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Every Harry Potter fanfiction I’ve read and loved


9 times Harry kissed Draco and the 1 time Draco kissed Harry

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Harry Potter themed questions:

1: Hogwarts House?

2: Patronus?

3: Butterbeer, fire whisky, or pumpkin juice?

4: Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade?

5: Favorite shop?

6: Favorite book?

7: Favorite movie?

8: Invisibility cloak, elder wand, or resurrection stone?

9: Favorite common room?

10: Otp?

11: Notp?

12: Potions expert or charms expert?

13: Animagus?

14: Quidditch position or spectator?

15: Favorite Marauder?

16: Lowkey ships?

17: Owl, cat, or toad?

18: Character you most identify with?

19: Character you would bring back to life?

20: Character you just want to be happy?

21: What does amortentia smell like to you?

22: Favorite Hogwarts class?

23: Least favorite Hogwarts class?

24: Favorite professor?

25: Crookshanks or Pigwidgeon?

Harry Potter is sitting at his desk, a bottle of fire whisky in his hand. He tries to smile as he thinks of his children and his wife and how good the world is now, but he can’t. Instead, he stumbles to the window and stares at the sky and remembers.

Ginny Weasley is standing alone outside. She knows Harry needs time alone, and quite frankly, she does too. She tries not to think of George, but she can’t help it. A tear falls down her cheek as she stares up at the sky and remembers.

George Weasley sits on his bedroom floor, drunk. He holds a Muggle gun up to his head, the same as he does every year this time. But he can’t pull the trigger. He never can. He cries bitterly and utters his twin’s name as he stares at the ceiling and remembers.

Ron Weasley is working late at the office. He doesn’t want to go home and let anyone see him like this. He twiddles his wand in his scarred hands to distract himself, then he looks up and stares at the ceiling and remembers.

Hermione Weasley-Granger keeps a straight face as she listens to a pair of wizards complain about a stolen hippogryff and pretends to care. She makes it to the stalls on time right before she breaks down and sobs. As tears flood her vision she stares up at the bathroom ceiling and remembers.

Draco Malfoy is sitting by the window in his study. He watches his wife dance around the room, practicing for an upcoming event. Usually, all his attention is on her, but today it isn’t. The scars on his chest begin to tingle as he looks through the window and up at the sky and remembers.

Neville Longbottom is standing in his Herbology classroom, hands shaking after dismissing class early. He catches a glimpse of the back of Albus Severus Potter before he breaks down. Biting his lip to keep from making noise he looks up at the ceiling and remembers.

Luna Scamamder is deep in the South American jungles with her husband and sons. She is too distracted to notice a mysterious twinkling creature jump from behind a bush. Her husband notices and grabs her hand as she stares up at the tops of the jungle trees and remembers.

Today, everyone who was there May 2, 1988 remembers. They wish they didn’t, but they do. They remember all the pain and suffering, all the lost loved ones, all the scars that will never fully heal.

But tomorrow, they will wake up and remember why they fought. And they will keep going.

3, 2, 1: remus lupin blurb

“Do we have to kiss at midnight?”

“So… Looks like we’re the only ones without dates, huh.”

A/N: i hope this is okay! it’s all over the place but it’s 8 hours until the new year here! not sure how to feel about it? 

A huge enchanted clock hung in the Gryffindor common room and was an indication of how long it would be to the New Year. Smuggled fire whisky and foreign drinks were placed on a table on the side of the room, along with every food you can imagine, due to the kindness of the kitchen elves. Sofas and chairs were pushed back onto the sides of the room, so there was abundant space for dancing.

“Y/N can you please go,” Lily begged, clumsily slipping into her black heels, she dazzled. Marlene sat on the ground in front of the huge mirror and was putting a crimson red lipstick on. Alice had gotten ready early and was sitting on her bed reading a fashion magazine, careful not to mess her hair up.

“No, I’ll just be alone when I get there. Besides, I have nothing to wear,” you huffed, rolling onto your stomach in hopes that they would give up and leave you alone in your misery. They didn’t.

“Remus is going to be there! He will keep you company.” Alice smirked, your crush on him was so painfully obvious. Everyone knew it, but him. How could the most observant person not notice when someone had a crush on him?

“And I have plenty of dresses you will like!” Marlene butted in, her fingers crossed in hope that you would say yes.

“Okay fine, but it’s only because I will never hear the end of this,” you sigh, wiping your tired eyes. 

“Yes!” They all squealed, pulling you off your bed and pushed you onto the ground, Marlene already beginning to curl your hair.

“I look stupid,” you whisper self-consciously to Lily, wanting nothing more but to go back and hide in your dormitory.

“No you don’t, you look hot! Remus is going to love it.” She giggled squeezing your left hand for comfort. The four of you walked down the stairs and the Marauders had their backs turned, admiring their efforts and creativity. Alice was the first to get down the stairs to find Frank, eager to see him again despite it being only a few hours since they last saw each other. 

James turned and his eyes landed on Lily, he stood frozen in shock. Her laugh broke him out of his daze and he smiled goofily. The remaining two turned around too, curious as to what happened. Marlene strutted over to Sirius and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He linked arms with her and they walked off to find a drink.
And then there was two you thought, when you looked up to Remus he was already staring at you, a deep blush scattered your cheeks and you almost forgot to walk.

“You look beautiful,” he admitted, kissing your hand. Was this a dream?

“Thank you, so do you,” you blurted out before you thought about it.

“I’m so-” you began but were stopped by Remus who chuckled.

“It’s fine. So, looks like we’re the only ones without dates, huh,” he sheepishly stated, now it was his turn to blush.

With a sudden confidence you asked, “so will you be my date?”

“Of course I will, why wouldn’t I?” He questioned and took your hand before you could stutter out a response.

He reached for your hand and slowly you began walking towards the dance floor, in the corner of your eye you could see Marlene and Sirius kissing on one of the couches.
The song was quick paced but you knew, between the both of you, that it wasn’t your style. You put both of your hands around his neck and rocked on one foot to the other.

“I heard something particularly interesting today,” he mumbled, a blush once again on his cheeks.

“Hmm and what was that?” You asked, smiling.

“That you like me,” he whispered, looking for your reaction Your smile slipped off your face and you lost your breath. Who told him?


“I kind of wanted to mention that I like you too,” he confessed, and your smile that he loved so much was back again.

“I guess we were both oblivious.” He laughed and you did too. It was like a weight was lifted from both of your shoulders. A comfortable silence surrounded you, and you were still dancing.

“2 minutes!” James yelled to the crowd and he pointed towards the clock, that was ticking closer and closer to 12.

“Do we have to kiss at midnight?” You queried Remus, looking into his chocolate brown eyes.

“Only if you want to,” he replied and you nodded in response.

James began to shout “10, 9..” And you shouted along with him, everyone did.

“8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Happy New Year!” 

Remus grabbed your cheeks softly and kissed you on the lips, streamers were falling from the air and into your hair. You pulled away, breathless and rested your forehead on his.

“Happy New Year Remus,” you mumble, a grin placed on your lips.

“Right back at you,” he hummed, and kissed you again and again.

Mary tastes like bubblegum and black tea. She is made of too loud laughs across the dinner table and late night talks. She is missing homework and hangovers and wearing muggle clothes to Hogsmede weekends.

Dorcas tastes of cigarettes and cinnamon. She is sarcastic replies yelled across quiet classrooms and cupcake wrappers strewn across bedroom floors. She is winged eyeliner and throwing harmless jinxes at her friends and kissing until lips are raw.

Marlene tastes of lemon sherbets and last night’s mistakes. She is singing in the shower and throwing up in the toilet. She is protecting her friends with everything she has and sleeping until noon and shooting fireworks into the night sky.

Alice tastes of freshly baked cookies and strength. She is braiding hair to soothe her friends and cornering enemies in the dark of the night. She is decorating Christmas trees and believing in the good in people and cuddling until the sun comes up.

Lily tastes of minty toothpaste and undying love. She is photos taken of unsuspecting victims and laughing until her face hurts. She is firewhisky shots and always smelling of strawberry shampoo and late nights spent perfecting potions for class.

They were made to be happy. They were made to show up early to parties and be the last ones to leave. They were made to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves and to show the world how to love. They were made to be together for until the end of time.

But there wasn’t a member of the McKinnon family left when the Death Eaters were done.

Alice Longbottom spent her life in a hospital and never recognized her son again.

Voldemort personally murdered Dorcas Meadowes.

Lily Potter heard her husband’s dead body hit the ground before the wand was pointed at her.

And Mary Macdonald was left behind in the aftermath of a war on her kind, and she wished she had died.

—  And they were separated despite everything ( insp )

Draco Lucius Malfoy fucking destroying anyone who dares make a sexually inappropriate comment about Narcissa, Hermione, or Cassiopeia is my aesthetic. Literally picture some perv eyeing up Draco’s mother, wife, or daughter at a gala and saying to one of his buddies, “The things I’d do to her…” Draco would set said person on fire from the inside out, finish off his Fire Whisky, and glide his wife onto the dance floor all in one movement.

Fred Weasley Imagine: “Drunk”

Fred Weasley imagine where you’re a goody goody but you had some fire whisky at a party and he didn’t have any and yeah take it from there!

Requested by anon

Warning: drinking

“Y/n? Is that you?” Fred asked.

“Oh! Freddie! Please, tell these people I’m perfectly fine… They say I’m drunk, but really I haven’t drunk that much fire whisky… Or have I? I don’t remember.” You started to cry and threw your arms around Fred. He immediately blushed.

“Y/n, listen to me… You have definitely drunk too much…”

“You’ll help me right? You always help me…” you babbled as you pulled away, lightly kissing his cheek. “You are my knight, my perfect ginger knight…” you continued, your sobs long forgotten.


“I love you, Freddie. You know that, don’t you?” You kissed him fully on the lips and hugged him again, resting your head on his chest. “You smell so good…” you whipered as you giggled.

His face was as red as his hair, but he didn’t push you away. “Y/n, you should-” he trailed off when he heard you snoring softly. “Just great!” he exclaimed.

You woke up in a non-familiar bed.

“Good morning, y/n.”

Putting your hand on your head you mumbled, “Fred? Where am I?”

“In the Burrow. You fell asleep on me.”

You groaned. You recalled everything. Embarrassment was evident on your face.

“Bloody hell! I’m so sorry Fred! I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable or something, I-”

“It’s fine, y/n. I’m your perfect ginger knight who always helps you, remember?” he winked.

“Don’t remind me…” you moaned.

He chuckled and suddenly, his expression sobered, “I know you were drunk, but did you mean it? Do you really love me?”

Your breathing rhythm increased, as well as the beating of your heart. Damnit, I had forgotten about that particular detail.

“I do,” you confessed, scared of his answer.

“Good, because your knight loves you too.”

Your y/e/c eyes widened, “You do?”


You jumped out of your bed and threw yourself at him, hugging him tightly with your legs enfolding his hips. “I love you, Fred.”

To prove your point, you kissed him soundly. He smiled in your kiss. Suddenly, you groaned and broke the kiss.

“What’s wrong?”


“Figures,” he exclaimed, laughing.

You punched him playfully. “I swear, if you laugh at me I will tickle you to death, and I don’t need a spell to do it. I will-”He shut you up by kissing you again. 

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request: The fire whisky secret passage party with Calum (the one where u both end up kissing) pleaseeeeee!!!!! Hogwarts 5sos is my fave

(original prompt)

*note: I love hogwarts 5sos, especially gryffindor cal (please enjoy!)

You paced down the hall three times, channeling your thoughts toward the Gryffindor win earlier that evening, and a large oak door materialized in the middle of the hallway.

The Room of Requirement had completely transformed itself into a splendid party, with gold and red streamers and moving banners of the players, and one of the sixth years had persuaded a house elf in the kitchen to make a celebratory cake that congratulated the entire team. The moving poster of you alternated between your official quidditch portrait and the shot that had been captured today when you were playing your chaser position - it was rather flattering, you admitted.

The entire room erupted in cheers when you, their beloved Quidditch captain, stepped into the room. No matter how many times you had led your team to victory, you still weren’t used to the affection and admiration bestowed upon you by your fellow Gryffindors. Gradually though, the mob around you dissipated and the congratulations died down, and you headed to the rich reddish-brown table to grab a slice of cake.

You heard the door creak open again, and this time, the screams of the crowd were deafening.



“I think I’m going to faint!” a random Hufflepuff fell to her knees, a small hand draped delicately over her chest, a cake with only one tiny bite taken out of it, fallen next to her.

You rolled your eyes. A tall, broad, red-cloaked, dreamy-eyed, dark curly haired seventh year stepped into the room. Calum Hood, the Gryffindor seeker and apparent guest of honor who had charmed his way through Hogwarts since his very first day, winning the hearts of all the students on campus. Including you.

“Hey, Captain.” Calum teased, sidling up to your side. No matter how much you tried to play it off, your heart still thumped a little, secretly pleased he had ignored his bevy of adoring fans and came to talk to you.

“Hood.” You acknowledged him, giving him a brief nod.

“What, no congrats? Not even a lil celebratory kiss?” Calum tapped his cheek, watching in amusement as your face bloomed pink. He was playing you, you knew, for the entertainment of the small crowd that had gathered around him. As expected, the girls in front of him swooned.

You huffed and stabbed at your cake. “If you want a kiss, you better go ask one of the other girls. But good play today. Although your broom work could use a little more help.”

He laughed good-naturedly, knowing full well his Quidditch skills were near perfection - in fact, everyone knew he had received an early recruitment to play professionally for the London team. However, he still respected you as the captain, and it was partially due to your training that Calum and the rest of the team had made it this far.

Calum slung an arm around your shoulder, part of his heavy cloak draping around you. The warmth and familiar smell of musky, minty forest flooded your senses. At first, you were shocked still; Calum had never been flirtatious with you. You subconsciously snuggled a little more under the cloak (a natural response, you told yourself, especially since his dumb cologne is impeding my rationality), until you were almost touching Calum’s side. “Well, in that case, I know what’d you be more impressed with, Y/L/N.”

He pulled out a bottle from underneath the folds of his cloak, the liquid inside swirling with passionate red coils.

Your eyes widened. “Firewhiskey? Hood, where in the world did you get that?” Calum smirked, his slim fingers still gripped loosely around the neck of the purely alcoholic and completely forbidden substance.

“I have connections. I thought we’d have some fun with it, make this a real celebration.” He turned to the small crowd. “What do you say, wanna have a little taste?”

The crowd eagerly hung onto his every word, completely idolizing the athletic Gryffindor, and cheered loudly.

He leaned in a little closer, and his words hit the side of your neck. You shivered. Good Gryffindor, when had he started affecting you so much? “If you must know, it’s from my friend, Michael, in Slytherin. Said he smuggled it in from the last Hogsmeade trip. Snape almost caught him.” He grinned, his eyes crinkling and his infamous cheek dimples appeared. His smile could light up even the darkest night.

You nodded your head, vaguely remembering the bleached blond who often crashed in the Gryffindor common room.

“Well then, let’s not let it go to waste.” You plucked the bottle from Calum’s fingers, poured it into a gold goblet and bravely took a large gulp. The burn rushed down your throat but soon became a smooth, almost bittersweet taste. You closed your eyes for a few moments to allow the liquor to settle before passing both the goblet and bottle back to Calum.

Calum downed the rest of the contents in the goblet. He set the bottle on the food table, and the older Gryffindors immediately passed it around, chattering excitedly about the possession of the rare substance.

After a few exchanges between eager hands, a small fifth year piped up.

“Y/N should kiss Hood!” He yelled.

Another Ravenclaw girl nodded in agreement. They had both clearly lost their minds. More and more people started to agree, chiming in with “hell yeahs” and “if she won’t I’ll slytherin”. They were all mental. You flushed again, knowing that Calum would never in a million years, out of a million girls throwing themselves at him - you turned to face Calum to finish the rest of your thought, but you were instead met with a pair of soft pink lips which landed on your nose.

“Oops,” Calum let out a cute, but slightly intoxicated giggle. “Missed.” In the heat of the moment, however, (later you would claim the influence of alcohol) you guided Calum’s lips until they were pressed against your own, lips touching first before tongues dancing and hands roaming and before long, you and Calum had kissed your way back into the common room.

“Babe. Babe. Babe.” Calum chanted.

“What?” You paused, breathless, removing your lips from Calum’s neck.

“If I didn’t know you were a chaser, I’d say you were a keeper.” He looked pretty proud of his dumb pun.

You rolled your eyes but added, “and you’re the one I’d been seeking.”

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Feel the Burn

Jess Faux!

Jonathan’s last post reminded me of a question I get at both Wizard and nomaj bars… How do Fireball and Fire Whisky compare?

Well, I’ll tell you. Fireball is rock bottom. Firewhisky is the shovel that you start digging with once you’ve reached rock bottom. 

- \_/ -


Another comic dub.

Grillby: Me
Sans: @spikeybelmont

Comic: @at-grillbys

snufflesblacks  asked:

the ones you have left from the hp ask!

ro you have my heart! idk what all is left, but i’ll pick some :)


2: Patronus? : my sister’s cat, a nebelung

3: Butterbeer, fire whisky, or pumpkin juice? : probably fire whiskey

4: Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade? : diagon all dayyy

5: Favorite shop?: ohhh idk, probably www

21: Centaurs, mermaids, or ghosts? : centaurs!!

22: Chocolate frogs or Bertie Bott’s? : chocolate frogs i’m not brave enough for bertie botts lmao

fatherhowelter  asked:

3 for the Harry Potter asks thing!! (Butterbeer, fire whisky, or pumpkin juice?)

Oooh that’s hard I’d say butterbeer bc I just had a sip of whiskey and it was horrible and I spat it out on my friends face whoops :| and I don’t like pumpkin lmao

missmendelsohn  asked:

1 TO 25!!!!

Omfg you crack me up XD

Thank you!

1: Hogwarts House?

2: Patronus?

3: Butterbeer, fire whisky, or pumpkin juice?
Having tried all of them, it’s hands down butterbeer. Regular, frozen, hot, I’ll take it any way.

4: Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade?

5: Favorite shop?

6: Favorite book?
Deathly Hallows

7: Favorite movie?
Prisoner of Azkaban

8: Invisibility cloak, elder wand, or resurrection stone?
Invisibility cloak for sure.

9: Favorite common room?
Ravenclaws’ and not just because I’m biased. But it sounds so pretty in the books.

10: Otp?
Romione, Remadora, and Neville x Luna

11: Notp?
Harry x Hermione, Snape x Hermione, Draco x Hermione, basically Hermione with anyone but Ron.

12: Potions expert or charms expert?
Probably charms. I suck at cooking and I imagine potions would be similar.

13: Animagus?
Probably a cat

14: Quidditch position or spectator?
Neither? Curled up in an empty common room with a book?

15: Favorite Marauder?

16: Lowkey ships?
George x Angelina, Fleur x Bill

17: Owl, cat, or toad?
Can I have a cat and an owl?

18: Character you most identify with?
Luna for sure

19: Character you would bring back to life?

20: Character you just want to be happy?
All of them? I don’t even know. Don’t make me pick.

21: What does amortentia smell like to you?
New books, baking brownies, and vanilla

22: Favorite Hogwarts class?
Probably defense against the dark arts

23: Least favorite Hogwarts class?
Herbology maybe. I don’t like gardening.

24: Favorite professor?

25: Crookshanks or Pigwidgeon

anonymous asked:

2, 3, 12 !

2) already answered 
3) butterbeer, fire whisky, or pumpkin juice? butterbeer bc when harry describes it in poa it sounds so comforting and lovely but also fire whisky bc alcholo amirite
12) potions expert or charms expert? gonna go w/charms bc potions sounds more ‘scientific’/’food techy’ in the sense that it’s practical and honestly I would suck at it 

thanks :’)

Sirius and Harry’s relationship is so sad. It was short, brief and restricted due to Sirius either being in prison or on the run. Sirius should have been ‘uncle Sirius’ who bought Harry fire whisky when he was too young to buy it, take him on his motorbike and give him a spare bed when Harry had an argument with his parents over something stupid. When Harry and Sirius looked at each other, they both were trying to see James.