I just want to see Tyrion’s and Theon’s faces (and basically everyone’ s in team Daenerys, because almost all of them had a story with Stark family), when they find out, that Jon and Sansa returned Winterfall to themselves and that house stark is not dead.

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I’m creating the names for my main characters, but should I include some ‘normal’ names too? (It’s a fantasy) Is there a ratio of normal to created names that I should do?

I think it’s a good idea to have a nice balance between familiar sounding names and unusual fantasy names. George R.R. Martin does it really well in his A Song of Ice and Fire series. Just look at the Stark family:

Eddard (Unusual, but his nickname “Ned” is more common)
Catelyn (Unusual, because it’s not “kate-lynn,” but not super out there)
Robb (Unusual spelling of a common name)
Jon (Common name)
Sansa (Unusual)
Arya (Unusual)
Bran (Unusual, but it’s short for Brandon which is a common name)
Rickon (Unusual)

Although most of the names are unusual, many of them have common elements that sound familiar to the reader. It’s a nice balance. Expanding further out into the ASoIaF world, you have names like:

Daenerys (Uncommon)
Brienne (Common)
Theon (Uncommon)
Jaime (Common)
Roose (Uncommon)
Sam (Common)
Olenna (Uncommon)
Petyr (Common, unusual spelling, though)

Again, it’s a nice balance. :)

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can we all just take a second and remember how much of a beast Arya is. She literally fed Walder Frey his own kids. She took the time to prepare them and everything…. like she shouldn’t be my fav but she is… like that shit is up there with joffery and ramsay

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I Saw You Looking by Nocturneblack | R: M | W: 2k+ | 1/1

Adult Arya was far prettier than she’d been as a child, a fact which seemed to constantly nag at him, showing up at the forefront of his thoughts every few minutes lest he forget.

Arya, Gendry, and a room at an inn.

Little Bit of Fantasy by Anonymous | R: E | W: 1k+ | 1/1

A little bit of fantasy never hurt anyone… Arya is just so attracted to the hot guy working on her family’s house renovations…

Your Name Next to Mine by Nocturneblack | R: M | W: 8k+ | 3/3

When Gendry asked Arya if she could find him a teacher, he didn’t expect her to volunteer, figuring that she wouldn’t want to waste her time teaching an illiterate bastard how to read and write.
He also didn’t expect to fall in love with her.

Serving Mi’lady by Kimmeh_the_weird | R: M | W: 4k+ | 3/?

Sleeping is hard when a beautiful young woman is playing with herself, thinking you’re asleep…

A Woman Grown by Aswornstark | R: E | W: 5k+ | 2/2

Neither of them talked about it. Neither of them would even know what to say.


100 days of Caitlin Snow ↝ Day Four  

“We met when we were working on the particle accelerator. He was the structural engineer. He liked to joke that he was basically a very high-priced plumber. We were very different. You might have noticed I can be a bit… Guarded. Ronnie knew how to make me laugh. He used to say we were like fire and ice. He wasn’t supposed to be there that night. He was just there for me. If he hadn’t…”

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Jon Snow headcanons?

My other favorite boy- thanks for sending in this ask!

•In all honesty, after the whole thing with Ygritte, Jon would be very, very slow to truly love someone.
•But he notices them- he’s not blind- it’s just that now, with all his responsibilities and all the shit he’s been through, he doesn’t think he should invest in a romantic relationship.
•He’s definitely that boy that stares at his crush and then looks away really quick when they turn around. He probably thinks he’s slick but his crush notices every time.
•His s/o would need to know not to push him when it comes to this- Jon is a thinker, and he needs a lot of time to think about how having a relationship would affect his position as King in the North and possibly to finish letting his Ygritte-related scars heal.
•Once he’s in a relationship though, he’s the sweetest person ever. Forehead kisses? Check. Bear hugs? Check. Great cuddle-er? Double check. Not to mention a very good kisser.
•He’s warm, and when the two are along, he likes to wrap his arms around his s/o and rest his chin on their head.
•Big spoon all the way- after everything he’s been through, he wants something to hold on to in the night, and his s/o is the perfect thing to cuddle up next to on cold winter nights.
•I can’t see him on being big on PDA- he’s much too shy for that. Although I don’t think he’s above telling someone to fuck off if they can’t keep their eyes or hands off his s/o.
•He has this way of looking at them, like he just knows he doesn’t deserve them, and it makes his s/o break inside every time, because they love him so, so much and they know that he deserves so much more than what he has.
•And they make sure to let him know that. Jon has a very low self-worth (mostly due to his status as a bastard), and his s/o would be the perfect one to let him know just how much he means to not only them, but the entire North.

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“If I fall any harder for you, I’ll be on the floor… which isn’t really that bad, I can think of a couple things we can do down there.”

“I beg your pardon, my lady.”

Quinn looked up from the courtier board to see Mara’s estate manager, Caldwyn, standing in the doorway of the room.

“What is it, Caldwyn?” Mara replied.

“I though you would want to know that Admiral Thrask was in contact just now to say he would be arriving in two hours.”

Quinn stiffened at the news, the bitter taste of panic on his tongue, but Mara’s face remained placid, as if news of her father’s unannounced arrival were of no import.

“Thank you. I presume his rooms will be made ready before he arrives?”

“Of course; I have staff seeing to it already.”

The woman bowed and withdrew. Quinn studied the board - an exquisite antique, the board and pieces made of stained and lacquered Kaasian pine - working out how to voice his concerns. The last time he had met Admiral Thrask - indeed, the only time he’d met the admiral - was at the hearing convened over his execution of Moff Broysc. The admiral was one of the five member judge advocate panel convened to investigate Quinn’s actions and adjudicate accordingly.

“My lord,” he began, looking up. Mara’s browstalks rose in surprise at his formal manner of address. “Under the circumstances I think it would be appropriate for me to secure guest quarters elsewhere on your estate, or to return to the officers’ barracks in Kaas city.”

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