The problem with people like me is that we care too much. We break our hearts into pieces and give them away, until they are all gone. And we try to live with the broken hearts and broken souls we are left with.
We sacrifice our own happiness to make others smile. But in the process we lose ourselves.  We extinguish the sparks in our eyes and the fire in our bellies in order to fuel the dreams of others. We are the people who laugh at the end of every sentence and place a smiley face at the end of every text, to make sure our friends don’t think we are mad when we say “I need to go.” we are the people with loud thoughts and quiet voices, refusing to speak our minds at the fear of hurting another’s feelings.
We are the people who would give our own life to save a stranger.

Resources for Binding Magic

Updated: June 22nd, 2017

For the purpose of this masterpost, I am defining binding as “any spell that can be utilized to prevent a person from performing any specific action, generally harmful in nature, by rendering them incapable or unable of doing so.”

There are other ways to utilize bindings of course - in the instance of keeping something closer to you - but the spells in this list will be relating to the definition I have listed above.

General Resources

General / Multipurpose

Hinder Harmful Actions

(cw for all the spells in this section: mentions of abuse / abusive benhaviour)

 Stop Other Magic / Magic Users

Halt Gossip / Speech

Prevent Touching

Remove From Your Life / Prevent Contact

(akin to banishing)

Block Unwanted Love

Self Binding

Spirit Binding


“don’t kill flowers growing inside of you for someone who doesn’t appreciate  the way you bloom.”  iambrillyant

“How strong you are, to go through Hell on Earth, and still smile and carry yourself like you’re in Heaven.”   Maxwell Diawuoh 

“Now, let me be, let me not want for another. Let me fall in love with the curves and edges of my own body and soul. Let me plant a garden in my heart, and let it spring forth in a blanket of décor.” @prolixen

“I’m not going to let anyone steal or destroy who I’m meant become.” @riffatmatinpoetry

“she was a single drop of the ocean, but she moved with the force of a
tsunami” @a-pen-and-some-words

“You are damaged and broken and unhinged. But so are shooting stars and comets.” —  Shooting Stars and Comets | Nikita Gill

“some people are artists. some, themselves are art.” @ever-blooming

“ And don’t you ever feel like you are a summary of other people’s opinions. If anything, you’re an unfinished book, and you decide who you let co-write.” —  k.h. 1.04 am @evolvement

“Even all the grandest things in life were once something lesser than what they are today.” —  It’s okay to start with rubble, castles were built on less / A.G @abasnails

“be softer with you. you are a breathing thing. a memory to someone. a home to a life” —  Nayyirah Waheed

“ People who only wish to stifle your bloom, do not belong in your garden.” —  Upile. @odetopablo

“We will always be something. Because Darling, we were never nothing.” —  Sarn @sarncobin

“The real beauty of being human is knowing that whether something destroys or strengthens you is completely your choice.” @i-wrotethisforme 

“She stopped being your Icarus. And she became her own sun.” —  cynthia go // Sun [85/365]

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” —  Rumi @wearefearfullyandwonderfullymade

“ i was not made with fire in my belly so i could be put out i was not made with lightness on my tongue so i could be easy to follow” —  from Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

“some women fear the fire some women simply become it…”—  r.h. sin

“The body changes over time, becoming a gallery of scars, a canvas of experience, a testament to life and one’s capacity to endure it.”—  Janet Fitch, Paint It Black

“And for me, you are the best piece of art of this collection called humans.” —  NALK @notalostkid 

“Your roots do not determine the beauty of your blossom.”—  Sage S. 

- Afterword

This is for all the rainy days. they are not necessarily quotes from artist or famous people (actually most of them are from the spilled ink section of tumblr), but they are words that had made me feel better. I hope this helps + please check out the poet’s blogs! Those people are amazing and deserve so much recognition for what they do. (please tell me if anyone want their poem taken down !!!)

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Fav long fics?!

Since I don’t know exactly what long fics are to you, here’s a list of my fave 50k+ fics in no particular order :)

Kaleidoscope by Vendelin [E, 54k]

Stiles spends a year before college working at the all-night coffee shop in town. It’s nice and quiet, until one dark and brooding Derek starts coming in every morning, ordering coffee so strong that it should not be fit for human consumption. Ever. Stiles tries not to be affected by the mystery guy, but it’s not like anything else happens around here, so really, what did you expect? And when he’s already in too deep, he realises he might even be in way over his head…

Safety in Silence by Survivah [M, 66k]

It’s perfectly understandable. Even Derek wouldn’t want to be Derek’s soulmate.

Easy Trouble by Survivah [M, 55k]

Derek+Stiles+fairies = love spell

“Make love to me,” Derek demands.


The Boy and the Beast by Dira Sudis (dsudis) [M, 116k]

In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)  

Stand Fast in Your Enchantments by DevilDoll, Rahciach [E, 76k]

“Stiles knew damn well what a pissed-off wolf sounded like, and every hair on the back of his neck was telling him that somewhere in this room was a very pissed-off werewolf.” An AU in which Derek is feral, Stiles is magical, and they eat a lot of fast food.

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The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Originally posted by bangtanbtsmut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

“Close your eyes.” He whispered, his breath tickling the fine hairs on my ear as they stood to attention, making an almost unbearable shiver rake down my spine.

I nodded, letting my eye lids fall shut to his command, the abundance of sight making my nerves jolt in curiosity of what was to come next. What my outcome will be.

His lips trailed down my exposed neck, delicately brushing across the expanse of skin until his hands joined in, running along my sides before they met my shoulders, pushing me down on the bed.

I sucked in a breath at the sudden forced movement, making sure my eyes were kept shut no matter how explosive the desire was to take a peek - to possibly seek out his advances meaning. To figure out his motive.

He straddled my waist, his eyes burning into my skull, “Tell me, (Y/N), what are you afraid of?” He asked, puzzling me with such a question in such a situation.

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How did I not know that fire-bellied toads [in this case Bombina bombina] look like this when calling for females? I thought the frog in this video was sick, because although most frogs inflate themselves to keep from sinking while calling I’ve never seen one so bloated, but it turns out this is just a thing fire-bellies do sometimes. So much work for a call that’s just a tiny hoot.

Petblr Masterpost

This is a list of unproblamatic petblrs. Unproblamatic meaning: lgbt+ positive, Not racist, ableist, or a terf, doesn’t support animal cruelty (Or methods of animal cruelty involved in ‘training’, like shock collars and prong collars), and features mostly petblr content on their blog. I’m also leaving out animal rights activists as they don’t really have the best interest of animals in mind! People will be on the list multiple times depending on the animals they own!

If you’d like to be added to this list, let me know. I’ll check out your blog. Please state what animals you have and the blog you’d like to be listed. If you’d like to be removed, also let me know. If you see anyone on this list that doesn’t meet what I’ve said, message me with your claims and I will check them out.

General Pet Care:
@socialjusticeichigo (Has a dog, reblogs animal welfare content, runs petcareawareness)

@achoirofcritters (one mixed bully breed, one Australian shepherd, another mixed breed)
@spartathesheltie (Shetland Shepherd) 
@maisietheyellowlab (Labrador)
@tser (Miniature Poodle)
@the-pasta-pack (Italian greyhounds)
@loachlinguini (Siberian Husky)
@bettas-are-awesome (Lab mix)
@furyourowngood (Collie)
@baby-girl-banana (one dog)
@philoskylax (standard poodle)
@memezywimzie (Border Collie)
@snootastic (Borzoi and Papillion)

@chibimonkey (3 cats)
@achoirofcritters (Russian Blue, Maine Coon mix, 2 other cats)
@tser (Domestic longhair and shorthair)
@bettas-are-awesome (2 cats)
@baby-girl-banana (2 cats)
@adhdseabunny (4 cats)

Rodentblrs: (Rabbits are included in this list even though they’re not rodents, also hedgehogs)
@allanimalsgallore (3 guinea pigs)
@chibimonkey (Hamster)
@achoirofcritters (2 fancy mice)
@bettas-are-awesome (gerbils, guinea pigs)
@pet-of-subs (3 rabbits)
@baby-girl-banana (four hamsters)
@noodlepancake (guinea pigs)
@thebettatales (mouse, guinea pig)
@gecko-garden (2 chinchilla, 3 mice)
@kimchi-krazed (2 rats)
@snootsfinsandfur (Syrian hamster, guinea pig)
@pastelferret (2 Ferrets)
@thislittlerattie (4 rats, 1 rabbit, also a foster)
@claricespieces (hamster)
@kissasnake (Rabbit)
@sillydegu (six degus, one hamster)
@rat-lover19 (19 rats)
@bettaesthetic (8 rats)

@jayce-space (A special needs cockatiel, 2 budgies, a lovebird, a parrotlet)
@tser (African gray parrot)
@furyourowngood (ringneck doves)
@thebettatales (9 chickens)
@spoiledbratsanctuary (parrot)
@aderynnn (Lovebird)
@avacado-and-louie (Parrots, bird care)

@jayce-space (2 betta, a snakehead, various other fish)
@toothless-the-betta-fish (3 betta, 3 mystery snails, 2 nerite snails, 2 Malaysian trumpet snails, saltwater tank)
@hella-free-space (3 bettas, also willing to answer rat questions)
@allanimalsgallore (1 betta, 3 nerite snails)
@tser (Assorted fish)
@finsscalestails (guppies, corydoras catfish, future betta)
@tricksterwithafish (2 betta fish)
@pet-of-subs (8 bettas)
@mooseinaboot (Betta fish) 
@witchyfishyfun (betta fish)
@fishhhhhhh (six betta fish and other tropical fish, 2 nerites)
@loachlinguini (loaches) 
@bettas-are-awesome (4 betta, aquatic snails)
@furyourowngood (20 gal tank, various freshwater)
@elemental-kiss (aquatic snails, betta fish)
@baby-girl-banana (two betta, various fish)
@stygianterrorfish (1 betta, 9 cordoras sterbai)
@furyourowngood (55 gallon tank)
@noodlepancake (fish)
@quasarlasar (cichlids, tropical freshwater semi-aggressive tank, loaches, catfish etc)
@thebettatales (3 bettas)
@immersive-lore-friendly-cheese (various fish)
@spoiledbratsanctuary (8 bettas)
@gecko-garden (five planted tanks)
@lappysfish (One betta)
@snootsfinsandfur (one betta, two community tanks)
@kouhafish (11 betta)
@adhdseabunny (3 goldfish, plecos)
@shrimpbo (fish, shrimp, and plants)
@aquariumkids (goldfish, malaysian trumpet, mystery, and nerite snail, general freshwater content)
@pets-by-peanut (betta fish, 2 aquatic snails)
@ddwfr (Betta)
@bettaesthetic (2 betta, 2 goldfish, community tropical tank)

@jayce-space (gargoyle gecko)
@tser(4 crested geckos, 1 leopard gecko)
@wheremyscalesslither (various snakes)
@elemental-kiss (leopard gecko, crested gecko, gargoyle gecko)
@baby-girl-banana (ball python)
@thebettatales (2 corn snakes, 1 kenyan sand boa, 1 african fat-tailed gecko)
@gecko-garden (4 leopard geckos, 9 crested geckos)
@snootsfinsandfur (one bearded dragon, one leopard gecko)
@a-lotl-creatures (day gecko, gargoyle gecko, a savannah monitor, 5 crested geckos, 2 leachies)
@memezywimzie (bearded dragons, leapord geckos)
@kaijutegu (Tegu, good at lizards and snakes
@kissasnake (2 kenyan sand boa, 1 corn snake, 1 ball python)

@jayce-space (axolotl)
@elemental-kiss (Fire Belly Toad, American Toad)
@chibimonkey (African Dwarf frog colony, two axolotl) 
@thebettatales (firebelly toads)
@a-lotl-creatures (Axolotl)

Bugblrs: (This goes for anything crustacean, such as Isopods, too. Also goes for spiders)
@peppermintmantis (General bugs)
@allanimalsgallore (isopods, springtails, helix aspera)
@tser(isopods, mantises, roaches, slug)
@furyourowngood (Snails)
@cornsbeans (tarantula)
@fishhhhhhh (land snail)
@chibimonkey (Praying mantis)
@gecko-garden (Tarantula, dubia roaches)
@a-lotl-creatures (Madagascar Hissers)
@pets-by-peanut (Giant African Land Snail)

@memezywimzie (one horse)

Dark Times

Hiiii! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, summer’s been busy! I hope you guys like this piece!! Depending on the feedback, I might make a multi-part fic out of it!! xx


Below his office, the party was in full swing, both regular and new clients filing in through the wide double doors. Harry watched the crowd move like cresting ocean waves, his eyes blank. New Year’s Eve was to start off with a bang, regardless of the obviously failing Prohibition the country was under, which meant that Harry’s clubs were packed, and his bank account was swelling with money from the alcohol Niall was slyly smuggling in from Ireland. Any night he wanted, Harry could have a bird on each arm, eager to get a taste of the Harry Styles, and the mere whisper of his name sent people scattering out of his way, making his life unbelievably easy. Harry smirked around the butt of the cigarette. This was it; this was why he came to America. The women, the power, and most of all, the money. Money, money, money was all Harry had seen over the last year. Prohibition was the best thing to ever happen to him.

The clock struck eleven fifty, and with a smug grin, Harry lit up another cigarette and grabbed his glass of Irish whiskey from his desk, striding to the office door. Throwing it open, Harry emerged into the small balcony overlooking the bar and dance floor, blood thrumming as cheers went up at the sight of him.
“To Mr. Styles!” One of the performers on stage hollered out, and crystal glasses glittered in the lighting as they raised into the air.
“Mr. Styles!” It was a jumbled roar of his name, and Harry smiled wickedly as he tipped his head and brought up his own glass. He glanced at his pocket watch again. Five minutes till midnight. His eyes went to the door again as it swung open, two young girls stepping into the room. From afar, he could tell they were both gorgeous, but the one on the right….she was a sight.

Hair curled to perfection, eyes sparkling with excitement as she clutched her comrade’s arm, her ruby painted lips splitting into a dazzling smile. A golden fringed dress clung to her body, stopping halfway down her soft-looking thighs, and the small inched heels were the last thing Harry saw before the girls stepped from the stairs, disappearing into the swirling party. The whiskey burnt his throat as he threw back the rest of the glass, turning to retreat back into his office. The New Year was of no importance to him; as long as no laws changed, Harry worried about nothing. He didn’t worry about how the raucous crowd took him back to the trenches, didn’t worry about how his hands shook as he poured another glass of whiskey. The chair creaked as he sat down again, breathing in the smoke of his cigarette and letting his head drop back. Harry’s eyes slipped closed and he sighed, mind going back to the golden-dressed beauty that had just slipped into his speakeasy. She wouldn’t be too hard to find, or too hard to seduce into his bed for the night. Harry had an aching hunger in the pit of his stomach to know how she would moan beneath him.

Two minutes till, Harry stood once again and descended the stairs to the main room, feigning a smile as he pushed his way through the drunken partygoers. Hands grabbed at him as he passed, but he paid no mind as the shimmering of a golden dress swirling across the room caught his eye. Then her friend came into sight, and Harry altered his course to get to her. She was even more beautiful as he neared, her face pretty, but not flawless. A little soft-looking, doughy maybe, around some areas, but a curl of desire yawned deep in his belly; he was tired of the perfect pin-up girls he normally took home. He wanted flawed, perfectly flawed, and this woman was it. She was gorgeous. Harry watched her friend’s eyes lock in on him, an eyebrow raising as she leaned into the girl’s ear, whispering.

Your head twisted around, following your best friend’s gaze to a stunningly beautiful man that the whole crowd seemed to part for. Forest green eyes roamed your body leisurely, his candy pink lips tugging into a smirk when he realized your eyes were on him. The man was dressed in a sharp black suit, a gleaming watch strung across his buttons and disappearing into his waist coat pocket. Broad shoulders, ring decorated large hands, and legs that went on for ages. His curly brown hair was pushed back off of his forehead, the sides a little longer than military style, and the set of his jaw made you think maybe he was indeed coming to flirt with you. The alcohol you’d downed in the half an hour at the club up the road was already fizzling through your blood and making you much more brave than normal, and you sent the man a sultry smile as your eyes met. Nothing but dark, hot promises swirled in his gaze, stoking the crackling fire that blazed in your belly. Tonight, you’d let yourself have fun just once. Every other night of the year you were the good girl you were supposed to be, but tonight…tonight you’d let loose.

“He’s got his eye on you,” your friend whispered, a jealous gleam in her eyes. “You’ll be the only one of us to get a fuck in tonight.” You laughed at her brashness, breaking your stare with the stranger to spin around with the music. He was close now, almost within an arm’s reach. Your dress flared out around you, but you were stopped mid-turn by long fingers wrapping around your arm and tugging you into a solid chest. Warm breath puffed on your neck, lips just centimeters from your skin.
“Yeh dancin’ fo’ me, love?” He wasn’t polite about his desire, his voice low and husky in your ear. His hands moved to your waist, his hips pressing into your back. You could feel him against you, half hard through his trousers. Wetness pooled in your panties.Your best friend had melted into the crowd, leaving you putty in the stranger’s warm, wandering hands. The hem of your dress slid up a little, his touch following shortly after.
“I am now,” you breathed, and you can feel the smile on his lips against the skin behind your ear. His tongue darted out to lick over the shell of your ear. His fingers trailed higher, and you couldn’t bring yourself to care how scandalous it was, having a man slide his hand up your dress in public.
“Do yeh wan’ m’ to fuck yeh?” Your breathing hitched as his thumb brushed the line of your underwear. A low chuckle vibrated against your back. “I’ll take that as a yes. Go straight back, staircase on the right. I’ll be there in a mo’.” Then he was pushing you away, straightening his overcoat as he cordially greeted some senator who definitely was not supposed to be in a speakeasy.

Harry watched you stumble towards his office, his jaw working as his eyes followed the way your dress fell over the swell of your ass. He cleared his throat. “Excuse me, gentlemen, but I’ve got some business I need to take care of.” Harry shook the senator’s hand, turning around and shoving his way across the floor. He took the stairs slowly, mind racing as he neared the door. He couldn’t wait to see how quickly you’d fall apart for him. You were admiring the photographs on his desk when he entered, your eyes snapping up to his.
“Your family?” Harry nodded, clicking the lock into place before shrugging off his overcoat. You watched him swagger over to you, his eyes dark.
“Didn’t invite yeh up here t’ talk about m’family, pet. How d’yeh wan’ it?” He wasn’t a complete beast; Harry loved seeing the way women fell apart because of him. There was something awfully aphrodisiacal about knowing that he was the reason a woman was shaking, moaning, falling over the edge. You blinked at him, stunned for only a moment before composing your unbothered expression.

“Any way you’d give it, honestly.” Harry’s eyebrow quirked. A smug smile pulled at his lips as he walked to you, his fingers dancing up your arms. You swallowed at his sudden closeness. He smelled wonderful, like citrus and cotton sheets and man. Your mouth had practically been watering since the moment you saw him. His hand pushed a piece of hair out of your eyes.
“An’ if I said righ’ here, ov’ m’desk?” You squirmed, mind filling with visions of him fucking you on the dark cherry wood. Before you knew what you were doing, you were perched on said desk, legs crossed and head tilted slightly as you looked at him from under your lashes.
“Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep, Mr. Styles.” Harry’s pants tightened further at your words, a growl coming from his throat as he stalked to you. His lips met yours, hands cupping your cheeks as you gasped in surprise. He took the opportunity to slip his tongue past the seam of your lips, licking into your mouth eagerly. Your hands fumbled with his belt as he shallowly thrusted his hips, the hard outline of his cock brushing your thigh.

He was quick to shove down his trousers and underwear, his length tapping gently on his stomach. Your mouth watered at the sight of him, flushed, hard, and leaking. Harry smirked at the look on your face, one large hand wrapping around himself and tugging forward once, twice.
“None o’ tha’, angel, no’ tonight. ‘M gonna fuck yeh, yeah? Bend yeh ov’ m’desk and spread tha’ cunt real nice. C’mon, up yeh come.” Your blood sizzled at his words, lust raging through your system. Your panties had no hope; they’d been ruined the minute his suit jacket had come off. Harry helped you up, spinning you so your back was to his chest. Warm lips began to sponge up the side of your neck, greedy hands hiking your dress up slowly but surely. Then he was roughly bending you over, flipping the edge of your dress up over your back enough so he could see your backside. A low growl went through him.
“S’pretty, love, gorgeous. Can’t wait t’ be inside o’ yeh.” Your panties were slid to the side and a long finger ran up your slit, your body jerking at the pleasure. “Bloody soaked. Wan’ me t’ help yeh, pet?” Your cheek was pressed into the cool wood but you nodded, hips pushing back against his finger as he swirled it around your clit.
“Please.” It was a broken whimper that sent Harry’s dick throbbing, his eyes gleaming in the dark of the office.

“Shhh, sweetheart, ‘M gonna take care o’ yeh.” Harry wasted no more time before he was sliding inside of you, a delicious burning stretch following. The moan that came from him was almost enough to send you over, low and gravely and pure pleasure. Then Harry was moving, his cock thick and pulsing as it dragged along your walls. You cried out at the feeling, palms slapping to the desk as Harry ran his hands along the curve of your spine, grunting with each thrust. The party downstairs was all but drowned out as the sound of skin against skin filled the room, heavy breathing bouncing off the walls when his hips picked up speed. Your eyes screwed shut as pleasure coursed through you, walls clenching around Harry’s cock.
“Fuck, bloody–” He cut off with a deep moan, fingers dumpling the skin of your ass. Harry’s green eyes lowered to watch himself disappear into your cunt, a pleased smirk tugging at his lips as you writhed beneath him. His hands were everywhere, stroking the soft skin of your thighs, gripping your ass, wrapped in your hair…too much, it was all too much for you to take.

“Gonna cum!” You gasped against the desk, hips pushing back against his as he fucked into you. He was so thick inside of you, pulsing and warm as his tip brushed a spot that had you seeing white. “Harry!” Low moans came from him, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he felt heat coil tighter in his belly.
“C’mon, pet, cum fo’ me. Need yeh t’ cum,” he panted, reveling in the way your walls squeezed his cock. He’d never felt a cunt so tight and warm and wet. He was in pure bliss. Harry brought a hand to your heat, fingers circling your clit quickly as you called out his name again. Pleasure shot through you, your orgasm speeding towards you, and with a final thrust, Harry pushed you over the edge. He watched your face crumple in satisfaction as you came, cunt tightening wonderfully around his length. It wasn’t long before he followed after you, thick ropes of cum coating your walls. Your thighs shook as you came down, breathing harsh as Harry pulled out of you. It was silent while you both fought to regain your breathing, adjusting clothing and smoothing down hair. Harry’s face was even more beautiful post-orgasm, and he tasted as good as he looked when he pulled you in for a sloppy kiss. His head bobbed to the couch in the corner.
“You can sit there for a mo’ while you calm down. Be sure to shut the door on yeh way out.” Then he was gone, the office empty and cold without his dominating presence. You fell onto the couch with a sigh, a pleasant ache already forming between your thighs. It wasn’t too long before your head was on the arm of the sofa, your eyes drifting shut as you nodded off.

sentence prompts ➝ milk & honey

  • ❛ i want to apologize to all the women i have called beautiful before i’ve called them intelligent or brave ❜
  • ❛ i am sorry i made it sound as though something as simple as what you’re born with is ❜ 
  • ❛ all you have to be proud of ❜
  • ❛ you are resilient ❜
  • ❛ you are extraordinary ❜
  • ❛ I didn’t leave because I stopped loving you ❜
  • ❛ I left because the longer I stayed the less I loved myself. ❜
  • ❛ loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself. ❜
  • ❛ every time you tell your daughter you yell at her out of love you teach her to confuse anger with kindness ❜
  • ❛ you tell me to quiet down ❜
  • ❛ i was not made with a fire in my belly so i could be put out ❜
  • ❛ i was not made with a lightness on my tongue so i could be easy to swallow ❜
  • ❛ i was made heavy half blade and half silk difficult to forget and not easy for the mind to follow ❜
  • ❛ women like you drown oceans ❜
  • ❛ if you were born with the weakness to fall you were born with the strength to rise ❜
  • ❛ our backs tell stories no books have the spine to carry ❜
  • ❛ stay strong through your pain ❜
  • ❛ bloom beautifully dangerously loudly bloom softly ❜
  • ❛ i am water soft enough to offer life tough enough to drown it away ❜
  • ❛ for you to see beauty here does not mean there is beauty in me it means there is ❜ ❛ beauty rooted so deep within you you can’t help but see it everywhere ❜
  • ❛ do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you ❜
  • ❛ what is stronger than the human heart which shatters over and over and still lives ❜
  • ❛ you might not have been my first love but you were the love that made all other loves seem irrelevant ❜
  • ❛ how is it so easy for you to be kind to people ❜
  • ❛ nothing even matters except love and human connection who you loved  ❜
  • ❛ but perhaps that isn’t such a good thing cause they always tend to leave ❜
  • ❛ i have what i have and i am happy i’ve lost what i’ve lost and i am still happy ❜
  • ❛ the thing about writing is I can’t tell if it’s healing or destroying ❜
  • ❛ people go but how they left always stays ❜
  • ❛ the world gives you so much pain and here you are making gold out of it ❜
  • ❛ how you love yourself is how you teach others to love you ❜
  • ❛ you must never trade honesty for relatability ❜
  • ❛ she was a rose in the hands of those who had no intention of keeping her ❜
  • ❛ fall in love with your solitude ❜
  • ❛ i always get myself into this mess ❜
  • ❛ i am hopelessly a lover, and a dreamer, and that will be the death of me ❜
  • ❛ you look at me and cry everything hurts ❜
  • ❛ everything can heal ❜
  • ❛ what i miss most is how you loved me ❜

“What’s your favourite type of character? The type you look up to? Or even the kind you wish to marry?”


Girls with stars in their eyes and dragon-fire in their bellies.
Girls with pained lives whose smiles outshines the Moon herself.
Girls whose laughter is like bubbles spilling out of their throats.
Girls who have exhaustion written on every feature but persist anyway.

Girls who are carved from marble having experienced too much to cry anymore.
Girls who form waterfalls and flood rooms with their tears.
Girls who go on adventures high on wanderlust, danger, and nature.
Girls who rather stay at home and don’t mess with any ‘hero’ prophecies outside of creating them in worlds of fiction.

Girls with gold and silver magic flowing molten hot through their veins.
Girls who love and live so freely they seem to turn into wind before your eyes
Girls who trust very little and have dulled locks on their lips that only few have the key for.
Girls who sing as smoothly as a siren’s call luring you willingly into their soothing, blanketing embrace

Girls who scream at the top of their lungs for what they believe in, voices resembling sonic shockwaves more than symphonies but beautiful in it’s discord nonetheless.

Girls who can barely raise their voices above a whisper, with storms full of lightning, wind, and thunder all brewing inside them that could level cities.

Girls who are beaten, bloody, and bruised but still spits hatred right back into life’s eye and laughs, keeping within them a kindness and empathy that flourishes through their rage.

Girls who are knocked to the ground and stay down, almost tragically beautiful in their spun-glass fragility, believing themselves to be beaten but still refusing to be shattered, with golden tears freely streaming down their battered cheeks and bruises resembling galaxies in their vastness - they are simply bidding their time until they can get up again, although some of them don’t know it yet.

“But I know girls like that, they aren’t just characters, girls are real.”
And that’s why they’re my favourite.


Girls Are My Favourite by Beq (me)

Wanting More

“That was amazing. I had a good time tonight. I’ll call you.” He tells you as he opens the door to let you out of his house. And that’s when you knew. That’s when you knew what he wanted from you was way different from what you wanted from him. He didn’t see you as girlfriend material, but just fuck friends. That’s what you too were. And no matter how many times you try and convince yourself that it isn’t that, the harder it will be.




 This is my first time writing a little bit of smut so hopefully it’s not horrible lol. Tell me if you want a part two!! 




Harry calls you multiple times a week. The words I need you or I want you always made you feel a fire inside your belly.

He called you, he wants to be with you, you think to yourself. But then there’s times when you second guess yourself. If he actually wanted to see you or just have his dick sucked off.

You knew deep down the real answer but you pushed that in the back of your mind as you walked towards his flat at 12:30pm. He called you when you were at home lying in bed watching friends. You were going to have a night in this Friday, but harry rang you when you were in the mist of a laughing attack after the scene that just played out on your tv.

Not looking at the caller ID you picked up your phone, “hello?”

“What are you doing right now?” Harry quickly said with no introduction.

“Hello to you too. I’m fine thanks for asking.” You say sarcastically as you stuff your face with popcorn.

“Can you come over?” He asks eagerly.

You roll your eyes to look at your clock beside your bed side table.

“Harry it’s 12am…”

“I know, I know. It’s just….” Harry stops, trails off, and sighs.

“I need you, I really fucking need you right now.” His voice becomes low and husky.

Your cheeks turn red at his statement, he’s said it so many times, but it still makes you blush. You try and cover your face only to realize no one was actually here.

There was a long silence before you said, “ I’ll be there in 15.” You start getting up to brush your teeth. You didn’t want Harry to taste kettle corn on your lips.

You can hear Harry sigh in relief. “Ok drive safe, love.”

“I will bye.” You hang up the phone and your superego mentally yells at you. You ignore it even though you know you shouldn’t.

You and Harry have been doing this for awhile now. You don’t even know what it’s called. I guess it’s friends with benefits but you hated that term. You guys were just casual friends. But you always felt as if there was something more…

You made it to Harry’s door, you rummage through your little bag to try and find the spare key harry gave to you, after this became a regular thing. But before you could get it you hear the door unlock, and harry grabs your wrists and brings you inside.

Before you had time to even greet him he had you pushed up against the door frame and connecting his lips to yours. You were shocked at first but quickly kissed him back. Harry’s hands were on your waists as he brought his lips down your neck leaving trails down your neck.

“Someone’s a bit eager?” You says in between breathes. Harry has already got you flustered, hot, and bothered and you just came in the door.

“What took you so long?” He’s now kissing your collar bone, as he places his hands up your hoodie. “You said 15 minutes, that was bloody 30 minutes.”

Your heart was racing. “ I’m sorry, you called me at a very inconvenient time. I was in my Pjs looking like a mess. I had to get cleaned up a bit.”

Harry shakes his head and you frowned. He makes his way up your neck to your ear and whispers. “You look good in anything, you know I don’t give a fuck.”

You smile into Harry’s kiss cause you knew that. Harry would always make an effort to tell you that you don’t need to dress up for things like this. But I guess you were compensating for wishing you could get all dressed up and go out to dinner with Harry or something like that.

You quickly threw that thought in the back of your head and locked it up, for now. You didn’t want to think about that right now.

Harry brought you up to his room, and lays you down. It was dark but the street lights seeping through his blinds was enough to get a good look at Harry. Everytime you saw him you couldn’t believe how beautiful he was. His green eyes scans over your body as you take your hoodie off and he smirks at his favorite bra that he likes on you. You come towards him and slowly kiss his neck as your hands slowly went to his waist band and you started touching his hard.

“Oh fuck Y/N” Harry groans. You push him on the bed and take his boxers off and he flung up. He watches you as you take it in your hand and lick the tip. Harry shutters.

“Tell me what you want Harry” you whisper as you rub his balls.

“I-I just su-ck me off. Please just-” before he could finish you took him in your mouth. You could feel the veins of his cocks rub against tongue and you pushed harder. Bobbing your head as you placed your hands on his thighs feeling them up and down.

Harry was trying to control himself he always does, but he can’t help taking your hair in between his fingers and pulling your head closer. But you loved it when he did that, you loved his dominant side.

“Oh my god. Y/N… babe yes yes.” Harry grunts as you can feel him quiever inside your mouth. “I’m so close, can I… in your..” you knew what he meant and you agreed like you always did. But he was always so sweet to ask first. And soon after I looked at him with his cock in my mouth, he came in your mouth and you swallowed it all.

Before you could even catch your breath Harry had you on the bed and pulling off your pants. “Now it’s my turn.” He tells you. He pulls down your panties and gently glides his fingers over your slit.

“Already so warm and wet for me.” He says while hovering over you and you couldn’t wait to have him inside you.

“What do you want, love?” He asks as he brings your bra off your shoulder exposing your bare chest.

“Just fuck me Harry, please.” You whine cause you know he was teasing you. He likes too see you beg.

Harry looks like he’s thinking for a second and then shakes his head. You sigh and was about to yell at him that he made you come all the way here at 12am-

You Moan as he bent down to place your plump nipples in his mouth. He licked in between your breasts and left you sweet kisses.

“You are very pretty.” He says between kissess and you blushed even more then you already are.

Suddenly you felt Harry’s warm fingers on your clit and you jolted. He placed two fingers there and started moving in circles while still kissing your chest. You were panting.

“Harry… oh my gosh.” You felt him slid in two fingers and you couldn’t help but move your hips deeper into Harry’s fingers.

“Faster Harry, c'mon.” You pleaded.

“I want you to fuck my fingers babe, you do it.” You almost wanted to scream but Harry liked watching you move your hips.

You started a movement as your hips were trying to get the right angel, and when you did you couldn’t stop. You arched your back and started bouncing.

Your boobs started banging against your chest as Harry watch you in awe riding his fingers.

“Harry, im clo-se” but you need more movement you needed harry to move his fucking fingers.

“No not yet.” Harry demands.

“Harry….I need more-” before you finished he pulled his fingers out and you gasped, but before you had time to yell at him. He slide his cock right inside of you and both of you let out a huge Moan.

“Fuck, your so tight. I love it.” Harry pants. You could see the sweet on his forehead as he thrusts into you. You both were uttering curse words and on cloud nine because sex together is always the best.

Harry leans down and places wet kisses down your body and you just wanted him closer, even more closer then this.

You wanted him, all of him.

Harry grabs yours legs and spreads them even wider as he places his thumb back into your clit and rubs it. Pleasure was coursing through your whole body now and you didn’t want it to end.

“Tell me how it feels Y/N, tell me.” He demands.

“So good harry!” He thrusts harder “oh my gosh so fucking good I love your cock it fits perfectly.” You tell him and he smirks as he watches how you react to him. How every body part wanted him, and he loved it. He loved doing this with you.

“I’m close” Harry tells you as he grabs your hips and pushes you harder. And you were too.

Harry leans over and kisses you like his life depended on it while he slammed inside you and that’s when you both came undone.

You were coming down from your high when Harry was still hovering over you. You were both just staring into each others eyes, and you would do anything to know what he was thinking.

But he leans and gives you a slow and passionate kiss. It wasn’t like the few you shared while you were getting off.

But this was sweeter and slow.

Then Harry tumbles to the side of you. The room was silent for a little with both of you still trying to catch your breath. No matter how many times you do it with Harry, your body is still exhausted every damn time.

“I’m sorry if I called too late.” Harry’s face fell as You looked over at the his clock behind him and saw that it was 1:47am.

“It’s alright, Harry. I wasn’t doing anything just watching Tv.” You reassure him. Even if you were busy you always had time for him, or you would make time. You couldn’t help but tuck the little strand of his curl behind his ear. Your hand was on the side of his cheek as you gently strocked it.

“I know but you have to drive back home at almost bloody 2am.” You quickly take your hand back from his cheek and frown.

“Wait what?”

Harry yawns “I said that you have to drive really late at night to get back home.”

Then it dawned on you.

He wanted you to go home.

He didn’t want you here.

He did just want you to suck his dick.

You’ve never been to his house this late before, so the option of spending the night was never an option. But you thought maybe tonight… wow you felt so stupid.

You quickly got up and turned your back to him and started to get dress, suddenly feeling weird naked around him.

“I mean you don’t have to leave right now, you can wait a half hour or something if your a little soar or something.” Harry tries pulling your wrist back to him but you snatched it away.

“No, I should go. Your right.” You slip your underwear and pants back on and throw on your hoodie. You could feel him staring at you, and you just wanted to leave. You shouldn’t of even came you told yourself. You grabbed your phone and without saying a word, went downstairs.

You could hear Harry’s footsteps following you as you put on your shoes and picked up the keys you dropped on the floor. The memory of tonight’s events still fresh in your mind. And even when he is kicking you out you still wanted to stay. You wanted to smack yourself.

“Y/N are you alright?” Harry turns you around before you could leave with an frown on his face. You mentally sighed. You shouldn’t blame Harry. He understands that this is a casual thing. I shouldn’t be mad if he didn’t want anything more then just this.

Rule number one of this arrangement, don’t catch feelings. He clearly hadn’t so that’s that.

You crack a fake smile “Yeah I’m good. Next time don’t call me too late!” You fake laugh trying to wash away the sadness.

He smiles and nods and it looks like he was about to say something. You were hoping for him to tell you to stay. That he wanted to lay with you and just hold you in his arms, because that’s what you wanted so badly.

But he didn’t. He just placed his hand on the sides of your face and kisses you. You didn’t want to feel those butterflies in your stomach but you did, and you knew you couldn’t help it.

“That was amazing. I had a good time tonight. I’ll call you.” He tells you as he opens the door to let you out of his house. And that’s when you knew. That’s when you knew what he wanted from you was way different from what you wanted from him.

He didn’t see you as girlfriend material, but just fuck friends. That’s what you too were. And no matter how many times you try and convince yourself that it isn’t that, the harder it will be.

So you leave knowing you would make it back. You liked Harry he was a good friend, you didn’t want to ruin whatever you had going on right now. So as you got in your car and started driving away. You decided to burry your feelings just a little deeper.

You wiped away the small tear that was falling down your cheek. He would just break your heart anyway. Forget your feelings.

This was for the best.

Part 2: *






tom holland x reader: hot water. smut!

I can’t stop writing smut lol. I hope you enjoy. Leave me a comment if you enjoyed this!

A simple stroke of his finger is enough to make your knees buckle. He knows every inch of you. The ticklish spot on the inside of your left thigh, your weakness for kisses on your neck. He’s spent countless hours discovering your body.

“You’re exquisite,” he murmurs against your soapy breasts. “I don’t know how I got so lucky.”

You thread your fingers through his wet, curly hair. “It helps that you’re insanely hot,” you tell him with a devilish grin.

He cocks an eyebrow, resting his hands on your hips. “Darling, I hope that’s not the only reason,” he pouts.

“Oh, I forgot,” you say, chewing on your bottom lip. “You also have this amazing shower.”

Tom shakes his head, but you can see him fighting a smile. He repositions himself in front of you, digging his talented fingers into your hips. When the first stroke of his tongue brushes against your heat, it takes all your strength not to yank his hair out. His motions are slow. He builds you up with every swirl. You know the fall will be exhilarating, but you just need to get there.

You’re delirious with want and desire. There’s nothing quite like Tom’s mouth. “Fuck, I’m so -” you gasp. “Please don’t stop.”

He doesn’t. His tongue continues to explore every inch of you. When he wraps his lips around your clit, sucking it gently, you let out an embarrassingly loud moan. The fire in your belly begins to spread throughout the rest of your body. You can’t fight it any longer.

Tom senses you’re close. He quickens his pace, moving his tongue in intricate movements. “I’m coming,” you tell him.

There’s not much talking once you’ve finished. Tom stands up, turning you so that your backside is facing him. He grinds his erection into your ass, nipping at your earlobe. “You drive me crazy,” he growls. “I want you so bad.”

You turn to bring your lips to his. He runs his tongue along for lower lip before slipping it into your hungry mouth. You can still taste the coffee he was drinking at breakfast this morning. You aren’t sure how long you spend there just kissing him. He’s an amazing kisser.

He breaks away from the kiss first, and you know what’s about to happen. Tom positions himself inches away from your heat, waiting to make that final connection. When he finally pushes inside of you, the feeling is better than anything you could’ve imagined. He’s always surprising you. His hips begin to rock, burying himself deeper inside you.

It’s hard to keep your balance, but Tom grips you so tightly there’s no way you’d fall. You slip your hand between your connected bodies, finding your clit. His free hand kneads at your breast, running his thumb over your hardened nipple. The water is cold now, but the heat radiating from your bodies is enough to keep you warm.

“Love, I’m gonna come,” he warns, thrusting his hips harder and faster.

You clench your walls around his cock, taking in every inch of him. He kisses you again as his finishes, moaning against your mouth. “I love you,” he says. “I love you so so much.”

You rest a hand on his flushed cheek. “I love you, more,” you say with a smile.

You only hope all mornings can be this wonderful.

Rise and Shine

Title: Rise and Shine

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: language, SMUT (who could have guessed?), fluff.

A/N: This was written for Gabrielle’s 100 Follower Challenge! Congrats, @bradygabrielle-blog! My Prompt was #13: “I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.” Enjoy, y’all.

Originally posted by supernaturalismykryptonite

“Hey, Y/N, can you grab some snacks for the road?” Sam shouted as he passed by the kitchen, where you were filling a thermos full of fresh coffee. It was five-fucking-thirty in the morning, and Mr. Rise and Shine was already rounding up the cavalry for the next hunt. You just rolled your eyes, not answering him as you continued your very important task.

Dean rubbed his eyes as he walked into the kitchen, still dressed in his robe. “Good morning, Dean,” you mumbled as you quickly grabbed a mug and filled it with coffee. “You’ll need this. He’s on a roll this morning.” You rolled your eyes as you offered Dean the mug. He gladly accepted, quickly taking a sip.

“Y/N! Make sure you pack some water bottles! Dean’s not going to want to make pit stops!” Sam barked as he lugged another bag towards the library.

You let out a small, humorless laugh. “What the hell are you bringing? I mean, it should be a week long trip!” you yelled after him. “I’m a girl and I’m not packing as much as you!”

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anonymous asked:

Harry's solo in Temporary Fix is my favorite...what would harry be like when the two of you are drunk and he calls a driver to come and pick you up? I LOVE YOU 💕💕

Oh, anon. You’ve read my mind ;)

Harry’s inhibitions melt away when he’s drunk, that’s for sure. Although he’s never one to love up on you in public, the two of you have been together for a while, and he’s feeling more handsy than normal with multiple drinks in his system. You’ve told him time and time again to keep his hands to himself, laughing and pushing him away when you feel him against your neck, grabbing his wrists while he squeezes your hips and giggles with his tongue nestled in between his teeth.

C’mon,” his voice is deep, the alcohol lowering his normal register to a tone that you swear vibrates through your core. “Just gimme a kiss,” he says against your lips. “Gimme one big one ‘n I’ll lea’ ye alone.” And although his words are slurred because they’re said straight into your mouth and across your tongue, you pucker up and indulge him, because who are you to deny a “big one” to this beauty of a boy in front of you?

“There,” you state as he pulls away from you, his forehead pressed harshly against yours. “That big enough for you?”

“I luh her!” he nearly yells into your face. You nearly push him away from you, the harshness of his voice and the confusion of who exactly he was talking about jarring you slightly. “I looove her!” he shouts louder as he turns his forehead towards the party to the left of you. “Luh o’ m’ life, this one is!” he points down at you, lifting his head off of yours, dramatically gesturing down at you with his gangly arms.

Your friends look on, smiling and shaking their heads at his antics. There’s no need to explain his behavior to them - they’ve known him longer than you have - so you just shrug and roll your eyes as he rests his forearms on your shoulders and begins to sway back and forth to the loud music playing in the pub.

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