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What are the Tenrou Island matchups for the CW!Natsu and DS!Lucy AU? Bc Natsu not being a fire dragon slayer would take away the point of his fight with Zancrow and Lucy wouldn't be able to eat flames anyway. Personally I've always wanted to see Zancrow vs Juvia (short hair ofc) bc she still had her water body back then so she'd be op af and obvs Zancrow still has his magic so he's equally as OP. Idk it just seems like a cool idea.

Lucy vs Zancrow would go very differently than Natsu vs Zancrow, because Zancrow can’t eat Lucy’s white magic! Though tbh I haven’t thought that far ahead yet, or if I’m even going to have Grimoire Heart invade. I might just do a genuine S-Class trial, we’ll have to see.

Juvia vs Zancrow could be interesting - especially if Zancrow’s flames were hot enough to start evaporating Juvia’s water ;)

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“The voices of the people who are waiting for us to come home. They gave us strength…” 

Chapter  540

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Here is NatsuDragneel feeling the ignition and happy is happy.

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btvs rewatch ✞ 6x07 Once More With Feeling


Natsu’s and Lucy’s character design for the new movie😊 It would help me a lot if someone could translate it

TRANSLATION BY  intp-seeks-playmate

Natsu Dragneel 

CV: Kakihara Tetsuya 

The fire dragon slayer who uses dragon destroying (metsuryuu) magic that allows him to change his own body into a dragon. His partner is Happy the cat and he often works closely with Lucy. Even though he is prone to being hot-headed, he is thinks about the feelings of his friends and allies in guild more than anyone else.

Lucy Heartfilia

CV: Hirano Aya

A star spirit magic user who uses magic that can only be done through a proper contract, she uses the gate key to summon the star spirits from other worlds. Since joining Fairytail, she has joined Natsu and Happy on many adventures and has overcome many battles.


lineart by: @keiid

colored by me :3

A gift for : @aangelina13 Thank for teach me This background @elieglory3173 :3