Super Smash Emblem continue! Kirby Emblem!

/because zelda emblem is too predictable… and take a lot of time to make….

Kirby would be a divine dragon in Freelancer class just like Xane, this class skill fit him perfectly / Meta knight give me Black knight vibe, so i think he’d fit General class well… a swiftly one just like Black knight! / King Dedede maybe classes as king, but he’d work much like berserker class I guess.

my other Super Smash Emblem design :

Mario/Luigi -

Peach/Toad/Bowser -

A Mermaid Orochi for @dancing-aqua magical creature fire emblem event. This is the second time I’ve joined one of their drawing events, and am excited to see what they do in the future. Thank you again for letting me participate in this event. I hope you enjoy everyone else’s Fire Emblem Creatures!