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“Gods be good, why would any man ever want to be king? When everyone was shouting King in the North, King in the North, I told myself … swore to myself … that I would be a good king, as honorable as Father, strong, just, loyal to my friends and brave when I faced my enemies … now I can’t even tell one from the other. How did it all get so confused? Lord Rickard’s fought at my side in half a dozen battles. His sons died for me in the Whispering Wood. Tion Frey and Willem Lannister were my enemies. Yet now I have to kill my dead friends’ father for their sakes.”

The biggest surprise when you first reviewed for the first time?

DD: I found that Gillian wrote two science fiction thriller books. I did not know, she had never told me!

GA: “He” is because I have found that David wrote a book, entitled  Holy Cow: A Modern-Day Dairy This . Beautiful, the story of Elsie, a cow, which together with a turkey and a pig, after being shocked by a documentary about meat, they decide to run away from a farm. I enjoyed it a lot.

RollingStone 2016

Fire and Ice: the complete fic!

Words: 77,655

Rating: T

Summary:  Can old rivals become new partners?
In the aftermath of a serious injury, Regina Mills’s dream of going to the Olympics is dashed when her partner leaves her to skate with another girl. Alone and unsure of her future in the sport, Regina resigns herself to finding a new partner. Enter Robin Locksley: talented, handsome, and Regina’s former rival from the junior skating circuit. They meet. They clash. Their coaches think they’re the perfect match. Can these former competitors put aside their differences for a second chance at Olympic glory?

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Sequel: coming soon!

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Can you do Jojen + Summer modern au headcanons?

Oh, absolutely I can! <3 Hope you don’t mind the brojen…!

  • While Summer is like SUPER protective of Bran, Jojen’s got an in. I mean, Bran trusts Jojen so Summer respects that but Jojen wants to absolutely make sure he isn’t perceived as a threat so-
  • Jojen bribes. It’s little things like new toys or little treats, special little tummy rubs or ear scratches. It’s gotten to the point that the Reeds as a whole unit question why Jojen buys tennis balls in bulk or why he saves the bones from their steak dinners. Meera knows why but she thinks it is a little ridiculous considering Summer already likes him.
  • Summer lets Jojen snuggle with him. Like, they’ll lie out in the sun together while Bran does something or another. Bran joins them most of the time but Jojen has a spot. When Summer lays on his side, Jojen rests his head on his belly. Sometimes Bran will lay next to Jojen too.
  • Summer is Bran’s service dog so he is trained to handle emergencies. Summer can always tell when Jojen is or is right about to have a seizure and will come and make sure Jojen doesn’t hurt himself should he fall. Summer will also hold him down to stop him from jerking until either someone comes to help or the seizure passes.
  • Jojen definitely teaches Summer tricks behind Bran’s back which is kind of counterproductive because Bran is also teaching Summer tricks so Summer knows two different commands for each trick and the boys are both stunned and amazed.
  • Bran has trained Summer to walk Jojen home and it is very ridiculous and cute. For the sake of this headcanon, the Reeds don’t live far from the Starks so if you are one of the houses in between you can see Jojen casually walking by Summer and then twenty minutes later see Summer trotting back home.
  • Summer is super helpful for Bran because that’s his job and he loves Bran and Summer also translates that into helping Jojen because he also loves Jojen. So Jojen will drop something and before he can even bend down to pick it up, Summer slides to the rescue to get it for him. This has also resulted in teeth nipping at fingers because Summer just wants to help so get out of the way human boy. Summer also opens doors for Bran and Jojen. It’s really cute.
  • Summer really likes the bridge of his nose being scratched and he’ll nose at Jojen until he does it because Jojen will always concede to doing it. Summer returns the favor by licking Jojen’s knee caps which Jojen isn’t all that thrilled about.
  • Summer is the master wingman for Jojen and Bran. One notable incident was when Bran and Jojen were kissing in the living room when no one was home and neither of them had really come out yet, Summer knocked Jon flat on his back (and spilled the groceries everywhere) in order to make sure he didn’t walk in on them.
  • [Side Note: Jon is still really pissed at Summer for that but he is even a little more pissed off at Ghost who did nothing and just watched.]