fire roasted tomato sauce

Dinner was served

about two hours later than I’d intended, but it was nevertheless served. I made my own croutons but burned about half of them, and the ones I didn’t burn were fine but really just tasted like garlic bread. But not burnt garlic bread. :)

Saffron garlic rice was really really good, but not as good as the first time I made it. I could’ve used a little more white pepper, I think, and a little more something else too? Not sure what.

I think also it was ready too soon, the chickpea dish took longer than I thought but it was fab. He said there’s a Nigerian dish that he likes that is very similar. The texture of the sauce was pretty perfect, base was fire-roasted tomatoes (canned, I’m not that fancy) and roasted red peppers (I did roast those, I’m a little fancy), puréed, and some ground almonds were thrown in as well. And other stuff. And I have a ton left. 👍👍

Eb and I are opposites in the kitchen, and I giggled at this much of the night. And teased him, and maybe rolled my eyes a little. He measures everything perfectly and exactly and it takes for fucking ever. I’m a tornado of splatters and towels thrown, and spoons resting where they will only be knocked over. In his kitchen, he has a white towel for clean things and a black towel for dirty (Oh Jesus and you should see his bathroom. Everything is laid out perfectly in the same place, equidistant and at ninety degree angles). I argued for intuitive cooking, he argued that that only works if you have been doing it properly for so long. I saw his point, but said I like to take my chances.

He is a “clean as you go,” person, though, which was handy and helpful, and though I try at this, it often distracts me to the point of burning or omitting something, so I was happy to let him take the lead on that.

He did the thing that ex did in the kitchen that would always drive me crazy, and he caught my side eye and asked and we giggled about that too.

Here is the thing: I had a task and he had a task, I turn away from task to do something like wet a sponge to continue task, and I turn around and he’s tasking my task. This drives me crazy because: 1. Let me finish please and 2. Now his task is left undone.

He was zero percent defensive when I explained, and we had a cute little moment after.

The wine he brought over was perfect, and I’m glad I gave him that task, since he doesn’t drink or know much about wine. I don’t either, but those both mean different things to either of us.

When I say I don’t know much about wine, it means I have no vocabulary for it, but if it’s wet and unless it’s hideously funky, I will drink the hell out of it.

His means something more like that he doesn’t drink it often and has read less than three books on the subject, but can still find a delicious and inexpensive bottle that works very well with what I’m cooking, even I refuse to tell him what that is. I told him I was cooking monkey brains.

We did talk a little about Get Out, but not much. Most of what he had to say about it was that it wasn’t really a horror film, and that he wasn’t scared, and actually I thought that was a decent criticism and appreciated it because he made some good points about it and there was room for debate. He then went on to say that horror films don’t really scare him much, and that, I believe, is total bullshit. So we’re going to watch The Descent together sometime, and I’m gonna watch that boy jump to his feet on the couch and hide behind my back.

Last night was the first time he’s spent considerable time at my place, and there’s something familiar about having him in my space and me being in his space too. I don’t mean that it’s so super-cozy and “oooh just right” feeling or anything like that. It’s more the level of being at my bestie’s place and vice versa. Like we know how to operate in each other’s spaces and can easily but respectfully poke around a bit with no threat. Something about shared interests, I think. And like there’s no pretense? I like that.

I also like when he does something messy and leaves a thing undone from time to time, like leave a wet towel on the bed. Maybe we just have different styles of perfectionism. He’s an outie and I’m an innie. Or vice versa.

He did another thing that I’m curious about, but I exhaust myself looking into guys’ motives sometimes, and realize it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

He left the condoms at my house, in my room, on purpose. He packed up all of his other things after he showered but purposefully left remaining condoms on my bedside table.

I’m gonna analyze anyway. :) He knows I’m not sleeping with anyone else, so I don’t think it would be for the benefit of anyone else seeing. Another guy, I mean. And he’s not weird about me being over at his place, sex isn’t only happening at my place and he’s the one with the penis so why not take them along?

To let me know that he wouldn’t be using them with anyone else? Nah.

I think he wants me to see them and think about sleeping with him.

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I"m having a really weird emotional moment, and i can feel an anxiety attack approaching. Can i get some thing really fluffy?

It was 1:30 in the morning and Gabriel was having a very bad day.

He squinted again at the can of tomatoes in his hand.  Surely if he just tried hard enough, he’d be able to read it.

His vision fuzzed and blurred and Gabriel hissed a vile curse and slammed the can back on the shelf so hard that the force knocked several other cans off.  Grace whined, pawing at Gabriel’s leg as the cans bounced and rolled and Gabriel tilted his head to the ceiling, closed his eyes, and prayed for a swift death.

Death didn’t come, but a store employee did.


It was a nice voice, Gabriel thought absently—deep and kind, full of concern.

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Vegan GF Mini Pizzas w/salad- 1 hour prep.Yields 2-4 servings with plenty of leftovers.

It was a Friday and I decided to take my first sick day - it was 70 degrees out! I really wanted to do something nice for Andrew and was originally going to take us out for a fairly nice dinner. Instead, I realized if I kept a similar budget and bought everything that it’d be a fun thing to prep on my day off, and also a good challenge. I also wanted to make my own pizza sauce, marinated vegetables, and salad dressing. The goal was to spent about $40 including alcohol, with ingredients left over. The total grocery bill was $41.75. This took a few processes for me, so I’ll list it in order of most time to least.

What I bought

1 package corn tortillas

1 package daiya cheese

2 bell peppers (only needed 1)

1 medium zucchini (½ small would have been fine)

1 avocado

1 cucumber

1 box grape tomatoes

1 box mushrooms

1 package of love beets

1 large box of spinach

1 bottle cheap white wine

2 cans fire roasted tomatoes (only needed 1)

What I had

1 spiralizer - it’s a kitchen tool used for vegetables and it’s super fun !

2 carrots

5 kalamata olives

½ onion

½” ginger root

2 tbs apple cider vinegar

2 tbs balsamic vinegar

1 tbs lemon juice

1 8oz glass of red wine (happenstance, my sister brought it over)

Italian spices up the wazoo: rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, s/p

sea salt

maple syrup

olive oil

coconut oil

several containers with lids and or saran wrap

First steps

1. wash all veggies

1.5 Chill white wine in fridge, because classy

2. Dice up the following for pizza toppings and salad: onion, cucumbers, peppers, 2 beets, olives, mushrooms, avocado (if you’re eating soon)

3. Cut zucchini in 3-4 segments and spiralize (image below). You can also just cut this up in strips.

4. Set all things aside for prep

PIzza sauce

1. Add ⅓ cup diced peppers and onions, 1 tbs coconut oil, 6oz cheap red wine and plenty of your favorite italian spices into your saucepan. I added garlic powder to mine. Bring to boil and reduce to simmer. You want to cook off some of the wine.

2. Add 1 can fire roasted tomatoes to your sauce

3. Add in 5-8 small cherry tomatoes (optional)

4. Add in a pinch of sea salt

5. Let simmer 5-10 minutes, cover and set aside to cool.

Salad dressing

1. Put 4 tbs apple cider vinegar, 1 tbs lemon juice, ½-1 tbs olive oil, ½” ginger root, 1-2 tbs maple syrup, and a touch of water in blender. Blend on high until salad dressing consistency. Cover and set aside.

Marinated vegetables


1. Peel, shred, then cut 2 carrots

2. Put shredded carrots in container with lid. Add a touch of your dressing, enough to coat but not smother the carrots

3. Add in your diced olives

4. Shake like a shake-weight and put aside to marinate


5. Place diced mushrooms in container with lid. Add 2-4 tbs balsamic vinegar. Also shake like a shake-weight and set aside

6. Preheat your oven to 375 for your pizzas-to-be


1. Rinse 2-3 handfuls of spinach

2. In a big bowl add (to your preference): spinach, tomatoes, onions, peppers, ½ avocado, 1 beet, carrots, mushrooms, spiralized zucchini, and a bit of dressing. Mix and serve!

Good pizza ideas!

1. Lightly oil the bottom of a baking pan / pizza pan

2. Place corn tortillas on pan

3. Top with sauce and daiya

4. Add Veggies: Carrots, zucchini, beets, and avocados are great on pizzas

5. Bake in oven for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown on edges and crispy

6. You can put spinach on your pizzas too!

We had leftover everything besides wine. We used zucchini noodles, peppers and onions in another dish, tortillas for pb&j, froze the daiya cheese for future recipes, and gabriella has been eating leftover sauce like it’s hummus.