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@gameofthronesimagine: Could you do something with Harry Hook and the reader is from Auradon and is lifelong friends with Ben and she’s Tinker Bell’s daughter??

Word Count: 5251

Also, warning. I started out thinking this would be cute and fluffy. It kind of turned a little angsty.

“…What? This is a joke, right?”

You stared at Ben, trying to mask your horror with denial.

Ben – for his part – looked sheepish. “We need to mend ties with the Isle, and compromise is the best way to do that.”

“So, if Uma asked you to release Chernabog from the Isle, you’d be totally for it?”

“No, of course not–”

You rolled your eyes. “No, of course. Just the guy that tried. To. Kill. You.”

“Things are different. Uma and Harry don’t have any power in Auradon, and it’s not like I’m totally defenceless,” Ben pointed out, nodding to his two huge bodyguards stationed at the door to his office.

You briefly glanced at them, before looking back at Ben. “Anyone else. You could have released anyone else. What about that Gil guy? He sounded harmless. Or some of her pirate groupies.”

“She wanted Harry,” Ben said simply, taking a sip of his tea. “She wouldn’t budge on that.”

You raised an eyebrow. “Wow. Great compromising there.”

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Twin Peaks dialogue templates, because I love dialogue
  • Albert Rosenfield: Subordinate clause addressing whatever asinine thing was just said by the other character, followed by a long, stylish rapid-fire stream designed to prep the other character for their inevitable annihilation: Three word insult. A rule-of-threes list of things he does not like, do, or care about, preferably alliterative, and always decimating. Dismissal.
  • Windom Earle: A quaintly ironic, perhaps even polite black humor observation about the other character's (likely unfortunate) situation, followed by some charming purple prose that would truly be the essence of good manners if he wasn't--shall we say--homicidal. Oh, but Windom loves to ask baiting questions, doesn't he? My, he loves to monologue--preferably about all of the terrible things he's going to do to the other character, but never seems to get around to actually doing! Well, no matter. If he gets too carried away, you can always cut him off with an initially innocent sentence that SUDDENLY BREAKS INTO A HOMICIDAL OUTBURST!!!!
  • Dale Cooper: Character name, followed by an excited, bright-eyed announcement of a new discovery or idea. [Brief pause to consume food object.] An immediate transition into a precise, almost Spock-like dump of obscure information that is unnecessarily detailed and almost totally incomprehensible to the other character. This description can go on for several sentences. In fact, the longer and more technical it is, the better, as the intended effect is for the other character to be in a totally obfuscated daze by the time Cooper is finished. In short: Concise summary. [More consumption of food.] A resolute, serious suggestion for action gleaned from his findings. But first: a non-sequitur framed as an observational question?
  • Diane: Fuck you, Gordon.

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can you believe its already a year after pinof 7 im not ready

Prince Of Persia

Summary: After being held prisoner of the persians, Y/N Y/L/N, the Alamut princess, get herself in a world of war and conspiracies, along with the bastard prince of Persia, James Buchanan Barnes.

Warnings: None. A lot of the word ‘respecfully’ tho.

Prince Of Persia!AU

A/N: Steve’s a little bitch, I’m sorry, but I had to.

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“I’m proud of our achievements today, brother, we’ve got the weapons, the gold, and a gorgeous princess as a prisoner… I think she’ll be a perfect peace deal between our towns, and maybe another wife”

“Really, Steve? Your wifes just started getting along and you wanna add another one?”

“Can’t help myself, Bucky, look at her!”

    The two princes talking a horse ahead of me turned their heads to give me a look. The blond smirking and the long haired brunette looking curious. My hands were chained up as I was riding a horse. Two persians guards on each side.

    My town had just fallen to the persians. Temples were corrupted. Innocent people hurt. I remember looking back and watching fire inside my mountains, burning the trees, hollowing souls. I was now heading to persian territory, with a few members of my palace who have been taken too. My younger sister, Laura. Daniel Rand, the palace counselor and a friend. Tony Stark, the town’s forger. And at last but not least, Peter and May Parker, they didn’t work for the palace - even though May insisted on cooking - they were rescued, and taken for my protection. Both were under my wing, and I couldn’t let anything happen to them. Peter was only 4 years old, he lost his parent a year ago, me and May were his family.

“Give me Peter, May, you’ve been carrying him for way too long” I say softly to the older woman behind me.

    She shakes her hand so the horse walks a bit faster to catch me up, until she was close enough to put Peter’s sleeping form in my arms. He whimpers a little, but I shoosh him back to sleep. He rests his head on my chest. I start singing him a lullaby softly. While holding him, I made sure the chains on my wrists didn’t hurt him, at least not as much as it did to me.

I dreamed a dream the other night
Lowlands, lowlands away me John
My love she came, dressed all in white
Lowlands away

I dreamed my love came in my sleep
Lowlands, lowlands away me John
Her cheeks were wet, her eyes did weep
Lowlands away

She came to me at my bedside
Lowlands, lowlands away me John
All dressed in white, like some fair bride
Lowlands away

“What’s going on back there?!” The blong yells. Peter tenses and stiffens in my arms.

“Shh, it’s okay, sweetie, focus on my voice, Then I awoke to hear the cry…” I say to the young boy in my arms.

“She’s just holding the boy, Steve” The brunette explains. He stares at us a little longer than the blonde prince. He then leans in and whispers something in his brother’s ear.

“If we do that, she’d run away” Is the answer I hear.

“You terrorized my people, my family is all here under your arrest, I have no reason to run away” I answer, even though they didn’t direct the words to me.

    They both looked at me, then at each other. The brunette cracks a big smile, the blonde shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

“We’re stopping for camping, it’s getting dark, and we still have one more night to get to Persia” The so called Steve announces.

    Every horse stopped walking. The guards got down and started prepping a fire and a couple of tents. I watched as my family was getting help for getting down of the horses. The blond prince offered me his hand, I politely refused. The brunette hides a laugh. I’d rather spend a little more time with a hurting wrist but holding Peter than taking my holder’s hand.

“Come on, princess, let’s settle you both in a tent, the kid will rest more comfortably” He offers. I think about Peter for a second. He deserved it. He actually didn’t even know what was going on.

“I’ll let him hold Peter, then you help me get down” I motion my head to the long haired prince.

“Fine… Bucky! Come here!” He calls. I put my hand on Peter’s ear so he doesn’t wake up.

    Steve explains my demanding to the other prince. He frowns at first, but nod nonetheless. The long haired comes closer and gently takes the sleeping kid from my arms. He mumbles a soft ‘easy there, buddy’ when he threathned waking up. The blond helped me get down of the horse, holding me a little longer than he should. I get out of his grip uncomfortably.

“Thank you, will you help me put him on a tent?” I ask the brunette, referring to Peter.

“Of course, your majesty” He answers - surprisingly - truly respectfully.

    I let him walk us to the bigger tent. Inside, all of my palace members were already there. Chainless. He puts my sleeping Peter in a bed near May’s. He turns to me and unlock my chains, setting my wrists free. They were red purple-ish. He slowly rubs his thumb on the forming bruises.

“There’ll be guards outside all around the tent” He informs.

“Of course” I nod. He was still holding my hands.

“If you need anything, ask the guards to call me, I’m prince James Buchanan Barnes” He brings my hands closer to his lips, where he placed a chaste kiss on each of its back. That was a respectful greeting at my nation. I wasn’t expecting him to know that.

“Thank you, prince Barnes, I’m princess Y/N Y/L/N, but I guess you already knew that”

    He grins before nodding at me. He bows down to everyone present in the tent and then proceeded to leave.

    In the following morning, as everyone was already awake, I was walking hand-in-hand with Peter, Laura was walking by my side, she stated that she was old enough to not hold hands. She was nine. The persian guards were packing things up.

“My princess” Daniel greets me, bowing down respectfully, I do the same “You look lovely this morning”

“You’re always flattering me, mr Rand”

“I only state the truth, I was wondering if we could talk about our actual situation”

“Peter, go play with my sister, don’t hurt or let him get hurt, Laura” I tell to both kids and they leave.

“How are you dealing?”

“Bottling it all up… They’ll take us and propose a marriage with one of the princes to unite the two nations… I don’t know…” I answer lowering my head.

“It’s going to be okay, xiǎolóng” He puts his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m worried about Tony” I look over my shoulder looking where the said man was sat “They’re accusing us of selling weapons to enemies”

“I don’t think Tony would do that, not after what happened to his father”

“I miss Howard… He’d know what to do”

“I’ll figure something out”

“I know, I trust you, Danny”

    He gives me a tight smile before taking both my hands and pressing a kiss on each back. I look kindly at the blond long haired man in front of me. I take his hand to cup my cheeks. He takes a step closer and also kiss my forehead. Danny was always so calm and peaceful, his aura would make you feel better just by being around him.

“I’ll go check on Tony before we leave”

“Okay” I nod before he leaves.

“Princess” Steve greets while approaching me with his brother.

“Princes” I bow down respectfully.

“How are your wrists? My brother told me the chains were hurting you”

“They’re fine, I’ve had worse”

“Well, I propose that you travel without them for the rest of the trip”

“What do you want in exchange? You just said last night that I’d run away”

“You come with me, at my horse… Or with James, on his”

    I ponder the offer for a moment. Yes, my wrists were hurting from the chains - and yeah, I’ve had worse - but the blond prince hadn’t make a good first impression for me. Prince James, whereas, has been nothing but gentle and respectful since my prison. I could bare with him.

“Show me your horse, prince James” He smirks before offering me his arm.

“This way, your majesty”

    I take his arm and he leads me to his horse. He introduces it as ‘Winter’ and let me pet it. It was beautiful. A guard shouted that we’d leave soon. I turn around to look for my family. I got a glimpse of Laura, Danny and Tony being escorted by guards to their horses. I let out a sigh when I see Peter and May walking together. The prince takes notice of my behavior.

“They’ll be fine, your highness” His deep voice startles me and makes me look at him “Nothing will happen to them, I promise” He adds.

“A promise is a strong covenant for a persian” I joke without thinking. Luckly, he laughs it off “Thank you though, you’ve been making my prison bearable so far”

“It has been a pleasure, my princess”

    He takes a step back before hopping up in Winter and offering me his hand. I sat in front of him, my legs to the left, and both his arms around my side while he held the reins to guide the horse. And like that the journey kept on.

    At the second night fall. I was almost fast asleep in the brunette prince’s arms. But the bickering of the guards wouldn’t let me. At some point I just gave up trying.

“Take a look, princess, your new home” Steve says approaching and motioning his head ahead.

    I look to where he was talking about. I can see lights and a huge town coming to view. I could already feel the heat and hear the songs from the persians. I never really left Alamut, everything outsider was pretty new to me. Everything that wasn’t Alamut didn’t feel like home.

“Welcome to Persia”

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is frederick a libra bc i know someone who acts exactly like him and they are sometimes emotionally exhausting but they're generally good (and very charming) people .

ah no my boy is leo sun/pisces moon, but his pisces side is severely repressed at the moment lmao. not everything there fits ofc, but as you get to know him better you’ll see a lot of it is actually pretty spot on (゜-゜)