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Jyn is one of the most important characters in Rogue One. Whether you like her character or not doesn’t matter – you cannot deny that she had one of the most important scenes in the entire film. And I’m not talking about her sending the Death Star plans (although that was pretty important). I’m talking about her giving a blaster to K-2SO.

While it may have simply seemed a moment of ‘character development’ for Jyn, that one action probably goes far beyond the relationship between two space-dwellers. K-2SO getting a blaster was just one small step toward droid freedom, a struggle that arose after the end of the Clone Wars.

The last time the Star Wars universe saw a droid with a weapon was then, and there haven’t been any weaponized droids since. Artoo had rocket boosters in ROTS, but they disappear by the time ANH rolls around.

Even by the time of TFA, we get BB-8 with, what, a tiny taser? For a Resistance droid who went on missions with one of the most important pilots? You’d think it’d get a little more protection than that.

But, nope. Because living/sentient beings had given droids weapons before, that was a pretty terrible idea for the galaxy. The Clone Wars were a time of intergalactic turmoil and corruption – it’d be more than easy to blame all of that on the beings who can’t fight back: the droids.

And so, while the Galactic Empire still has use for clones, droids are put on the back burner. Everyday people turn against them (even though all the evilly programmed droids were laid to rest), and they’re never to be trusted again. (To be honest, even Cassian seems to act distant toward K-2SO, often taking his droid for granted.)

That’s why Jyn giving K-2SO a blaster is such a symbolic moment. This is the first step of droid liberation. 


                                                        This is the end for you, my master.

Jynnic ~ Millenium AU.

Don’t ever fight with Jyn Erso. Her attitude towards the rest of the world is that if someone threatens her with a gun, she’ll get a bigger gun.

qwertyuiop678  asked:

ahhh what about lyb fluff? with nihuang? :D

@qwertyuiop678 Oooh I haven’t done lyb since In Retrospect but here we go

With Lin Shu, as requested. Three sentences only.

He takes the bingxu pill two days before the forces of Da Liang march to the borderlands; it is one day earlier than Lin Chen recommended, but there is much that can be accomplished in one stolen day.

Nihuang tears herself away from the many tasks of mustering her army and turns up to his door in the late watches of the night; she finds Lin Shu there - not Mei Changsu, or Su Zhe, but Lin Shu - clad in light riding clothes, holding the bridles of two saddled horses with easy strength as he winks at her.

And then she is sixteen again, and he eighteen, and the moonlit countryside beyond Jinling their silver-wrought garden; they ride, sword-dance, and climb cliffs, smiling and crying and laughing - and when the sun climbs up over the edge of the world, they sit leaning against each other, and watch their last sunrise hand-in-hand.

As you can tell, I sort of cheated and interpreted Lin Shu as post-MCS Lin Shu; and because this couple redefines all concepts of tragedy, fluff cannot be written without angst.

Thanks for the prompt! It was unexpected but quite refreshing to write something non-star-wars.

Send me a canon pairing (romance, friendship, or family) and I’ll write a three-sentence fic!)