle her all and proving herself to her father. Hence why she falls for Zuko’s trap (e.g. “I’ll show you lightning!”)

I just love this show, and I find even more reasons to love it every day.

This drawing is by @ganetrain and I just wanted to talk about it. This show paints such a beautiful picture of the effects of abuse. Zuko, who was physically abused and belittled by his father, spent years trying to complete a task, that even his father viewed as impossible, just to win him back. He later confronted his father (Day of the Black Sun) and became a heroin that eventually took him down. Azula on the other hand, spent 14 years under insane pressure from her father. She was the prodigy. In book two there’s a perfect example “almost isn’t good enough.” Before her coronation, she snaps. The mental and emotional abuse from her father coupled with immense pressure created probably the most terrifying person in the avatar universe. During the final Agni Kai, she would not have hesitated to kill Zuko and Katara, and probably Appa since he was there. The two are polar opposites and portray the two (given, extreme) common results of childhood abuse.

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My dad explained to my brother that despite Aang being the main protagonist, Zuko is the hero because he goes through hardships and changes throughout the series to become the person he has to be to help save the world in the finale. Plus he helps people in little ways throughout the series- all things Aang never does. Hero is literally defined as a male character with good qualities that the reader/viewer can empathize with. How many of us can empathize with zuko? With not knowing what to do with our future or feeling inferior to a sibling or like your parents hate you sometimes? But Aang? Can anyone really empathize with him? I sure as hell can’t

So, we all know that Bolin is a cinnamon roll, but what about the rest of the avatar characters? What kind of dessert are they?

Zuko – Crème Brule. A hardened, burnt exterior that hides a sweet and slightly mushy soul beneath.

Aang – cotton candy. Our hero.

Katara – Lemon meringue. Sweet, tart, tough.

Toph – Granola. It’s had enough of your crap, twinkle toes.

Sokka – Banana Split. Trying way too hard. It’s the dessert equivalent of a punchline.

Suki – Brownies. They’re there because they have to be there and very little is really expected of them.

Azula – Halloween candy that secretly has razors and shards of glass in it.

Tai-Lee – Bubble tea. Sweet and bubbly, but lacking substance.

Mei – Baking chocolate. Bitter. Hasn’t even made the effort to become a proper dessert.

Iroh – Mulled wine. Complex, full bodied, gets better with age.

Korra – Protein bar. Aggressively good for you. Maybe a little too aggressively.

Asami – Tiramisu. Delicate, beautiful, sophisticated, quietly packing a shot of rum. Because you can’t be afraid to mix it up sometimes, you know?

Mako – Wonderbread. Contains neither flavor nor any particular emotional value.

Varrick – Chocolate-covered, smoke-infused, liquid-nitrogen-dipped chili pepper. It’s my latest invention!

Zhu Li – A meticulously optimized chocolate-chip cookie. Perfectly calibrated to maximize average enjoyment.

Tenzin – Breadsticks. But not until after dinner. One mustn’t spoil one’s appetite.

Pemma – A bun in the oven.

Lin – Jawbreaker. Just you try and eat one.

Ozai – Vanilla Ice Cream. Ice cold, kinda generic.

Amon – Peppermint patty. Chocolate, but with the cleansing power of mint.

Zaheer – Biscotti. Rigid, ascetic, kind of hurts when you eat it.

Kuvira – Government-issued dessert rations.


Agni Kai

An edit from a picture taken lat may at mcm expo of @dai-li-sergeant as Azula when shes pretty much gone off the deep end. 

Really enjoyed working on this one, though i dont think i will ever be 100% satisfied with how my work turns out. XD 

plus a before and after :)