fire perfomance

beautyindanger  asked:

Hi! I was just wondering: in your opinion, if the boys were circus performers instead of swimmers (i.e. in a circus AU), what do you think each character would do? Do you think any would be firebreathers? ♥u♥ *sneakily wonders who I get to firebreathe with*

Hello! Wow, I had to think about this one a lot and here’s what I think would suit the boys

  • Haru - probably a trapeze artist. I imagine him having an obsession with being up in the air (just like he has an obsession with water) and you’d probably find him hanging up there more often than not.
  • Makoto - well, Makoto does love cats a lot so I imagine him as some sort of lion or tiger tamer. He’s very gentle with his animals so obviously he doesn’t use a whip or anything else that would hurt them.
  • Nagisa - clown. The first thing that came to mind was a clown, a very cheeky one. Nagisa is a little shit and he really loves being on stage so his favorite pastime is to enter the stage during other people’s acts to tease them. His favorite target is Rei lol.
  • Rei - hmm, Rei is all about beauty so probably a liberty horse trainer. He would make sure that everything was stunning so his horses would be groomed well and he would be wearing (what he considers) a fancy tuxedo and a top hat. Also he trains the horses a lot to make sure the act turns out absolutely perfect.
  • Rin - acrobat of some sort. With Rin’s body that’s the only option. He has his own individual act (where he’s hand balancing and stuff) but he also does aerial acts with Haru.
  • Sousuke - I’m not sure about this one. He would probably be an acrobat too, a very good one at that (if we pretend he doesn’t have a shoulder injury). Or he could be a magician with a charming mysterious persona. Ugh, I just really want to see him in a tux.
  • Nitori and Momo - juggler duo. Momo is a natural whereas Nitori has to train a lot to keep up but their acts are always great (with a few mistakes).
  • Seijuro - probably a fire perfomer. His speciality is firebreathing.
  • Gou - ringmaster! Just imagine her in that cute red outfit.