fire pipe

you are in my dream, you are a pipe dream

pairing: alfokiran
note: set after chapter 10. the last part got me shook
additional note: tagging @sexysilverstrider because!!! shes the one who encouraged me to write this hahaha

The last thing he captured in his eyes was her figure, small hand reaching out for his before a flash of light struck between them, effectively rendering him unable to see anything and at the same separating the two of them. He found himself shouting her name, and he could faintly hear her call his name back. When he opened his eyes after the light dissipated, there was only a tall gate with no door, the sky of Askr beyond it; a scenery he had seen far too often. However, the one he called for, the one he wanted to see the most was nowhere to be found.

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hacked town ideas

I have a lot of these;; If you’re hacking your town or starting a fresh town to hack, maybe these ideas will come in useful!

  • A desert town. No grass, no plaza stone and no river (or else a very small one if you want to catch river fish yourself), just a handful of scattered ponds to act as oases! Palm trees, flowers and buildings are clustered around the oases. Out in the barren desert are a few pyramids, a sphinx, maybe some scarce weeds. Might be cool to have a hot spring or a water pump out in the middle of nowhere.
  • A jungle town. LOTS of grass and palms and tropical fruit and hibiscuses and lilies ahHHH!! Like four waterfalls. Huge beaches. COLOR and PLANTS are just everywhere. Geysers and stone tablets and moai statues?? Villagers that used to be islanders YES and baskets of fruit as decoration and cute stepping stone paths!
  • A post-apocolyptic town. Very little water, not much grass, modern everything. Dead trees and lots of weeds. Could use a lot of different PWPs for this… streetlight? Bus stop, pile of pipes, fire pit? Paths that look like cracked highways! Cluster most of the buildings in the center somewhere and have a few villagers living alone in the wastelands.
  • An icy forest town. Always winter and cedar trees EVERYWHERE! Lots of waterfalls and ponds. Small tiny beaches, most only accessible by swimming. Sooo many penguin villagers. Illuminated trees would be really pretty dotted throughout a thick forest. White and blue flowers, water fountains, zen renovations cause they look a little cabin-y if you squint.
  • A farm town?? There’s a way to manually set grass deterioration, I’m not sure how that works but it would be so cool to set up little fields of dirt and decorate with flower seed bags and fruit baskets! Persimmons could be pumpkins and for other growing things make use of patterns. Scarecrow and rice rack PWPs would be super cute, and a water well! Lots of tree orchards. Could use bamboo to make a ‘corn’ maze. A resident’s house could be decked out as a farmer’s market!
  • An enchanted forest. The town tree is in the middle of a big forest and not on any plaza stone. To get to it you follow a little path behind town hall. Town hall, Retail and whatever other important buildings are all clustered together, and the villagers are dotted throughout the forest. Lots of illuminated PWPs. Always summertime so fireflies float around the ponds and rivers! Fairytale renovations and PWPs.

My first proper night shift this week and I’m absolutely knackered, I packed this Maddis pipe earlier but didn’t get past lighting it, it’s filled with a mixture of Old Dark Fired and Amphora so it will be interesting to see how it smokes tomorrow.

A little glass of Nomad before bed just because I can.


First of all, thank you thank you thank you to everyone who’s commented/liked/reblogged on my posts! This is long overdue and honsstly I’m blown away by the reaction you giys have had to my writing, I’m really grayeful for all of you xx

This is just a little thing I wrote at eleven o’clock at night. I didn’t have time to edit but the idea just came to me and I wanted it all out and published. Sorry for any mistakes that might be in here but I hope you guys like this. There’s not really a category for it, but I suppose it’s generally hurt/comfort. 

Word count: 1.6k

Warnings: mentions of panic attack symptoms, blood, knives, hostage situation. It’s not incredibly graphic, but it’s definitely there and not totally brief. 

The wave of sickness hit you like a tsunami the moment it happened. While carnage grew around you with collapsing buildings and fires and burst water pipes, you shrank into a curled foetal position in the back of an ambulance. 

You were one of the last civilians to have been evacuated. 

You remember tearing a door open and ushering the men and women who worked in the office into the designated safe zone where they were to be taken out of a twenty mile radius to safety. 

You remember seeing flashes of Iron Man skirting between buildings, the crash of a patriotic shield, arrows cutting through the sky to meet their targets. 

When you later thought about it, you were glad that there were no children being held hostage like you were - if you were hanging by your fingertips almost ready to fall into the pit of insanity, then how could a child handle that? 

Your first guess was Hydra. After the intel had been released, along with all from an organisation called SHIELD which had been strictly formed in the first place to destroy the former, it seemed to make sense. You were held for more than twelve hours, having been kidnapped from your workspace along with thirty of your colleagues. You remember the agents releasing some kind of gas from canisters they rolled out across the office space. 

Apparently, if there was one collective weakness the Avengers had, it was innocent civilians. You think that’s what you liked most about them. 

When Sergeant Barnes had burst open the doors and taken the guards out single-handedly, you took the task of ushering everyone else out where several other agents were evacuating the area and taking you back to the city. 

Unfortunately, that’s when things went wrong. From the hands of an agent that had just been taken down, a serrated knife skidded across the concrete floor and stopped only inches away from you. Simultaneously, the second Hydra agent the soldier had been fighting was knocked to the ground, almost flying into the corner, his head smacking against the blackening drywall, his body going limp. You could see a bloody wound form near the crown of his head, his eyes glazing, but he wasn’t unconscious. 

When Barnes slid the gun back in his holster, scanning the area, looking to the side opposite to where you were first, the agent’s fingers fumbled with the gun lying close to his hand. You watched them slowly and clumsily curl around the handle, index finger edging towards the trigger.

You found yourself rolling to your side, sliding the knife in your grasp, and skidding to where he was lying, knocking the gun from his weak grasp, taking the knife and then -

You heaved and then gasped for breath, pushing the shock blanket off your shoulders desperately and placing your head in your hands, fingers reaching up into your hair. The cold air fanned over your neck and your hands and seeped through your clothes but it was more comfortable than you could hope for. 

Hot tears formed in your eyes and your throat tightened; you were just about breathing. Just about hanging by your fingertips. 

You remember being escorted out of the warehouse and being ushered into the ambulance, the blood-stained knife tight in your grip being pried away while you stayed silent in shock. 

You choked on your breath as you failed to keep your tears at bay. 


The voice was a little edged but still gentle. Kind of like the fuzzy blanket the paramedics had given you. 

You lifted your head slightly so that your eyes peeked over the protective cage of your hands. 

‘Are you alright?’ he asked, his tone the same. 

You bit your lip and, to your frustration, more tears formed in your eyes. 

It was one person. One really bad person. Someone you assumed had volunteered to be bad. You read about Hydra. You knew what they had done, specifically what they had done to the man whom you had - technically - saved from a bullet, the man who was crouched in front of you now. 

So why did it feel like this? Why did it feel like throwing up and feeling empty at the same time? Or like you were caught in a flood and standing completely famished in a desolate world? 

‘I killed someone,’ you murmured. Your voice was quiet and almost swallowed by the gentle breeze but gritted and grounding, rooting your words, anchoring them around you. 

Barnes nodded softly. ‘I know. That saved me, what you did. I should thank you.’

Your eyebrows creased into a slightly pained expression. ‘That doesn’t help,’ you said, your tone almost apologetic. Maybe he was trying to help but you weren’t sure what kind of ladder you needed to climb out of the ditch you had stepped in. 

Bucky frowned but not because he was hurt by your response. He stood up and sat down next to you in the entrance of the ambulance, keeping a respectable distance from you. 

‘I’m sorry I put you in that position,’ he said. ‘It’s my job to keep you safe.’ 

You shook your head, the motion so subtle it was almost as if you hadn’t done anything. But because you had been so still before, the movement was noticeable. 

‘Don’t apologise,’ you murmured, trying to sound consoling. You clasped your hands together, elbows tucked in as you clamped your hands between your knees, curving your body into a smaller shape. ‘Does this ever go away?’ 

Bucky hesitated. ‘This type? I hope it will. That guy wasn’t innocent in any form of the word.’ He paused. ‘I knew him.’

So you killed someone who deserved to die? The image of the knife piercing - … of it being used by you. It wasn’t the person, it was your actions. You did it. You didn’t feel the same way you did before. 

‘But I killed him,’ you whispered.

Slowly, giving you time to make him stop or to move away, Bucky put his hand on your knee. The touch was light, with a feather-like fragility something with his stature shouldn’t possess but somehow did. 

‘I-I understand,’ he started. ‘I don’t wanna tell you how to feel but, I’ve done this before.’

Your mind was skeptical. Barnes never intended to commit those murders done by the Winter Soldier. 

‘When I was in the war,’ he said softly, ‘it’s like that.’ 

It was quiet for a while after that while your mind replayed the scenes from before, while your heartbeat steadied one moment and then raced another, keeping an uneven pace. Slowly, your head was starting to feel less and less as though it were filled with brick dust. 

It had sounded like he didn’t want to elaborate and part of you guessed that it was because he didn’t want to haul his own pain onto someone who was going through their own. He didn’t want to draw attention away from you when you were objectively less able to deal with it. 

But you couldn’t deal with having attention right now. 

‘Tell me more?’ you asked weakly. 

Barnes looked at you as though asking for confirmation and then let a tiny self-deprecating smile appear briefly on his features, his eyes hardening with regret. 

‘They made it sound amazing,’ he said softly, eyes on the ground in front of him. ‘Fighting for your country, doing what was right, not only because everyone who wasn’t fighting on our side was a Nazi but because it was just un-American not to.’ His eyebrows creased, expression hardening. ‘But you get out on the front line and suddenly not every opposition is a Nazi who’s out to tear your heart from your chest. We were all kids fighting a war that wasn’t ours.’ He clenched his jaw and then released the tension. ‘I killed guys by my own accord who didn’t deserve one bullet.’

You wiped the dried tears from under your eyes and your cheeks, drawing your sleeve over your fingers, lip trembling. 

‘I’m not trained,’ you whispered brokenly. And not in the sense of using weaponry but in the way that taught you how to stay in the mindset of the job. You were literally mentally unequipped to handle this. ‘What - what do I do next?’ 

Barnes looked at you apologetically. ‘I don’t know,’ he admitted. ‘But I have a lot of good days lately. It’s the worst answer, but give it time.’

You nodded numbly and sniffed, clearing your throat and looking around you. You were one of the few civilians left here, everyone else having been escorted back to their homes or hospitals or wherever they wanted to go. 

‘Where are you going back to?’ Barnes asked. ‘You gonna be alone?’

You didn’t want to go anywhere that had people who didn’t know what you were going through. So going home alone seemed like the only viable option.

‘I’ll be fine.’

You didn’t know how to deal with this. But you told yourself that you just had to figure it out because what choice did you have?

Barnes looked a little doubtful, uneasy and unenthusiastic to let you go by yourself. 

‘I don’t want you to be alone,’ he said. ‘If you wanna talk to me or if you just don’t wanna be by yourself …’

You looked at him, studying his sincere blue-grey eyes. This man was worried about you. You and your modest, self-deprecating self. You felt so emotionally drained that you couldn’t fight it. You were willing to admit that maybe, just this once, you deserved someone’s attention, someone’s help. 

So you nodded. ‘I don’t want to be alone right now.’ 

Today’s pipe was my Kaywoodie PSF POY 2013, this is one of my favourites and I enjoy it every time i smoke this pipe.

I had two bowls today, one was the very last of my tin of Best Brown Flake and the second was Old Dark Fired.

I was up early, had a walk at the beach and got my eyes tested before heading off to an extra night shift. It was a long night but I’m home now, planning on a bite to eat and then bed.