Okay but why is nobody talking about the fact they’ve all sYNCED UP???

The Reason Why Shinichi and Kaito look alike...?

Some of you probably read this on my Deviantart bUT STILL—, lemme just, put this here.
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Ok, some may have heard about Aoyama stating in some sort interview in 2005 ish about Kaito and Shinichi looking alike was not a coincidence. 

But it’s literally hinted. Everywhere. But to notice these little hints/clues that Aoyama Sensei left, you have to analyse the Magic Kaito manga CAREFULLY.
It’s easy, really. It’s unbelievably easy to find it.

Have you ever heard of the ‘Star System’?
Well, Aoyama uses it.
Basically, it’s a system where the author treats the characters they own as actors.
We’ve seen those 'omake’ (bonus) or “backstage” as I like to call it, scenes in the manga, right?  
That’s basically what the Star System is.

To put this lightly,
The actor who acts as Kaito in Magic Kaito is also the same person that acts as Shinichi in Detective Conan…
Do you get what’s going on here…?
Kaito and Shinichi are literally the SAME person.

This whole Star System stuff is backed up with evidence… 

Here are some, if you could consider them any ahah,,

The “Magic Kaito Volume 4, Bonus Page/Manga” part.

So in these certain panels, Aoyama is talking to Kaito as the director.

The girl acting as Aoko invited everyone to go out to dinner with her,

“I’m sorry, I’ll pass that offer. I have to go to a different show’s shooting after this.”, says Kenta Connery as he starts to change into recognisable clothes… Those clothes being Conan’s… He’s even wearing his glasses.

Does this mean the kid acting as Kenta is …Conan?

And yes,
The first Omake page of MK has these hints too.

Kaito declares that he wasn’t able to sleep previously because he was in another show that day… Wonder what that show was.

On the side note,
in the Black Star manga, due to Kaito and Shinichi being played by the same actor, they never appear in the same frame.
I mean, I guess you wouldn’t see them in the same frame because of the situation but still…
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a frame where Kai and Shin were together in it–.

But yeah, this is some recent information I came across whilst digging up some evidence for things…
Thought I should share it…
Even if it’s all made up, it’s pretty interesting…

“Why should I weep over my own mother? She’s never looked me in the eye as her son before, so how was her departure any different?”

No, that’s not a support line, so don’t go looking for it. Anyone who has taken a peek at timelines might know what I’m going for here.