fire preps

whisker up and prepare for another eightxciting year of weird tweets and weirder vid! 

can you believe its already a year after pinof 7 im not ready

I love working 10 hours on a Saturday and then have the last 1-2 hours of my work possibly not save due to server maintenance.

And I am going to spend tomorrow working in a room with people.

Who will want me to do things.

Meaning I really won’t have time to redo this.

In short, this will probably happen.

Good time. 

So I learned a good lesson on my scouting trip. I hike in about a mile when I realized I left my work knife & fire kit in the car. I remembered that I keep an extra fire kit in my bushcraft belt & a folding knife in my pocket. It’s always good to double down on smaller essential items.

Wedding headcanons

Hana+Jirard: It’s a small thing with a completion theme and matching colors and Jirard’s vow are just as corny as Hana dreamed them to be but her vows are just as corny. Mai and Shane are the Maid of Honor and the Best man. It’s perfect and wonderful and theres lost of smooches afterwords and some people were at real risk of dying from cuteness.

Hana+Paul: It’s a moderately large event with families and extended families and Paul probably accidentally sets something on fire during wedding prep. There’s probably lots of panicking and group hugs and on the day of the wedding Joshualina declares herself the Maid of Honor (aka barging into the changing room already dressed in the Maid of Honor dress which she had made for this moment) and she and Mai get into a fight before Hana tells them they can both he be Maid of Honor and of course Nick is the Best Man, and ac ouple months go by before people start to question whether Hana really just married Paul or all of Continue? Because they’re never seen apart. secretpolyamouryftw

Hana+Shane: A small ceremony either held in Shane’s hometown or Hana’s and Mai and Jirard join forces to make it the best wedding ever. Things inevitably go wrong but it all works out in the end and Shane and Hana just get a really good laugh out of it. They probably end up having two houses, one in London and one in Amaririsu which they bounce between so they can stay close to both families.

Hana+Satch: it’s a Princess Betrothed or Mystery themed wedding in reference to how they met/how they fell in love. It’s a really touching ceremony everyone cries at least once. They keep all the pictures but in one picture of Hana and Satch kissing Jared’s sparkles obscure the camera and it’s honestly their favorite picture of the whole wedding

Hana+Jon: They probably get married without anyone knowing so they don’t hinder Jacques rise to fame, but they don’t mind. Because they’re together and can continue their path to stardom.

Hana+hidden: If anyone is getting hitched in this route it’s Luke and Hana. And they’d probably have a really relaxed wedding and PBG would go but be super salty with Jeff and Jared holding him back. Luke probably raps his vows and Hana makes a meek attempt to do the same and it’s super cute and everyone loves it.

Hana+Mai: It’s a beautiful lesbian wedding, Mai would constantly switch between wanting a dress or a super cool suit. Eventually she has to go to Jared for fashion advice and they both end up waffling between the dress or the suit because she looks great in both. And Hana and PBG go out to pick a dress for her and end up getting crashed by Jared who wanted to make sure it didn’t clash with Mai’s suit/dress. The kiss at the end is pure and wonderful and Mai carries Hana out of the church and everything is wonderful.

Hana+Jared: When Ms. Knabenbauer finds out Jared proposed she probably tries to worm her way in and make it into a big deal and invite a lot of people from the main Nadeshiko family but Mai and PBG shut her DOWN. And they ceremony is just really small with just the NB and HB guys and Hana’s dad in the little flower field that Jared took Hana to for the Flower Festival.

Hana+PBG: Again, a small affair held in Amaririsu. Hana reconnects with PBG’s family and PBG reconnects with Hana’s dad. Everyone cries. PBG and Hana the most. There were rough times at the start where Jared and Jeff fought to be PBG’s Best Man, but eventually Jared had to bow out to plan his own wedding with Mai, but of course because Mai is a goddess she can somehow juggle both being the Maid of Honor and planning her wedding with Jared which she’s had planned for years but shhhh Jared doesn’t know that.

And last but not least bc I’m super poly trash

Hana+Mai+PBG+Jared: It’s a pretty big wedding just because of the sheer amount of family that had to be invited. and then most of the guests get rather confused about who’s marrying whom because they’re all standing up there and everyone just scratches their heads but moves on finding the “double wedding” a touching show of what good friends they are. But there’s a small upset when “kiss the bride” happened and they all kissed eachother but it was quickly forgotten in the end. They probs all move out to a comfy house near Amaririsu so Hana can be near her dad and Jared can be far away from his semi-abusive mother and Mai can be where she’s comfy and PBG is just happy they’re all happy. And Jared continues his modeling career probs taking on Hana’s last name Mizuno in honor of her mom (who will always be a better mom than his own even though he never met her) and when they find out about MOPS they probably have fundraiser fashion shows about it and PS. And every thing is g r e a t


A beautiful, explosive experiment. Making a rocket with a water bottle and ethanol.

The blue flame you see at first is a sign of complete combustion – when abundant oxygen reacts with the fuel, producing just the classic combustion products of carbon dioxide and water. As the oxygen supply is consumed, carbon particles start to be released, which cause the yellow flame. The pulses of flame that appear in the bottle towards the end of the reaction are probably created as fresh oxygen is drawn in from the top, and mixes with the remaining fuel.

This beautiful experiment is also a great example of a simple rocket; a device for creating force by pushing the products of fuel combustion in one direction. Our demo technician Andy investigates whether the force is enough to push him on a swing, and tries to determine just how much force is being generated. 

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