Draconic Language

Yeah, this has probably been done before, but the idea happened and I had to share it.

I made a post about possible Beastclan languages a while back, and in thinking about it today I realized that there is absolutely no way that every dragon in every part of Sornieth speaks Draconic the same way. There must be dialects or at least minor differences. Again, I am no master linguist, and I’ve made little effort with pronunciation, but I’ve done what I can with what might be possible regional quirks, divided by flight.

Light is easiest. They’re concerned with truth and knowledge, so their variation of Draconic would probably be closest to the worldwide standard. Most books are probably published in Light dialect. Older Light clans may come across as pretentious, as they often insist on “correct grammar” from others they encounter. Language snobbery isn’t exactly uncommon, especially if they don’t like you.

Shadow is almost identical to Light, owing to the physical nearness, except that Shadow slang contains a whole ton of double-meanings to really common words and phrases that means they can make truly fantastic (and awful) puns or speak in code and only another Shadow dragon will really know the difference. Bonus points if slang varies by region and a Forum dragon can say a joke that becomes an entirely different joke to a Brambles dragon. Do not let a Shadow dragon talk unsupervised to an old-school Light dweller. Just. Don’t.

Water dragons probably speak in metaphor a lot (typical oracle trait). They probably never give a straight answer if they can help it, because nothing you say can change destiny… Unless destiny changes itself. Also maybe pirate slang? Why not? They’re fond of nicknaming different currents, too (because oracles and kennings), so a novice navigator in the Sea of a Thousand Currents has a lot to learn. Many clans that are either entirely or mostly underwater would also probably adopt Maren as a second language, so phrases and pronunciations might creep in from time to time.

Earth has barely changed in millennia. It’s really hard for modern dragons to understand some of the more isolated Earth clans, actually, which makes it less a dialect and more a separate language. Earth Draconic is almost dragon-Latin or the equivalent of Anglo-Saxon English; very rarely do new phrases get added. Kin-terminology is super complicated. They don’t have the phrase “great-great-uncle,” they have a distinct word for that. Yes, I know it’s a stereotype, but Earth dragons also probably speak very slowly, and rarely. It’s like Entish. It takes a very long time to say anything in the Earth dialect, so they never say anything unless it’s worth taking a very long time to say. Kennings might also be common here.

Ice dialect is formal, logical, and clear-spoken. No room for linguistic frippery here; this is a realm of archivists and jailors, sometimes with very little distinction between the two. They also are fond of jargon, but rarely explain it if asked. Like Earth, they don’t speak often, unless it’s something worth saying.

Wind is a flight of travelers who ride the gales around the world, so Wind dialect is probably more like a pidgin composed of words, phrases, and pronunciations from all parts of Sornieth, from Draconic to Coatl to even a variety of Beastclan (especially Harpy/Talonok). New concepts are added pretty much daily by excited explorers. Among older clans, especially ones with familiar migration patterns, this might even grow into a proper creole as hatchlings naturally incorporate what their parents learned.

Fire is weird. On one hand, Draconic is generally accepted everywhere and so they have to know Draconic to get any trade done. On the other, coatls are native to Fire and have their own language. Either a Fire-raised dragon is likely to be bilingual, or the two languages have formed a creole. There are probably some concepts that Draconic cannot express well, and same for coatl; a Fire dragon might switch freely between the two to get an idea across without realizing it. Vocabulary is often full of forge jargon and metalworking terms, sometimes applied to non-forging activities or creatures in their slang.

Lightning is usually shouted. Have any of you seen Stormcatcher’s twitter? No inside voice. It’s short and to the point; a busy workshop leaves no room for metaphor, and analogy is only useful when explaining an idea that a diagram can’t convey. Absolutely loaded with jargon, too, though a Lightning dragon might be more willing to explain than an Ice dragon.

Nature is the Lorax and it speaks for the trees. No, really… there are probably dozens of words for each and every variety of tree, shrub, and grass that are found nowhere else in Sornieth because those plants are found nowhere else. Also full of plant-based metaphor and nicknames/slang, though it’s not often they indulge in more poetic discussion. Survival of the fittest does not mean the best speaker most of the time.

Plague strikes me as the sort to adopt anything that can improve their survival, so a Plague dragon’s vocabulary is probably a hodgepodge of other languages and dialects, especially from bordering areas. If a word for something is shorter and more efficient than its Draconic counterpart, it usually replaces the Draconic. They’re also prone to laughing at strange moments.

Arcane is the hardest to categorize, primarily because of the nature of Arcane dragons as curious and ever-exploring, but they usually fit into two main types. The first is the jargon-nut, who uses very complex terms for almost anything. You know the sort: the absentminded professor who always uses scientific names. The other sort speaks perfectly normal, plain Draconic, until that moment when they use a turn of phrase that’s so totally bizarre that it takes a while to realize what’s wrong and then kills all conversation as their partner just kind of stares at them.

Oberyn dabble thing...

((Again..feels and such…not very long or with any real plot…))

Word Count: 525

It had started out innocent enough. You were simply friends, having been introduced through a mutual lover. You liked hanging out with him and vice versa. You watched movies and went out to dinner together, and of course he flirted with you and you never hesitated to flirt back. And then suddenly the two of you were friends with benefits fucking every chance the two of you got. Even then…it was rather innocent. Both of you were single and consenting adults. It went on for about five years until you found yourself getting into a very committed relationship with a coworker.

He was sweet, charming, and definitely attractive. The two of you were together for near two and a half years, you were engaged and planning kids, but then it all came crashing down…you walked in on him fucking his ex in the bedroom of the apartment the two of you shared together. Admittedly, you screamed and cursed…and who knows how much damage you did to his and your things alike. You stormed from the apartment and an hour later found yourself pulling up outside his house.

He met you at the front door with his tanned skin, his dark hair, and his lips pulled back into a smirk. In his hand was a glass of wine he must have been sipping. He never went anywhere without a bottle of wine in tow. His dark eyes lost some of its amusement at the tear stains on your cheeks and he knew enough, instantly, that he didn’t question it as you took the glass and finished the red wine. He didn’t question it when you tossed the glass down, grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into the house.

His hands grabbed your waist, his lips falling onto your neck and sucking away on that spot that he knew drove you absolutely crazy.

You led the way up the stairs to his master bedroom. You had been in there hundreds of times over the years, and although you’d never admit it out loud you had always had a feeling that you would end up there once more. It was always him…always Oberyn Martell that spoke to your body in a way no other man had ever been able to. There was just something about his accented words, the warmth of his skin, the rough and dominating but at the same time gentle talented hands and lips that made you feel things you often forgot existed when you weren’t with him.

“That asshole cheated on you didn’t he?” Oberyn asked as he stripped you naked

You hissed, “Don’t fucking talk about him right now, Martell.” Making him chuckle against your belly, the sound and vibrations sending waves of pleasure down to your core.

He nodded, not a single drop of amusement on his face as he stood up to his full height and cupped your face, “You deserve everything he couldn’t give you.” And then he was kissing you once more, his lips urgent and everything he knew you needed.

He had always been everything you needed, and you were everything he had ever wanted.

A Chat With KK Bracken and Tara Lynne of Saga Event Planning

How do two Lady Geek Extraordinaires find success in creating non-profit fan conventions in an industry overloaded with corporate, for-profit events? Luckily enough, the Queen Regent and Lord Paramount of Saga Event Planning discussed that very subject with us!

For a few years now, K-K Bracken and Tara Lynne have organized and hosted non-profit fan conventions and this year launched their business, Saga Event Planning. In 2013, Tara, along with her Small Council, hosted Ice and Fire Con(Formerly “A Convention of Ice and Fire”), the first A Song of Ice and Fire convention in the US.

Later joined by her partner K-K, the two celebrate the fifth anniversary of Song of Ice and Fire Con this April. The convention is the first of many by-fan, for-fan gatherings the two envision.

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anonymous asked:

I think I'm just submitting random prompts to you but I really love your writing so "The Notebook" AU for Gendrya

confession time I’ve never actually seen The Notebook and the synopses I’m finding on the internet aren’t quite enough to write a proper AU so have some fluff about them watching The Notebook instead (one day I will actually watch the Notebook and then revisit this)

“You’re crying.”

“Am not.”

“You are!” Arya declares triumphantly, and he would swat her on the arm if she wasn’t snuggled so close to his side.

“I have something in my eye,” Gendry says stubbornly. 

“Feelings,” she says in a sing-song voice, and they both know she won’t give it up any time soon.

“Fine. Maybe I am crying,” he grumbles, and Arya shifts under the blankets to press a soft kiss to his cheek. He’s a sap and they both know it (everyone cries at the end of Toy Story 3, okay?), and it’s the least she can do to be sappy as well.

“I just get it, okay?” Gendry says quietly. 

Arya rests her head on his chest. “I know. Me too.”

It rings just a little too true for both of them; the fights and the separation and the entire world telling them that they can have anything but each other.

Arya’s drifting off the sleep already, and Gendry kisses her forehead.

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird. She’s not a bird, though. She’s a wolf, and they’re in love.

that which is lost

that which is lost
i fear can’t ever be returned
our love will not defrost
and letters will not be unburned
a violent dance of fire and ice
that we could never pacify
led us to sacrifice the paradise we misidentified
and petrified I stand burned out
and turned out you simply
evaporated into thin air
our spring before its time turned into winter

Lighting the Match


Too often, anymore, Snide found himself at pubs and bars, whiling away the evening while remembering- or perhaps reminiscing- times with the Rats. His little mischief had taken a heavy blow, and while he still helped from the shadows, he didn’t know if he could ever, at least without some sourness, rejoin.

He forgets about it for now, staring vacantly into his cocktail, before taking a lazy swig. Everything he did was lazy, now. He didn’t have to tear hell anymore, so he’d taken the opportunity to just relax.

Of course, relaxing was hard when you lived in a shitty apartment with a bully-dog the size of a horse.
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Brown (Khal Drogo Imagine)

ImagineImagine a GoT modern!AU where Drogo is still a Khal, but is also an exchange student at your college and is teaching you Dothraki because you’re best friends.

Pairing: Reader/Khal Drogo

Warnings: No warnings

Reader: Female

Word count: 320