fire peach

Pink: Peach’s basic color

Yellow: Gives Peach the color scheme of Princess Daisy

Red: Gives Peach a similar color scheme to Pauline

Blue: Resembles Peach’s blue outfit from MarioGolf (Nintendo 64)

Green: Resembles Peach’s green outfit from MarioGolf (Nintendo 64)

White: Resembles Peach’s wedding dress from Super Paper Mario

White/Red: Resembles Fire Peach from Super Mario 3D World

Black: Gives Peach a similar color scheme to Shadow Queen from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

I was bored and between two jobs, and sketched this. Then I decided it was worth slapping some colour on it, because hey I haven’t done a full Mario piece in some time (well, not counting that time) so why not. Also, I guess I was overdue?

I’m enjoying the results. Looks like I’m in my “coloured line” artistic phase right now.