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I'm getting the feeling Henry and Bendy are going to bond over their mutual PTSD. It wasn't as noticeable before but I think Bendy as he is now is probably in a constant state of exhaustion/agony. I know for a fact if you hang around the door after Bendy chases you in there you can hear him pound on it for moment then lean on it gasping for air before limping away. Somebody save this poor boy. ;_;


@squigglydigglydoo WE CALLED A THING

Uh I mean, yes there’s gonna be some trauma and bonding over trauma, though for different reasons than in-game. Let’s just say Bendy isn’t supposed to look like that when Blot Bendy and leave it at that for a while, mm?

that moment when your fan base thinks you and your best friend are dating, you move the second you get home from Australia and everyone thinks it’s because your dating but it’s really just you really love sleep and you can’t sleep where you used to live, and it’s all a bit too much #justgirlythings

Really fast, not good at al sketch of what I sort of imagine Izumi’s daughter becuse I needed a break. 

I think I’m alone in the fandom, who draw beautiful versions of her looking like an older Azula, with long hair and traditional clothing, and like the idea of her being an impish, spirited “Modern Woman” princess determined to bring the Fire Nation into the Modern Age. I like to think she’s impulsive and headstrong, which gets her and Mako into trouble, but he loves her spirit and she loves his nature, idk 

But, admittedly, the idea of her being traditional and falling in love with Modern Republic City, and thus probably Mako as hinted, is fun too.