fire poems

“No matter how long I stand,

 I’ll still fall 

When you’ve lit the match.”

-JMEC // And the fire in me can still be blown 

12 is My Lucky Number

An Aries taught me how to love when all hope was lost;
A Taurus taught me how to fight, no matter what the cost.

A Gemini taught me how to laugh whenever I feel down;
A Cancer taught me how there’s many
ways to cure a frown.

A Leo taught me how to dance like I don’t care about tomorrow;
A Virgo taught me how to listen through all the pain & sorrow.

A Libra taught me how to be a great friend through it all;
A Scorpio taught me how to get myself back up when I fall.

A Sagittarius taught me how to live and accept life’s full embrace;
A Capricorn taught me to keep going,
even when they’re laughing in my face.

An Aquarius taught me how to believe in a world bigger than this;
A Pisces taught me that true love is pure bliss.

“Tell me. What is love like?” she whispers to him under the stars. He stares off before the words fell from his lips like embers.

“Love. It’s like fire.

It’s so beautiful to look at. It is wonderful to make and have… but if you aren’t careful it, then it will burn you.

It will engulf your soul and leave nothing but dark ashes behind.

Love is both a warm fire on a cold night and a terrifying wildfire when exploring. Beautiful from afar, but a horror when too close.

I guess, simply put, love is something that with just enough distance could keep you warm and alive through the darkest winters in your life.”
His voice drifted off into the darkness and she knew he hadn’t kept enough distance before.

His dark eyes were ashes of a burning love.

He had been burnt.

—  Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #66

at the end of the day,
you’re still the
very last thing
that comes to mind.

you were the sun,
shimmering and
dancing in light,
over the tumultuous
tide of the deepest
waters of my being.

burning me,
by me,
a cycle of
starts and finishes,
fires and steam,
always together
but always apart.

but I hope that the
fire you once lit
inside of me
never dies,

like I hope that the
flame that ignites
you is never
smothered out.

shine brightly
my love,
no matter
where you go
or what you do.

and maybe one day,
in another time and place,
where the sunlight
touches the sea,
we can burn
away together,
till the end
of time.

—  don’t let your fire burn out(5/23/17), thekaijusleeps

the pines eulogise my pining; rains return, her wetland, my wasteland—singularity; to let her absorb me, to taste her dragon, to jump off the precipice, and be gone; my bones, tuned to her frequencies, her flesh—vibrating, coming to whiteness, pillars grinding; i spread through her lament, bushfire, consume more than a night, bury my fingers in her rhododendron smoke; she is unmoved like the ocean, moves in me, crash against each other; we solder our bodies, auction our souls.

Tonight I sit in the apartment alone,
basking in the faint glow of a Christmas
tree we never took down. Maybe because
things were better then, serving as a
memory that stands as a tall, artificial
reminder of less worry, more love.
I impulsively clean the place sometimes
because I can’t stand the clutter. I imagine
picking up pieces of our relationship and
gluing them back together. Tape together
the old movie tickets I tore in half. Refill
that wine box I drained (I swear it was an
accident). Take back touching his skin
and embracing his worries when you
needed me most.
I am an impulsive soul and I am sorry
you were caught in the crossfire of
my sins.

I continue for an hour straight tossing
empty beer cans and wine bottles into
the garbage and wonder if I’m throwing
away something more here. The Christmas
tree is still lit so perhaps there’s hope yet.

—  it’s a dim glow but it’s still on fire // Haley Hendrick