fire queen elsa

The Queen in the North

I’m very surprised there are not more Frozen/A Song of Fire and Ice crossovers… Hans would be a hell of a Pinky or a Jaime…

Anyway, I don’t watch GoT, so this is based on the books and my imagination! Olaf and Marshmellow look more like cats than wolves but what should I have done with that nose??

Done with ballpoint pen on my sketchbook, with a little Photoshop polish.

Art © Raposa Branca

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Second part of The legend of the Night’s King (crossover Helsa/Game of Thrones), follows from here. The third and final part will hopefully be released next week!

(backgrounds from: Mulan, The Fox and the Hound, The sword in the stone)


Once Upon a Time 4x01 - ‘Do You Want to Build an Empire?’

An old flame of Regina’s mysteriously glides into in Storybrooke (played by Natalie Dormer, inspired by this (x).  Her name is Elsa and she wants Regina’s help in finding her missing sister, Anna.  And if she also happens to want to recapture the magic she once had with Regina…


so like, i was inspired by this post and i designed a fire queen only to discover the idea has already been carried out by another wonderful artist!! ahhh

so yeah, in spite of the fact that theirs is like 10x better than mine, this is my version of the hijabi fire queen (who i had initially named Faria! but i reaaaally like foxville’s idea wow, so you can also consider this my take on Queen Noor)



It take me so much time to work on this one x) I made a lot of work on the color. I wanted to had Kristoff looking at Anna behind the couch, would you like to see that?

I wonder why Elsa is so tired, probably her queen duty. Olaf and his little brother have probably hanging around in Arendelle making, reserve of candy for Halloween (and certainly already eat it ).

The drink in Anna’s hand is a pumpkin spice latte if anyone wonder,  I never taste it but it look so good!

Hope you enjoy it guys!