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HC: Shura get anxious whenever Corrin decides to be physically affectionate, because of the abusive relationships he's been in during his time before joining Corrin's army. He fears she will turn out to be abusive as well, and it takes a long time before he can accept Corrin's affection without being on the verge of an anxiety attack.

thats so cute… pls protect shura

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Seeing Cardboard Iron Man was funny but then I got sad when I realized that Tony was having so much fun just making something out of cardboard and duct tape and just wearing it for a Halloween party with others. And it's just...when was Tony ever able to do that before?

…Why ya gotta hurt me and my son today…

There are only two types of Mikey fans, and to those two types he is either

Actual Cinnamon-roll ™


Actual Sinnamon-roll ™

and there’s literally no in-between of the two.

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Headcanon that Garon would think twice before beating up the Royal Siblings, because he isn't an idiot. It would be incredibly stupid from him to harm and probably handicap kids with magical or fighting potential: he will NEED to have them in good shape so they will lead the Nohrian army when it goes to war, so he wouldn't waste his time hitting them when intimidation tactics and emotional abuse would be far more useful.


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Let me just tell you, your smuts have ruined me for everyone else's!!! I know you're not taking requests right now, but in case you feel like writing another, do a shower sex one with Suga, Jimin, or V!

[More to come later. Here’s a little preview, xo]

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There was nothing more exhausting than a long day of classes and work. You knew it had to be done but it didn’t make it any easier. Especially not when your boyfriend has been texting you dirty things all day. It was nearly the weekend and you knew just how needy he was with the anticipation of a couple days off made him.

Do you have any idea what’s going through my head right now?

Just three more hours, baby.

Soon. Fuck I need this…

His texts were so tempting and absolute torture. You wanted him just as badly as you did but you knew your silence only added fuel to his fire. Just to piss him off, you waltzed to your car and made sure to take a selfie in the driver’s seat from above with a slight amount of cleavage showing. It didn’t take long for you to get a phone call.

“Yes oppa,” you replied innocently.

“Are you leaving work right now,” he asked bluntly in a low voice and stern. You bit your lip with a smile as you imagined how his dominance was radiating through him.

“I’m in my car as we speak. I’ll be home soon.” There was a brief pause before he opened his mouth.

“I’ll be in the shower. Take off your clothes and join me when you get in. Do you understand?” You swallowed hard on the other end as your core twitched at his words. The anticipation was driving you crazy but intrigued you so. Taking a deep breath, you gripped the steering wheel tightly and closed your eyes before answer.

“I’ll be home soon, oppa.” Your boyfriend groaned lowly on the other end; a twitch merging on his lips as he palmed himself slowly. His dick was already erect but he wanted some kind of release the the tension that was building from the blood flowing to his thick muscle.

“Call me by my name, baby. I love how it sounds on your tongue.” His voice purred on the other end and you had to close your eyes for another moment to gather yourself. With a shaky breath, you licked your lips and started your car.

“I’ll be home soon, Yoongi-oppa. I promise.” Satisfied with your answer, Yoongi smirked and hung up the phone. Taking his sweet time prepping himself for the shower, he waited oh so patiently for his sweet little vixen.

one of my neighbours regularly has heated phone calls when I come out to smoke in the evenings the only downside is he’s not English and I’m a nosey bastard who wants to know what’s got him so fired up like damn

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Are you trying to get Ressler fired? You keep prodding him for classified files.

I’m trying to save my daughter. After everything that the task force does with @askraymondredreddington, you think @askdonaldressler is going to get fired for letting me dig up some information that the FBI can’t get to? I’m helping them as much as they’re helping me, and I can’t sit around and do nothing.

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countries I’ve lived in: America

favorite fandom: FF VII

languages you speak: I’m only fluent in English, but I’ve studied Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, German, and Russian as well.

favorite film of 2016: Ummm…hm. I haven’t actually watched that many movies this year. I’m gonna’ say Civil War.

last article I read: A story on a guy suing the university where he used to work because he developed dementia and they fired him.

shuffle your music library and put the first 3 songs here

“Bullet Belt” Shovels & Rope

“Hang On” X Ambassadors

“Shattered” Dropkick Murphys

last thing you bought online: Penguin’s Russian course.

any phobias or fears: Snakes.

how would your friends describe you: Complete and total bitch (in the nicest way), as told to me by Mr. Jenn. (He does actually mean it as a compliment.)

how would your enemies describe you: Very hands-on.

who would you take a bullet for: That depends. How badly is this bullet going to hurt me? How has the person I’m taking the bullet for treated me recently? What am I going to get out of taking a bullet for them? Would they be willing to take a bullet for me? Because there’s got to be some quid pro quo, bitch.

if you had money to spare what would you buy first: Airfare. Not sure where yet. Russia first, probably.

disney or studio ghibli: Disney because I don’t know what the hell the other thing is.

book or movie: BOOK!!

comedies or scary movies: Comedies.

emotional or logical: Logical.

pastel colors or dark colors: Dark, definitely.

candles or incense: Candles.

summer or winter: Summer.

museum or aquarium: Museum, because it appeals to the aggressive history nerd in me.

halloween or christmas: Christmas. 

peppermint or spearmint: Peppermint.

cake or pie: Tbh, not a big fan of either.

morning shower or evening shower: I always shower in the evenings. 

massive mansion or cozy cottage: Can I have a cosy cottage with a massive mansion-sized library?

dinosaur kid or space kid: DINOSAUR.

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This means so much to me.

listen I love this early TFA concept art of young Kylo Ren (then just referred to as the Jedi Killer) 


he is literally dressed like an emo