fire staircase

My Thoughts on the Recording of "Newsies"

So I just got home about an hour ago from watching this musical and I’m still ecstatic. Here’s my (very biased) thoughts, all randomly jumbled!

*THE SET!!! As a techie, I love me a good set and the Newsies set does not disappoint! It is basically a bunch of fire escape-esque staircases rearranged throughout the show for different settings. There are also screens that come out of it and just blow my mind

*THE SCREENS!!! So the screens i mentioned above are the ones where they’re translucent when a light is shone from behind and opaque when the light source is from the front. There’s text put on it when papers are being read, which makes me think that maybe Dear Evan Hansen got an idea or two from it? Idk

*JEREMY JORDAN!!! I am in love with him, and Newsies made me love him a million times more. Jack has a few speeches/monologues that Jeremy just slays!! He shouts his head off (in a good way) and really impacts everyone. Like I said, I love him so. Damn. Much.

*ANDREW KEENAN-BOLGER!!! Andrew is another person that I am hopelessly in love with (y'all if he weren’t gay and in a happy relationship I’d be all over that) He is such a cute Crutchie and made me sob with the song they added in in act two. I just feel like I’m so biased because I love all of these people 😂😂

*KARA LINDSAY!!! Okay so I have mixed opinions. Her voice is beautiful, her characterization is wonderful, and her dancing is great, but I don’t like her vibrato. It was just a little too much for me but she still did such a good job!

*BEN COOK!!! He has a cigarette and hot af arms and flips and dances and sings and I fell in love so quickly holy crap. Also, he’s only a few years older than me so that’s good right???

*BEN FANKHAUSER!!! Babe. Like all of these guys I am in love with I feel like I’m just repeating myself. He made me love Davey so freaking much and I guess he’s another guy I need to meet. His voice is wonderful and jdkdckksjsfjkfkcdk. What more can I say

*SHIPS!!! Okay so I love Katherine/Jack (a lot) but I can’t help but ship Jack and Davey. They’re just so perfect for each other. Also, the family-like friendship that Jack and Crutchie have is so cute and heartbreaking when Crutchie is arrested. But, like, Javey

*THE CHOREO!!! All I could ask for and more! The tap dancing, the dancing on papes, the running on staircases. Literally makes me love the guys a million times more.

*THE TEARS!!! I just randomly started crying a few times even though there was no reason to ??? This happened with PotO, too, so I think musicals just make me overly emotional.