fire poy

At least the itching is almost over and it was so worth it! Amy was so nervous to draw on me she practiced on a sticky note first

I asked her to draw “however she thinks Shaws arrow looks in her head”
And to write 4A wherever she thought it would look best with the arrow.

She’s so sweet and was just awesome to do this and also you’re welcome here is shaws canon arrow shape according to Amy Acker bc she literally drew this off the top of her beautiful head


that’s supposed to make me feel better, i’m a shape?

yeah, and darlin’ you got a great shape



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totaltonicmoved  asked:

Love the way you drew that fire!! Any tips? C:

Thank you!

The method that I used for the fire poi drawings requires a black background, so it might not work for all situations, but I’d be happy to show you regardless!

Basically, I need at least three layers:

1.) A bright, bright, brightly saturated gradient, set to overlay.  In this case I went from yellow, through orange and red, and even to pink a bit at the bottom, but you can use whichever colors you’d like the fire to be.

2.) A transparent layer (or layers) to sketch on with white.  I used a brush with 50-60% opacity.

3.) Pure black background layer.

For the fire poi, I created a smeary sort of shape - white on one end, fading out in the direction it’s been traveling.

Then I selected a jagged, crackly, “fire shape” with the selection tool, and filled it with white.

Hope this helps!


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