SpaceX Sends Super Science to Space Station!

SpaceX is scheduled to launch its Dragon spacecraft PACKED with super cool research and technology to the International Space Station June 1 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. New solar panels, investigations that study neutron stars and even fruit flies are on the cargo list. Let’s take a look at what other bits of science are making their way to the orbiting laboratory 250 miles above the Earth…

New solar panels to test concept for more efficient power source

Solar panels generate power well, but they can be delicate and large when used to power a spacecraft or satellites. This technology demonstration is a solar panel concept that is lighter and stores more compactly for launch than the solar panels currently in use. 

Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA) has solar cells on a flexible blanket and a framework that rolls out like a tape measure and snap into place, and could be used to power future space vehicles.  

Investigation to Study Composition of Neutron Stars

Neutron stars, the glowing cinders left behind when massive stars explode as supernovas, contain exotic states of matter that are impossible to replicate in any lab. NICER studies the makeup of these stars, and could provide new insight into their nature and super weird behavior.

Neutron stars emit X-ray radiation, enabling the NICER technology to observe and record information about its structure, dynamics and energetics. 

Experiment to Study Effect of New Drug on Bone Loss

When people and animals spend lots of space, they experience bone density loss. In-flight exercise can prevent it from getting worse, but there isn’t a therapy on Earth or in space that can restore bone that is already lost.

The Systemic Therapy of NELL-1 for osteoporosis (Rodent Research-5) investigation tests a new drug that can both rebuild bone and block further bone loss, improving health for crew members.

Research to Understand Cardiovascular Changes

Exposure to reduced gravity environments can result in cardiovascular changes such as fluid shifts, changes in total blood volume, heartbeat and heart rhythm irregularities, and diminished aerobic capacity.

The Fruit Fly Lab-02 study will use the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) to better understand the underlying mechanisms responsible for the adverse effects of prolonged exposure to microgravity on the heart. Fruit flies are effective model organisms, and we don’t mean on the fashion runway. Want to see how 1,000 bottles of fruit flies were prepared to go to space? Check THIS out.

Space Life-Support Investigation

Currently, the life-support systems aboard the space station require special equipment to separate liquids and gases. This technology utilizes rotating and moving parts that, if broken or otherwise compromised, could cause contamination aboard the station. 

The Capillary Structures investigation studies a new method of water recycling and carbon dioxide removal using structures designed in specific shapes to manage fluid and gas mixtures. 

Earth-Observation Tools

Orbiting approximately 250 miles above the Earth’s surface, the space station provides pretty amazing views of the Earth. The Multiple User System for Earth Sensing (MUSES) facility hosts Earth-viewing instruments such as high-resolution digital cameras, hyperspectral imagers, and provides precision pointing and other accommodations.

This investigation can produce data that could be used for maritime domain awareness, agricultural awareness, food security, disaster response, air quality, oil and gas exploration and fire detection. 

Watch the launch live HERE! For all things space station science, follow @ISS_Research on Twitter.

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Dnd 5e spells for the aspects

Locate objects
Dimension door

Expeditious retreat

True strike
Dancing lights
Dark vision
Scorching ray

Chill touch
Fog cloud

Fire bolt
Disguise self
Detect magic
Speak with dead
Spirit guardians

Minor illusion
Modify memory

Produce flame
Sacred flame
Unseen servant

Shocking grasp
Hideous laughter

Thorn whip
Speak with animals

Eldritch blast
Spare the dying
Detect poison and disease
Bestow curse
Animate dead

Feather fall
Gust of wind
Gaseous form

Charm person
Animal friendship
Comprehend languages
Dominate beast

This is not extensive or final by any means

McHanzo Week 2017 - Day 2

Deep within the Underdark once lived two dark elven brothers, cursed by fate to be the only Drow within their city to be untouched by Lloth’s evil. For years they hid the goodness within their hearts until one day the youngest brother rebelled against the Spider Goddess’ High Priestess. He was punished by being changed into a Dryder, a centaur-like creature with the upper body of a Drow and the lower body of a monstrous spider. His family, deeply ashamed, commanded the elder brother to kill the younger. It was the only way to bring honor back to the name Shimada.  

Things did not go as planned  


If there was one blessing about the sudden rainfall, it was that it would prevent what remained of the bandits from tracking them down. Of course, this so-called blessing from the Gods (if their newest hanger-on was to be believed) did bring up a problem that no one in their merry band had thought of before: Genji’s massive dryder body sank like a stone in the mud.

Which lead to our heroes’ current situation: huddled naked around a fire in a cave under some thankfully dry wool blankets as their clothes were laid out to dry. Hanzo had chosen to share his blanket with Jesse, even though he had to make it clear to his lover that absolutely nothing was happening anytime soon. Not while Hanzo was cold, aching, and in the same open space as his equally-naked brother.

Genji had fallen asleep the second he sat down in front of the fire. He, more than anyone, gave it his all against the bandits. Truly, the brigands signed their death warrants the second they kidnapped Zenyatta. They were curled up together, dryder legs wrapped around Zenyatta’s metal body tight, daring the world to try to take his love away from him again. Of course Genji also had a few legs around the other person they saved from the bandits. Mercy, cleric of Ilmater, was also curled up against Genji and Zenyatta.

“I don’t know how he does it,” Jesse finally said. “First a warforged, and now an aasimar. In record time, too.”

“Genji said they had met previously,” Hanzo replied, not sounding so sure himself. Genji had scarcely left his side since they stumbled out of the Underdark. He didn’t think Genji had the time to become so closely acquainted with anyone outside their group.

“Pretty sure I’ve seen her travelin’ with Sir Morrison before.”

“That doesn’t make her the enemy.”

“Yeah, but she might also be itchin’ to shove that holy staff right up my-”

Genji let out a half-snore half-cough before rolling over onto his back, taking Mercy and Zenyatta with him. There was a brief fight over the blankets before the three of them fell back asleep. Hanzo watched as the feathered wings on Mercy’s back flexed once before folding against her body. Before Jesse could say another word Hanzo moved his own hand to scratch right under Jesse’s leathery wings.

“Mmm, darlin’,” Jesse purred. “Thought you said we were keeping our hands to ourselves.”

“I did not wish to imply we could not cuddle as well,” Hanzo said as he pressed against Jesse’s side. In return Jesse wrapped an arm around Hanzo to hold the drow close. If Hanzo didn’t know any better he could have sworn the tiefling was warmer than the fire. They sat there like that, lost in the sounds of the crackling hearth and the rain echoing against the cave walls.

“Million gold pieces,” Jesse said, ruining the moment.

“That is quite a lot of gold,” Hanzo replied.

“Million gold pieces, but you have to lick every magic item you come across.”

Hanzo rested his head on Jesse’s shoulder. “Do you mean every magic item I find and wish to keep for myself?”

“Nah, it’s every magic object you can directly see. Even if you don’t know it’s magic! The good news is that you now have a sure-fire way to detect magic.”

“Mmm.” Hanzo shook his head. “I must pass. If I ever find myself in front of royalty it might end with my beheading.”

“Good point. Wouldn’t want that to happen to you, darlin’.” Jesse kissed the top of Hanzo’s head. “Your turn.”

“Very well. A million gold pieces.”

“Sure is a whole lot of gold, sugarpie.”

Hanzo scratched between Jesse’s wings, earning another happy whimper from the man.  “A million gold pieces, but everything you read has a one-in-twenty chance of being enchanted with Explosive Runes.”

Jesse shifted his body under the blanket, which just so happened to pull Hanzo closer. “Can I hire someone to read for me?”

“I said everything, Jesse. Signs, labels, graffiti, tattoos, everything has a one-in-twenty chance of exploding in your face.”

“Better not then. Hate to have someone’s tattoo blow up just because I looked at them.”

Hanzo felt Jesse’s hand move and squeeze his thigh. Suddenly Hanzo couldn’t really remember why they were just talking instead of acting. It would be so easy to pin Jesse down on the cave floor, take his time to appreciate every inch of Jesse’s body, to-

A deep groan from the other side of the cave snapped Hanzo right out of it. One of Genji’s back legs lifted up in the air as he grumbled “I’ll give you both a million gold pieces if you shut up!”

And like that Jesse and Hanzo’s hands were back to themselves. Neither of them spoke until Genji’s leg went back down and the cave once again was filled with the sound of his snoring.

“Well,” Jesse said as he risked an arm around Hanzo’s shoulders. “Wouldn’t want a million gold pieces anyway. Already got everything I need right here.”

Hanzo laid his head down on Jesse’s shoulder and smiled. “Agreed.”

highpressenergy  asked:

detective conan au where everything is the same except shinichi's hair is constantly on fire. like, thats the third time youve burnt the bed this month conan, jesus fucking christ,

Lake,, u come to me, u come to my house, and you place this au in my hands, it is a joke au, bUT U KNO, I LOV FIRE, AND I LOV CONE AND MY MIN D JUST WONDERS WITH THINGS,,,lake,,, my dear friend,what have u unleashed–

and then when i imagined bED BURNING…WELL…WHAT IF his hair fire is harmless but it gets dangerous when he doesn’t focus on it/is in distress sO IF HE BURNT THE BED THAT MEANS,,, MAYBE HE HAD A NIGHTMARE– third time this month conan,,, jeeze, you say to m

anD NOW A RANDOM COMPLETELY FIRE HAIR CONE [inspiredby a fire hair len i saw on twitter im loved thatlook]

Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen from Arrow (a bitchy comparison)

I recently made it through the first two seasons of Arrow and just wanted to get some shit off of my chest. Some spoilers below, but if you’re like me, you don’t really give a shit. Let’s go. 

1. Tragic Backstory

Bruce Wayne: Both parents murdered tragically on a street, was left to cower in the blood, traumatized for life™

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Oliver Queen: Mother was really shady, tried to kill his dad (?), Dad almost dies on cruise ship accident and then kills himself so his son lives (??) but he was also really shady and was lying the whole time?

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2. Secret Identity

Bruce Wayne: Batfamily, two or three doctors/CIs, the JL and MAYBE a few other people know Bruce’s secret identity. He guards this pretty well, and wears a full cowl/mask most of the time. Pulls off the “Brucie Wayne” character so well, people don’t even question his stupidity. 

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Oliver Queen: Tells EVERYONE his secret identity ASAP, including people who don’t even need to know, and then fails ridiculously at covering up his extra-curricular activities that, by the end of season 2, the only person who doesn’t really know his identity is his sister (?) and somehow his mom magically knew too? 

Also, for most of season 1 and 2 he wore only green face paint under the hood, which meant a lot of strategic turning/talking so they couldn’t see the blond stubble/clearly outlined facial features (wtf ollie?)

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3. Skills they learned in the mountains/the island

Bruce Wayne: Trained with Ra’s, ninjas, like 60 different teachers, was gone for more than a decade, came back wise and tall and ready to exact vengeance on his city once he’d learned enough. 

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Oliver Queen: Got stranded on a desert island/prison, learned archery for a year (?) and some hand-to-hand combat from Slade Wilson, still, his only true skill is pissing off women, was only gone for 5 years? 

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4. Relationships with Law Enforcement

 Bruce Wayne: Jim Gordon is his go-to man, drops off hints/clues, discusses cases on abandoned rooftops, slowly builds a camaraderie

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Oliver Queen: Gets Detective Lance fired/demoted/arrested like 12 times, Lance hates his guts whether he’s Oliver or the Hood, really just yells cryptically at him through a voice modulator 80% of the time, 90% of the time is has something to do with Laurel, but he can’t put two and two together. 

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5. Killing

Bruce Wayne: Absolutely never, not even the Joker, it is his one cardinal rule™, not gonna happen, sorry

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Oliver Queen: Killed a fuck-ton of people who were pretty bad, then had a moral crisis and stopped, then decided to start killing again, then had another moral crisis and stopped, then decided it could only be in really necessary situations (read: all) and just ends up doing a lot of pointless pontificating

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6. Sidekicks

Bruce Wayne: Adopts like 20 batkids, rolls his eyes but lets them do what they want, gets into arguments but tries his best™, even with Jason. Values them as a team player even when he’s being an asshole. Loves Alfred dearly. 

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Oliver Queen: Literally shot Roy Harper in the leg because he didn’t want him going to a crime scene alone (and then pulled the arrow out himself while Roy didn’t know his identity and pretended to be all concerned)

Yells at everyone when things go wrong (read: Felicity) but then apologizes later? always 100% wrong, but the second he makes puppy eyes and says “on the island…” all is forgiven

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7. Hideouts/Caves

Bruce Wayne: Has a cave, might have real bats in it, lots of computers, a dinosaur (?), a penny, bunch of random scientific shit

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Oliver Queen: A…table? lots of tables. Some computers (product placement) and a mannequin with his suit on it (always perfectly on the doll even when he just got back from patrol?) and six arrows (ONLY six) on the table, pointed upwards dramatically like he doesn’t remember his safety training (oh wait, he didn’t get any, thanks Shado)

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8. Love interest/Lead Female characters

Bruce Wayne: Likes Selina, nothing serious, treats female characters fairly well. Has meaningless sex all the time, is too serious for a real relationship

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Oliver Queen: Supposedly likes Dinah (Laurel) but also cheated on her with her sister (Sarah) and then flipped that, then flipped it again, endlessly flirts with Felicity (who is the real catch here, if we’re being honest), calls Laurel out on her faults but still toys with her affections (and Sarah). Has the BEST idea ever and decides to have sex with Huntress, only for that to MYSTERIOUSLY backfire on him. Chooses Sarah over Shado (who he actually loved? I think?) and is directly responsible for Shado’s death and Slade’s transformation into Deathstroke

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Some similarities:

1. They both love doing pull-ups/shirtless exercises

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no really

Imagine your Dads, Rafael and Sonny, getting protective when they find out you’re going on your first date

Imagine your Dads, Rafael and Sonny, getting protective when they find out you’re going on your first date

There were three times in your entire life that you knew of where you had rendered your Dad speechless.

The first time was when you said your first word which was ‘Dada’. You think it meant so much to him because he barely got to spend any time with you at that point and it just reminded him that his world wasn’t centered around work anymore, it was centered on you. Or least that was Sonny thought. Your Dad denied it profusely. The second time was when you beat him in an argument for the first time when you were ten. He had no argument for the point you had made. He just stormed off angrily and he was annoyed about it for at least a week afterward.

The third time was when you mentioned maybe too casually that you were going on your first date.

“I’m sorry…what did you just say?” Your Dad finally spluttered after two minutes of confused expressions and breathing in as if he was going to start talking but stopping himself.

“I said,” You began, shooting Sonny was sitting and watching from the couch a confused look, “I can’t watch movies with you and Sonny this Saturday because I have a date.”

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Have You Ever Wondered How Things Would Look If Everything In PLL Happened In Real Life....?


Let’s Start From The Beginning….

“15 Year Old Alison DiLaurentis of Rosewood: MISSING

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Before the Fall- Part 3

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Part 2

Summary: Before he was known as the Joker, he was Jack. Just a normal man, who fell in love with his bosses daughter. After being caught, he’s thrown onto the path of madness and has no choice but to become the clown prince of crime.

A/N: I’m so happy with all the positive feedback I’m getting on this! Thank you everyone!~

Pairings: Normal!Joker x Reader, Joker x Reader (later on)

Warnings: Violence, death, bodily harm, hostage situations, and mentions of torture!

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Kate Rubins’ Space Station Science Scrapbook

As a child, Kate Rubins dreamed of being an astronaut and a scientist. During the past four months aboard the International Space Station, that dream came full circle. She became the first person to sequence DNA in space, among other research during her recent mission, adding to her already impressive experience. She holds a doctorate in molecular biology, and previously led a lab of 14 researchers studying viruses, including Ebola.

Here’s a look back at Rubins in her element, conducting research aboard your orbiting laboratory.

Kate inside Destiny, the U.S. Laboratory Module

The U.S. national laboratory, called Destiny, is the primary research laboratory for U.S. payloads, supporting a wide range of experiments and studies contributing to health, safety, and quality of life for people all over the world. 

Destiny houses the Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG), in which Kate worked on the Heart Cells experiment.

Swabbing for Surface Samples

Microbes that can cause illness could present problems for current and future long duration space missions. 

Understanding what microbe communities thrive in space habitats could help researchers design antimicrobial technology. Here, Kate is sampling various surfaces of the Kibo module for the Microbe-IV investigation.

Culturing Beating Heart Cells in Space

The Heart Cells investigation uses human skin cells that are induced to become stem cells, which can then differentiate into any type of cell. 

Researchers forced the stem cells to grow into human heart cells, which Rubins cultured aboard the space station for one month.

Rubins described seeing the heart cells beat for the first time as “pretty amazing. First of all, there’s a few things that have made me gasp out loud up on board the [space] station. Seeing the planet was one of them, but I gotta say, getting these cells in focus and watching heart cells actually beat has been another pretty big one.”

Innovative Applied Research Experiment from Eli Lilly

The Hard to Wet Surfaces investigation from Eli Lilly, and sponsored by the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), looks at liquid-solid interactions and how certain pharmaceuticals dissolve, which may lead to more potent and effective medicines in space and on Earth. 

Rubins set up vials into which she injected buffer solutions and then set up photography to track how tablets dissolved in the solution in microgravity.

Capturing Dragon

Rubins assisted in the capture of the SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft in July. The ninth SpaceX resupply mission delivered more than two thousand pounds of science to the space station. 

Biological samples and additional research were returned on the Dragon spacecraft more than a month later.  

Sliding Science Outside the Station

Science doesn’t just happen inside the space station. External Earth and space science hardware platforms are located at various places along the outside of the orbiting laboratory. 

The Japanese Experiment Module airlock can be used to access the JEM Exposed Facility. Rubins installed the JEM ORU Transfer Interface (JOTI) on the JEM airlock sliding table used to install investigations on the exterior of the orbiting laboratory.

Installing Optical Diagnostic Instrument in the MSG

Rubins installed an optical diagnostic instrument in the Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG) as part of the Selective Optical Diagnostics Instrument (SODI-DCMIX) investigation. Molecules in fluids and gases constantly move and collide. 

When temperature differences cause that movement, called the Soret effect, scientists can track it by measuring changes in the temperature and movement of mass in the absence of gravity. Because the Soret effect occurs in underground oil reservoirs, the results of this investigation could help us better understand such reservoirs.

The Sequencing of DNA in Space

When Rubins’ expedition began, DNA had never been sequenced in space. Within just a few weeks, she and the Biomolecule Sequencer team had sequenced their one billionth “base” – the unit of DNA - aboard the orbiting laboratory. 

The Biomolecule Sequencer investigation seeks to demonstrate that DNA sequencing in microgravity is possible, and adds to the suite of genomics capabilities aboard the space station.

Studying Fluidic Dynamics with SPHERES

The SPHERES-Slosh investigation examines the way liquids move inside containers in a microgravity environment. The phenomena and mechanics associated with such liquid movement are still not well understood and are very different than our common experiences with a cup of coffee on Earth.

Rockets deliver satellites to space using liquid fuels as a power source, and this investigation plans to improve our understanding of how propellants within rockets behave in order to increase the safety and efficiency of future vehicle designs. Rubins conducted a series of SPHERES-Slosh runs during her mission.

Retrieving Science Samples for Their Return to Earth

Precious science samples like blood, urine and saliva are collected from crew members throughout their missions aboard the orbiting laboratory. 

They are stored in the Minus Eighty-Degree Laboratory Freezer for ISS (MELFI) until they are ready to return to Earth aboard a Soyuz or SpaceX Dragon vehicle.

Measuring Gene Expression of Biological Specimens in Space

Our WetLab-2 hardware system is bringing to the space station the technology to measure gene expression of biological specimens in space, and to transmit the results to researchers on Earth at the speed of light. 

Rubins ran several WetLab-2 RNA SmartCycler sessions during her mission.

Studying the First Expandable Habitat Module on the Space Station

The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) is the first expandable habitat to be installed on the space station. It was expanded on May 28, 2016. 

Expandable habitats are designed to take up less room on a spacecraft, but provide greater volume for living and working in space once expanded. Rubins conducted several evaluations inside BEAM, including air and surface sampling.

Better Breathing in Space and Back on Earth

Airway Monitoring, an investigation from ESA (the European Space Agency), uses the U.S. airlock as a hypobaric facility for performing science. Utilizing the U.S. airlock allows unique opportunities for the study of gravity, ambient pressure interactions, and their effect on the human body. 

This investigation studies the occurrence and indicators of airway inflammation in crew members, using ultra-sensitive gas analyzers to evaluate exhaled air. This could not only help in spaceflight diagnostics, but that also hold applications on earth within diagnostics of similar conditions, for example monitoring of asthma.

Hot Science with Cool Flames

Fire behaves differently in space, where buoyant forces are removed. Studying combustion in microgravity can increase scientists’ fundamental understanding of the process, which could lead to improvement of fire detection and suppression systems in space and on Earth. 

Many combustion experiments are performed in the Combustion Integration Rack (CIR) aboard the space station. Rubins replaced two Multi-user Droplet Combustion Apparatus (MDCA) Igniter Tips as part of the CIR igniter replacement operations.

Though Rubins is back on Earth, science aboard the space station continues, and innovative investigations that seek to benefit humans on Earth and further our exploration of the solar system are ongoing. Follow @ISS_Research to keep up with the science happening aboard your orbiting laboratory.  

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Zude Recap 03x11




Jude and Sloane found Jelena and called the proper authorities.

It looked like Zero was running around looking for Jude at the hospital.

When he found him he shouted his name and sped walked towards him.

But then they were questioned…obviously.

Jude was showering in, what I assume is, Zero’s bathroom.

Jude sings (more like hums) a little.

Zero has a new haircut.

Cute conversation ensues. (About the interrogation)

Jude drags Zero’s fully clothed ass into the shower with him.

They then proceed to have some very steamy shower sex. (You end up seeing Jude’s ass 👅💦)

We go to the arena where they’re both in Jude’s office being all lovey dovey, like Zero was cuddling his face in Jude’s neck from behind.

They were discussing the plans of their soon to be home.

Jude pointed out a room he has assigned as the “baby” room. Which had Zero kind of like ????

Zero does not get traded. (A 24 hour deadline that wasn’t met)

Jude does not get fired.

The detective comes back to talk to Zero at the arena.

With how the conversation went, the detective is pointing his finger at Jude being the shooter.

Zero. Did. Not . Like. It.

He states to the man that he isn’t Oscar Kinkade.

They show Jude noticing a blood stain on his sleeve while washing his hands.

Zero walks in when Jude has to go.

Jude kisses Zero before he leaves.

Zero sees the discarded shirt beside the sink and seems to question whether or not the detective was right.

Jelena finds access to the video footage of that night and finds out who shot her.

It was not Jude.💃🏼🎉🍾

Lionel is thankful for Jude staying by her side and she says so while they’re waiting for Asha’s wedding to begin.

Zero walks in on the conversation.

Lionel states how adorable they are together and caresses Zero’s face while she says so. She then leaves to find booze.

Jude talks about hopefully moving into the new house before the next year, Zero agrees.

Zero then tells Jude that he’s made up a perfect lie to tell the detective if he gets interrogated again.

Jude questions why. But then he realizes that he thinks it’s because he shot Jelena.

This conversation isn’t completely accurate but it’s the gist of it: (it’s starts off with Zero)
“It’s just, I know you’d do anything for me.”
“But you thought would shoot someone for you!?”
“You’d lie for me?”
“Of course I would.”
“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Asha throws the bouquet.

Jude ends up catching it.💀

Zero’s the Captain.

Jude was assigned to make sure Zero stays in his lane.

Jelena then states that they are the new King & King of the Devils. (But she still the Queen)