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:As such, for me, Aegon ranks alongside Quentyn and First Book Sansa in terms of the author’s angriest writing about his own genre" could you expand on the sansa part

Sure! This is something @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly and I talked about at the last Ice & Fire Con: Sansa as a stand-in for the fantasy reader, specifically an uncritical reader. Her fall-into-knowledge over the course of AGOT is so dramatic and devastating because she starts out in a bubble, and that bubble is explicitly fueled by songs and stories. In other words, fantasy has left her unprepared for the likes of Cersei and Joffrey. Sansa’s been trained to look only at the surface, and not question what goes on beneath it. By demonstrating that she needs to ask those questions, the author is encouraging us to do the same. As such, after her beloved handsome prince forces her to watch her father executed after promising her that he would show mercy, Sansa is “reading” the world around her differently, wondering how she ever could have loved Joffrey.

What makes this more than a miserable grimdark grind, however, is the conclusion Sansa draws from this experience. She does not become Cersei, determined to imitate the unjust systems that have brought her low; she does not become Littlefinger, thinking only of what she is owed and creating more victims in the process. Instead, she gradually realizes that *she* must live up to the values expressed in the stories and songs, even–especially–if the world around her (particularly the institutions and individuals in power) does not. “If I am ever queen, I’ll make them love me,” for example, or even more powerfully, “he was no true knight.” The latter is what sparks Sandor’s own gradual reformation, because what Sansa is saying there is that the corrupt institution of knighthood, that which anointed Gregor and thus convinced Sandor that the values of knighthood he’d worshiped were a lie, has no monopoly on what it really means to be a true knight. That idea is a core theme of GRRM’s writing in this universe, from “a knight who remembered his vows” to “a king who still cared,” from “my people…they were afraid” to “no chance, and no choice.” For me personally, more than anything else, it’s what makes Sansa Stark such a compelling character.

Hey there! We’re a modern AU Fire Emblem RPG with a twist, truth is we couldn’t make up our minds about wanting to RP Modern AU or Canon, so, why not both? 
The RPG takes place in the cool city of Kasai which is formed and strongly influenced by the popular VR game, Outrealms ONLINE. Founded and based in Kasai, city residents play it almost daily! Giving characters a modern life, and a fantasy life!
“Sounds like that terrible anime SAO” i hear you say, well yes. it does, but its better that SAO i promise, because you don’t actually die irl if you die in game lol AND i mean, It is Fire emblem so, it has to be better right? :) 

More information can be found here: About Rules IC Info

Module 2: Frost, Flame, and Aqua.

Frost- Literally and figuratively cool. The stiff and frigid hair doesn’t work well with the parka.

Flame- Represents the fighting style of a familiar flame monster from another region. Burn everything in your path!

Aqua- Use the power of the ocean at your hands. The bigger glasses help keep the water out of your eyes. Radical.


Lady Brienne’s Quest

“I am looking for a maid of three-and-ten,“ Brienne told everyone. "A highborn maid and very beautiful, with blue eyes and auburn hair. Have you seen her?” They shook their heads.

 The chanting filled the woods like pious thunder. And suddenly the source of the sound appeared in the road ahead. A group of begging brothers led the way, scruffy bearded men in roughspun robes, some barefoot and some in sandals. Behind them marched threescore ragged men, women, and children, a spotted sow, and several sheep. Several of the men had axes, and more had crude wooden clubs and cudgels. In their midst there rolled a two-wheeled wayn of grey and splintered wood, piled high with skulls and broken bits of bone. When they saw the hedge knights, the begging brothers halted, and the chanting died away. “Good knights,” one said, “the Mother loves you.” from A Feast for Crows Chapter 4 (Brienne I)

Complicating the Final Battle: Fantasy Factions in the War for Dawn

The more I’ve been thinking about a number of things bookwise and show-wise, it is becoming clear that a war between humanity + dragons + wolves vs. the Others, whose perspective we have never gotten and are for all intents and purposes assumed to be ice zombies, is a very overused trope for all that George Martin has been criticising Tolkien imitators for. I wrote a post trying to gauge who the fantasy antagonists of ASOIAF are and if Robert Frost’s Fire and Ice is the inspiration, then perhaps the two extreme elements are both the fantasy antagonists. 

In that post I postulated that the Others are sentient beings as they display the ability to make a deal with Craster and if the Children created the Others as weapons against the First Men settling in Westeros and cutting down trees, the question then arises when did they and why are they coming now. This is a question that is left very, very vague. But I also put forward the possibility that the orcs that GRRM keeps bringing up may also include Targaryens and dragons. Then comes the question if you kill them all or do you make a policy that controls their power. I believe Jon, being the son of ice and fire, will make a pact with the Others to end the war after a fair share of fighting. However, Dany may not cooperate because she did lose a dragon in this mix and things can go awry. I do buy into the assumption that Daenerys and Jon will conflict with each other as a kind of Achilles and Hector, which I elaborate in that post. These are the assumptions I am operating on this first part, which are necessary to understand the second part of my theory (Read the linked post for your own convenience). However over discussions @trinuviel brought up how even this still seems like a very conventional scenario because of the involvement of religion (or religion labelling) in this mix. I think she may have a point. 

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the frightened child who sheltered in my manse died on the dothraki sea, and was reborn in blood and fire. this ————–

                                  dragon queen

                                                                     ———— who wears her name is a true targaryen.

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Could I request scenario’s of Tokoyami, Todoroki, Midoriya and Bakugou meeting their s/o’s who’s quirks are all the same as theirs but with a twist? Like, Todoroki’s s/o having a similar quirk but the ice and fire are switched sides, etc.? Thanks in advance!!

(you said scenarios, but I think if I wrote a scenario for all four of these guys then it would be quite long, so I’m doing headcanons 😅)


-His s/o has a light spirit that works very similarly to Dark Shadow. It is it’s own entity, but is weaker when it’s in the dark. Also, his s/o can manipulate light in order to blind people or even set them aflame.

-Neither of them are necessarily stronger than the other, since their quirks basically cancel each other’s advantages out.

-but since their quirks parallel each other so well, they make a BANGIN team because they basically have no weaknesses (ie; Kaminari’s quirk would actually POWER UP Tokoyami’s s/o’s quirk)

-aizawa won’t let them pair up for training exercises because they beat everyone lmao

-Tokoyami was instantly interested in his now s/o. Not romantically at first but purely because of the parallels of their quirks.


-His s/o doesn’t have any physical indicators that their quirk is the reverse of his, so Todoroki originally had no idea.

-His s/o primarily uses fire in combat

-The first time that his s/o used ice, everyone stared at them, then Todoroki, then back at them again.

-Aizawa already knew and was just waiting to see when everyone else would find out

-The class made Todoroki and his s/o stand next to each other and explain their quirks (and yup, the fire and ice sides are reversed)

-So whenever they work together, they can basically do double of what they can each do individually.

-you remember that giant ice wall that Todoroki made during the sports festival? Now double it

-it’s crazy

-Dekusquad was basically like listen Todoroki you have got to take them out on a date for God’s sake it’s like the universe itself is telling you to

-so he did


His s/o’s quirk is more of a mental quirk. (Because what’s the opposite of super strength? Super weakness?? So I decided to make it physical vs mental power)

-His s/o basically has telekinesis - they can lift things with their mind

-They most often use it to throw enemies, or to grab things and throw them or use them as weapons

-They’re long range, whereas Deku mostly has to be close range. His s/o just needs to see whatever they’re manipulating, so they can be fairly far off.

-They immediately got a page in Deku’s hero notebook

-They agreed to answer some questions about their quirk and accidentally agreed to an hour long interrogation oops

-They actually found it super endearing, and that’s when they began to like Deku


-His s/o’s quirk is the ability to shoot water from their hands with such force that it can explode through concrete, steel, or human bodies. They can control the amount of force they use.

-Despite this badass quirk, they are very gentle and sweet

-Bakugo was AMAZED by his s/o at first

-except then they beat his ass

-They can complete douse him. He can barely make sparks because the nitroglycerin on his hands washes off too quickly.

-he saw her as competition after that, but they reached out to be friends with him and asked him to train together

-He is superior to them in non-quirk, hand to hand combat so they got a lot closer as he helped them train

-he developed the crush first, but they made the first move.


rubies and sapphires and fire and ice

tsubasa reservoir chronicle, kurogane pov

kurofai week - day 1 - sweet - fai makes kurogane a sweet treat.


the sakuramochi looks harmless enough, if a little bit misshapen and little bit too big.

kurogane looks at it, then up at fai’s expectant little smile, and controls his impulse to snort. as if the damn mage doesn’t know he’s not really one for sweets. but he doesn’t say anything, just picks the thing from its little ornate plate and, with one more look in fai’s direction, he takes a bite. his eyebrows shoot up.

it’s… not as sweet as he expected it to be.

it’s surprising. fai usually makes everything so sickeningly tooth-aching, kurogane always has trouble with it, but this is actually good, the bean paste not as sweetened as it would normally be (even in a normal person’s hands).

he takes another bite, and then washes it down with a sip of sake.

‘it’s good,’ he says, casual, and fai’s smile grows, his eyes brightening in delight and pride.

‘i’m glad you like it, kuro-sama,’ he says, and takes a sip of his own sake.

kurogane takes a moment to just enjoy the warm breeze and the delicious taste and the precious company. he takes the last bite and bends over to place a small kiss to fai’s hair.

‘thank you,’ he says, nuzzling against the golden strands.

‘you are welcome, kuro-sama,’ fai answers on a soft, content sigh.


JONSA FANDOM!!!! i was reading a fanfic on archieve about jonsa. when jon comes back after danny and sansa knows theres something between him and danny so shes depressed and she goes walking around winterfell n she sees theon so they get to talking about how men beat him up and she tried to convince jon that he should get justice for theon!!!!!