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John realises how selflessly Sherlock takes care of Rosie, and it helps him realise that Sherlock is actually a person truly and completely capable of loving. Much more than any other person he has ever known.

John and Rosie have been living back at Baker Street for two months when Rosie starts crying in the middle of the day.  John is up to his elbows in soapy water at the sink, trying to clean all the dishes from the mess that was lunch, and Sherlock has been sitting at his microscope for the past hour, hardly moving, working on some experiment or another.  John knows better than to attempt to ask him to help with the dishes when he’s so engrossed.  

Rosie just sits in the middle of the sitting room, screaming.

John curses and, in his haste, he accidentally drops one of the sippy cups, successfully spilling water all over the floor.  He sighs and leans down to pick it up, chucking it back in the sink and throwing a towel down over the spill.  He’ll have to clean it up later, after he calms Rosie down.  It isn’t until he’s almost got his hands completely dry, however, that he realizes Rosie has stopped yelling.

He looks over and almost drops the towel.  Sherlock is standing by the window, Rosie curled up in his arms.  He’s got his lips pressed against her head, and he’s murmuring quiet words that John can’t hear.  Rosie hiccups and takes deep, shuddering breaths, her fists curled into Sherlock’s robe.  After a few minutes, she lays her head down on his shoulder.

John doesn’t know how long he stands there staring at them, and he can’t quite pinpoint why the image of them together like that is making his chest hurt.  He’s seen them play together in the past couple of months; he’s seen Sherlock play Rosie the violin; he’s seen Sherlock read to her.  John’s eyes slide back to the microscope at the table where Sherlock’s abandoned slides and samples sit. 

It wasn’t that he thought Sherlock was selfish enough to ignore a screaming baby in favour of his experiments.  But…Sherlock had been known to tune out almost everything when he was working.  He’d even tuned out the fire alarm once when Mrs. Hudson had accidentally set her stove on fire.  John had had to drag him out of the flat.

But somehow, at the first sign of Rosie’s distress, Sherlock had been pulled from his work.  And now, as John watches, he thinks about all of the other times Sherlock has done something like that in the past few months, smaller things that John hadn’t quite taken note of at the time.  Ignoring texts from Lestrade; coming home with new nappies when John hadn’t even realized they were almost out; emerging from his mind palace when Rosie climbed up onto the sofa with him.  Little things that seemed so small and yet weren’t.

John swallows hard, setting the rag aside, and that’s when Sherlock looks up at him, just the ghost of a smile gracing his features.  John smiles back, and his throat feels tight because Sherlock is happy like this.  He’s content with John’s child in his arms, rocking her until she’s calm, abandoning his own wants for hers.

Rosie falls asleep in Sherlock’s arms, and he takes her upstairs to put her into her crib.  When he comes back down John has made up his mind, and he’s never seen Sherlock look so shocked as when John kisses him right then and there.

Gryffindor is like roaring thunder, like the powerfull wind in the treetops, like the tall and majestic mountains and like the hot sun burning down on a summerday.

Hufflepuff is like the gentle rain drizzling down on your face, like a warm crackling fire in a homely stove, like a deer walking through a meadow and like the fresh wind in Spring.

Slytherin is like the waves crushing against the stony cliffs, like the mist that collects around the rivers in deep valleys, like the deep and quiet woods and like a great lake that’s full of secrets and mystery.

Ravenclaw is like a cool rippling stream in the mountains, like the snowstorm that is raging outside, like a proud eagle sailing in the clear blue sky and like a meadow full of blooming flowers.

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I LIVE for your snapchats especially if I've had a bad day I never fail to get cheered up by your stories.

i’m getting THE MOST EXTRA replies on my story today


Ask Me!Rules for Requesting


  1. !! WARNING!! Reaction to You Having a Past Violent Relationship and Sometimes Flinching Away From Their Touch…
  2. Reaction to Another Guy Flirting With You, but You Are Oblivious to it…
  3. Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove…
  4. !!WARNING!! Reaction to Your First Time Not Being Consensual…
  5. Reaction to Them Asking You to Wait For Them…
  6. Reaction to You Practicing Cool Back By FRAULES…
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  8. Reaction to Liking You, but You Like Someone Else…
  9. Reaction to Your Dog Not Letting Them Get Near You…
  10. Reaction to You Crying During Sex…
  11. Reaction to Your EX Telling Them to Break Up With You…
  12. Reaction to Meeting Your Intimidating Brother…


  1. Reaction to You Distancing Yourself Without Giving a Reason Why…
  2. Reaction to You Trusting People Too Easily…
  3. Reaction to a Girl Trying to Get Between You and Him…
  4. Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove…
  5. Reaction to Losing You in the Mall…
  6. Reaction to Their Short Girlfriend Making Jokes About Her Height…
  7. Reaction to You Getting Hate…
  8. !!WARNING!! Reaction to You Flinching From Them/Another Member…
  9. Reaction to You Being a Female Member and Falling for You…
  10. Reaction to You Crying During Sex…
  11. Reaction to You Screaming ‘Cause You Dropped Your Food…
  12. Reaction to You Not Telling Them You Met Your EX…
  13. Reaction to Their Short Girlfriend Making Jokes About Her Height *Sad Ver.*…
  14. Reaction to Your EX Telling Them to Break Up With You…
  15. Reaction to You Saying Something Dirty, but Being too Innocent to Know What it Means…
  16. Reaction to You Dancing with Another Male Idol “Sexily” to Doin’ Things by Justin Guarini…


  1. Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove…
  2. Reaction to Hidden Camera Break Up…
  3. Reaction to You Getting Lost Easily…
  4. Reaction to Their Short Girlfriend Making Jokes About Her Height…
  5. Reaction to Their S/O Loving to Drink Milk…
  6. Reaction to Their S/O Loving Panic! At the Disco…
  7. Reaction to You Leaving Korea…
  8. Reaction to Their Short Girlfriend Making Jokes About Her Height *Sad Ver.*…
  9. Reaction to Your Group Members Picking on You…
  10. Reaction to You Leaving Right After Sex…


  1. Reaction to Liking You, but You Like Someone Else…
  2. Reaction to You Crying During Sex…
  3. Reaction to You Leaving Korea…
  4. Reaction to You Not Telling Them You Met Your EX…

Monsta X…

  1. Reaction to Your Cousin Saying You Should Get Married and Have Kids…
  2. Reaction to You Saying Something Dirty, but Being too Innocent to Know What it Means…

Other Stuff…

  1. Zodiac Signs Spending Halloween With EXO…
5 times Thomas slept on the couch, and 1 time they slept there together (JeffMads, 3.6k)

written for the wonderful and very sweet @softburr who deserves all the nice things in the world. i hope u like it buddy.


“Ha ha! Suck it,” Thomas yells, shaking his fist in the air, eyes alight with victory.  James glares at him, eye twitching. “I’m the winner and you’re the loser, I’m the best and you’re the worst, I’m-” Thomas gets cut off in the middle of his little song and dance by James throwing the controller at his head.

“You’re sleeping on the couch tonight,” he says flatly, and then gets up to take a long bath and calm down.

“But Jemmy!” Thomas calls after him, “You can’t just abandon me in the middle of a Mario Kart tournament! Baby?”

James ignores him, slamming the door of the bathroom shut behind him. Fucking Thomas and his fucking long thumbs and his fucking dirty cheating tactics. Taking off his shirt had one hundred percent been a calculated stratagem to distract James and he’s angry at himself beyond belief for letting it work.

Fucking Mario Kart. James is going to passive aggressively hide all the Wii games in the apartment so they never have to play that damn game again. He hopes that Thomas gets a crick in his neck from sleeping on the couch, that fucker.

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Brewing the Elixer of Life, which is the alchemical Universal Condenser. Chamomile should be brought to a boil over a flame or fire (not an electric stove) in water which contains quintessence of gold. It should be strained through four layers of cotton, diluted, and bottled. It can be seen as the fluid equivalent of gold, and is thus pure, godly, and a container for a magician’s power.

The Price 2/?

Summary: Killian Jones has no desire to return to Misthaven, but his captain and his crew are tied to the kingdom in a way he has never understood, and they consider it a duty to be there for the Choosing. Once every fifteen years, the witch in her high tower chooses a man or woman among them and whisks them away, in payment for all she has done to save this kingdom, and to most it is considered a blessing to be chosen. All Killian wants is for the Choosing to be finished and The Jewel to return to sea, and to forget once again all that Misthaven has taken from him. 

tagging @kmomof4

Chapter One

Chapter Two

When Killian had been a young boy, he’d found himself often at odds with the world around him. Or at least, that was how Liam told it.

He was too young to remember it all, or even most of it, really, but to Killian Jones, the world had been the tavern, and the town surrounding them, the sea before them, but it had been more. His mother had called him fantastical, whimsical, when he brought home strange flowers she’d never seen before, and told her stories of faeries and goblins and beasts with kind eyes.

The rest of the village hadn’t been quite as kind.

He’d been so young he could barely remember their faces, but the taunts, the jeers, the whispers of the mad Jones boy they never bothered to keep silent when he wandered by, those memories remained.

He remembered only one instance of true danger, in all that time. The beasties and ghouls he’d weaved stories of were long gone to his memory, but this one moment in time stayed etched in his mind.

The flowers he’d returned from the woods at the edge of the forest sat neatly in the cup his mother had put them in, sunlight drifting in from the window, bathing them in warm light on the ledge on which they sat, and Killian was quiet as he leafed through the book father had brought back from this fair or that cart. He’d only just begun to make sense of the symbols upon the page, and he’d whispered them quietly, hoping father wouldn’t hear his jumpy mutterings from where he sat beside the kitchen.

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Protective Storm Ward

A warding spell to protect an area against severe storm and weather

by Rainy-Day-Witchcraft


  • Storm water
  • Sea salt 
  • Heather
  • Black Pepper
  • Thistle
  • Ground wood charcoal
  • Oven mits / Heat handling tools

Disclaimer: Some may develop hives or experience itch when physically dealing with thistle - if you have never worked with it before, find out if it’s safe for you to handle, as you would any herb or plant.

Step 1. In a fire-safe pot or cauldron sitting over a stove or fire, pour in about two cups of storm or rain water and a few tablespoons of salt. One by one, add in the ingredients as the water warms, speaking aloud or thinking of the properties of each ~ Heather (linked to mists and rain), Black pepper (earthly protection), Thistle (protection and banishment), and wood charcoal ground to a chalky powder (protection and banishment). 

Allow your herbal water mixture to seep on a low temperature for a few minutes (if you’re using a non-stovetop fire, bring the water to an almost-boil and remove from heat source for a few minutes). 

After the mixture has seeped, turn the heat up to high or return to heat source and allow it to come to a rolling boil; our goal here is to produce steam, so be sure it’s at the boiling point where a good amount is evaporating! 

Step 2. Using heat handling tools or mits, carry the pot/cauldron to an area that is exposed to the outside air; you can choose to do this outside, or if the weather does not allow it, in front of an open window. If you are already working over an outdoor fire, staying where you are is fine! 

Place the pot in front of you and allow the steam from the boiled mixture to waft up into the sky or out the window. As you watch, envision that the essence and energy from the herbs traveling up into the sky with the steam; it eases the clouds, quiets the winds, and banishes the danger. Continue to watch the steam until it cools and no longer produces as much, visualizing the clouds relieving their tension and the wind blowing them away. During this time you can recite a chant, blow on the steam, etc! 

Step 3. When the above step is finished and the steam has diminished, it’s time to do away with the remaining watery plant pulp that did not evaporate. If the weather condones it, dig a small hole in the earth and pour the mixture into it; Mix it counter-clockwise three times with your finger, a wand, an athame, or a branch, and then proceed to cover the hole up with soil (feel free to once again chant or visualize). If the weather is still looking too severe to step outside, store the mixture in an air-tight jar and in a dark space (to prevent mold growth) until the storm subsides ~ It is then that you should bury the mixture. This protects the earth, and in turn the area you perform the spell around, from the damage of severe weather!

My ask and/or message box is open if you happen to have any questions or comments about the spell. Thank you!



pairing: john laurens x reader

word count: 1200

warnings: lots of teasing, john talking about sex, swearing

summary: it’s raining, it’s a saturday, and the power is out. being two adults in love, what is it that you choose to do to pass the time with - playing games, of course!

a/n: enjoy <3

It was raining.

“I hate the rain,” John pouted.

“Me too,” you grumbled, falling back down in bed.

It was a Saturday, which was good, because you really didn’t want to drive to work in this horrendous, almost torrential rain storm. This also meant, however, that you had next to no food and John would refuse to go (‘it’ll make my hair fuzzy’, he always said, and he would defend his locks with his life), and you had to eat whatever scraps you had left in the cupboard. Rainy days were both a blessing and a curse – it gave you an excuse to stay home, but there were so many things that could make it a terrible experience, such as the power going out…

Which is exactly, when you thought about it, what happened next.

“Fuck, babe, the power’s out,” John told you.

“Yes, Johnny dearest, I could tell.”

“Man, what are we going to do?” John groaned.

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#14 For Finn?

#14- “I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship.” (Finn Balor)

From drabble list # 2 here

Originally posted by superkixbaybay

           Finn stood in the kitchen, trying his best to finish making a potful of homemade soup for the blizzard heading towards the state. I walked up behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist and planting a tender kiss on his cheek. He smiled so wide I could barely see the color of his eyes.

           “Hey, baby. You okay? I thought you were asleep.” Finn turned down the fire on the stove and turned around to face me. His lips grazed mine ever so slightly. I could feel my own lips quiver under the faint touch.

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Promises to Keep

For @rebelcaptainprompts Rebelcaptain Appreciation Week, Day One: Family

I don’t know how many of these I’ll get to do, because this is a fearsome week for me. But anyway have this.

I tried to make it fluffy. I failed.

Promises to Keep

Cassian found his wife sitting at the edge of the rocky beach, staring out at the water, her boots braced against a boulder.

Without saying anything, he sat down next to her. The stone was damp and cold, like the wind that tossed the untidy hair out of her eyes. He settled in, anyway. He’d waited out in worse, and for worse reasons.

After several minutes, Jyn said, “Is she in bed?”


“Was she upset I didn’t read with her?”

“I told her you had to go out and check one of the perimeter alarms in the south field.”

She gave him a sidelong look.

He admitted, “A little.”

She sighed. “I’ll go and kiss her goodnight when I get back.”

“She was already falling asleep.”

“Still,” she said.

He put his hand on her back and rubbed circles down her spine. “What is it?” She’d been tense all day - no, days. Weeks. Winding herself tighter and tighter.

He’d been waiting for her to come to him with it, but all this time, the only indication had been the way she burrowed into his side at night, the lines of her body humming with tension even in her sleep. So when she’d disappeared before Batira’s bedtime, he’d decided enough was enough.

She stared out to sea, squinting as a particularly fierce gust of wind sprayed their faces with a fine mist of salt water. After twenty years, he knew her silences. This wasn’t a stonewalling silence, but a seeking one. Somewhere out there in the waves and the clouds and the froth on the water were the words to explain what was hurting her.

“She’s eight tomorrow.”

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Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove. . .

Anonymous said: hiii kai! i love your posts, i was wondering if you could do a bts, exo and got7 reaction to you setting the oven on fire, like you just started cooking, but somehow you set fire?? (if you can’t do all three then you can choose one to do, i cant choose lol) thank you so much! love you! xoxo <3

Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove…

[Here is the BTS Reaction >click, Here is the Got7 Reaction >click]

A/N finally the last one. this was so much fun to write, mainly because i can sympathize. i once had to wake my mom up because i set my eggs on fire. i dont know, all i know was i went to get my backpack for school, and i come back and my breakfast was then up in flames. lets just say my mom was not too happy with me that day.

love you too babe!



Suho would be having a heart attack due to the worry of your well being. He would be like a stressed mom. However, he would man up and step in to help you because you would be clueless as to how to put out a fire on a pan. After the fire was quickly extinguished, Suho would look to you and make sure that you didn’t gain any injuries from the scare. Afterwards he would ask you to never do that again, he already has nine (9) other children to look after, and he’s not sure if he’s gonna make it to sixty (60) due to the stress and worry he’s under everyday. He’s also worried if you’ll make it to sixty (60) because of how accident prone you are. But he still loves you to death, which might be more legit than you think. 

Suho: “Stop worrying me okay? I’m not sure how much more my heart can take. I’m serious Y/N, and I don’t know how much more luck you have left before you get seriously injured.”

Originally posted by veriloquentmind


He would give you the ultimate judging look. And yes, it would be because he’s disappointed in you. How could you have only started cooking about two minutes ago, and you already set something on fire? He would leave it to you to deal with, thinking that this would be a good time for you to learn how to care for yourself while under the watchful eyes of your boyfriend making sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process. He would guide you in how to put out the fire. Afterwards he would cook for you while he has you sit in the living room so nothing else catches on fire and you don’t blow up the house.

Originally posted by fydokyungsoo


Lezz be honest, he would forget who he was with and the first things he would do is let out a string of swears. Then, Chanyeol would be a panicky mess. He would be so concerned for you that he would momentarily forget about the burning fire in your kitchen and would ask if you are hurt? Did you get burned? Should he take you to the hospital? You would need to remind him that there is a fire in your kitchen and you should probably handle the first before worrying about you. He would act quickly, mainly because he wants to tend to you as soon as possible. He would know what to do, and it would seem like it was him just using logic to put out the fire, not actual knowledge. Not that you would be complaining, after all he did just save your kitchen from burning down.

Originally posted by urbeautifulway


He would be in your shared bedroom working when you call him into the kitchen in fear of the fire in the pan. When he heard you scream his name he would bolt out of the desk chair and run into the kitchen to see you standing in the kitchen and the pan on fire. He would deal with the problem maturely, but ask you to leave the kitchen, not wanting you anywhere near the danger. He would know what to do because he knows weird random things like how to put out a kitchen fire in a matter of seconds. Afterwards he would chuckle lightly and kiss your nose while holding you closely saying that only you would know how to do something like that. But that’s something he loves about you. You always know how to keep him on his toes.

Xiumin: “Only you Jagi, but that’s what I love about you. You know how to keep me on my toes, don’t you?”

Originally posted by mniseokk


Lay would be the perfect person for a situation for this. He would be worried, but would be able to control himself until the flame is put out. He would then demand to look your arms and hands over to make sure you weren’t burned. If you were hurt he would also know immediately what to do, he would get the ointment and band aids or gauze if needed and would tend to them. If you aren’t hurt he would ask what happened, but wouldn’t be mad or upset, just simply wondering what happened. He would probably find this incident funny and would make a joke about thinking back to this moment when you two are old and bored, laughing at the thought. Then he would get embarrassed about admitting that he thinks of getting old with you.

Lay: “This will be a good moment to look back at when we’re old and sitting in our rocking chairs huh?”

Y/N: “So you think about us getting old together?”

Lay: “Well… … … Yes.”

Originally posted by fvck-kai


I love Chen, lemme just start with that. He would find this freakin’ hilarious. He would burst out laughing while you scurry around the kitchen trying to put out the fire. He would ask how you managed to set air on fire. He would then say something like, ‘Only I would be able to find a girlfriend that could set air on fire.’ You would probably end up getting pissed at his reaction to the fairly serious situation of having a fire blazing in your kitchen. Chen would then try to sober up and help out, though just proving to be a useless person in this situation. He would suggest throwing water on the flame, throwing a towel over the fire, or just turning off the stove, but you would know that water would simply spread the flame, the towel would catch on fire, and turning off the oven would simply not help at all. But you wouldn’t want to make him feel useless so you wouldn’t say anything and just grab salt and throw it on the flame. Chen would actually find this interesting and would ask why you threw salt on the flame, and the end of the day would turn into a learning session of how to put out certain flames for Chen. To which he would be greatful for.

Chen: “Oh, so I guess that suggestion to throw water on it was a bad idea huh?”

Originally posted by a--tom


Kai would also find this funny, he would tell you to relax and pull you to the side while he handles the flame. He would make sure you know what to do in this situation so in case this happens and he’s not around for you, you would know what to do. He would then offer to order take-out and watch a movie. He would pull you down on the couch with him while turning on the T.V. and calling the restaurant and ordering for you and him. He would then ask how your day was while stroking your hair to calm you after the fright of the fir, his arms tight around you and your head resting on his shoulder.

Originally posted by kaibility


Baekhyun seems like the type to react like Chen as well. He would approach the situation with a joking manner, but unlike Chen, Baek would know what to do and how to approach a oil fire. He would also make sure that you are okay and unharmed. However, he would be like Lay in the sense that this would be an event that he would look back upon with fond memories, maybe even going as far to joke about it being a story to tell the kids so they learn how to handle their first oil fire, but also not to be a bad cook like thier mother. However, when you point out that he just admitted that he thinks about your future together, Baek would simply shrug it off, not being embarrassed about that fact. In fact, it would fill him with happiness knowing that he actually met someone that he could actually picture his future with.

Originally posted by progamerbyun


Hah! Luhan kind of reminds me of my grandmother, with that sensitive and fretful personality. So I can see him getting very flustered over this. He would handle it, but wouldn’t utter a word to you. He would be upset with you for putting yourself in harms way.After the fire is out and he knows you’re unharmed, he would snap at you. He would scold you for being so clumsy, clumsy enough to set a fire on the stove. He would be pretty harsh about it. It would seem like he’s blaming you for being clumsy, but you both know that that’s just part of who you are. It would be hard to tell if he’s upset because he’s worried about you, or if he’s simply upset because he’s sick of dealing with your mistakes. It would come off as the latter reason, however that would not be the case at all. Luhan would never be upset over something so shallow. He would just be so worried about your well being that he would get upset at multiple things. First for him not being able to prevent things from happening to you, he would take it so far as being mad at the fire for starting in the first place, no matter how childish that may seem. If something messes with you, they mess with Luhan.

Originally posted by stackkay


Tao would not have time for this. He would get pissed that you actually had the audacity to set the kitchen of fire. He would blow this situation out of proportion and you think with how he was acting that you had set his mother on fire. However, he would of course, in the back of his mind, be concerned for your safety, but he would have you deal with the fire. If you didn’t know how to put out the fire, he would of course help, but he would make a big scene of it, sighing, complaining, cursing at the flame and the pan for starting this mess, and probably come at your cooking skills while he’s at it. In short, you would not hear the end of it, and he would not allow you to live it down for as long as you’re with him. In his mind you were asking for too much out of this relationship when you decided to set the kitchen and his dinner on fire.

Tao: “You’re asking for too much after you decided to set the kitchen and my dinner on fire. Y/N, how are you going to make this up to me?” *gif hinting at what he wants*

Originally posted by ztaohs


Lol, Sehun is gunna be an ass about this. He would believe that this event would be news worthy and would announce it to all of EXO. He would find it hilarious and would always bring up the incident whenever you’re in the kitchen like, ‘Lol, remember that time you set fire to the empty pan?’ or when you’re out to dinner and he gets his food he’d be like ‘Hmm, this reminds me of that time I was deprived of my dinner ‘cause someone decided to start a fire in the kitchen.’ or when he’s annoyed with you and being a brat to you and you complain about it he’d be like, ‘Well, maybe if you fed me properly and didn’t decide to start a camp fire in our kitchen, then maybe I wouldn’t be so moody.’ But like, it’s been two months now and you’ve made him plenty of dinners since then. Or before bed he would be like, ‘I can’t believe you actually decided to set fire to the kitchen rather than feed your own boyfriend.’ Or when he see’s a bubble tea while you two are walking down the street he’d be like, ‘You’re gonna buy me bubble tea, you at least owe me that after killing my dinner that night.’ But his favorite time to bring it up would be in front of the other members to see you get all flustered, because he’d never admit it, but he’d find it so adorable.

Sehun: *queue gif* “Hey guys, but you remember that time Y/N…”

Y/N: “SEHUN!!”

Originally posted by whenxoxosmilesunshines


He would simply be dumbfounded at how you could have possibly set nothing on fire in a such a short amount of time. Like, it was only a minute ago that you announced you were going to make dinner, and now suddenly there’s a fire in the middle of the pan with nothing in it. He wouldn’t care much about the fire, he would put it out with out barely even thinking about it. What he would care more about would be an answer as to how you managed to start a fire.

Kris: “How’d you do this? I mean, any normal person would have to try really hard to do this Y/N…”

Y/N: “I honestly don’t know. It just… Happened.”

Kris *chuckle*: “You’re one of a kind Jagi.”

(i love his smile! GOSH he’s so freakin’ handsome!!)

Originally posted by ngoctran83

A/N this was a cute reaction and i absolutely loved making Sehun’s ‘cause he’s such a brat, but like it love it ‘cause he can be sweet and lovable underneath it all <3 anyway, keep the requests coming peeps!


10 Victoria’s Secret Models

Request by anon:  Hi! Can you do a Brendon Urie imagine where you have a mental break down and feel like you aren’t good enough for him but he comforts and reassures you?? THANKS

A/N- Based on the song by MAX


You sit in Brendon’s lap, on the couch, holding a large bowl of popcorn. Fall Out Boy’s performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and you, being a huge Fall Out Boy fan, obviously weren’t going to miss it, just like any other time they perform on tv. You automatically get pumped as My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark starts playing, fist pumping and shoving popcorn in your face like a maniac. You can feel Brendon’s laughs rumbling in his chest from behind you. Soon the models came out and begin walking down the runway, all of them wearing heels and barely any clothing, some even had on huge angel wings. As the show went on, you began to feel uneasy, looking at the models’ slim frames, flat stomachs, long toned legs and perfectly smooth skin. All of them are beautiful, perfect, desirable, ideal. You try and shake the thought out of your mind, looking up at Brendon, eyes still fixed on the tv. His eyes are beautiful and round, his lips plump and pink. He’s gorgeous without even trying. You always knew he was out of your league but you never though about how he felt, he obviously took a step down from his last girlfriend with you. You look down at your reflection in your black glossy phone screen, almost cringing at the sight after looking at the models on tv. You set the popcorn down beside you, no longer wanting it. You lean back into Brendon’s chest and he wraps his arms around you.
You watch the rest of the show, not really paying attention which sucked because you were usually so excited to see your favorite bands on tv. By the time it’s over, it’s dark outside and the only light is coming from the tv which is suddenly turned off. You stand  up and stretch, turning towards the couch to see Brendon yawning and setting the remote down beside him. He stands up and wraps his arms around your torso, resting his head on your shoulder.

“We should go upstairs.” He says groggily. You whine in response, just as tired as he is.

“Carry me…” He chuckles a little before bending down and scooping you up, carrying you bridal style upstairs. He places you on the bed and you immediately roll over, tucking your hands under your pillow. You feel the bed sink in next to you and Brendon kisses your forehead.

“Good night, (Y/N).” He whispers before laying down and going to sleep. You on the other hand, as tired as you are, can’t find sleep. You can’t stop thinking about how good those models looked. Sure, they were models, they’re supposed to look like the most ideal woman so you really shouldn’t be comparing yourself to them. The thing that’s bothering you is the fact that Brendon is the ideal man. You don’t deserve him, he deserves someone who’s just as good looking as him, someone who won’t make people question what he sees in you. Eventually, your brains wares itself out and you fall asleep.

When you wake up the next morning, Brendon’s not beside you. You yawn and scratch your head a little before going downstairs to find him making breakfast. You sit at the counter where there’s two plates, ready to be filled with food.

“Morning, babe.” He smiles and scoops eggs onto both plates. You send him a small smile.

“Morning.” He puts bacon and toast on your plates and turns the fire off on the stove. He grabs two forks and sits next to you. As you begin eating, you wonder what those models eat for breakfast. Definitely not this, right? They probably drink some healthy shake before going to Pilates or some shit. This thought creeps into your mind and you kind of push the food around on your plate. Once you both finish eating, he clears your plates, taking them to the sink.

“(Y/N), you barely ate any of your food.” He says as he scrapes the left overs from your plate down the garbage disposal.

“Um, yeah, I’m just, not really hungry this morning. I don’t know.” Before he can say anything else you go upstairs to get dressed. You go to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth. You put your toothbrush back in the holder and look up at yourself in the mirror. You begin to notice all the imperfections in your face and body that you hadn’t before. You turn to the side and lift up your shirt a little, exposing your stomach. You rub your hand over it, wondering how much those models weigh.

“Babe…” You snap your head to the door where Brendon stands, leaning on the door frame.

“Y-you okay?” He asks, his eyebrows drawn up in concern.

“Yeah…I’m good. Sorry I’m hogging the bathroom.” You try and chuckle a little before walking past him and into the bedroom. You see him turn his head, following you with his eyes but you ignore him, starting to get dressed.

“Alright well I’ll be ready in a few minutes.” He says, turning on the faucet.

At the end of the day, after running errands, Brendon doing interviews and you doing work around the house, you and Brendon decided to watch a movie and share a bottle of wine. By the middle of the movie, you were both a little tipsy and no longer fully paying attention. You feel Brendon behind you, kissing your neck and putting his hands on your hips.

“Bren….what are you doing?” You try and move your head away from him, chuckling a little at your own awkwardness but he doesn’t stop, he just pulls you closer, trailing the kisses down to your shoulder.

“Bren, stop.” You shake him off.

“Why not?” He whines, you pulls yourself away from him, moving so you were sitting beside him now.

“I just don’t feel like it tonight. Sorry.” You say with a shrug. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

“Bullshit, (Y/N). What’s been going on with you? Ever since yesterday you’ve been acting weird.” You sigh and drop your head into your hands as tears well up in your eyes. He doesn’t realize you’re crying until he hears sniffles emitting from behind your hands.

“Woah, wait, what’s going on? Why are you crying?” He asks, moving next to you and putting an arm around you, rubbing your back. You exhale with a sob and lift your head up, wiping your face with your sleeves which is pointless considering you’re still crying.

“I just….when we watched the fashion show last night, I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect those models are and I know everyone says not to compare yourself to models because they’re not real and shit but have you seen yourself? How am I supposed to walk around with confidence when you’re over here looking like a fucking Calvin Klein commercial?! You deserve so much more than ‘this’. ” You say, motioning to yourself.

“You must be embarrassed to even stand next to me when you’re clearly way out of my league.” You drop you head, staring at your lap and watch the tear drops fall onto your legs. Suddenly you hear Brendon laughing a little which makes you look up with red, puffy eyes. Why is he laughing? Because what you said is true and his entire life is a joke?

“W-why are you laughing?” You almost regret asking, not wanting to know the answer. He stops laughing but still has a smile on his face.

“Babe, I’m laughing at how ridiculous you sound.” Your bottom lip quivers as you stare at him, eyes still wide in confusion. He sighs and uses his thumb to wipe away your tears.

“(Y/N), you’re insane if you think that I’d prefer one of those photo shopped, stiletto wearing, “perfect” girls over you. All your imperfections are the things that make you so incredibly beautiful. I’m sorry if I haven’t been showing you how much I love you and that you’re more than enough for me.“ He says, looking you in the eyes.

“Brendon, there’s no way you’d pick me over one of them. They’re super models for fuck’s sake!” You argue, still not listening to him.

“I mean sure, they’re pretty, but even if ten Victoria’s Secret models walked in this room right now, I’d never take my eyes off you. Because you’re all I could ever ask for and I wouldn’t trade you for anything or anyone.” He says, holding your face in his hands.

You smile genuinely and press your lips on his. You never really cared about how you look to everyone else, you just wanted to be enough for Brendon. He’s definitely a catch, that’s for damn sure and you would do anything to keep him. When you pull away, you snuggle back into Brendon’s chest and he holds you tight. The two of you sit in silence as gently rocks you in his arms. 

“(Y/N)?” He asks quietly, breaking the silence. Your eyes flutter open as you snap out of the little trance he put you in.

“Yeah, Babe?” You ask. He doesn’t speak for a few seconds.

“Do you really think I could be a Calvin Klein model?”