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The Noodles of Reptiblr part 3: The ball python special! I really hope I did everyone’s colors justice… 
(Part 1) (Part 2)

More appreciation for the sweetest, loveliest snakes on Tumblr! 
Also, I wanted to give an honorable mention to Eos~ Best of luck sweetheart! We still love you~ <3

Magnus belongs to @dogpantry
Akihiko belongs to @citrusnoodle
Apollo belongs to @teleos
Hyperion and Eos belong to @wheremyscalesslither
Felix belongs to @the-long-dog
Clementine belongs to @tailsandco
Thresh and Rhea belong to @i-m-snek
Helia is @dailyhelianthus


Sailor Moon Drops - Sailor Mars/Rei Hino Special Moves

Sailor Mars: Akuryo Taisan [Level 2 - Adds 1 Stripe Gem] & Fire Soul [Level 5 - Adds 2 Stripe Gems]*

Rei Hino (School Uniform): Akuryo Taisan [Level 2 - Adds one Striped or Popper Gem] & Phobos and Deimos [Level 5 - Adds two Striped or Popper Gems]

Rei Hino (Miko): Prayer [Level 2 - Destroys up to 8 gems] & Phobos and Deimos [Level 5 - Destroys up to 8 Gems and the Special Move Gauge charges faster]

*I still don’t get why they didn’t go with Fire Soul/Burning Mandala as her two attacks…


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