fire starter game

Torracat-  Fire Cat Pokémon

“ The bell-like object attached at the base of Torracat’s neck is a flame sac, an organ that can produce flames. Torracat’s emotions cause a rise in the organ’s temperature, and when the organ spits flames, it rings with the high, clear sound of a bell. Torracat attacks using the flames emitted from this bell. Torracat has a great love for battle and will attack so relentlessly that its opponents lose the will to fight. And yet it sometimes behaves like spoiled child in front of Trainers or Pokémon with whom it has built a relationship of trust.“

Happy 20th anniversary for Red/Green and announcement for Sun/Moon <3


Woolvry –> Clokruel –> Smoldrine

Fire, Fire / Dark, Fire / Dark

Source no longer exists.

Artist: PokePages (deactivated)

PokePages (or MagePages) is my FAVORITE Fakemon artist and dropped off the face of the planet (Fakemon planet that is) awhile ago, so I just figured I would share some of their amazing art.  Honestly, these are some of my favorite Fakemon designs of all time.

ok gsus carmilla calm down