Ok so like in the avatar world you would think that waterbenders would be the fire fighters right? Like a bunch a of waterbenders just getting water from a lake or a river and dousing the fire. But you know what’s better? Firebender fire fighters. Just like someone’s house catches on fire and firebenders just… turn it off,,.. Just like no, the fire is done for today

And Keith is done :D
*glares at the fire* you misbehaved far to many times

(Lance, Shiro, Hunk, Pidge, Coran, Allura,  All of ‘em)

Avatar The Last Air bender AU

Lance = Water bender
Keith = Fire bender
Shiro = Air bender
(The last living from a small family that survived the genocide 100 years ago)
Pidge and Hunk = Earth benders (Pidge will become a metal bender)
Coran = Non-bender
Allura = Avatar, Air bender

Fire Nation = Galra

Jeong Jeong: I have taught the Avatar a lesson about fire bending.

Zuko: You fucked up a perfectly willing student is what you did. Look at it. It’s got anxiety.

I’ve seen a bunch of people say that Katara overreacted to her mother’s death in the Southern Raiders and I’m just like,,, how? When she was four years old her village was invaded and her mother was killed. She met the man that killed her and then found her mother’s dead, probably burnt to a crisp, body. And in case y'all are forgetting: KATARA IS THE REASON SHE DIED. Kya died to protect her.