“He took Raventree and accepted Lord Blackwood’s surrender,” said her uncle, “but on his way back to Riverrun he left his tail and went off with a woman.”

“A woman?” Cersei stared at him, uncomprehending. “What woman? Why? Where did they go?”

“No one knows. We’ve had no further word of him. The woman may have been the Evenstar’s daughter, Lady Brienne.”

Her. The queen remembered the Maid of Tarth, a huge, ugly, shambling thing who dressed in man’s mail. Jaime would never abandon me for such a creature. My raven never reached him, elsewise he would have come. - Cersei I, ADWD


I didn’t believe the last set of spoilers and I don’t intend to believe this set. Guys I wouldn’t put any faith into these so called leaks. I think we should all just wait until the show comes out. Because everything is turning into a shit fest. It’s literally a ship war and we all need to come down. Both ships are great. Stop getting all of your undies in a twist, it doesn’t matter which one becomes canon. Lets just take a deep breath, think on it, and recognize spoilers this early are always going to be false.

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Could you maybe do some sad head canons about theon and robb being in the hospital (for something serious or not serious or maybe both) and how the other reacts? I need a good cry.

OMG I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG THIS HAS BEEN IN MY ASKS BUT I JUST SAW IT AND IM SORRY!! (also, shout out apology to the people who sent prompts from way back in June…I’m bad at this!)

So….none of them are quiet sad…more hurt/comfort/feel good??? Sorry! I tried but…sad was difficult this time around.


  • Okay, so Theon hates hospitals, like hates them. They remind him too much of hospice centers and it brings up bad feelings of his mom. He doesn’t trust the hospital staff either even though there isn’t a specific reason for it- it’s just trust issues in general (thanks, dad) -and needles are a big no go for him. Overall, any time he had to be at the hospital, it doesn’t go over well for him.
  • Sometimes he gets so worked up just being there that the medical staff have to sedate him and strap him down and that really doesn’t go over well, but there is no choice. They either don’t and Theon works himself up so much that he hurts himself or they do and he panics. He gets panic attack and anxiety from the sedatives and honestly, he’s a mess any way it goes. There is no real right answer.
  • Robb is very aware of this and does everything within his power to make sure things go over well, or as well as they can. He really turns into a Mother Hen whenever anyone ends up in the hospital but when Theon does it’s a whole different level because Theon isn’t just his friend or his family, he is both and more. There is a different kind of love there and it causes Robb to get a different kind of worried. Plus, Theon probably reacts the worst to hospital settings compared to anyone else Robb knows.
  • Robb has at times been known to get a tad bit aggressive with the hospital staff. It isn’t because they are doing anything wrong, because they really aren’t but it is because Theon just doesn’t react well and he is super protective. Robb will even pull visitation rights and claim to be Theon’s spouse (before they are married) and in the earlier years, he’d claim to be family (no one really believes that but they go along with it) because if he doesn’t, the only people who are legally allowed in would be Asha who might show up or Balon who would never show up.
  • One time while Ramsay stuff was happening and Theon ended up in the hospital, Ramsay tried to visit and Robb ended up causing a big enough scene to have both of them removed thus leaving Theon alone in the hospital. Robb ended up using his siblings are couriers but even after Theon was allowed to leave, Robb tried to make up for his lack of being there. Theon honestly was just happy to get out but the extra attention from Robb wasn’t so bad…
  • Robb never leaves Theon’s hospital room. It gets to the point that Jon has to come along because if he doesn’t they might as well set up another bed for Robb due to starvation and exhaustion.
  • Robb is also prone to highly emotional responses. Like, he may cry, he may curse, he may swear to never let anything happen to Theon again, but he is always very open with his emotions. Robb generally talks a lot so he tends to spill out a lot of emotional sentimental things in these instances and Theon eats that shit up whether he would admit that or not.
  • Robb eats the hospital food with Theon through bribes of taking him out for something better when he gets out. Theon hates the food but reasons that if Robb is willing to suffer through the disgusting blobs of food-like items then Theon can too. Plus, release dinners are always A++++
  • Robb organizes the entire Stark clan to visit Theon (even the ones who rather not). Rickon brings balloons by the thousands. Sansa has a get well soon card. Arya and Jon don’t bring anything but pouts and mutters of “get well”. Bran brings advice galore and scientific explanations. Cat and Ned bring home cooked meals and kind(ish) smiles. Theon doesn’t really care how genuine the gestures of the other Starks are because Robb’s is genuine.
  • On Theon’s side of things, he feels super vulnerable about being in the hospital and uses Robb as an anchor. He hates it, hates having to rely on Robb so much, but having him there, sitting next to him, talking, being in mutual silence…he just feels better about going through it.


  • Theon is at an absolute loss when Robb is in the hospital. Robb has been to the hospital many times (he is a bit accident prone and they are always minor injuries- sprained ankle, broken finger, that sort of thing) but Theon still doesn’t know what to do.
  • Since he hates hospitals, it takes a lot out of him just to be there but given the choice he would always go in because the only thing worse than being in a hospital is Robb being in there without him. It’s that type of loyalty that allows him access in even when Robb is only allowed familial visits (Ned is more than willing to permit access).
  • Theon is a cot climber. Like, if Robb is admitted overnight, Theon will get in the hospital bed with him (always mindful of IVs because those freak him out) but he isn’t fantastic at emotional verbal responses and knows that a physical one will translate just as well. Robb never complains or tells him not to. He enjoys the physical closeness even if the hospital staff don’t approve.
  • Theon sneaks Robb outside food. He isn’t sure if it is allowed or not but he knows what hospital food looks and tastes like and he doesn’t imagine how that can be good for him. (Of course, the food he sneaks in is unhealthy because Theon can’t be bothered to make a healthy meal and usually just grabs something premade and greasy).
  • Actually, Theon has a tendency to bring and sneak in anything and everything. He’ll bring books, music, movies, puzzles, anything he can think of to keep both him and Robb occupied. A few times Theon has brought in a flask of vodka but Robb is quick to reprimand him with a Jesus, Theon, I’m just in the hospital for a few hours, not going off to war…save that shit for when I get out. ;)
  • Theon is never present during medical procedures. Even if they are just drawing some blood, Theon will wait patiently outside until Robb’s done. Again, the process doesn’t vibe well with him.
  • The Starks in general all know about Robb’s Mother Hen tendencies but after watching Theon coddle their older brother after a slight fever, they now have developed the term Squid Mom for Theon. It doesn’t really hit them that they’ve labeled their older brother and his best friend/boyfriend as surrogate parents but when it does, none of them are quick to object.
  • That being said, Squid Mom Theon is really not the most practical. Here are some sample examples:
  1. “The bottle says to take one every six hours until you run out but if I give them all to you now, you’ll heal up even faster.”
  2. “I put a whole bottle of hot sauce in the soup to clear up your sinuses.”
  3. “No, four sweaters are not excessive, the doctor said to keep you bundled up.”
  4. “I don’t care if the doctor said two weeks; you are still a little pale so you are staying in bed for eight more days. Do-not-sass-me-Robb-Stark.

So…not sad…but here they are…SORRY!


I was tagged by @the-queen-of-iron to describe myself in three fictional characters.
Ok that was actually quite hard because they all are amazing?? And I don’t deserve to compare myself to any of them???
(Plus, it took me sometime to decide whether I’d put Morticia or Wednesday or Magneto, since some people say I remind them all three of them, and I already wanted to include Tyrion and Snape, so yeah, it had to be only one…)

The characters I chose, appear in alphabetical order.

Morticia Addams: “You have gone too far. You have married Fester. You have destroyed his spirit. You have taken him from us. All that I could forgive, but Debbie… pastels?”

Severus Snape: “Well, it may have escaped your notice, but life isn’t fair!”

Tyrion Lannister: “Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like an armor and it can never be used to hurt you.”

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it will be a rombela one shot, have a snippet just to fool myself into thinking that i have been productive tonight.
Listen I’m sleepy and I don’t know what I’m doing really.

The room was emerged on a permanent twilight state, heavy curtains tightly shut only allowing a delicate ray of light to illuminate her long ivory golden hair. Such bright colours clashing dramatically with the ominously coloured bed.

Strands of gold on blood.
And she softly remains asleep, unaware of his presence.
Soon he will have to wake her up, it is time to feed her.

For sure the Romanian lord knew the implications of dealing with magic, as his family had been bearers of such talent since the very beginning of their long, ancient line.
As such, he was also aware of the repercussions of such talents on the eyes of others.
What else could they be called besides ‘vampires’, the common folk certainly did not had more originality than that!

But Vladimir welcomed such theories about himself, oh such fun! 
In fact he would do whatever it took to make the stories created around him to look as plausible as possible.
Oh granted he would not hurt a soul, if anything he had a kind heart despite his outbursts of deviousness.

Of course that a rumor had to be the source of everything, what else could have stirred his curiosity like that?
Now he was summoning demons to hunt upon the souls of the living. Wasn’t his cursed family already enough trouble for everyone, now he had yet set another calamity upon people.

And you laugh big brother?… None of this affects you?”

“Of course it doesn’t Andrei. Why should I be bothered by such rumors? In fact, I am proud! Finally they’ve moved beyond the whole vampire theory, this is great progress!”

And the small boy had sighed reluctantly, expressing his disapproval towards his brother’s strange activities.
Andrei knew what would come next. Vladimir would certainly find his next entertainment in summoning something trivial and basic as soon as he had sure that some people would be around.
The legend of Vladimir Dragulescu, bane of humanity would have to go on somehow.
An unnecessary reckless behavior that could easily be avoided if his brother was not such a thrill seeker.

Mom wouldn’t approve this…”

Vladimir’s smile diminished almost instantly as he observed Andrei’s saddened expression.
Gently he patted his dark brown hair so cutely caught in two tiny pigtails and proffered his next words with a crushing sorrow.

Mom’s not here anymore Andrei.”

Creature of the night

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Can this please be the real poster?!


Once Upon a Time 4x01 - ‘Do You Want to Build an Empire?’

An old flame of Regina’s mysteriously glides into in Storybrooke (played by Natalie Dormer, inspired by this (x).  Her name is Elsa and she wants Regina’s help in finding her missing sister, Anna.  And if she also happens to want to recapture the magic she once had with Regina…